Matic’s Frank the Entertainer in A Basement Affair Episode 8 Recap
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Frank and Cathy on Frank The Entertainer in A Basement AffairBefore Frank calls the girls to the living room, Cathy, Melissa and Melody discuss Dana and her anger problem.
There, Frank explains today’s challenge tasks the girls to write a screenplay titled “Life After the Basement” which will chronicle their lives 10 years into the future (10 years? Given the track record for the most recent shows, we can’t get folks to stay together for 10 days after filming ends).

The girls have two hours to write their plays and they will be judged on their writing, performance and overall vision for their plays.

Cathy does Frank

While the girls write, Cathy contemplates making her play into a porn and wonders if Gary and Susan will be watching the performances (They’ve been at every challenge except one. I would think they would be at this one too since it’s in the house).

Now it’s time for the presentations and Cathy is first.
(For this challenge I’ll just write the name of the person, the title, a brief synopsis and maybe a comment).

Cathy; “ Cathy Does Frank” – It’s basically cheesy porn dialogue with heckling from Frank’s parents (If this shit wasn’t embarrassingly bad I might be a little annoyed by all the c*ckblocking going on…but I’m not).

Frank and Kerry on Frank The Entertainer in A Basement AffairMelissa; “Leave it to Crusher” -A dinner scene with bad ass kids and lots of yelling. (If this is Melissa’s idea of a good life then I don’t want to know what a bad day for her would be like).

Felicia; “Felicia’s Factual Play about Romantic Issues” – A boring play about Felicia telling Frank how she manages their money. (Who the fuck came up with these shit ass titles?)

Kerry; “Kerrysomething” -A play that reads like one of those lame ass 90’s WB dramas.

Dana; “Dana With the Wind” – A play about Dana complimenting Frank on his greatness. (Really, that’s all it is.)

Melody; “Melodie De L’ Amour” – A classier porn dialogue (Only because “fuck on my face” wasn’t a part of this play)

The performances are over and Frank announces that Kerry is the winner of the challenge. While Kerry gets to go on a date, the rest of the girls will get to spend another day with Frank’s parents.
Frank and Kerry leave for their date (WTF? Where did the Escalade come from?)

At dinner, Gary talks more than he has ever talked the whole show. Susan asks Melissa about her play and she explains it was meant to be comical. She also says she wants Frank to live in Minnesota with her.
Susan asks Melody about her play and after she explains herself, Dana asks Melody about her age and if she has considered adopting a child instead of giving birth to one (You know women can have kids into their 40’s and 50’s now).
Melody answers that she thinks waiting to have a child is best and that having an anger problem is a bad thing. Dana feels offended but she stays silent the remainder of dinner.

Girl-chat on Frank The Entertainer in A Basement AffairOn the date, Frank takes Kerry to a sidewalk cafe. He asks Kerry about competing with her friend Cathy, so Kerry takes this opportunity to say Cathy is really a sexual person.
Frank then asks Kerry’s opinion of the other girls. She says Dana has a bad temper and has threatened to hit Melody.

Back at the house, Melissa tells Dana that Melody is trying to turn the other girls against her. Minutes later she goes to later to tell Melody about Dana’s anger (Bitch, sit down. You already have a reputation for spreading lies.)

Later Dana calls her mom again to vent about Melody. Melody tries to go use the phone and Dana calls her a ‘fake bitch’ and an ‘old lady’ so Melody goes outside to tell Felicia and Cathy what she said.

Back home, Frank wants to talk to Melissa. She tells Frank that her play was meant to be comical and that their life wouldn’t be like the play. After that chat, Frank goes to talk to Melody and she tells him about Dana and her anger (Does anyone else notice how shitty the editing is this episode; Frank talking to Melissa and it’s night but when he talks to Melody the sun is still out).

Frank begins to have concerns about Dana.


At Elimination, Melissa feels confident about staying while Melody wants Dana to go home. Frank begins elimination by polling the girls who they want to go home.

Dana says Melody, but all the other girls, except Melissa, say Dana. Melissa replies that she wants Felicia to go home (Ugh, so fake. She should go home for that).
Dana is surprised that the other girls want her to go home.

Frank gives Kerry the first key. Felicia, Cathy and Melody get keys leaving Melissa and Dana in the Bottom 2.

Frank tells Melissa that her story was scary while Frank tells Dana that he likes her and doesn’t care what the other girls think for now. He gives her the last key and eliminates Melissa.

Outside, Melissa is sad about getting eliminated and says the other girls left would be good for Frank (Goodness she’s so fucking fake).

At the toast, Dana refuses to take a glass for Melody but Frank seems to ignore it and now we are left with our Final 5.

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  1. True Confession: I like Cathy.

    She’s the thread keeping this show alive.

    1. Because Cathy is the only one who doesn’t really care about Frank’s parents changing what she says and does and she doesn’t have that “do nothing and get far” attitude that all the other girls on these most recent shows have been doing.

      1. I think this is the longest someone has gone on a show, hasn’t won anything, did mostly nothing (besides that whole thing with her going down to the basement at night), and is still on the show.

      2. It would be different if she was the only one but you got

        Kerry and Felicia who do nothing but win all the dates and talk about other people

        Melissa who never won a date and really had no purpose anywhere

        Melody who only one 1 date but did less than everyone else in the house

        Cathy who never won a date but got really drunk, cursed out Frank and went down to the basement. Sadly that’s more than what everyone else has done on this show combined


        Dana who really didn’t do anything until 2 episodes ago but her ridiculousness really comes from her mom cussing her out every time she calls her because other than that she really hasn’t done anything either.

  2. Am I the only one seeing that Duval pic with Natalie?

    1. You mean the one where the arrow pointing to him calling him a basic cunt? Yeah, I see it.

      1. Oh good.
        Now I can go ask Mel if she sees it, lol.

      2. I’m done debating about pointless people who mean nothing to my life, Ste.

        I have more important things to worry about right now, ya feel me?

  3. Dana is so fucking annoying and so fucking ugly. Bitch thinking she’s Sassy or something.

    1. Dana is so delusional. Her mom fucked her up beyond belief….and her face does look more and more busted as the show goes on.

      1. The whole Dana/Melody drama is a less-believable and more lameass version of the Sassy/Pocahontis thing going on.

  4. I swear Dana would look gorgeous if she wore much less makeup and got rid of that 80’s rock-video girl perm.

    1. And a smaller nose.

      1. Dana looks like she should be on Jersey Shore.

        If Jersey Shore was a show filmed in 1989.

      2. But Jersey shore folks think it is 1989 still lol


        The differences are subtle. But they are there (the video is actually from 1994)

      4. Speechless at that video.
        It’s like time stood still; almost.

      5. Oh lord. lol. I’ve actually seen that video before, and as someone who has been to Wildwood, Seaside and every other shore local down the Jersey coast… it’s definately NOT like that. People that go to Seaside aren’t even from Jersey, but mostly NY white trash.

        Although, there will always be love for big hair and fake nails. :) lol. j/k

      6. “I’m probably going to be with her for the rest of the summer.”

        Too classy!

        Damn, this brings some memories back though. There’s got to be a way of bringing the 80’s back.

  5. Taya did the old, perfect bitch, better. Am I lying?

    1. What do you mean?

      1. See EA’s comment below. She not only said what I meant, but fleshed it out too.

    2. Yea because she managed to do it while also winning the show and being the enemy of the house. And she also managed to keep her classy facade even though she has dozens of nude pics on the internet.

      Melody really has no chance of winning over Kerry and Felicia and she hasn’t done anything for 8 episodes even though she’s been Dana’s target for 2 of them. All lMelody has is her old, perfect persona. There’s nothing beyond it.

  6. I did notice the editing In this episode actually, which is weird because I usually never notice that stuff. But I guess that goes to show how shitty the editing was. Lol

    this episode was so damn annoying. I think it’s pretty obvious that Kerry is either going to win or be second place. All of their drama was dumb as shit too.

    Good recap

    did y’all see the new episode of TA3? The funniest tool is gone! Lol

    1. He was funny? I’m just sad he left cuz his crazy ass girl had to leave too :( and she was the one bringin the drama.

      1. didn’t he remind you of Shaggy from Scooby Doo?

  7. Stepupz, Taya just got on my damn nerves. I can sorta buy Melody’s perfect routine.

    And why is Dana hating on her? She looks damn better than Dana’s big ass nose self.

    1. Melody is believable. Plus Annie backs it up in her interview.

      Very lengthy.

      1. That was the first interview Rich ever did where 90% of the interview had absolutely nothing to do about any aspect of the snow.

      2. It was too long and weird. She says it was sort of a performance art piece. As an artist myself, I say, What the Fuck are you talking about Annie?

      3. It was basically a long ass diatribe of her saying…I went on the show and acted fake because I knew if I acted myself I would have never gotten on the show.

  8. OT – Steupz , here’s some eyecandy :

    1. Jay Leno and Baker’s baby.

    2. If it weren’t for that… you know.

    3. No more Madame Chin pics, dammit!! *pulls out rifle*

  9. Annie is right up there for me as one of the worst contestants ever.

  10. Anyone watches Spartacus?


  11. 10 years in the future, not sure.

    10 Weeks into the future I see sex tapes, nude pictures and I love money 17…and douchebag Frank will still be in his parents’ basement

  12. i had Cathy. Kerry or DANA as the possible winners. but Felicia and KERRY {i think} were talking crap about frank on twitter. . So i wanna say Cathy . but they all seem like they just wanna be on tv

  13. These Episodes would be pretty good if they cut the time to thirty minutes.

  14. I loved when the girl was recapping Dana’s conversation with her mother, and immediately realized she started the sentence wrong and instead of correcting herself, she just made shit up.

    “Dana’s mother was like ‘if you don’t punch her in the face……I’m umm….I’m going to punch you in the face.'”

    That cracked me up.

    And how old is Melody anyway? I forgot.

    1. Melody said she was 35…..which really makes her closer in age to Frank (who is 31) than the other girls are to him.

      1. Yeah, but guys don’t usually date up in age.

        And if she SAID she is 35, that doesn’t mean she IS 35.

        Not knocking her though. She’s my wife’s favorite.

        I, personally, and fully behind Felicia. And also, I wouldn’t mind seeing her win.

      2. I stopped rooting for people to win after ROL1. Nobody ever deserves to win and it’s not like the winner ‘wins’ anything.

      3. What can I say….I’m a hopeless romantic.

        I wanted the hottest girl with the best rack to win.

      4. ROL1? That was awhile ago.

      5. I know.

  15. this episode wuz super boringg .. :(

  16. yay simpsons cya

  17. I want Kerry or melody to win. They’re my favorites. :)

  18. When Frank talked to Melissa and it was night and the he talked to Melody and it was day, I didn’t think it was bad editing. I just thought it was the next day.
    I’m glad Melissa went home. she was getting on my nerves. She looked like some trailer trash frog.
    Did anybody notice the big tattoo on Melody’s back at eliminations?
    And how she’s skinny, but her neck connects to her chin? Haha
    The top 2 will probably be Kerry and Felicia.
    Annie is one of my all time favorite vh1 people along with Wiggly.

  19. Another case of bad editing(I think):

    Episode 7: When Annie starts her “rap” Dana says “Did she say what I think I heard her say?”
    If I remember correctly, on the next episode, when Melody says to Frank’s Parents about Dana’s anger problems, they use that again.

  20. speaking of taya, i miss that b’s long flappin’ tonsils…

  21. I hope kerry wins she’s the only kinda good one there and iam glad melissa went home she’s kinda butch and dana is ugly she looks like a guy

  22. Honestly all the girls are pretty busted but Dana….ugh is the top dog of busted. I hate her hair it looks like a hot mess she has nothing to back up that mouth of hers.

  23. totally forgot about that^^ but when I went to Vegas last year in july/august there was a billboard for some gentelmens club and taya was on it..:D

  24. Perfect. kicks ass.