12 Pack on ‘Daisy Of Love’
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12 Pack on 'Daisy Of Love'

VH1 dropped the Daisy Of Love Cast today and added ten names to our first look.
Without wasting time on the weirdness that is Swedish triplets, and the coolness of a Londoner; the big news is 12 Pack is taking a shot at Daisy.

And yeah, Riki Rachtman is back.

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  2. o god he goin the 1st night lol

  3. 12 Pack could go home the first night but everyone knows he was already on 2 reality shows on the exact same network. He got sent home on ILNY for “trying to get famous”. So what could he get sent home for this time? Because Daisy doesn’t want Heather’s sloppy seconds?

  4. lolz hell yea did c her face she was not feeling him lol

  5. and whats Riki Rachtman ganna do?

    1. I guess to be her assistant but every show that he’s on sucks. He shouldn’t be there.

    2. Drive viewers away.

  6. i hate Him!!!!! he annoyed da fuck outta me on charm school

  7. Haha, Daisy is gonna send him home in the first episode.

    The triplets look so girly, 12 Pack is probably gonna hit on one of them.

    1. This cast looks so terrible. I swear I saw replicas of all 3 of the Stallionaires and I’m not talking about the failed 80’s Bret Michaels clones in the form of the triplets.

      1. $LMAO!!$


  9. LOL omg look how Daisy enters the house


    1. She cannot fucking sing. Why the hell does VH1 get musicians who fucking fail at making music?

      1. For real. This isn’t the Disney Channel.

    2. OMG, this is almost too embarrassing to watch.

    3. What the motherfuck!?

      1. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It look like the guys wanted to burst out laughing! Those meth addicted potheads aren’t there for you dumb-ass, they’re trying to get some TV time.

  10. its so sad to see the beginning of the DEATH to all these once great “51 minds” shows. Daisy doesn’t have enough personality to carry a show, shes desperate to be funny and desperate for personality. And do people even remember her? No one would even know who she is if Heather wouldn’t have beat her ass. And 12 Pack, the only reason why he’s on the show is because he hooked up with Heather, and since Daisy is so dull the producers have to create drama. This is so sad. SO SAD. Mark and Chris, WAKE UP!

    1. I agree with you. 51Minds is fucking it up.
      There are like a hundred million people who want to get on TV so why recycle ‘losers’ and cast wannabes?

      1. Why don’t they cast people like me who’ll do 50 million of these shows for FREE.

      2. $AGREED CUM L00K AT US!!! L0L$

  11. LMAO. This show is gonna be pure comedy. First, it dosen’t make any damn sense for Daisy to even be getting her own show. And 12 pack? WTF? So I can be on Flavor of love and then go across the street and try out for rock of love? WTF? 12 pack is gone the first night, acting like no one is going to know who he is. Thats like Pamela Anderson trying out for rock of love.

    I just can’t beleive this. Tailor Made might REALLY be on Trophy Wife at this rate.

    1. You do remember that it seems like Tailor Made doesn’t like white women right?

      1. lol, thats right.

  12. Hey Khi do u know whats goin on with the twins since they left FOL 3! I heard they were coming out with a show

    1. Pimpboy has two former high school buddies who work for VH1, and accrding to him, VH1 is saving the twins for another show. Idk what it is but thats all pimpboy keeps telling me. But it may be possible they’ll turn up on ILM3.

      Short answer- I have no idea.

    2. the twins they supposed to have there own show sometime this year

      1. We’ll see about that pimp…

      2. what ever happen to mr boston show Remember That khicago

      3. Yeah, VH1 canned that shit.

      4. now who would you rather see Let’s be Honest khicago mr boston or thing 1&2 give me mr boston dude is funny stupid and entertaining the twins show it will be some stupid shit about thing 2 going to the the dentist at the end of the show she win five thousands to fix her fuck up teeth

      5. LMAO.

        I rather a thing 1 and 2 show, fuck mr.boston.

  13. I remember a long time ago Heather, In an interview, said that Daisy was trying to hook up with a guy that Heather was into while they were in Mexico (Daisy was conducting interviews). That is why Heather beat Daisy in the head at the ILM reunion.

    Maybe Daisy and 12 pack really do have chemistry.

    But why give them all those terrible names??

  14. WTF 12 puck well i guess Everybody gets their 5 minutes of fame he’s is a stupid motherfucker for just showing up LOL

  15. Interview after the head pounding:


    “I went to Mexico to film a new show in February. She came down to be the interviewer. I took that opportunity to apologize to her and let her know that I felt bad that we had to meet in the situation we did, on Rock of Love 2. It’s really difficult when you’re put in those situations to come out being friends with everybody. Everybody’s in the competition alone, and they’re all going for the same guy. But I do have a heart, so I took the opportunity to let her know that I’ve moved on in my life, that Bret and I are just friends, that I have a new romance on the show I’m doing. It was cool. We were talking as chicks. I thought we were cool. And then she comes back, and she’s calling the guy I just had an interview about. She interviews him, and she’s all over him. I come back to the States and people are telling me that she’s reaching out to him online, for the world to see. I would never contact Charles. I would never return a phone call if he contacted me. I would never post anything online for the world to see me trying to get with that guy.”

    That bitch just babbles on and on…

    1. Damn Heather!!!! lolz she fuckin annoying 2!!!!

  16. OMG YES!!!!


    1. Tripp is ‘Sinister’, no?

      1. oh, these are the nicknames they’re given, not their actual names

        ..woohoo! 😀

  18. So, 12 Pack actually has a future in this show. What the fuck?

  19. Since 12 pack is on Daisy of love, can we please please please have Hottie on Real Chance of Love 2? At least the show would be interesting then!

  20. LMFAO PaleBlackSheep what can Hottie do but make some raw ass chicken

    1. I know! But that would be more entertaining then what we seen last season!

      Really what ever happened to Hottie?

      1. She got her weave caught in a motor car engine and got her scalp pulled off.

      2. LMAO..u know u ain’t right for that! LOL

      3. lol remember when goldie asked how long was hotties real hair… and she said that was her real hair lol…now that was funny!!

  21. Sinster scares me
    WTF? she named a dude “Cable Guy”?
    Fox looks like Ricky Martin after a fight with a can of hairspray
    Nothing to say about the triplets, except that look did not even look good on Bret Micheals back in the day

    Only guys who look remotely attractive are 6 gauge, 12 pack and Flex

  22. Hey Steupz, did you know that Buddha was on Zane’s Sex Chronicles? I can’t find the clip, but if you look up the show his name will pop up.

  23. It’s so funny when 12 Pack says he is not on the show for TV but he chose to be there, then proceeds to rip open his shirt so Daisy can see his chest.

    Daisy looks like an old stripper/hooker still trying to hang on. I don’t see how any man can even find her remotely hot. Why this chick got her own show is beyond me.

    The Professor is fine. Why is he on this show!!!!!

      I kind of have to watch this show now, just because he’s hot.

  24. did yall see the preview of rock of love fight?

  25. You guys are TRIPPIN’. There’s some butt-ass-ugly guys, but a few guys are actually hot. Like CAGE, Chi Chi, Flex, Flipper (without the afro), and the hottest one… LONDON. Damn, he looks ‘effing hot, and that mohawk too, he looks pretty badass. Cage and London are my favorites as of now, just based on looks though.

    12 Pack looks deadbeat, but I liked him on ILM.

    WHAT THE ‘EFF HAPPENED TO TRIP LEE. He was hot as well.

    And you guys, at least we’d have like more guys for ILM3. I mean, we have a diverse cast with withdrawal strippers, porn stars, groupies, video ho’s, ghetto chicks, hustlers, gangsters, and wangsters. We have yet to have rocker guys to add in the trainwreck show that we love.

    1. THANK YOU!! they toned down his image so he was hardly recognizable… I had to go to his band’s myspace to compare pictures.

      but we all know vh1 hires a cheap photographer to do the promo shots

      1. He’s Sinister, WTF. *cries* he needs to fucking cut his hair. ARRRGG.

        Is it me or do they all look like they smell though. =/

    2. “strippers, porn stars, groupies, video ho’s, ghetto chicks, hustlers, gangsters, and wangsters” LMAO.

    3. Agree..
      Looking at the pictures, I think Flex and Cage are way hot. They need to be on ILM3..

    4. Thanks you :)

  26. how old is daisy you could of try out khicago Even though you don’t like females you can pretending you like woman’s on that show

    1. I did try out pimp, I tried out on the casting site and was in first place for about a week, but I dropped out. Now I’m glad I did drop out, I’m bad at pretending to be str8 and would never touch a female.

      1. how about ILNY3 khicago now that your type of show i can see it now khicago drawing over 6.5 million viewers when khicago punch out new york mother on the Season premiere of ILNY3 LOL

      2. lmao. I would choke that bitch out. Remember she threw water on the entertainer?

        Nahh, I’ll do a show that dosen’t involve love and shit. Damn I need to get out to da club.

      3. oh come on khicago there is nobody looking for love these dating reality shows are just Entertainment Didn’t you learn anything from FOL3 and i did Remember she throwing water on the entertainer i would of smoke up my her ass and I’m not talking about cigarette

      4. lol. Naw, I don’t want to be kissin no female like that. Thats trifflin.

      5. HAHAHAHA i understand that i have to get off this computer now khicago have good weekend fam try to get some this weekend i still see your a horny son of a bitch http://www.men4sexnow.com/Splash.cfm

      6. DEAD!

        LOL. Nice lookin out. But I got my xtube and craigslist 😉

        See ya bra.

      7. Khi, PLEASE DO NOT tell me you find guys on Craigslist.

      8. Not alot, but when I don’t feel like going out I do. CL rocks.

      9. Oh, Khi… You have a lot to learn…

      10. I think not.

  27. I would totally do the swedish triplet hipsters.. AT THE SAME TIME

    1. I bet their dicks are mini.

    2. That is just scary to know Sara…and god I hope you are not my sister sara! LOL

  28. Is it just me or is Daisy looking a bit more plastic than normal? I.E. the clip when she enters the house and sings a “song.”

    I think something’s wrong with me.. I only find one of these guys “hot.” (Professor)

    This show seems to me like it’s going to be more of a circus/freak show than an “of Love” show… and I’m kind of excited XD

    1. I am going to have to go re-examine the professor…I didn’t see it the first time.

      I wasn’t going to watch at all but now I have to tune in to see if 12 pack is for real gonna be on the show.. and then I will get hooked..just like always

    2. Yeah, she look slike a blow up doll..which would maker smarter than she really is. Sad, so sad. The bitch is dumb, emo, ugly, fake, plastic and that is how she gets her own show.

    3. There’s nothing wrong with you because none of these guys are remotely attractive. I started laughing at all the pics because the amount of fugliness in all the pics kept increasing with each picture.

  29. The hell. I saw Cage’s Myspace and him and Angelique are in a photoshop together. Frenchie’s all up on him. X_X

    1. Nevermind, it’s not a photoshoot. Just a party picture.

  30. 12 Pack -??? ugh…u ended on an ok note on ILM
    84 -looks anorexic in that pic, I think he’ll be the “forgotten Stallionaire”. And nice grease stain on the shirt…
    Cage -my pick to win, he looks nice, with a badass edge fit for Daisy
    Chi Chi -looks like he took a wrong turn into Daisy’s show, instead of going to Chance’s show
    Fox, Dropout, Flipper, Tool Box and ESPECIALLY Torch -are all gonna make me throw up!
    and Weasel- looks like Daisy’s cracked up dad!!!

    And my final 6 w/o watching anything- 12 Pack, Cage, 86, 6 Gauge, Fox, and Tool Box, well see how that holds up…

  31. Hey guys have y’all seen the cast? those guys seriously look like the male-equivalent of the Rock of love bus girls. And just when I thougt VH1 couldn’t come up with more man-skanks

  32. I’m really curious as to how they let 12 Pack be on another show. Like, I know there’s no way he could’ve slipped through the cracks.. I wonder if this is a plot by VH1/51 Minds to get us to stop watching these crappy shows and go outside and stimulate the economy.. or something.

    1. We have our parents to focus on that, haha.

      1. Yeah, but they’re all saying that it’s gonna be us and our children that are going to have to deal with the repercussions of everything. :(

    2. I think it’s because VH1 thinks it’s a cool idea. They sit in a boardroom and brainstorm all this stupid, useless, boring crap but if they let us sit in a room for an hour we could come up with enough stuff to cover 10 shows.

      1. *10 shows people would actually watch and care about and have some legitimacy.


    so they’ll have 12 pack, who was eliminated for WANTING TO BE ON TV ON THE LAST SHOW HE WAS ON, 3 ugly ass Bret Michaels rip offs, a few vampires, and a handful of chicks with dicks, yet I STILL didn’t make the cut.

    I’m declaring fucking shenanigans. What is the problem with having at least 1 moderately normal person there??

    1. Well you’re too normal looking, you don’t have an edge.

      1. Edge? 90% of these guys look like slackers, goths, or druggies. I’m rotting for the Professor, as long as he doesn’t take off his shirt to reveal a collection of tattoos. I think we would’ve gotten along in the house.

        This is one of those rare occasions, khi, where being normal looking actually DOES give you an edge.

      2. *rooting. Hopefully he isn’t rotting, but hey, it would make good television. And maybe give him an edge.


    3. Because one moderately normal person doesn’t make good television. 😛

      I would much rather see you, Nate, versus 15 out of the 16 guys they have XD

      1. I appreciate that Jess, thank you.

  34. Fox is super cute, imo. All of the rest are yucko though.

    And 12 Pack is on it, because like I have said many, many times, Daisy has NO FANBASE. No one likes Daisy. And no one even hates her either. They don’t give a shit! She barely has any king of personality at all. They need 12 Pack to have someone viewers remember.

    This show should be Heather’s, who has an equal amount of both fans and haters.

    1. …I agree 100%. Heather is the most popular (well-known, in a way) ROL alum, next to Megan. Also true on her having many fans but also the same amount haters.

      This is actually Heather’s show. She was originally going to have her own love show (she said it in multiple interviews), but she pretty much handed it over to Daisy after smacking the crap out her on the ROL2 reunion.

      It’s either give Daisy her own show or she was gunna file a lawsuit against VH1 and Heather.

      1. Oopps, I typo’d my email.

    2. I agree. No one gives a shit about Daisy
      This show should of been Heather’s!

      Even though people hate her, it still would of been way more successful & entertaining.

  35. Wow this show looks like epic fail, and oddly enough I think 12 pack is about the most normal one there >_>

  36. What the hell? I thought the rock love shows didn’t use nicknames. Anyway

    Ok here we go…

    6 gauge-Looked better than the pic I saw here…and better name as well. He’s alright.

    12 pack-I was fine with recycling members on ILM. Love shows is a no-no, however. New York, only exception.

    84-86-At first, I thought I was looking at the new line-up for Dead or Alive. These will probably be the female versions of Angelique.

    Big Rig- With the exception of the tattoos, he looks pretty normal.

    Brooklyn-Actually looks like the cable guy. Brook and CG should switch names.

    Cable Guy- With each new love show, the nicknames become worse and worse…..
    Anyway, don’t like the hair. That’s it.

    Cage-He looks alright too. At least he didn’t get a fucking tiger on his face.

    Chi Chi- This is the internet winner, right? There’s something not right about him, but I’m not sure…

    Dropout- Gee, I wonder why he got this name. He looks like a drugged up Hal Sparks.

    Flex- For a minute, I thought he was 12 pack. They both look similar.

    Flipper-No, No, No, No, fucking No. He looks the gayest out of all the guys. And also, I don’t think guys should wear thongs ever.

    Fox-Ok, he’s tied with Flipper. He looks scary.

    London-Most Badass looking of the group.

    Professor-He looks like the quiet guy. He’s the most normal looking on the show.

    Sinister-He looks like Professor Snape entering a drag contest.

    Tool Box-Again, with the nicknames….
    He scares me….

    Torch- Well, we now know what happened to Saaphyri’s wig after Charm School. He looks disgusting.

    Weasel- He looks like he could be Daisy’s dad. I wouldn’t be surprised…

    1. LOL @ this and yea…….guys should never wear thongs EVER. There is no reason for it because thongs are just glorified torture devices made of polyester and spandex.

  37. look what some girl posted on VH1:

    “Hey torch saaphyri called and she wants her charm school weave back!”


    1. Yeah, I saw.


      1. It looks horrible….

  38. did vanessa mossman’s titties get bigger?

    her face got more plastic looking, that’s for sure.

  39. Ugh, all these men look so horrible… And wtf? 12 Pack? He’sjust doing it for attention and to rub it in Heather’s drugatic face.

    1. What’s a drugatic?

      1. *drug addict

        Lol, I typed that up really fast and made a typo. =P

  40. Veronica holla at me

  41. How great would that be if 12 pack made it to the exes episode and NY came in?

    1. I’ll love that. Aren’t NY and Daisy supposed to be friends?

      1. Or Bret.
        I’m sick of Charles >_>

      2. bret and/ or charles as 12pack’s exes? don’t get it… i’d love to see 12pack and charles make out though..

      3. Nah, Bret as Daisy’s ex.


    1. Ummm…you was never in first place like I was before I dropped out…sooooo…

  43. Yay, more people ot hate! I can no loger watch ILM2 as Buddha is gone. Bad Girls Club bores me and I simply don’t have time to dedicate to all these idiots..it is not healthy for me.

    1. You should do what I do. I don’t watch more than 4 hours of reality TV a week. I watch a few other assorted shows and then I spend the rest of the time watching news and sports. Eventually between news and sports, you will find that you would rather watch one of those 2 things before turning back to reality TV.

      1. Or you could do like I do sometimes just miss them entirely that night, and just watch them on VH1.com. One 30 second commercial < 3 minutes of commercials.

  44. From Heat’s exit interview….

    What’s coming up for you?
    …. “In terms of reality TV, I’m hoping something comes up like For the Love of Caliente.”

    oh, HEELL No! No she didn’t!

  45. Thanks, EA. I imagine that we are cuddled up on the couch watching shows together, throwing popcorn at the screen (even though I really don’t like popcorn too much). I pretty much watch ROLBuss and Ray J.

  46. all in favor for da new show I Love Bourgy

    1. $WUT WE G0TTA DO!$

  47. Fuck Heat getting his own show!
    We need to get Mother of Love with Milf!
    I would SOOOO love that!

    1. LMAO. Mother of love,lol.


      2. Speaking of “Mother of Love,” is New York’s mom still with Champion?

    2. *vomit*

      1. These love shows are getting out of hand, simelar to how the baby characters in the Mario games are getting out of hand. I mean we started out with Baby Mario and Baby Luigi…now we got Baby Peach, Baby Donkey Kong, Baby Daisy ect ect!

    3. LMAO.
      But ya’ll know Milf’s show would be way better than Daisy’s!

  48. Fantastic gravatar, Jess.

    And, I see y’all completely ignored Cage.

    1. I saw his post. What are we supposed to do? Perform a song and dance like Daisy did?

      1. Lmao…

        Well he is the star, and we’re the fans.
        Shouldn’t we squeal; or yelp? Lol.

      2. $L0L$

      3. We’re suppose to bounce up on him, duh.

      4. I hate bouncing up on it. But oh well.

        Welcome Cage!

        1.Even though I don’t know you.

        2.Even though I’ll never know you.

        3.Even though you don’t know me.

        4.Even though you’ll never know me.

        5.Even though you don’t pay my bills.

      5. I was kidding, haha.

    2. Thanks!
      Copy and paste plus a lowercase X in webdings works wonders haha.

      1. PS: I didn’t notice he posted until after you said something.. but I have one thing to say:


        I think this is the one time I like the ‘nickname’ more than the actual name XD

  49. Dude, stick around, eh.
    ‘Matic and I are working on a poll.

    1. Whats it about?

  50. What’s your opinion on 12 Pack on Daisy Of Love

    Who would you have preferred if you had to choose another veteran

    If you had to recycle a female veteran (for For The Love Of Ray J, perhaps) whom would you want to see

    1. oh that will be a good poll.

  51. VH1 did the right thing. I’m only watching Daisy of Love just to see what happens to 12 pack.

    Seriously, I like Daisy but not enough to see her in her own show.

    1. That blonde donald duck trick can’t even hold her own show cuz she needs fuckin Rikki to help her. I have no idea why VH1 even gave her a show.

    2. You know, Mimi, that’s my theory — VH1/51 Minds either:

      A) Didn’t have enough people that wanted to be on OR actually could be on so they grabbed 12 Pack


      B) VH1 knew Daisy sucks, and nobody would watch/care about Daisy’s show, so they put on a familiar face to draw in a non-existent fan base to get people to watch. (If that makes sense.)

      IMO, I’m going with both.

  52. lolz hahaha dat bitch do look like donald duck!!!!! lol

  53. lmao i love how it’s not even daisy duck… but donald duck


    2. I want to see her with her natural black hair. Daisy is hispanic right?

      1. If you’re going by her last name, then she should be, but it is entirely possible for people to have a last name that’s one nationality, but aren’t in them at all.

  54. @ Darth H8ter, EA and jess….I’m kinda like you guys…I will tape a few of these shows on my other TV and come back and watch them on other days. Sometimes I need a breather from all the foolishness.

    1. The same for me. Every time they show a rerun of ILM2, I turn the channel. Saaphiry,Entertainer,Buckwild,20 pack ect are annoying enough on mondays, let alone the rest of the week.

  55. Steupz,
    Can you post one of these pictures of Daisy? I love this comparision! (Daisy Vs. Janice from the Muppets)

    Daisy and The Muppet
    Daisy and The Muppet
    1. Easy Fadder, lmmfao.



      2. They all look the same to me.

    2. This reminds me of a facebook group I’m in that compares NY to the same muppet. we get it… the puppet is a whore.

  56. Do you mean Fodder? LOL Thanks babe!

    1. Yeah, love the comparison.

      And love the Elle gravatar.

    2. That would work too, but ‘easy fadder’ is Caribbean slang

  57. Thanks JTM….just picture me whistling Twisted Nerve right now!!

    Stepupz, since you are so trendy in slang I will buy it! Fadder does sound like Fodder with a Carribean accent put to it!

    1. Thanks, lol.
      But it’s not an ‘accented’ pronunciation of ‘fodder’. It’s actually the pronunciation for ‘father’.

      ‘Easy fadder’ is the equivalent of ‘whoa’ in this case.

  58. You just HAVE to have the last word, don’t you??!! So now I am stuck on how Father translates to ‘whoa’….LMAO

    1. Ha.

      Well it’s a difficult translation.
      It could also mean ‘cool it’

  59. i Wass Talkingg to Heather On Myspacee && these were Her Thoughts On 12 Pack Being on the Showw.

    my thoughts r… hes a loser and has to grab chicks coatails to stay alive,,i just cant believe daisy would even alow my sloppy seconds on her show, she cant be that desperate to let my damaged goods win her show…..sooo embarassing! poor souls!


  60. LMAOO
    this is gonna make the show so funny.

    And from the looks of Daisy’s confessional, this show is gonna be freakin hilarious

    1. Agreed! She has a very corny, cute, sense of humor. Makes me smile a bit.

  61. I’ve watched a couple clips from the first episode of Daisy of Love.

    It’s way too obvious how desperate some of these people are. I’ve never seen a VH1 show look so fake, but it’s pretty sad…

    I’m sure there’ll still be a bunch of ridiculousness and hilarity we can laugh at, but I just hope it’s not all too fake.