Bad Girls Club 6 Reunion
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On the Bad Girls Club Reunion Char is given a pasting by all the bad girls she betrayed during the show.

(Nikki’s face is really starting to tick me off again)

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    1. that was funny

  2. Sydney must think hangin around a couple black people gives you some type of boldness to think you can just walk up on a black woman and mush them without repercussions.

    Char really did run that house. I like how she did all that craziness in the house then went to the reunion and basically said fuck all yall busters, I ran shit now what? lol

    Sexy Ashley again! And Wilmarie.

  3. i looked at it a few times and it deff loooks like ashleys jumping in the fight trying to get char

  4. Wilmarie got the mature ass sexy look on this reunion.

    As much as I want to be mad at Char for that shit on the show, I can’t help but applaud her for standing her ground and basically telling them to FUCK OFF.

    Only person I feel bad for is Jessica.

    Syndey Sydney Sydney, you had more than one opportunity to put Char in her place. I hate when people get “reunion courage”. Don’t wait until the reunion if you’ve seen this person already beforehand.

    Not just that CHar is the reason you left. smh

    1. What is Kori wearing?

  5. Forced to admit the heffa looks good

    1. Willmarie looks great. But she pees the bed.

      1. Almost 30 years old and still pissin’ in the bed! Damn shame! Drunk or not that’s just nasty! And the fact that she let everyone know she does it.

  6. kori and lauren look too orange and their hair is over bleached, woah jessica actually looks hot, ashley is still sexy, even nikki didn’t look bad, char and sydney look good, where’s jennifer and wilmarie? funny how the followers now turn on char. sydney, you did nothing in your time at the house,now you wanna act big and bad.wilmarie is a crazy bitch, i know she’ll fight looks like all the girls hate char.

  7. I really liked Char at first, but now I can’t stand her. She bitched out. She had a chance to lay Lauren out and didn’t. Lauren fucked her up right in the side of the head and Char did nothing but went to her room and cried about it. A REAL BAD GIRL a.k.a. Wilmarie would have knocked her ass out. Char is just fake as hell.

  8. Just like season 4 reunion. The girl that ran the house gets jumped on while sitting down. Char has no excuse though, she should’ve been up & out of her seat as the other girl was walking across the stage. BUT NO, she really sat there while somebody is talking trash and pointing their finger..she just got caught slippin, too bad.

    1. I know right. She should have learned from Natalie and Kristen.

  9. OAN: Ashley and Wilmarie look sexyyyyyyyyy AF!

    1. I LOVED Wilmarie’s hair.

  10. They were damn right to tonk Char.

    1. Char ran that house and ran the reunion. And I don’t even like Char like that, but these rabid fans of that hillbilly can’t see shit.

      Hillbilly did the same shit as Erica last reunion but because everybody likes her barnyard-ness for some reason, it’s alright.

      1. The days of rooting for the “underdogs” are long gone. MOst of them play the victim when in fact they start shit as well. Only thing is they play on the sympathy of the viewers. My new look is I don’t care for weak minded adults.

      2. Actually. Lauren has stood up for herself against Char plenty of times. She even slapped her on the side of her face a couple of times. But I DO agree that Char ran the house. But I don’t really feel bad for Jessica or Kori because throughout the season Nikki and Lauren tried to explain to them that they were being followers. They just didn’t listen. They had their heads up Chars butt the ENTIRE time and now they wanna get mad.

        where they do that at?

        But Lauren has never liked Char.

      3. Actually. Lauren has stood up for herself against Char plenty of times. She even slapped her on the side of her face a couple of times. But I DO agree that Char ran the house. But I don’t really feel bad for Jessica or Kori because throughout the season Nikki and Lauren tried to explain to them that they were being followers. They just didn’t listen. They had their heads up Chars butt the ENTIRE time and now they wanna get mad.

        where they do that at?

        But Lauren has never liked C

      4. char & her sister is ugly ass my shit

  11. They all look good even Sydney! I never thought a red hair demon could be sexy! I do agree though Char RAN that house Nikki claims she did but we all seen how that turned out!

    1. Sydney looked amazing on the show but she looks bloated on the Reunion. She did the reverse of Cat who lost weight and looked amazing. Sydney looked terrible.

  12. DAMN! I give mad props to Char for jumping the fuck up and wailing on Sydney. She (Sydney) ain’t shit but a pussy bitch.

  13. This reunion should be GREAT. It’s hilarious and pathetic how easily Char got under these girls’ skin.

    The reunion will be all about her. Even when they were talking about Kori vs Ashley, it turned into talk about Char.

    Her egos gotta be real huge right now.

  14. Char is so lame that I cant eve stand it.

  15. Char def. looks dominating in the fight…

    Char and Sydney fight on the Bad Girls Club Reunion

  16. I’d say the fight is pretty even which is nice because those are the bestest fights. Char looks dominating in the picture but that’s just one millisecond.

  17. It was hard to watch the reunion because Kori wouldn’t shut the eff up. She needs to realize that her voice is annoying as hell, and she sounds mentally off whenever she speaks. Don’t get mad at Char for how you acted. That’s your own fault, and I don’t even like Char. Jessica looked hurt when Char finally came out and said she didn’t need any of those girls to be her friend. I was surprised Char held her ground against Sydney who… um… did next to nothing the entire season. But yeah, Kori and Jennifer need to sit there and try to look pretty (a hard job for them both). No one wants to hear from them.

  18. So Char said that she wasn’t referring to Jessica with the “minion” comment.

    I mean honestly Jessica did look like a follower. I’m still stuck on the clip where they went to go retrieve Char’s bed while she was on the phone.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Lauren refer to them as minions as well.

    1. Yes Lauren did and she NEVER stood on her own the whole time while she was in the house as much as she wanna claim she doesnt need Nikki to fight her battles. Why did she say on the reuinion she NEVER expected Nikki to have her back (fight wit Char) when during the show she ran away crying after Jess handled her like a fuckin ragdoll claimin Nikki didnt have her back.

  19. I loved the clip of Char telling Kori to leave the room and the dumb bitch obeyed! Lmao
    I don’t like Char but she did run the house.

  20. Most of the house referred to those girls as “Char’s” minions including Char (to Nicki: “… [O]nly difference is that I had 6 or 7 minions.”) And no matter how they wanna play it now, every one, including Nicki, ended up under Char’s reign of evil. I’ve heard that Char only liked Jessica of all the girls and didn’t care for Kori at all, only tolerated her because Jessica was friends with her.

    1. That sounds accurate. I can tell she wasn’t feeling Kori after the flip-flopping with Lauren.

      BTW I still didn’t understand why Lauren turned on Nikki over something small. It just seemed like she just wanted a reason to dislike Nikki at that point.

      Char said Jessica should’ve called to talk to her, but she didn’t. I don’t understand why they can’t resolve shit outside of the reunion considering most of them have the others number.

      1. I agree. Couldnt understand why Lauren got so mad at Nikki to began with. I figured it was for something done off camera.

  21. Somebody needs to hurt Hillbilly. She wouldn’t do all that loud foolishness at any other reunion cuz somebody woulda got in her azz thinkin she a hardbody.

    Everything revolved around Char.

    Why the fuck was sexy Ashley’s part cut so short? That orange nobody and the redhead nobody got more time than she did.

    Wilmarie is muhfuggin dope! I could tell she had some good tree before she came on stage lol.

    I can’t wait til dat blonde ho gets fucked up cuz its long overdue.

  22. “I think Kori and Jessica were the only two girls that had any reason to be mad at Char. Everyone else is a waste of space and argument. At one point Char and I were mad at each other, but after multiple fights, arguments and screaming matches we were able to civilly talk about what happened between us. As per the last episode, Char and I were the only two girls in the house to do our own thing at any point in time. No other girl had direct issues with Char. They were either upset because they found themselves following her or were mad because other girls were following her. To this day I’m not really sure why Lauren and Sydney hate Char so much and are wicked obsessed with her every move. Kori and Jessica had valid reasons for being angry at Char, as they “thought” that they were genuine friends. Friends don’t talk about each other and when you claim to be someone’s best friend, you shouldn’t be doing things like that or calling them puppies. Could it have been cleared up? Sure. But, when you need an audience to try to put someone on the spot about how you’re genuinely feeling, it’s fake. Apologize on the side. Apologize in person. That is genuine. Even if no apology went down, at least you can talk about it. If you want friendships to go outside of the BGC, you need not put a front on when cameras are around. That’s the epitome of fake. I didn’t need to pull Jen aside to tell her how I felt at the reunion. I did it in December—two weeks after we left filming because I genuinely meant it. Char didn’t need to apologize at the reunion to Jessica and Kori when Jessica lives three minutes from Char and Kori is a phone call away.”

    -via Nikki’s blog

    This is exactly how I felt, except Kori ass shouldn’t have been mad either cause she was flip-flopping too.

    1. And that is exactly why I could tolerate Nikki.

      I loved Char for refusing to apologize and keeping all those girls mad, because they’re still stuck in their feelings to this day.

      The reunion = the Char show, sorry to say.

      1. I was just warming to Nikki then she got her tail beat up and that was that.

    2. CSO, did she say anything on the reunion about the beatdowns she took?

      1. Lol yep she said that they didn’t hurt or phase her, which I can agree to a certain extent. Wilmarie obviously won all three of the fights, but it was only during the last one where she really got multiple face shots in.

  23. G.S. of Da ~Trap Alliance~ your are a racist black panther, yet your icon from an Arab state?

    1. Oh shit. Idk if he is going to see this, but if you’re going to tell someone off get your facts straight because last time I checked the pyramids in Egypt were built by black people not Arabs.

    2. Hahahaha! CSO don’t even waste your energy on clowns like this. I’m not about to waste any energy myself.

      1. I’m not responding to the racist comment, but I felt the need to educate someone. He/she seems a little misguided on history.

      2. Thats the sole reason why they don’t teach it in the schools and in college. The ones that don’t know think it’s blasphemous that such civilizations could exist and the ones that DO know want to make sure we don’t ever find out.

      3. Well said.

        Who let the retards onto this site?

  24. This is exactly the reason why it’s hard to feel sorry for anybody and CHar summed it up nicely

    ALso one of the reasons why Perez needs to STFU about his opinions and let the GIRLS argue/talk.

    1. Yes perez needs 2 stfu!

      NOOO Char Is Still Fake AF Because All Of Sudden Its Fuck Yall Im This And Tht But On Her Lil Oxygen After show Bitch Was Crying & Shit About Them Not Being Her Friend & Being Called Minions I dont hate her but fuck her lol$

      1. At least someone notices her bullshit! I watched it this morning and she was still fake as hell! I never seen a bad girl try to be buddy with them at the finale and then we jump to the reunion and she’s saying they were never my friends?! Dumbass…

      2. Ya’ll know they edited the shit outta them clips lol, i saw a few of the “extra” clips where they were talking civilized about the situation.

        I say this take Char away from this reunion and then what’s left?

      3. Naw the aftershow where sydney cussed her out on the phone and CHAR WAS FUCKING CRYING OVER THEM NOT LIKING HER FAKE BITCH LOL


  25. Download Link?

  26. Cant wait till Part Deuce of the Reunion!

  27. Curious for the ratings. Glad Char got up and whooped Sydney after Sydney was doing all that talking on twitter about how she’s going to give Char the biggest beatdown in BGC history. LMFAO bitch please sit the fuck down you fat fucking cunt.

    1. Oooh lol

  28. I saw this this past Mon. night, I agreed with Perez Hilton, I was cool with Char on the show, but at the reunion, she came off very cold hearted. It was like she was jus’ playing all of the ladies that thought that she was their REAL FRIEND the whole time. She made them all look stupid to me…not nice at all. PEACE!!!

    1. Perez needs 2 STFU and NOT VOICE HIS OPINION, cause at the end of the day he wasn’t shit but a viewer.

      If she aint friends with them then so what, they should have handled that before the reunion. I woulda told them to fuck off cause you aint gettin an apology from me on national television.

  29. I like Char because she’s silly as f)(k and w/o her S6 would have been boring. I hate that fat bettch Lauren. You talk that poo but who is the bettch coloring in a coloring book? Sydney sit your hoe a$$ down. Why do you have beef w/Char? You should have done it one the show or at the photoshoot. I bet Jessic and Kori knew Char called them minions. All you bettches want to come to reunion and act hard.