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Kenya Bell

Kenya Bell soon to be served with divorce papers.
$300000 for Chad and Evelyn. (Catch the video at the side too)
Doug and Jackie Christie producing adult film. (Finally we get to see her getting strapped up?)
Glee’s Heather Morris without clothes


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  1. This girl, Kenya Bell, is the biggest joke that’s ever been on TV . And I’m not even kidding!

  2. No I think that title goes to Evelyn. 300K for some sham wedding. I seriously cannot. IS this whole wedding about money? Its like the Dlist version of Kim and Kris

  3. OT: Got a bunch of errands to run today so I’m going to leave my cmments about RHOA now.

    Usually when I watch these “Reality shows” comments they make don’t bother me. Last night on RHOA Kim Z’s Dad pissed me off! Kim with her lazy ass was standing around yelling orders to her dad and Sweetie while they were cleaning out the garage. Kim being teh boss told Sweetie teh jewlery box wasn’t packed right or some crap and Sweetie mouthed off. First off all their relationship is sickning. Are they friends or Employee/employer? Kim tends to call Sweetie a Bitch far too much. Anyway after making the comment that she’s going to call the guy on the news to complain about the way Kim treats her, Sweetie disappears into the house. Kim goes running around the side to try and catch Sweetie sneaking a smoke break. She then comes back in the side door and asks her dad where Sweetie went. Her dad then says: “That’s your Gal, not mine. I would have been fired her!”

    Gal?! Gal?! WTF?!

    Later Kim is bitching to her hair styllist that she’s pissed off because Sweetie hasn’t registered her kids for school yet or made KJ a doctor’s appointment. Could someone please remind me what Kim does all day that she truly needs 2 housekeepers, a nanny and an assistant? She can’t get off her ass to do anything for her own damn kids?! That tramp wouldn’t have to fire me because the first time she refered to me as a bitch she would have been cussed out and I would have quit! If Sweetie is smart she hired a lawyer and sued the trick!

    Marlo…There is something seriously wrong with that lady! First of all she isn’t going to be the new housewife. Bravo is pissed because they found out that Marlo never had a “real” relationship with Charles and that she used him to get her featured on the show. So yes she will be back next season but not as a housewife. The fact that she lies constantly is truly ugly. I can’t believe she stood there and said she never used the word “Faggot”. But Sheree and her snitching ass really needs to stop running around with her “he said she said” crap. This isn’t the school yard. Grow up! Damn!

    Now you all know I love Nene but I know she supposedly had a tummy tuck and her breast lifted awhile ago on the show. Why on earth were tits sagging on the counter like that? Chick go put on a Bra! That ain’t cute!

    Cynthia finally grew a back bone when standing up for her man against her mother and sister but seriously she started the crap in the first place by telling too much of Peter’s business to them. Of course they are going to hate him.

    and Kandi….she really needs to learn to find clothes that fit her. Those outfits aren’t cute. They make her look like she needs to be standing on a corner asking men in cars if they want a date!

    Alright gotta go!

    1. LMAO! Kim is so lazy that she’s willing to waste money on all those people to be doing things she SHOULD be doing. Mad that Sweetie didn’t register HER kids for school? What a lazy cunt.

      Marlo is annoying as fuck. I just want to hit her in the head with a mallet. Annoying ass voice.

      1. The sad thing is Kim has 2 daughters. They are watching and listening to everything she does. She holds conversations with them like they are grown women. Gold diggers in training. That oldest one is what? 15 now? Last season the storyline involved Kim buying a very expensive chastity ring for her. Haven’t seen her wear it this season. Hmmmm….

        And the youngest who seems to be about 9 is already talking about a boyfriend! Loved it when Kandi’s daughter told Kim’s youngest “If my mama heard me talking about a boyfriend she would whup my butt!” Too bad Kim can’t enstall the same values into her children.

        They don’t pay Kim any mind anyway. She’s not a mother figure. Those girls were more upset that Sweetie was going on the bus tour than Kim going. Kim needs parenting classes!

    2. People should be mad at all of these so-called black women on the show not sayin shit to her about it. I don’t watch it so I didn’t know it was really goin down like that. While the ones that look like us standing around cackling at each other like birds over weaves, handbags, designer labels and living all foul, they should e bussin Kim upside her fuckin head. But they don’t care, give them some high-end $100,000 dollar purses and they’ll be good lil massa-hoes frontin like they got money.

      1. I swear G.S. you never change lol; anytime I read one of your comments it’s always something ONLY YOU WOULD SAY

      2. LOL yup can’t ever change on ’em. Nobody else gonna say anything about this fuckshit happening daily so I will.

      3. I don’t know about anyone else but hell yeah I’m mad! Gal from a White man is the same as calling a Black man “Boy”! That crap don’t fly!. I hope someone mentions it at teh reunion. but I doubt it!

        Kim runs around saying she’s not a racist. What it is is that she feels entitled and can look down on everyone else! She doesn’t see color, instead she see’s what you can do for her. If she can’t boss you around or use you she has no use for you. That’s why she likes Sheree’s step and fetch it ass. She’s got a good little tattle tale that she can pat on teh head and say “Good Job” to. She got Sheree thinking she will hook her up with a Big Poppa or foot ball player.

        Everybody has to do for Kim! Her dad has to do work around her house. Sweetie can be called a bitch and wash dirty underware. Her kids are just there for someone to talk to every now and then but she treats that damn dog the same way. Kandi didn’t need to be paid because she was “working” to create a record for Kim. “All most bow down to Queen Kim!” is the way she thinks. She don’t have to comb her hair because she can pay someone to style them ugly wigs for her. She don’t have to change a diaper because someone on staff will do it for her.

        One thing I will say about the whore is she knew to stack that cash from Big Poppa! She must suck a mean dick to get her funds. As soon as Kroy’s ass gets hurt and can’t play, Kim will move on. $$$$ is her God!

      4. Saying “gal” and “boy” is offensive? Did I read it right?

      5. To a grown Black man or Woman, hell yeah! Those were words used during slavery days to refer to us. Might as well just say the N word!

      6. Sir or Ma’am is preferred. Unless it’s something kinky.

      7. Ok time for Will-Lynn to go to bed. This damn Muscato kicks my ass everytime. If I don’t go I’ll really start posting madness! And yeah it’s only 5:45pm here. LOL! Smooches!

    3. @WL…I was watching too and all Kim does is order people round and complain. I don’t understand the relationship between Kim and Sweetie. How can she be a friend for 15 years and treat Sweetie like that and a better question is why Sweetie let her walk over her like that and call her out of her name? Kim would have one time to call me a bitch. That’s all I have to say. lol

      “As soon as Kroy’s ass gets hurt and can’t play, Kim will move on”…you got that right. I kinda like Kroy but I feel sorry for him too. Kim will suck all the life out of him and I still say Kim got pregnant on purpose to trap Troy after Big Poppa dropped her greedy ass. Funny, she never got pregnant with Big Poppa?

      IMO Marlo is nasty. Everything about her is nasty, physically and mentally. She has bad karma. If she became a housewife I would stop watching and I know she or Bravo “rented” that guy she had with her at the party.

      NeNe has calmed down with the “up in your face and screaming BS” now she thinks she fine as wine. Did you see her “performing” for the white dudes who were standing in a circle after she said hello to Peter? They were all smiling but I bet they were thinking “WTH is this”. She was twisting and turning showing all her big ass teeth….”hello gentlemen”. I was rolling. She looks goofy as hell when she tries to be coy and cute. She wears those 6-8 inch heels and is a good foot taller than everyone in the room, men and women.

      She really wears some on point outfits and shoes now but with her being so big and tall she don’t look good in her clothes. Her big boobs were damn near hanging out that dress when she was in the kitchen with Gregg and Bryson. She should never wear a dress like. Her boobs are too big and flat.

      Peter had a nice celebration for his and Cynthia’s 1st wedding anniversary party with the men in tuxes and the women in nice gowns but to get everybody’s attention when he wanted to make an announcement he sticks his fingers in his mouth and whistled. SMH. I hope that was scripted…I really do.

      1. I feel you Joann. Kim would be picking her lips up off the floor calling me out of my name like that. The way she was telling that hair dresser all of that stuff made me think there is way more to Sweetie’s attitude than what’s being shown. Not sure what it is but I got a vibe.

        Marlo is trashy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stated she was a call girl or something.

        Kroy better be careful. Kim will try to pop up pregnant again just to dig her claws in deeper. He’s young and may not have ever dealt with anything like Kim before.

        Nene’s thing with the shoes is a psychological thing IMO. She has been dealt such a bad blow in her past and she feels in order for her to be important or for people to look up to her she literally has to stand out and over them. Notice when she used to argue with people she would always get in their face so that they had to look up to her whle she was yelling. Bu yeah those bobbs needed to be contained!

        The party was nice. The previews tried to make it seem like their was only drinks and people standing around. But there was food and music. Peter is just ghetto but I know he knew better than to whistle like that. But then again he could have been drunk because every time you saw him he had a drink in his hand.

  4. I believe Heather released those one purpose. I mean this is 2012, if you take nude pics ESPECIALLY on your phone somehow, somewhere, someone will find a way to get them.

    On a side note she has a nice body. But her face is fugs. Heather is NOT a pretty girl.

  5. Do anyone know how long BGC9 has been filming?

    1. I saw Gia, Tiara, and Judi all say BGC9 has begun filming and the date was feb 28. But it could have been eariler than this.

      1. I hope BGC9 ain’t full of ratchet hoes like this season.

        Has the setting been announced yet?

      2. Looks like it’ll be Cabo. The limo was spotted there last week.

      3. I pray these girls are not like this S8….They were a mess!!

  6. ALL of them are jokes. Every single one of them.

  7. Logo seems to know how to go about pleasing the fans of their highest rated show. Other networks should take note.

    PS this doesn’t seem like a season 5 more like a spinoff because of when they plan to air this. They still leave themselves the option to renew the show for a 5th season here.

    1. How exciting. I love RuPaul. An All Stars season will be great. I even watch Drag U sometimes but it’s not a good show.


    HAHAHHA Next time they need to hit his ass harder! So hard his helmet flies off and snot bubbles come out his nose!

  9. I can not BELIEVE Priscilla beat Morgan in BGC Madness! I’m so proud of her even though I didn’t vote for her! Go Priscilla!

  10. I am so upset that Morgan lost i was really shocked, i thought more people liked her