Baseball Wives
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Baseball? What is that? Is that like cricket for Latinos?

Baseball Wives premieres November 30th. (Not watching)
Wtf is this, it looks like the same woman in 4 different hairstyles with a blonde chick.

Anyways the cast of Baseball Wives is Anna Benson (wife of Arizona pitcher Kris Benson), Tanya Grace (ex-wife of retired Chicago’s Mark Grace), Chantell Kendall (ex-wife of Kansas City’s Jason Kendall), Brooke Villone (wife of big-league veteran Ron Villone) and Jordana Lenz.

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  1. Baseball is great.

    This shit is a waste of film and money.

    Yea. I’m Not even watching but I will be front and center at Futon Critic every Thursday night seeing how low the ratings are.

    VH1 should take the hint. They are NOT Bravo….and right now Bravo is killing their Housewives shows too. Again I say that Adweek reporter talking about some damn VH1 will need to reninvent themselves in a few years was being more than generous. I still say it will be the end of next year when they are trying to change their target demographic again because they don’t know what the hell it is.

  2. Oh yea. I’m sure Mark Grace and FOX (his current employer) does not approve of this show. Lawsuits hitting TMZ in 5…4…3…2…1

  3. Looking real quick, I thought that was Marcia.

    So I guess now we will just have to wait to see when they announce Hockey Wives.

    1. Also Wrestler Wives with WWE, ECW and TNA. And MMA Wives.

      Massie, VD got 3.03 million viewers last week. Oh, yeah!

      1. There was supposed to be a Wrestler Wives starring Sharmel, ooker T’s wife and a couple of other ladies but I think it got scraped because I’ve never seen anyone mention it

      2. *Booker

      3. I remember that post and I was thinking they should never consider that…I still think they should not consider it expecially after this show slops.

      4. I hope they have dropped the idea. I mean seriously wrestling has its moments when it draws a big crowd but right now isn’t one of them and who is really going to watch this crap?!

    1. Football Wives was a disaster from start to finish unless they get Jose Canseco’s ex-wife on there, then it will be a hit…

      1. Agreed Football wives was a BIG DISASTER! I expect this to be also…It’s funny how VH1 is trying to be Bravo and they have failed horribly!

      2. Yeah, VH1 always try to jack Bravo’s swag.

        They need to bring back I Love Money, Charm School and Tool Academy if they wanna survive 2012, but they’ll gon’ learn it the hard way.

  4. Ugh. Anna Benson sucks. Kris should get his man card revoked for marrying a broken down stripper with three kids, and then letting her absolutely dominate his life.

    Also, I don’t think he still plays baseball. At least not in the majors.

    And Ron Villone hasn’t pitched in the majors since 2009.

    That said, I might check it out but I don’t know….either way they should have gotten Jose Lima’s wife on the damn show.

    1. I think it’s absolutely hilarious how Mark Grace is the “biggest” name there and yet not even people in Chicago revere him as a legendary Cub. People here basically think he’s irrelevant even if he is working as an commentator for FOX.

      1. IIRC, he had more hits in the 1990s than any other player.

        Solid, reliable player. But yeah, not a world beater.

        I think Jason Kendall’s had a decent enough career (although I was kind of shocked to find out her was still playing, and catching no less)….

        And I don’t know how Jordana Lenz is. The only name that came up with an association was Nyjer Morgan so I assume she’s his girlfriend or something.

      2. Yyu know if VH1 didn’t mention it it’s because he’s suing her/the show (possible because he is an active player) or because all they did was have sex and she used that to get on the show because that’s the only requirement you need.

  5. At least they dont all look like trannys like on all the other wives shows lol but I’m still not gonna watch.

  6. I am not judging this show until I see a trailer or a sneak peek. I doubt it will be as good as Love and Hip Hop though.

  7. If the only qualifications to get on the show were to sleep with a player, don’t you think there’d be a cast of millions?

  8. I would rather Boxer Wives than this. Maybe pull out some of Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather ex’s lol

    1. Fantastic idea, lol

      1. Lol Thanks Skonka. :)

      2. Feels like one of your posts?
        Tyson has the Doctor and Robin Givens. Or was it Holyfield with the Doctor?

      3. He was married to Monica Turner for five years(Mike Tyson)

        Floyd Mayweather was in a long term relationship with Josie Harris

        Maybe we should do a post on this. lol. Do you know any other famous boxers? lol

      4. Shane Mosely has an interesting ex-wife

      5. Lol We should definitely do a post. I can pull pictures up on the other two. Come on Skonka you know you want to ;)lol

      6. Don’t think so, but if you do it I’ll consider it

      7. Lol Okay

      8. I sent you an email

  9. I’m hoping Ashley Drane from That’s So Raven shows up. She’s David Eckstein’s wife.