Bad Girls Club: Chicago Cast Photos
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From Left to Right: Aysia, Jonica, Jada, Loren, Alex, Britt and Alyssa

Ok :: sighs :: The Bad Girls Club: Chicago cast reveal is here. Yeah maybe some of you superfans already knew but none of y’all share that with me so here’s the official post. Upon first impressions I’m not impressed and it looks like a cheap ANTM shoot but at the same time it fits the theme of Chicago because everything here is disappointing and cheap looking (But not actually cheap. It’s expensive to live here). Oh yea Oxygen is vowing to make a few little changes to season 12. I don’t think they sound any good but they need something after that dreadful season 11.

Season 12 description, individual cast pics and cast bios (with Twitter links) below

Oxygen’s fan-favorite original series “Bad Girls Club” will take on the Windy City of Chicago on Tuesday nights beginning Spring 2014. The twelfth season is full of unexpected drama as the seven alpha females take on Chi-Town and for the first time ever, welcome their parents to the mansion for a weekend visit. Under the guidance of a life coach, these Bad Girls will attempt to confront their issues head on, but will chaos still rule or will they be able to put aside their differences and live peacefully under one roof?

Alex, 22 @alexandriarice_
Sherwood, WI
This college graduate is a wild party girl with a penchant for athletes. Alex is a model and is always dressed to impress. She even has a personal stylist on-call to help her get dressed daily. If you cross her, she isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and will find a way to get revenge. She credits her trust issues, especially with women, to her rocky relationship with her father, and hopes this opportunity will allow her to build more confidence in people.

Alyssa, 24 @IAMREDDCHICK954
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Better known as “REDD,” Alyssa is an outgoing comedian with a fearful demeanor. Her intimidating size gains respect from most, but her tough exterior only disguises her inner vulnerability. Although she is proud of her plus size persona, she constantly feels like she’s competing with skinny girls. Growing up a daddy’s girl, Alyssa’s world was changed when her father walked out on their family after her mom was left paralyzed from a routine surgery. She is entering the BGC mansion to change her reputation and, for the first time in her life let people see her softer side.

Aysia, 22 @love_aysia
Houston, TX
Aysia is a feisty bisexual party girl who isn’t afraid to break all the rules. A Shameless flirter, she goes after what she wants because it’s her way or the highway. Aysia won’t answer to anyone and has often let her pride and anger get the best of her in the past. After a rocky childhood, Aysia hopes her time in the BGC house will help her confront and manage her anger and abandonment issues.

Britt, 24 @msbrittb_
Louisville, KY
With her loud personality, Britt is always the life of the party and works as a shot girl to fill her appetite for money and alcohol. She’s a self-proclaimed hustler who demands respect and believes she has the ability to convince people to do anything she wants. Growing up wasn’t easy for her; in her mom’s absence, she designated herself as the mama bear to her siblings and was taxed with the responsibility of being their perfect role model. Although, she knows she hasn’t always been perfect, she hopes to use the time in the BGC house to focus on herself.

Jada, 28 @Jada5starz
Jamaica, NY
This pint size rapper is a quick-witted, hot-tempered bartender who knows how to stand her ground. Newly single, Jada craves attention and is ready for some non-stop fun. After an unstable upbringing, Jada practically raised herself and has been on her own since she was 14. Looking for a fresh start, she is looking to tame her inner rage and wants to go to school for music producing.

Jonica, 25 @Jc_boo
Saint Louis, MO
With her blue afro and big personality, Jonica also known as Blu is hard to miss in a crowd. She is well-known in the St. Louis party scene and is always looking for a good time. She has a competitive streak and played basketball in college while obtaining her bachelor’s degree. She has struggled with intimate relationships and earned herself a reputation as a player and home wrecker. During her time in the BGC house, she hopes to get the root of her commitment issues.

Loren, 23 @LO_LONDON
Mobile, AL
A southern girl with lots of charm and wild ways, Loren considers herself the ultimate “Turn Up” party girl. She’s a die-hard Alabama football fan and has no problem fitting in with the guys, but can easily clash with the girls. Used to getting what she wants, Loren is spoiled rotten and has extravagant taste and style to match her attitude. Loren is a serious “Daddy’s Girl” and in her eyes no one compares to him. Her type of guy is confident with lots of swag, but she refuses to fall in love until her father is out of prison in 2015 so he can walk her down the aisle.

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  1. This cast and description actually makes me excited looks like they are classing up. Pre season favs are Aysia, Loren and Alyssa

  2. Yes! The trailer was actually really good. I can’t wait to watch this season. Obviously Alyssa/RED is my favorite. I also have my eye on that girl that looks like Camilla in the trailer. I don’t know who she is though, Alex?

    1. That is Loren looking like Camilla without her make-up on. She’s a fighter that’s for sure. BGC 12 is going to very groundbreaking!

  3. BGC12 looks gud love me some RED Alyssa ihope the opening fight is the one between Alyssa vs Jada she threw some hard punches then i see that she drags Jada down the floor like a dog lol… Damn that will be an EPIC Opening Fight!

  4. Everybody giving me good vibes this season! I don’t really do pre-season faves but I’m really feelin REDD, Loren, Britt and Jada.

  5. Somethin bout Alex though in this picture…

  6. Not in a bad way, in a good way… a great way. :)

    This season looks very hopeful! Excited as much as the next one.