Bad Girls All Star Battle 2 Reunion Part 2 Recap
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Well part 1 was useless as all get out. Nothing was learned, nothing was really revealed and nothing was really resolved. Will part 2 be any different? I highly doubt it.

So we open up part 2 right where part 1 left off with the tension between Shelly and Rocky. Of course Oxygen lames everything up by showing us that the reason why Rocky got up was to go over and hug Shelly and Shelly says that she wishes she would have been able to understand Rocky better in the house because they’re friends now (We’re done here. Let’s all go pick flowers now. That should be more exciting).

After that’s over we get a recap of all the Red Team challenge victories. Tanisha asks Nancy who she thinks played the game right and she says Camilla, Elease, Mehgan and Rocky were good competitors. Sarah takes offense to Nancy excluding her (Bitch you didn’t do nothing but talk shit, rat people out and follow Rocky. That’s not competing) Of course we get another montage of Rocky’s wins to drive home Nancy’s point of everybody depending on Rocky.

Sarah denies that she was riding Rocky’s coattails and she gets really upset that Nancy insinuated that she was lazy. Rocky jumps in and said she never made anyone do anything. Tanisha finally cuts everyone off to get down to Camilla’s and Nancy’s relationship (AKA Nancy getting whipped and Camilla not giving a fuck).

Camilla says she thought she wouldn’t like Nancy at first and Nancy tries to act coy but she goes over to straddle Camilla for a minute after Tanisha eggs her on (She still wants Camilla). Mehgan says she felt a little betrayed by Nancy because she says she was friends with Nancy first and felt like she was losing an alliance with her knowing she wanted Camilla out so bad (Basically bros before hos or chicks before cli….let me not get too X-rated here).

So that wraps and Tanisha brings out Valentina (WTF is that on her head? It’s like a chef hat/turban all on some extra shit. Don’t even need any of that). Other than her headgear, Valentina is really classy and everyone is happy for her chill, mature attitude.

Now we cut backstage to Maria and she’s interviewing Alicia (Um is it bad that I don’t remember her? Why she talking trash and she’s not even that important?) Anyway Tanisha brings out Amy, Andrea, Tanisha, Alicia, Paula and Stephanie (Somebody is missing. Is it that annoying ass twin who left the first episode? I guess so. Whatever). Yea Tanisha notes that Danni is missing (It’s cool. Not like she was needed here).


After that Tanisha has a few questions for Stephanie and Paula. Paula has to remember how she got screwed over a second time and she is extremely upset with Valentina and Stephanie for backstabbing her. Valentina tries to gloss things over but Paula isn’t having it (Why did she get a dress made out of those individual uniforms? Oxygen bought that fabric off eBay or something? Got conned by some strippers on Instagram? I truly need answers for this shit.) Anyway, Stephanie regrets sending Paula home but Valentina sticks by her decision.

Unfortunately we have to spend time on quitting ass Andrea. Tanisha scolds Andrea for quitting and Andrea apologizes for quitting. No need to spend a lot of time on her so we get to Amy. Amy really isn’t too upset about what went down. Somehow the conversation turns to Alicia talking about herself and Sarah, Shelly and Rocky add their commentary about Alicia. Shelly accuses Alicia of being fake and talking trash about everyone (She does though. Even when she says she isn’t she is).

Sarah and Shelly are getting super upset about Alicia’s snobby behavior (I’ve been meaning to ask..she’s from Chicago right? Her and Paula because I’m getting the Chicago accents from both of them) and after a while Sarah charges at Alicia (Sarah needs to sit the fuck down). No blows were exchanged but security does pull her away. After Sarah refuses to sit down the security takes her backstage. Alicia and Shelly still go back and forth and Alicia throws some fat insults towards Shelly. Meanwhile the producers refuse to let Sarah go back onstage (Everyone else is so over this shit. Just like I am. These hos need to shut up).

Backstage Sarah’s bitch ass gets on the phone and calls her dad crying (Bitch you the oldest one on the stage. Fuck you crying for?) After the phone call Sarah gets her stuff and leaves the reunion. Back onstage Tanisha asks the girls if they would do it again and half of them say they would. Finally we’re at the end of the reunion and for that I’m glad because I get a month off before recapping Bad Girls Club: Chicago (Which I hear was filmed in Highland Park…that’s nowhere near Chicago. It’s not even in the same county as Chicago. That alone should tell you how far away it is from the city. Whatever. I’ll have plenty enough to complain about in a month but until then I’m not going to watch anything on TV except sports and news).

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  1. Thank you for recapping this. I watched the middle of the last challenge episode and the last 15 minutes. I was able to deduce everything I needed to know. I agree with you in your part one recap on the reunion. They should not even had a reunion. These girls were fighting and arguing with each other and missed the over all point. This was about money. Sarah and I think Tiena (the one who won) rode Rocky’s coat tail all the way to the end. I think these girls should have focused more on the money rather than the she is talking trash to me and she tweeted this. Who cares; they are still broke, angry and look stupid. These all star battles clearly show that these women are not the brightest. I live in Chicago and you are RIGHT when you said they were no where near Chicago. These girls never came to Chicago. They never came to the areas where all the clubs were at. Oxygen knew to keep these women in the suburbs and on a sound stage. Oxygen knows the truth about Chicago. The women in chicago would have ate these women alive.

    1. It is my belief that the point of having a reunion should always be what the cast has been up to since the show aired. There’s nothing wrong with spending a little bit of time getting any last thoughts on what went down on the show because it is the first time a lot of these people see each other in person since being on the show.

      Of course Twitter and Instagram renders that useless because if you follow them you know what these people are doing (usually not a damn thing except taking selfies, doing club appearances and begging for another damn show) and they fight with each other on there so the mystery is all gone by the time the reunion rolls around and now the networks pretty much bank on people wanting to argue and fight instead of keeping the conversation on themselves and the show. I don’t like that. It’s boring and it’s not necessary.

  2. Yeah Alicia and Paula are from Chicago.

    Glad you recapped this whack episode. No point in me watching if nothing happens.

  3. So I’ll still be posting ratings today but they will be a little late. Probably sometime this evening. I guess.

    I also just found out a clip show for this bullshit is coming on tonight…Will not be watching that so don’t expect any kind of recap for that.