Bad Girls All Star Battle 2 Reunion Part 1 Recap
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Some of you might see the value of reunion shows but I sure as hell don’t. We all know I’m old as hell and I was around before there were such things as Twitter and Instagram and you didn’t know what these people were doing every day. Now that the option is available to us should we choose to use it (and I don’t) reunions are obsolete because these girls are just fighting over crap that they had 4+ months to fight about on the internet. :: Sighs ::

So the reunion starts with a bootleg red carpet with Ray J interviewing the girls and asking them a bunch of questions before the girls get inside the dressing rooms and meet with their friends (Ugh this fucking trash talking. Horrible. Along with these horrible makeup, weaves, cheap clothes and dye jobs. You know what…fuck this. I’ll come back when the reunion actually starts).

**** 5 minutes later *****

So finally we get Tanisha out on the stage and right away she cuts to Maria Menounos interviewing Tiana backstage (This is boring as hell. Why do we need a pre-interview before they go on the stage to get interviewed?) After that’s over with Tanisha brings Ray J out on stage. Ray J comes out and after some innuendo, Tanisha shows some flashback clips of Ray J’s extraness (Who decided that a compilation clip of Ray J being a hype was integral to this show?)

So that’s over and Tanisha brings out Tiana (Tiana has has more camera time in the 10 minutes of this reunion than she had the whole season). So they show Tiana’s flashback clips and all we hear from her is losing challenges, Rocky and her brothers (They got everything). After the flashback clip Tiana starts crying and says she felt bad about betraying Rocky to get to the final challenge.

Now it’s time for Sarah to come out (Man these girls look like they are either about to go on the stroll or just came off of it). Sarah comes out says she’s happy Tiana won before we get to Sarah’s flashback clips. Afterwards, Tanisha makes Sarah and Tiana arm wrestle (WTF? they put every time wasting thing they could think of in here). Anyway if it matters to anyone Sarah cheats and wins.


After that charade, Camilla and Janelle come onstage. Tanisha interviews Janelle first and she says she’s happy Tiana won (So this show tells us that we’re supposed to forget that these girls hated each other on the original show? Does Oxygen think their viewers are 12? You know what? I’m just the old one. Don’t mind me). When it comes to Camilla she says things went wrong when she put her trust in Elease. Tanisha cuts back to Maria who is interviewing Elease. Elease says she needed a break from Camilla on the show and then she comes out to join the others onstage.

Right away Elease blames her alliance with Camilla for being her downfall on the show (Camilla looks ready to fuck her up again). Elease tries to double talk and say she never tried to be friends with Camilla but Camilla calls her out and said they talked before going on the show. Camilla apologizes to Elease for destroying her stuff and kicking her ass.

When that’s squashed, Tanisha brings Rocky and Mehgan out. Mehgan says she tried to stay under the radar (Nobody believes that). After looking back at all of Rocky’s victories, Tanisha says that she doesn’t think Tiana and Sarah would have made it to the finals without Rocky (No lies were told). Sarah and Tiana insist that they didn’t need Rocky to get far but the tape shows another story (lying ass backstabbers).

Tanisha goes back to Maria backstage and she’s interviewing Nancy who seems to be upset with Rocky. Soon after she comes out with Shelly (Stage is getting crowded). Nancy says she’s not really upset with Rocky anymore (of course she’s sitting right next to Rocky too). Shelly meanwhile is all the way on the far end of the stage looking like a sad puppy. Rocky said she put Shelly up for elimination because she didn’t think Shelly tried as hard as the other girls and she didn’t think she had her back like Sarah and Tiana did (Well no but it’s not like Sarah and Tiana had your back either so it’s a moot point). Shelly’s response to Rocky is a couple of “fuck you’s” and this part of the reunion ends with Rocky getting up and going over to Shelly (I swear Oxygen always has one more part than what is actually needed for these reunions).

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  1. Wow, what a BORING reunion so far….. Well, no need to watch thanks to your write-up! :) Sounds like a bunch of nonsense and things no one cares about.

    1. It was boring as hell and completely pointless. You know it’s bad when they were overlapping flashback clips (as in that Tiana-Sarah-Rocky situation).

  2. A lot of this shit was useles. There was no need for the ray j clips, the arm wrestling and why the fuck did they bring the girls out one at a time at first? Bring all those bitches out at once and let them argue and fight as soon as the show starts. Fuck that bootleg red carpet nonsense and who the fuck is Maria menunous and why was she needed? Oh wait, she wasn’t! And the fact oxygen made it seem like rocky and Shelly were gonna fight at the end pissed me off cuz we all already figured out they love to edit shit to make it seem like something it isn’t. I doubt part 2 will be any better cuz the only “fight” there is is fat, ugly punk ass Alicia kicking Sarah to avoid the ass beating she deserved ughhhh so frustrating!!!

  3. I was also dying btw when nancy told Maria that people know not to try her lmaooooo Shannon throwing her ass off stage on the season 10 reunion just kept playing in my head and I couldn’t stop laughing.