Bad Girls All Star Battle 2 Finale Recap
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Well we’re finally at the end of this season. I probably shouldn’t have bothered with a spoiler-free intro because it’s so late but whatever. I’m not spoiling anything (To be honest I wrote this before I even actually watched the episode).

So after an excruciatingly long 4 minute recap intro of the whole season we finally see the remnants of the former Red Team celebrating how they stuck together through the whole competition. Each girl still hopes to win of course but clearly there’s still a division between the former Red Team (Rocky, Sarah and Tiana) and Mehgan.

Finally we get down to business with the battle challenge. For this challenge the girls will have to retrieve 3 bags of planks to build a bridge. Only one girl can win the challenge and the other 3 girls will face elimination.

The challenge begins and Mehgan quickly falls behind while Sarah and Rocky pull ahead. At the second station Rocky and Sarah maintain their lead while Tiana follows behind. Mehgan is stuck at the first stage while Rocky pulls ahead to get to the third stage. Rocky gets stuck and this gives Sarah the opportunity to pull ahead.

Tiana catches up to Rocky as well and Rocky begins to show a lot of frustration (So Rocky is one of those people who is happy when she’s winning but cries when she’s losing). Rocky finally figures that portion of the challenge out and tries to stage a comeback but Sarah manages to finish the challenge and wins.

Ray J tells the girls that all 4 girls will vote for eliminations and if there is a tie then Sarah will have the tiebreaker vote (Meaning Sarah could have the chance to vote twice). Ray J also tells the girls that they will have a pool party before eliminations.

Back at the house Tiana cries about losing yet another challenge and Rocky suggests to Sarah that they should stick together and keep Tiana. Meanwhile Mehgan is nervous and she hatches a new plan to pander to Sarah about trying to get her to keep her over Tiana and Rocky (Particularly Rocky. BTW this woman needs a job either in PR or politics as an adviser because she’s the queen of coming up with stuff quickly to save her ass).

Well the girls finally get their pool party and things go well at first (Though Rocky wishes there were more girls since she’s a lesbian). This is quickly derailed Sarah blurts out how she’s friends with Mehgan and Rocky walks out since she thinks Sarah might be about to turn on her (This isn’t a surprise. Sarah is fake). Rocky confronts Sarah and asks her directly if she would vote against her. Sarah hesitates and pretty much lets it known that she would consider eliminating Rocky.


Later Sarah goes to talk to Tiana. She says that she doesn’t really want to keep Rocky because keeping Rocky would increase the likelihood that Rocky would win. Tiana tells Sarah to do what’s best for her.

At eliminations Ray J cuts right to the chase and lets the girls vote without saying anything. Everyone goes to vote and after they vote Rocky, Tiana and Mehgan take their places on the stage. The votes come in and Rocky gets the first vote. The second goes to Mehgan and the third goes to Rocky. The final vote goes to Rocky and she is eliminated from the competition (Floaters, backstabbers and complainers unite. There should be a union for this shit. The only thing they are missing is health insurance).

Ray J tells the girls that they need to prepare for one final challenge. After eliminations Rocky is still dejected as she leaves because she felt betrayed at how Tiana and Sarah voted against her (Shady is as shady does but it’s a game and I still think nobody deserves to win but I won’t get my wish).

The next morning the final 3 girls meet Ray J. Ray J tells the girls that they will have to finish 3 puzzle challenges to win the competition. After the first 2 challenges only 2 girls will be able to advance. The third place girl will be eliminated. For the final challenge the girls will have to complete a series of puzzles (arranging blocks twice and smashing a platform to retrieve 4 hidden numbers) to unlock a box and the girl who unlocks the box wins the challenge and the competition.

The challenge starts and Tiana and Sarah finish the first stage at the same time to move to the next stage. Mehgan eventually finishes but it takes her a while to do it. Sarah gets stuck at the second part of stage 2 and that gives Tiana and Mehgan enough time to move on to catch up. All 3 girls are stuck but Tiana finishes stage 2 first and moves on. Sarah finishes the puzzle next which eliminates Mehgan from the competition (Apparently Mehgan can manipulate everyone except for herself).

Tiana takes an early lead in stage 3 but Sarah is not that far behind. Sarah catches up and both girls need one final number to win the competition. Tiana manages to find the last number and wins not only her first challenge but the whole competition proving that you can float through the entire show to win. Anyway it looks like I’ll be back next week since there will be a reunion show for this mess.

2 Responses to “Bad Girls All Star Battle 2 Finale Recap”

  1. I knew Rocky wasn’t going to win this season but Tiana, out of all people?


  2. This was some bullshit! The bitch was ghost the whole season (I honestly forgot she was there sometimes) and she ends up winning! Smh oxygen needs to re-name this show, I’m tired of these non all stars (Jenn, Tiana) winning the ALL-STAR battle