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Ashley Cheatham: Bad Girls Club Miami
Well, well, well; yet another sexy Bad Girl. (Oxygen seem able to assemble a great cast ad infinitum, while VH1 gives us Legend Hunters.)
Many, many pictures below.

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  1. Have you checked your e-mail yet Steupz?

    1. Gonna check now

  2. Looking nice. Glad to see that Oxygen finally decided to have a black replacement chick !

    1. The edges though…them edges look rough as shit….or did you not manage to look that high yet?

      1. DEAD! If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you just called me a perv!
        Don’t you be hating on her post-rough-sex edges!

      2. Nah. I’ll save calling all you guys pervs for Wednesdays.

        But those edges…seriously…conditioner, a flat iron, a perm, all 3…something needs to be done to them besides slapping a big heavy ass cheap weave on it.


  3. Ironically, Bourgy is the number one hit for Real & Chance: Legend Hunters, in effect the primary web promoter/advertiser even more than VH1. It would seem like the more Matty hates, and the more Steupz links, the more this show is publicized and the more one can conspiratorially think that VH1, 51 Minds and Bourgy are all in a circle suck. And, here I thought Matty was not into fellatio in any form whatsoever.

    1. That’s because VH1 doesn’t have a show page for it yet and because the VH1 Blog has made a grand total of one post on it. Oddly VH1 Blog posts never seem to show up in the search engines.

      1. …an observation, in deed, that the VH1 Blog posts do not seem to show in the searches – strange; and to think that they have yet to enlist Bourgy in their blogroll considering the mounds of PR given to them without their own blog getting search hits is even stranger.

    2. That’s temporary until the big sites step in.

      1. …a few more weeks of Dubya Dubya drops, and Bourgy will be LEGENDARY – pardon the pun. we need more ads.

  4. The new chick is ah-ight, but Cat is Cat.

    1. co-sign!!!

      1. Dig. Not sure how successful a so-called A.K.A. soror can pull off being a Bad Girl.

      2. idk but ill have to see how she acts on the show to tell if i really like her or she just a pretty face and body

      3. From what I hear she’s bad!
        And not bad in a slutty way; more like bad in a beat-your-ass kinda way.

  5. “Shit pops off somethin terrible on tonite episode.. :-/ tune in! You don’t wanna miss this!!”
    -From Brandi’s twitter

    Scary promo! Someone must get stabbed or something ! *blank stare*
    Just playing LOL

    1. NEXT!

      Lovin dat new girl.

  6. This chick is bad! At least someone is educated in that bitch! lol

  7. She smoothe luv me sum yellow bonz. That must be that black and italian broad they talkn bbout.

  8. dam that booty is swollen:)

  9. Scrolled down and ‘Bam!’
    She really has a delicious body.

  10. Damn, this butt looks nice.

  11. Man I know and go to school with her, she scarey as hell she don’t fight! And she a broke as hoe who fucked every greek letter out there

    1. When you say ‘scarey’, what do you mean exactly?

      1. …american kneegrow vernacular for one who scares easily or reluctant to fight, though meant as a generally taunting dis – yet there are a lot of “scarey” looking mafuggas that pull triggas and shoot niggas, so ultimately it means nothing.

        ”You sir, are a wiggly worm sir, and a wiggly worm sir, is the lowest form of life.” — The Flintstones

      2. Wow, lol.
        I’m really proud of myself for asking, then. At first I thought he meant unattractive and I know my taste is roundly criticised here, but, that girl is far from scary-looking.

        Thanks CL.

      3. No worries 😉 That mafugga KNOWS she’s fine as phuck; he likely did not get da ass, but his boys did. which is why HE is salty as phuck —

  12. WTF eva, I’m with you CL and STEUPZ that chick is fine as PHUCK. That Imastar sounds like some lame ass dude that didn’t hit! Or one of them jealous ass chicks.

  13. Imastar need to fall bck ol hatin ass.

  14. Dayum. Shawty bad. Shawty got a nice body and went hard on some girl on her twitter yesterday at that Reunion.

  15. she is pretty, saw twitter that she went hard at the reunion and got kicked out. that bitch aint no real aka they dont get down like that.

  16. Damn! She’s pretty as hell! (No homo) I wonder what shes gonna be like. The pretty girls usually cant fight. Look at Kristen & Morgan–they look like theyd get their ass whipped in a fight. Hope she aint a ghetto hot mess like Brandi either.

  17. Shorty looks good as hell. My girl watches this show and told me bout her cuz she from HTown too.

  18. Nice. Since ha FB wont let me add ha, do u know ha twitter? She not using ha name.

      1. steupz do you remember this

      2. Sexxxy. she could get it…

  19. So this is the new girl! I saw the sneak peek on youtube today. She’s actually pretty. Hope she does more than sleeps with strangers and kiss girls…that’s all the rest seem to be doing.

  20. hey ash…miss yu much!!!! see yu got a lot of haters…dat just mean yu doin ya thang gurl!!!! have fun!!! and keep reppin!!!

  21. This is the second AKA on BGC. Coincidence?

    1. Probably is because they are not too happy about it.

  22. She’s just a follower, not a bad girl. Scary is the right word to describe her.

  23. This chick is weak! All talk and no action, she’s just a follower. Couldn’t stand on her own if her life depended on it. If she knew she was going to be on t.v she should have gotten a better weave and not that $10.99 shit. It’s raggedy and so is she!

  24. Why does she never look this good on the show…she looks average on there

  25. Ashley was the weakest, wackest “bad girl” outta all of them. I can’t tell if that was hair or a bad ass weave but it was BUSTED! That bitch would be kissing everybody’s ass like the follower she is and then what the final day, she want to get hard? BITCH PLEASE. How does it taste to have Leah and Kristen and Brandi’s ass in your mouth the whole time? Wack ass bitch.

  26. unfortunately ashley is a member of the divine nine, alpha kappa alpha to b exact. I hate to see us black women do such an injustice to our orgs that are supposed to empower us as a people.i went to school wit ashley at lamar univetsity. She was a nobody until she crossed aka, and was still a nobody until she started sleeping wit everyone and made a bad name for herself. So if being a slut makes u a bad girl, then shes definitely that.i still say that our selection process for our greek orgs should b more tedious and analytical so people like her can stop making a terrible name for divine nine. As for fighting…HA! Anytime sumthn popped off btwn greeks this chik wad no where to be found! Please sum1 would prolly beat the breaks off of her if she ever did fight. ashley used to b known as one of the sweet light skinned akas. IDK how bad girls selection process is, must b kinda like th he akas…3days and ur in lmao…ha couldnt help it

    1. Well the org was certainly pissed off enough about her to ask me to remove a picture of her wearing the letters.

  27. This bitch beyond whack and the biggest Ho I have ever met, she broke as fuck and suck Dick to help pay rent in a house wit her mama! Her bro weak than a bitch too