Autumn Seezinz Joi (Flavor of Love 3) picture gallery
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Here’s what we know: Sinceer, Seezinz and Black are off to France.

Here’s what we think: Thing 2 returns because Flav feels sorry for her.

Here’s what we want: Sinceer is eliminated

Here’s what we hope for: Black is eliminated

Here’s what we don’t want: Thing 2 is returned to the show as a finalist

Right, that pretty much covers every scenario because there is no way in Fort Knox that Seezinz can be eliminated. She is the winner of Flavor of love 3 because she is just too sexy, too classy, too intelligent and too pretty to be anything but…

Click on the picture for the Autumn ‘Seezinz’ Joi picture gallery.


Seezinz in tight white pants and bra top from Flavor of Love 3 pics.jpg

18 Responses to “Autumn Seezinz Joi (Flavor of Love 3) picture gallery”

  1. i think steups is In Love With Seezinz but you know what i can’t blame him?

  2. why do Seezinz have Bret Michaels cowboy hat on LOL

  3. Well, I had hoped that Thing 2 would win, but with her elimination, I’m not so sure. So much for wishful thinking…now for reality…

    Black has won the whole friggin thing. Flav is a sucker for a pretty face…after all, she looks like a white “Hoopz”…his first on-air mistake.

    I’m just waiting for the reunion. LMAO!

  4. I just don’t get your taste in women, I can’t see anything pretty in Seezinz…

  5. Hey, here are some official shots of some of the I Love Money cast. These are only a few of the ILNY guys.

  6. ‘Matic was faster.. 😉

  7. Well that was messed up…

    Don’t talk about it though, some people don’t like the eliminations to be revealed.

  8. does anyone want to know in advance what happens on 2nites episode of FOL3? Just got done watching the 11:00 airing.

  9. No thanks anon, I’ve already put up a link for those who want to see that info.

    No need to blast it here and muck it up for those who haven’t seen it and don’t want to know.

  10. what about the magic act he performed at the end?

  11. I’m pissed about that…

    Makes no sense to me at all.

  12. you had to know it was coming. great site by the way. i don’t even bother checking out anymore. you, aurelius and enigmatic are much more thorough and entertaining.

  13. Merci, but don’t make it seem like there are only three people on the site, lol.


  14. true, my bad. it really is just aurelius.

  15. hahahaha!

    Yep, his recaps are excellent.

  16. fat vagina

  17. SEEZINZ is Amazing. I meet her in person and I cant believe Flavor didnt pick her. SEEZINZ was a TOP Radio personality in Washington DC before she was on the show. She had made a good name for herself before the show. She smart and goal oriented. She’s a good role model for people of all generations and she’s is SEXY AS HELL. She told me she was working with a TOP Talent Agency that has been getting her alot of work. I looked them up and I found her Agent Mike Styles. I say book her for hosting etc. Heres there info. or 301 562-5930. Go SEEZINZ you got my vote. Flav was crazy for not picking you. YOU LIFTED THE BAR WITH BOTH BEAUTY AND BRAINS. 33 D 23 41 and a I Q to match. mannnnnnn FLAV.