Arsenio and Clay: Final 2 On Celebrity Apprentice
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As predicted (Not by me) Arsenio and Clay made it to the end of Celebrity Apprentice.
Can’t say I’m happy, but it will do. Arsenio comes across as an old, oversensitive cunt and Clay is a smarmy bitch.

Hopefully Arsenio wins. He is the least of two weevils.

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  1. I’d rather just not watch..

    1. I will never, ever watch anything Trump. Period.

  2. Was busy last night breaking up a wrestling match between my dog and kitten so missed a few things last night. In fact end up just turning it off after the first hour. That show really doesn’t need to be 2 damn hours! but anyway what did Clay say to Arsenio when they were leaving the boardroom after Arsenio said “I’m getting in that ass!” or something like that?

    1. Right now NBC has it scheduled so that next season is only one hour however all that can change because it’s a really long time until February/March and they could end up with a mountain of flops and needing to fill holes everywhere.

      1. Seriously? Ugh! Well they will lose me as a viewer because half of that crap is boring and doesn’t hold my attention for 2 hours.

    2. Never mind. I found it:

      As they leave, Arsenio says “I’m getting in your ass.” Clay laughs and says, “You might want to rephrase that.” Arsenio is flustered when he realizes he was misunderstood. Clay just gives him a hug.

  3. Aubrey got fired because they needed a minority win this season I’m sure. Their two choices were the black or the gay guy. It’s ANTM all over again.

    I will never watch this pathetic show ever again because it’s bullshit.

  4. Fucking BULLSHIT!

    Aubrey literally CARRIED everyone all season. Even now on Clay’s team SHE CAME UP WITH THE ENTIRE IDEA AND IS ONCE AGAIN IN CHARGE.

    fucking bullshit.

    1. Lol, it is pathetic. The final 2 is horrible. Adam Carolla is carrying Arsenio’s team and Aubrey is carrying Clay’s team. Adam vs. Aubrey would have been an awesome final 2. Oh well.

  5. There’s trailers out for some new NBC shows and the only one I might like are


    Go On:

    Maybe The New Normal it features Nene Leakes.

  6. Tanisha show tonight was fuckkin hilarious hahahahahah!!!!

  7. Premiere dates for all of VH1’s summer shows (Mama Drama included and as I thought it is going on Wednesdays)

    1. Beautiful site, Matic! I love it.

      Am I the only one who is done watching Basketball Wives after last night? I know this is off topic but I gotta say this…

      Tami Roman had me thinking she was genuinely making an effort to change. I honestly thought she would be the voice of reason this season, at the beginning. She seemed laid-back, rational, the perfect mediator.

      What the fxck happened? Tami is an ugly ass gila monster faced bitch. I swear she was so ugly inside that her erratic inner ugliness came out & displayed itself on her face. I’m done with that show. I was not happy with any of them broads for sitting there chilling while Tami was acting like typical Season 2 Tami. I wanted to see Jen but I was really done after Kesha left the resort.

      Suzie is a weak ass… trying to deflect the bullying onto Kesha in order to keep it off of herself. She’s such a suck-at-life loser.

      I was actually shocked at Evelyn, she seems more rational than I thought. I expected her to jump on tables in Tami’s defense. Lol.

      1. Thanks and on that note I’m about to put up a post about why this boycott that people been fussing about for the last month is not working.

      2. I had no idea there was a boycott movement in place… as much as twitter buzzes about it I doubt a boycott would work. I’ll look for the post :)

      3. I read it… and it’s very well written. I happen to agree. This show won’t be boycotted because it’s a train wreck. No one is happy about the ugliness, but the allure is too strong for people to look away. They can say what they want but it’s psychological, and everyone who’s adamantly protesting the show WILL inevitably watch it because, after all, the show’s on their minds.

  8. Notice how the two Hispanic women didn’t return? They finally cottoned onto the racism-as-entertainment ethos of American tv.

    1. I was also wondering why George, Lou and Tia weren’t there as well