Bad Girls Club: Miami Reunion Part 3 Recap
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At long last the torture from this awful, awful season is finally coming to an end. I can say that I have no favorites. Each and every one of these girls were equally irritating in their own special way and each and most of them will be stuck on the club appearance and booty magazine circuit trying to get on another show when only Oxygen will be calling for them because nobody else considers the girls on this show to be celebrities. Tragic but true (And no I would not recommend they follow the Ashley  plan).

So we start with everyone talking about Milyn (Why the hell do we need to talk about a chick that’s not even here and was only on 4 episodes?) That goes into Sarah and Gina arguing all over again but for some reason Tanisha cuts them off to ask Janelle for her input on the situation and that turns into Shanae’s original comments about Janelle (Can they stay on one storyline? Oh wait I know the answer to that…no because that’s boring too).

Shanae basically says that she’s kinda sorry about talking trash about Janelle but she told Janelle that she’s not used to stuck up people. Somehow that turns into Benzy not taking Shanae seriously so they get into an argument and that turns into Benzy swinging on Shanae and security pulling Shanae backstage.

After that Benzy runs backstage to try to chase after her. She comes back on stage but Shanae continues to talk trash even after Benzy tries explaining her side. Shanae wants to go back onstage to fight but the producers won’t let her (Ok I get that but why not have them both backstage? What’s the point of letting one stay onstage to keep coming up with bullshit lies and justifications for her fucked up actions?)

Shanae is still backstage trying to get back onstage but it doesn’t matter. The subject is back on Janelle with Tiana admitting that she did switch her attitude towards Janelle when Theresa went home. Jazmone says she still doesn’t like Janelle and nothing is going change her feelings about that. Tanisha tells everyone that she thinks they treated Janelle unfairly and she also wants Shanae to come back onstage.


Meanwhile Shanae is still backstage talking trash and wanting to fuck Benzy up. Now after that the topic turns to the failed action between…well everybody. Let’s be honest, everyone who tried to get some struck out this season. Basically what happens is everyone says they are single and Sarah shows her ass (figuratively and literally because she also stands up and turns around. With her double creases).

For some reason we end up back on Janelle and how Jazmone doesn’t like Janelle (Like damn we know this. Why does every topic require input from Sarah and Janelle?) After all this petty arguing Tanisha asks if everyone would do the show again. Everyone except Tiana and Andrea says they would do the show again (and in this segment Teresa states the obvious that she hasn’t ditched that whiny ass dude of hers).

After that Sarah says she has a surprise for Tanisha (because it’s Tanisha’s birthday) so Sarah brings out a big ass birthday cake with a male stripper inside (No man. Just no….AND WHY DOES HE HAVE TO TWERK TOO! C’mon man naw. SMH). Tanisha is grateful for the present and when that spectacle is over Tanisha gives the girls a pep talk and that’s the end 0f this reunion (But not the end of the episode…Damn).

When things wrap up Tanisha goes backstage to find Shanae. Shanae explains her side of the story and Tanisha gives Shanae a pep talk too. After that everyone continues to talk mess backstage (Awful. Just awful). Oh yea there’s the BGC: Chicago trailer (Lot of rough voices there. Rough. BTW the trailer is in the comments of that link).

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    Here’s the ASB2 trailer also, if anyone is interested. All I can say is it seems they’ve increased their budget which is good cause last season’s challenges could have all been done in someone’s backyard.

  2. OT: If anyone is interested, TMZ has updated information about Real’s condition. He was operated on Weds

    1. I will post it because Joann keeps asking but I’ll need a few minutes to get that together.

  3. Hey WL,

    How ya doing?

    Just read about Real on TMZ. I was asking EA if she heard anything about his condition a couple of weeks ago and now this. Won’t put up a link since EA will probably put one up.

    1. I’m fine Joann, and you?

      Very happy this semester is over but my nightmare continues on.
      I finally got back into SFSU after a few years of begging and pleading my case. Had to switch major in order to get back in and instead of being done this month like I was supposed to, the major switch added over 35 units onto my course load so now I won’t graduate or be able to apply for my Masters until Fall 2015!

      Was reall happy to hear Real is doing better. Gives me a little more hope about my Daughter’s father. He was diagnosed two months ago with a cancerous brain tumor. He just finished 5 weeks straight of radiation treatments and we’re now in the wait and see period.