August 2013 TV Premiere Dates
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I haven’t really been all that consistent with making a post like this but mostly because if I can’t find 10 shows to highlight then it’s not really worth doing. Well I have exactly 10 shows to highlight so that means it’s worth putting together.

However i’m also putting this post together for another reason which would be the subject of recaps. Because my memory isn’t terrible I can recall being asked to recap 2 of the shows premiering this month. One show is Bad Girls Club (Will recap it if I have to but if someone wants to offer then let me know and I’ll give you my e-mail address). The other show is Breaking Bad and to be honest up until a week ago I had no idea what the show is even about so if any of you are fans then I’d really appreciate it if someone would bring me up to speed because I’m not trying to watch 4 and a half seasons of that show in 11 days just to get caught up.

That’s out of the way now so I can get on to these shows and if you like you can take a peek at some trailers or promos (if available).

Friday, August 2nd- America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 (8pm The CW) [Moves to 9pm on August 9th]

Monday, August 5th- T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle Season 4 (9pm VH1); Marrying The Game Season 2 (9:30pm VH1)

Sunday, August 11th- Breaking Bad Season 5, Part 2 (9pm AMC)

Monday, August 12th- Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 (9pm Bravo)

Tuesday, August 13th- Bad Girls Club: Miami [Season 11] (8pm Oxygen) [Making It to the Mansion special airs August 6th]

Wednesday, August 14th- Duck Dynasty Season 4 (10pm A&E)

Monday, August 19th- Basketball Wives: Miami Season 5 (8pm VH1)

Monday, August 26th- Teen Mom 3 Season 1 (10pm VH1)

Wednesday, August 28th- Tough Love: Coed [Season 5] (10pm VH1) [No promo out yet. Link is a photo of the cast]

10 Responses to “August 2013 TV Premiere Dates”

  1. Please tell me this is the last cycle for ANTM

    1. I wish I was sure of that but it looks like The CW might be looking at how this cycle does before making a call. It does look like that 2 cycle a year stuff is over. The ratings don’t justify that.

    2. Ugh. I wish I could, WL. They should call the seasons “Recycle” instead.

      1. I used to be faithful to the show but fell off during the “all stars” cycle. For them to never say why Angelea got DQ’ed pissed me off. Then that horrid cycle with the British models came along and I was done! Plus I was pissed Tyra fired the J’s and Nigel

      2. I haven’t seen a full season in a long ass time… probably back in middle school. I loved ANTM back then when Tyra’s repetitive, egocentric, NPD-ass hadn’t infuriated me yet.

        Am I the only one who fucking hates that one gay Filipino dude in the judge panel? Bryanboy? (This is coming from a Filipina fag hag)

  2. EA, could you ever get ratings for tv shows on investigation discovery?

    1. Sometimes, typically for stuff that airs on Friday nights. Any show in particular that you had in mind?

  3. Is anyone else watching couples therapy?

  4. If anyone is interested, Whiteboy from I Love New York show about his family’s pawn shop should be starting soon on TruTV. It’s called Pawn Dome (i think)

    1. It’s called Cash Dome Pawn but yea that’s exactly what the show is supposed to be about. Might make a post on it a little later just because but I’ll see if I can find a pic first.