Bad Girls Club Sarah Michaels In Playboy
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You heard her say it on the Premiere Episode of ‘Bad Girls Club 3′; well here are the Playboy pictures of BGC3 star, Sarah Michaels.

Remember it’s Playboy, but the picture link is fully clothed and thereafter it’s up to you to proceed.
Bad Girls Club Sarah Michaels Playboy Pictures…

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  2. ((Giggles))
    You really do have a bit of ghetto in you, lol.

  3. Alright. Her titties look nice (AND REAL!), as well as the rest of her body (Probably due to airbrushing since I don’t recall her looking that hot on BGC) but picture 15 looks fucking nasty ’cause of her ribs. I still wouldn’t hook up with her though, ’cause sluttiness turns me off. What does her tattoo say?

    LMAO @ her being on busty babes and all natruals ahahahaha

  4. Those are real?
    Well good golly Miss Molly; those look great.

    Off for a bit; enjoy y’all afternoon.

    1. I think so since she was on all naturals. Have a good day steupz <3

    1. I hate girls like that. Girls like that are the reason me and my bf are on the rocks right now. Also, Playboy is the holy grail of glamour modeling? LMFAO!

  5. They need to make a spin-off called “Slutty Girls Club”, that way the sluts can stop coming on bad girls. Having herpes is not “bad”…its bad for your health.

  6. Well, Khi, every on eof these shows is basically slutty girls. Maybe if they’d leave the slutty of of your precious show and keep them bad and only bad. All these VH1 shows should be called

    Slutty Girls: Subtitlted with ROL, RCOL, FOL, etc

  7. I think she’s fuckin hot and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a woman being sexual! How come when a man humps alot of girls he’s a pimp but when a girl does it she’s a slut? We’re all sluts!

  8. She’s really not that hot. And she’s from freaking winsconsin which explains why she thinks she’s hot shit (people from winsconsin dress like shit and there aren’t many hot people there).

    I do like her views on sex though.

    1. shut up ya dick! Model from Wisconsin here and there are plenty of hot people here… Just because most of us are au natural doesn’t mean we’re any less hot. We are showing off what God gave us. Natural vs. fake and I’d take the real shit any day!

  9. You are all jealous of this girl! She is the only attractive one of this season of BGC. She has a PERFECT body! Caddy girls who hate and spit only cause another girl is so much more beautiful than what they are. She can’t help how beautiful she is any more than you can (probably?) help how ugly you are.

  10. Sarah,
    I love you girl!
    Where u been all my life…….
    I want to tear that booty up

  11. Omg – double bag it when banging this chub. She probably has warts and sores growing all over her snatch.

  12. I am in love you are fucking hot as fuck

  13. She is really short looking she looks like a middle of the road lay. I would imagine to be a lot better after a couple of stiff drinks. Yeah thats it she would compliment a 6 pack real well.

  14. grr i cant find the pics of her at the beach if u find them can u email the links 2 me plzz

  15. I love Sarah’s pics! I think other girls r gonna hate on anyone that’s hot & has real big boobs.U go girl!:)

  16. fuck sarah. she used to be hot back in the day… not so much anymore. i used to bang her in high school. fucking slut.

    1. ur just mad cuz she aint sleeping with ur ugly butt stop hating go somewhere else loser

  17. haters!!!! A girl cant have a nice body without bein called a slut or a whore. sarah keep your head held high you have spectators

  18. i love you sarah my hero was lisa lopez until u rocked out on bad girls now its u girl keep up all the good work an forget them hoes