December 2015 Television Premiere Dates


I can’t post ratings today so this will have to do. This list isn’t very long but it does have enough cross-contamination and enough of a veteran presence to carry you through what is usually a boring month in television.

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Ratings: Operation Chicago


This is the first time in all my years of doing these posts where I have 4 shows with Chicago in the title on this list. Knowing NBC, they may want one or two more shows because they damn sure don’t have anything else going for them except The Voice (And I have honestly heard rumors that a fourth Chicago NBC show is a possibility but nothing strong enough to take seriously yet).

In other news, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are both moving to Fridays beginning January 22nd.

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Ratings: Looking Ahead


I’m not sure I get why FOX decided to put Empire on the longest hiatus ever after this first half wraps up in a couple of weeks (The show won’t return until March 30th). Ok scratch that, I get why they are doing it. They only ordered 18 episodes for the season and they want it to air during May sweeps. That move would not be possible if it returns in January or early February.

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Ratings: Good Atlanta; Bad Atlanta


Two shows set in the city of Atlanta premiered over the last week. One is a hit and one is to put it kindly, not doing well. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which shows fit the bill. It won’t be difficult.

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Bad Girls Club: Back for More Reunion Part 2 Recap


Well we made it. Last episode of the season which means no more seizure editing and unresolved conflicts. At least we know the show will be back next year.

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