Khy’s Bad Girls Club Season 7 Review (Poll Included)
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I must admit that I wasn’t at all excited for Bad Girls Club 7 when I first saw the trailer. It looked like more of the usual senseless fighting.

Yes, senseless fighting is what Bad Girls Club is about, but the quality of the show had diminished in recent seasons, thanks to Oxygen choosing to pop new seasons out like bubble gum balls out of a bubble gum machine.

Bad Girls Club 5 and 6 brought us some of the funniest moments of the franchise and some great Bad Girls (Kristen, Morgan, Willmarie, Nikki) but in *my* opinion, both seasons sucked ass overall.

The BGC 5/6 casts had a lot of fillers and bed warmers. BGC 6 – with the exception of Willmarie and Nikkie – offered nothing but a bunch of drones following Char around and kissing her ass. Though Char was great TV, she really didn’t have any adversaries to butt heads with – which made the show really boring. The only thing that kept BGC6 alive in my opinion, was the Nikki/WilMarie fights, which were always a joy to watch.

Bad Girls Club 5 was a much better season than Bad Girls Club 6, but the fact that so many of the cool bad girls left so early (Morgan, Cat) while extras like Erica and Ashley stayed to the very end, killed what could’ve been a great show.

It was at exactly that point I began drifting away from the show. I mean, it’s ok for BGC to have one or two fillers, but when the majority of the cast is jam packed with ’em, you have yourself a trainwreck on your hands.

This is why I was skeptical of and avoided Bad Girls Club 7 for so many weeks. But, one night I was bored out of my mind and decided to watch the first episode. I’m sure as hell glad I did because that was one of the best Premieres.

Still, I wasn’t yet convinced as previous seasons had started out great and then descended to shit. However, I kept going with it and never once, did Season 7 get to a point where the entertainment died down or dulled out. It was a fun, bitch slapping, hair pulling, thrill ride that managed to keep up the speed until the very end.

It’s no mystery why, eventually, I enjoyed this season so much… the cast was amazing! I don’t feel like there were any fillers.

Yeah, I know some of you are going “WHAT? TASHA AND PRISCILLA WERE FILLERS!”. No, they weren’t fillers to me. I HATED THEIR GUTS and if they were fillers I wouldn’t have enough energy to hate them, hell I probably wouldn’t remember them.

Yes they were weak and hardly bad girls, but they both played a role in making Bad Girls Club 7 an exciting and engaging show, because I literally wanted to jump through the screen and slap them.

Stasi and Shelly were also EXCELLENT choices as they both kept up the drama.

I don’t watch Bad Girls Club to like everybody. Season 2 is my favorite season simply because it was so diverse. There was the group I loved and the group I hated going at it and THAT is what made it so entertaining.

Season 7 did a great job at mimicking this. To me, two cliques going at it is more entertaining than everyone following one girl around.Everyone had their rightful place this season.

Another part of the casting I liked was that the girls felt a little more real. Yes, this is reality TV and we all know bitches play shit up for the camera, but I felt for the most part, the girls were themselves.

I think if I met Tiara somewhere, she would be the same cool chick she was on the show. If I met Judi on the street, she would be the same nut I saw on TV. If I met Tasha in the clinic I’d still feel the urge to push her face into a meat grinder… you get the point.

Also props to the producers for casting Shelly and Stasi; I’m tired of all these pencil thin chicks, it’s nice to see some big girls representing as well.

Season 7 just felt like a return to what made Bad Girls Club good, trashy fun. Kinda felt like going back home again.

I hope Season 8 continues upward but idk, I’m not hearing too many good things about it. Yeah, the trailer was jam packed with fights, but Season 6 had a lot of fights too. It’s not the number of physical fights that determine if a season is good, but more so if it has a good, diverse cast.

And now for the Third Annual Baddest Bitch Poll: (You can interpret ‘Baddest’ as you want to)

Season 7's "Baddest" Bitch was? (Choose 2 names)

  • Stasi (36%, 289 Votes)
  • Tiara (35%, 287 Votes)
  • Judi (33%, 269 Votes)
  • Angie (17%, 136 Votes)
  • Priscilla (15%, 120 Votes)
  • Tasha (5%, 39 Votes)
  • Shelly (4%, 31 Votes)
  • Cheyenne (3%, 22 Votes)

Total Voters: 814

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Bad Girls Club Season 7 was?

  • One of the best seasons. (55%, 283 Votes)
  • OK. Not great, not bad, but decent. (33%, 170 Votes)
  • What are you smoking? It was pure garbage. (12%, 61 Votes)

Total Voters: 514

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  1. -First season in a while not to have a returning Bad girl make a guest appearance.
  2. -Tiara will make an appearance in Season 8. Stasi might as well.
  3. -First season in which a roommate left not because they wanted to or because they were kicked out, but because they were tricked. (Lol Cheyenne’s dumbass)
  4. -Longest time in which all ORIGINAL seven bad girls co-existed in a house together of any season. A whopping 8 episodes in a 13 episode season.
  5. -Note the craziest seasons have the LEAST amount of replacements?

47 Responses to “Khy’s Bad Girls Club Season 7 Review (Poll Included)”

  1. Thanks Steupz!

    <3333 This season.

    Not really feeling Season 8 though. But it might surprise me.

    1. You’re welcome.
      looking forward too, to Thing 3’s post on the Reunion and perhaps his own review as well



      1. Oh god, three replacements? Smh, that may be a sign that it’s going to suck. Seasons with multiple replacements are hardly ever good. It felt good to have all seven original girls stay in the house for more than half of BGC7 rather than girls coming and going all throughout. That totally disrupts the flow.

        It doesn’t help when Oxygen chooses the LAMEST replacement chicks. The baddest replacement chick we ever had was Willmarie last season. She came in, stood up for herself, and kicked some ass.


  3. Ooops i voted for tasha instead of tiara lol but i agree this season is in my top 3, behind 4 and 2. The season flowed much better because it wasnt about being the hbic of the season. Just trying to coexist with one another, but the need to bring back jobs to give the girls something to do

    1. I love jobs. Normally it gets boring to watch these girls do absolutely nothing but go to clubs, but Season 7 was so entertaining that I never really got bored with it.

  4. Woah Stasi the baddest girl? Nowhere close I could get past Cheyenne and Tasha but over Judi and Tiara? What are the voters smoking?

  5. And I really like this review of S7 completely 100% true and what some BGC fans need to remember about Tasha, Priscilla and even Cheyenne is that because you hate them doesn’t make them fillers or floaters because Tasha and Priscilla got in their number of fights and even Cheyenne stirred the pot and had more of an entertainment factor than probably Danielle, Kayleigh, Lexie, AshleyC, and even probably Jade. (Their time in the house I mean). The things that made this season great was there were the villains (Tasha, Priscilla, at times Stasi and Shelly) the lovable ones Angie and Tiara. And the queen of crazy, Judi.

    This season had mad drama, hilarious moments, heartfelt scenes and more importantly, REAL Bad girls I’d say all these girls are bad in their own ways and aren’t faking anything. I think it’s the best season to me never got boring and I like all girls in their own ways (sort of). Great season/

    1. Well said!

  6. My breakdown of the girls:


    Or as I like to call her – fat ass. She was a major disappointment for me this season. There are many reasons why I don’t like her but it started after she initially extended the hand of friendship to Judi. If you guys remember Shelly ran the house at this time and confronted Stasi about it (why are you hanging out with the enemy?). Stasi was angry that Shelly needed two other people to “suck her dick” while she talked to Judi. Shelly then walks away spewing an epithet at Stasi. How does Stasi respond? By giving a confessional! Remember when Danielle did the same thing to Morgan, calling her a hoe when she walked away? Morgan immediately got in her face. Yeah, she was a bitch, but she was real. Stasi wanted to be the fake bitch. Ever since then she basically got worse: faking a friendship with Shelly, bullying, manipulating and lying to Judi, writing “I run New Orleans” on the wall, making a habit of throwing drinks in people’s face. I never liked anything she ever did however I have to give her props for kicking Shelly’s ass. I was incredibly impressed with her performance especially when she charged Shelly at the end like a bull knocking over everything in sight.


    Loved Judi episode one! She was independent, hilarious and all over the place, just like I like them. She went down hill from there. First she was too trusting of team clean and then she clung to team real. If you’re going to be a bad girl clinging to a team or being gullible is just bad form. That being said Judi is truly one of a kind and I’m a fan of hers anyway. I like how she is very forgiving and happy all the time.


    Loved Tiara. She was probably the realest of em all this season. Two bad things though. First she over-reacted when Judi was driving crazy and second she had her head stuck up Stasi’s ass the whole season. When Stasi threw a drink in Tasha’s face Tiara cleaned up the mess while Stasi just sits there and looks at her! Can you imagine cleaning up someone’s mess when they just watch you do it? Regardless, I loved the goofy gangsta and she made me laugh over and over again. I was also impressed with her fighting ability. When she attacked Angelic at the strip club it was phenomenal.


    I nominated her for baddest. It goes without saying that Priscilla provided the biggest fight this season and also the biggest beat down in Bad Girls Club history which is saying something (Kori v Ashley). I really REALLY loved Priscilla. She reminded me of Hanna and Flo. I loved her gangsta flo side but also mostly loved her soft sweet Hanna side. She has a lot of haters which I don’t understand but what evs. People say she can’t brag about the Judi fight because Judi admitted she couldn’t fight but Judi is much taller and about twice Priscilla’s weight. For dinky little Priscilla to whoop her like that is simply astonishing. What I didn’t like about Priscilla was her homophobia. She made it clear that she was afraid Shelly would want her. That is a huge sign of blatant immaturity.


    My second nomination. Angie got into it with literally every bad girl this season. She physically fought most of the cast (with the exception of Tasha and Cheyenne) and checked the other two in arguments. A lot of people say that Angie is fake but I honestly don’t think she was. Angie simply did what Judi couldn’t – be independent the whole season. Judi tried to do that by being against everybody but Angie was a little smarter and was nice to everyone, until they crossed her of course. The one thing I didn’t like about Angie was ratting out Shelly doing the contact thing, even though she was the accomplice. Overall however Angie is definitely a bad girl.


    Hated Shelly (Erica 2.0) first episode but it went uphill from there. The main reason I hated Shelly was because she was mean to poor Judi, but unlike Stasi who pretended to be her friend the entire season at least Shelly made it consistently clear that she didn’t like Judi. I liked Shelly mostly for her sticking up for minorities and doing what she believed. I felt she was an authentic person.


    I didn’t like her for the most part and especially when she tried to jump Judi. Mostly negatives here. Tasha tried to be Morgan and say the Bad Girls Club didn’t reach her standards but that only works when you are actually Morgan who is not whack and boring like Tasha. The only thing I liked about Tasha this season was when she called Natasia out for overreacted over her 99cent bleach lol. Calling the cops stripped her of any bad girl she might have had in her.




    Overall this season was fantastic. I hated the season at first because even though I didn’t hate anybody I didn’t like anybody either, they hadn’t grown on me. Yet and still NONE of the girls were nearly as terrible as the disgusting pieces of shit that are: Ashley (S5), Lea, Ailea, Erica etc. I wish there had been no replacement this season. If there weren’t it would have been perfect.

    1. This sort of comment should be sent to me in an email. Seriously, I would have put this up as a post.

      1. I agree with all your opinions about the girls but Angie sort of did get into a fight with Tasha the first night. But other than that SPOT ON.

    2. I agree with everything you said, but sorry… the season was FAR from fantastic. It sucked.

  7. Really people Stasi is higher than Tiara and Judi?! That’s funny! I loved this season soo much! Tiara pretty much had BGC in her hands while Judi wreck havok into the show! Khy pretty much summed it up while Sam did an excellent break down on the girls. I loved them ALL except for CHEYENNE! They all had a voice and they weren’t going to keep their mouth shut. It was indeed a wild ride!

    1. LOL it’s been so long since we had a poll that people forgot the lurker caucus always comes in to make the results look like people are smoking.

      1. LOL! They really do! I saw that and I’m just thinking “Did they vote that monster number 1?!”Them Lurkers are something else!

  8. I know im mad late. But here are my opinions on all the girls. Moving on the girls I like best from 8 being the worst to 1 being the best:

    8. Cheyenne – I didn’t like her at all I believe she brought barely anything to this season. She seems fake to me, you can’t proclaim being a hippie and loving all people. Yet get caught up in skin color and not wanting to date or be affiliated to much with a club full of black people. From this comment I feel as if she is racist and meant every word she said, and feel would say the n word when other blacks are not around. The worst part is that she didn’t apologise for the comment but got angry at everyone else for having the right to feel offended

    7. Tasha was poor woman’s imitation of Morgan. You can say whatever you want about Morgan but that girl dropped some entertaining lines and brought drama during her shorty stay during BGC 5. Anyways Tasha was always annoying to me, she claimed to be such a bad girl, then would go on rants about how she’s so classy and want’s to be with ppl who are on a higher class. Yet she’s on the bad girls club, and that sudden burst of confidence at the reunion was so fake. You let Nastasia disrespect you by throwing drinks in your face, push you in her head, and ran away from that ass whooping. And now all of a sudden wants to get buck, Tasha is nothing but a Hater and fake to me (The dreadlocks situation for example). I didn’t feel bad for the way Perez treated her she deserved it.

    6. Priscilla she bored me for the most part but had her moments. I felt she was an opportunist for not getting buck with Nastasia for coming at her. But the minute judi starts messing with her slightly (before the big fight) Priscilla wants to get all bad. But I do respect her for handling her business against Judi. But all that respect went out the window with her overreacting and trying to act hard at the reunion

    5. Shelly irritated me not because she was a villain (love Natalie Nunn) but not being real about herself. She would constantly hide behind her actions with some b.s. about trying to give tough love and creating a peaceful household. Yet she bullies Judi the entire show. Atleast with previous bad girls like Kristin, they admitted that they were being bitches plain and simple. Plus that whole im so mature yet badass act was pathetic, as she always needed a crowd to get buck, and disrespected Stasia in worst possible way. But played pretend of im so innocent till the reunion. Lastly I feel Shelly is not a good person because she bullied and disrespected Judi in every way possible, because Judi wanted to do her own thing. If anything Shelly reminds me of those people that needs to control everyone and everything around her.

    4. Angie I felt was a flip flopper and was extremely weak. Not only did she get her ass whooped 3 times in a row by Tiara. But got upset by getting scratches on her face during a fight in the BGC. Plus turning on her friends because they didn’t ride her clit when she wanted them to, is just lame.

    3. Stasia I liked for actually backing up her statements by throwing drinks and putting pushing people. But some of her actions like pretending to be shelly’s friend and waiting for the last minute to whoop her ass. Was phony to me, but I liked she tried to help Judi with her issues.

    2. Tiara was amusing, real, and backed up what she said. She fought not talked shit. And for that I will always have respect for her.

    1. Judi was entertaining since day one, she was crazy and I loved it. She revived BGC and brought something new to the show with the whole voodoo situation. I feel like Judi even though weak was genuine and didn’t act a certain way to prove anything, hell she admitted she couldn’t fight, had feelings and was scared of priscilla. Which takes guts for someone proclaiming to be a bad girl to admit. And for that Im glad she’s the star of her season and will be remembered.

    With that long ass post said I’m happy we got another good season. But I think BGC 8 will be good because Oxy said it was the best season yet. ANd hasn’t used that slogan since s4. Plus even though we get negative vibes and rumors all over the internet. The same was for BGC7 and looked how this season turned out.

  9. I hate that some people try to say how bad ass Priscilla is for beating up Judi, IMO this wasn’t an epic fight or a fight at all. I bet she wouldn’t have did half the damage that she did if she was fighting Stasi, Angie or Tiara plus Judi wasn’t even fighting back. That fight, imo wont go down in history, nothing will beat the Natalie/Portia fight

    1. Priscilla is 5’1” and probably weighs 99 pounds.

      It was impressive.

      1. Judi was laying there like a dead dog. That shit wasn’t impressive AT ALL. She might as well have been beating a dead horse

      2. Of course she was lying there like a dead dog, she shouldn’t have awaken the beast lol.

      3. I’m tired of the Priscilla doesn’t get points because she only picked on Judi not Stasi or anyone else. Because I don’t recall any of the other girls THROWING CEREAL on Priscilla when she was sleeping. Judi knew what she was asking for and she got it it’s not like Judi was some weak defenseless puppy who didn’t do anything wrong. Priscilla bruised Judi up BAD the worst beatdown of any BGC fight. I mean Nat vs Portia Natalie didn’t walk off too beaten up.

        Ashley vs Kori ashley had a baaaad black eye but still not that bad. And ty vs aimee aimee walks off with bleeding nose. But Judi walked off with bruised face bruised lip and all that.
        Priscilla love her or hate her she beat Judi’s ass and Judi tried to fight back remember in the hallway? Remember her grabbing a chair? Judi didn’t just sit there she tried but she just wasn’t strong enough.

        And I get Judi isn’t a “fighter” but you shouldn’t start shit and then say I’m not a fighter. Back up what you were doing. Own up.

      4. how is it impressive to see somebody get beat up who isnt trying? Its not! Now i can see if Judi was actually fighting back and priscilla straight up whooped her then i would give her credit, but the fact that judi didn’t do shit doesnt mean anything. I bet if Tasha was fighting Stasi and stasi didnt do anything back, then yall would think the same thing.

        That fight was NOT epic and only made priscilla RELEVANT because she did nothing prior to the episode.

      5. Also, when they were in the hallway and Judi was FIGHTING BACK… Priscilla still wasn’t getting her like she was when judi wasn’t trying. but priscilla is so big and bad that she had to get a knife… so extra

      6. Well then I suppose you’re not very impressed with fat ass when she fought Shelly. Shelly did less in her fight with fat ass than Judi did in her fight with Priscilla.

        You keep saying Judi didn’t do anything but that’s not a defense or an argument. Judi didn’t do anything because Priscilla was too busy busting her ass. Priscilla like Stasi beat up their respective culprits too hard and fast for them to even respond.

      7. If you clearly watch the fight, judi NEVER made an attempt to defend herself. She could have but she didn’t the fight with Stasi and Shelly was completely different, Shelly was warned ahead of time and she chose not do anything. But even when she tried to do something it had no effect, thus the repetition of her saying “let me hit her” Shelly at least tried, Judi didnt

      8. This argument is just picking favorite the person doesn’t like Priscilla and like Fat trash and Judi.

        Nastasia got Shelly SITTING DOWN and still never bruised Shelly the way Priscilla did to Judi no matter way you look at it Priscilla > Fat ass

      9. It has nothing to do with picking favorites. I gave Stasi her props for whooping Shelly and I hate her fat ass guts. Similarly I liked Ashely far more than Kori but I wasn’t in the camp that downplayed the utter beat down she endured. I simply call it how I see it. Thing 3’s argument doesn’t even make sense. You can’t give Priscilla credit because Judi did everything she could to…not do anything? o.O

        Delusion alert!

        And the Stasi/Shelly fight was pretty much exactly the same (except Shelly didn’t have any wounds afterwards). Shelly did nothing just like Judi. Of course they did nothing, they were too busy getting overpowered.

      10. My whole point is i can not give somebody props for beating up somebody who wasn’t fighting back. Its plan and simple, had they both been fighting back then i would. But the fact that Judi just let Priscilla beat it up, doesnt earn her any spot anywhere. This is kinda similar to Natalie fighting Amber B, was natalie given props? NO. This has nothing to do with favorites or anything, just that if a person doesn’t fight back they are going to get beat up, but does that make them a bad ass for fighting somebody who didn’t fight back?



  12. how the hell is tiara the baddest bad girl of the season…
    JUDI=star of season 7
    stasi=whopped tashas and shellys ass
    priscilla=best bgc fight ever…


      1. Exactly! JUDI SHOULD HAVE WON! and this baddest poll too!!

      2. I think Angie was the baddest. She stood her own ground did what she wanted unlike Tiara who was under Stasi the whole time pretty much. I like Tiara but she isn’t the baddest maybe the funniest.
        And Judi she’s the star of the season no doubt but she’s not the baddest. Stasis just a fat punk. Shelly doesn’t have enough fans to be considered the baddest biased mutherfuckers. And Priscilla and Tasha were up each others asses too much.

        Angie is and was the baddest.

      3. Slightly agree on Angie..bias opinion bc the annoying over the top accent is kinda hot..but WHY is no one throwing in the Tiara/Angie fight? It was equal. Both were swinging.. I mean..No one sat and got hamhocked in the face. Id say that was the best fight.

  13. Judi

    Loved Judi JUDI RUNS BGC7!!!


  14. Very good season, prolly the best one and a good way to end my reality show watching with a bang lol.

    Tiara, Nastasia and Judi are serious contenders for some of the best girls to be on the show and most def. the best group of 3.

    Angie is sexxy but she got childish ways. She redeemed it all by gettin Priscilla at the reunion.

    Fuck the other 3. Especially Priscilla, who Tiara should’ve beat the living hell out of at the reunion with all that “gangsta/hard” fuckery she acted out at the reunion.

    Cheyenne was cool. Dope lil stoner chick lol.

  15. Did anyone notice when Tiara was talking at the reunion, Priscilla was trying to be all nice and cordial to her….LOL I would to see them go at it!

    1. I used to like Judi but she let Priscilla punk her. She should of beat her ass. And at the reunion she let Priscilla talk to her all side ways. Judi Isn’t a bad girl IMHO. I wanted to come through that screen to shut that bird looking bitch up(Priscilla).

      1. You don’t have to be trained in martial arts of ass whooping to be a Bad girl.

      2. And there’s been a lot of Bad Girls who have been beaten up but are still bad AF. AmberM(But she was jumped), Natalie, Kristen(drunk), Lauren, Ashley(S6), and Judi.

      3. Remember what she said “I was mellowing out because these bitches aren’t on my level anymore” I think she knew Priscilla was trying to settle the score and why I do agree Judi should have let her have it. I think it wouldn’t have done any good….I think Tasha would have jumped her sorry ass in.

    The others haven’t watched it yet? Wierd….But if Nastasia was trying to be like Tanisha…”They have really big shoes to fill no pun intended!LOL” But seems beetlejuice is burning her bridges with the other BGC people.

  17. Judi was entertaining and yes..the show..but ppl act like she was original original. I honestly think she S4..their is always one girl who harnesses the “Natalie Nunn..I run the house..Im the show..I run LA bs” I didnt see it b4 S4. Lea tried to “RUN” the house. Char harnessed the “nat nunn” method of “IM the show, I run the house”..and even Judi “I know lil wayne, gucci mane, shawty lo”..not saying its a bad formula..just re-created. I saw that on the 1st ep. You can tell who studied previous seasons..and kinda mimics..also not saying thats a bad thing. Lea, Char, and Judi..even Stasi was harnessing the “Nunn” ego. They switched it up but the same formula. Not saying Natalie is the end all.