August 2015 Television Premiere Dates


Old faces, new faces, spinoffs and prequels. If those things appeal to you then there may be something of interest in this month’s crop of shows. Also the teaser doesn’t show it but the press release makes me think that The Game’s new show is really just a 50% less trashy copy of Rock of Love Bus (It’s made by 51 Minds too in case you were wondering).

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Ratings: Three Nights


Basically all you need to know about VH1 shows is this example below.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta>>>>Other Monday Shows>>>>>>>Basketball Wives LA on Sundays>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Wednesday Shows

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Ratings: Roundtable of Randomness


I didn’t want to focus on all the shows that had big week 2 drops. Seen that plenty of times and it is nothing new.

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Ratings: Return of the Old Guard


Lots of premieres of new and returning shows with familiar faces.

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Ratings: Nothing to Scream About


I’ve maintained that those Scream: The TV Series premiere ratings are nothing to write home about. Those aren’t breakout hit numbers but they aren’t instant flop numbers either. Keep in mind that the numbers in the post are from last Tuesday. I’ll put last night’s numbers in the comments later this afternoon.

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