Basketball Wives Season 4 Episode 4
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Suzie, who’s been given a much bigger role this Season, opens Episode 4 speaking to Jennifer on gossip she’s heard.
Seems on being quoted a $1000/hr rate for Juliet Superclub, Kenya’s people tried to get it for $50 (You’d need a Jersey accent and a baseball bat to get that discount). And on hearing the cost of alcohol, asked if they could use Kool Aid. (Seems smart to me, although Suzie and Jennifer tried to make it a ghetto thing.)

Evelyn meets with Kesha and is invited to her National Brain Tumor Society event. She also learns Kesha isn’t fond of Tami.
The reason? Tami’s comment on her blackness, or lack thereof. (If she identifies as black, what’s the big deal? In fact, she probably just hurt her chances with quite a few rich-black athletes in the US. And according to this guy, she’s giving up a lot because being fucking white is fun…)



Now that Evelyn has got a new “decent” frind to counter-balance her hoeness, the old one, Jennifer is at her J’Adore photoshoot.

Later she launches her retail line of Lucid Lip Gloss, which Suzie describes as “a big deal”. (I could make fun of that comment, but that would be too easy. So I asked around and found out the Dior ‘Addict’ Ultra Gloss is selling like an iPad, so maybe this shit is a big deal.)

(Yeah right, big deal my ass. If a hundred people buy that shit I am changing my name to Rumpelstiltskin.)

Sadly, only Kenya and Suzie show up to Jennifer’s launch. Kenya was in especially high spirits because her video shoot went off smoothly, earlier in the day.

The next day, we learn the no-shows, Tami and Evelyn were actually the no-invitees. They take their new fake-ass friendship to even lower heights by trashing Jennifer, Kenya and Kesha. Told about Kesha’s issue, Tami responds, “You can’t be around me and be that… weak.” (Fuck… off. Who wants to be around your angry ass. Do you even have a man? Or a friend outside of these tv show people?)



Despite all the beautiful scenes shot in Central Park and restaurants that actually look like they use tablecloths instead of hotel curtains, the crew are returning to Miami. But not before attending Kesha’s NBTS charity event.

In attendance are Tami, Shaunie, Evelyn, Suzie and Kenya but they are soon offended when Kesha greets them and stresses “this is a very serious event”. (These hypocrites. The way they behave, fighting and shit they should be surprised Kesha is afraid they would embarrass her)

When they hear Kesha describing them as Debbie Downers they leave early.

The next day is their last night in New York so all the ladies, except Jennifer, meet at a restaurant. In truth, it’s an ambush for Kesha.
Led by Tami of course who goes off on Kesha. (Like what else is Tami’s purpose except to go-off on someone?)

They harangue her for treating them like children before walking out – Suzie and Kenya stayed. (Lost in all this is these women attended a charity event and never contributed a dime)
The episode ends with Kesha concluding, “I am not feeling like these are my type of people” (Took you long)

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  1. OT: Not only is today Flavor Flav’s 53rd birthday he opened his restaurant yesterday in Vegas. I mentioned it to my daughter and she said she wanted to go. I then showed her a pic of flav and asked if she was sure she wanted that man touoching her food. she instantly changed her mind!

    1. You’re evil. Lol.

      1. I try

    2. Ha!

      Will, did you watch RHOA? That damn Peter is a hater. He needs to put on his big-boy boots and stop antagonizing on Cynthia’s sister. And yeah, what Malorie and moms did to ruin Cynthia’s wedding was wrong and they didn’t apologized? Can you say two-faced?!

      Kandi needs a man — black, white, Puerto Rican, Chinese — stat!

      And as for Kim, she needs to get off her high horse and hire a nanny. She knew damn well Sweetie is an assistant, not a slave. Obviously, Kim doesn’t know what an assistant is. She need to look it up in the dictionary.

      Sheree always stirring shit as usual. I hope Marlo will give her a ass whooping, but she’s too classy for that. And as for that homophobic slur — I don’t use that word EVER around my family and friends (gay or straight). I’m a very good judge of character and I always respect everyone and that’s important to me. And nobody’s a saint, but at the end of the day, we all got here the same damn way — either jump on the band wagon or push somebody off the band wagon.

      1. Yes I saw it.

        Peter needs to grow up and Cynthia needs to stop telling her family her business. she’s the one causing the drama. Put it this way. If you are having problems with your mate and you keep running back to your family complaining about your mate, of course your family is going to dislike the person because all they truly know is negative information.

        Kandi got a man. He’s one of the camera men or something and she’s been spending money left and right on him. Like Marlo said Kandi is a “Big Mama”.

        Sheree about to be even more broke because her daughter is getting married and you know Sheree got to try and do something big. How I have no idea because we all know the chick is broke.

        Kim don’t need a nanny, she don’t need an assistant. They didn’t lay down with her to make that baby! She needs to get off her ass and be a real mother for a change!

        Have you heard the latest about Phaedra? Some woman who was arrested around the same time as Apollo for being involved in the car scams calims that Phaedra was in on it too. She said Phaedra even told her when she got arrested that she would be her attorney. Something happened and the lade ended up getting about 5 years. She claims that Phaedra used her influence to helpApollo get less time than he was supposed to be sentenced to. I can’t remember the woman’s name but she’s doing talk shows now and has a book out. Phaedra stated she is getting her attorneys on this woman for slander. If I find the link I’ll post it here

      2. Yeah, I heard. Looks like Nene was right about Phaedra, but who knows. I hope it ain’t ‘cuz it will make Marlo look like Mother Teresa!

        Anywho, Vampire Diaries was good! Can’t believe Damon make Stefan drink (human blood) again. I don’t like how they make Stefan this season. He’s nothing but Klaus’ bitch and a psychotic smart-ass too — treating Elena and Bonnie like shit. If Bonnie was smart, she shoulda gave Stefan an migraine.

      3. This lazy tramp needs to be slapped!

        From Reality Tea:
        In her latest blog for Bravo, Kim writes: “Sweetie began to become a bit lazy, she didn’t seem like herself anymore, and it worried me. The last thing I want is for our relationship to be ruined because of my role as her boss. Because of those feelings, I had to let Sweetie go.”

      4. Peter needs stop bullying Malorie! And what Malorie and her and Cynthia mother did on the wedding that was shady! Sheree all the pot stirring she is doing now will catch up for her latter! Kim needs to stop being a demanding/disrespectful diva! Cynthia stop being a shit starter and stop being Nene’s bitch! Marlo I actually like now if she would stop being such a bragger about she what has! Kandi find a man and stop letting your mom get involved in your dramas!Phaedra is cool!

    3. What kind of food is it? French?

      1. A lot of fried and starchy food:
        Fried Chicken
        Sweet potato tots
        Mac and Cheese
        Spicy french fries

        That’s all I know about the menu so far

      2. OMFG! You are making me hungry and I just ate!

      3. So, it’s the healthy stuff.

      4. Yep! I tried to find a website for the place but couldn’t . May appear at a later date

    4. I was wondering what happen to his chicken restaurant in Iowa. Too bad that one closed but I wish him much success with his new restaurant. I like Flav…he’s funny to me and he’s always on his grind…gotta give him that.

  2. Skonka, you ready for Supernatural tonight?!

    Dark Shadows movie trailer
    (I thought it was gonna be scary, but oh, well.)

    1. I was disappointed no end.
      A comedy? Wtf?
      Saw it this morning and wanted to cuss

      1. Obviously they didn’t see the TV show! SMH

      2. These fools in Hollywood can’t do anything right! Dark Shadows is now a comedy and so is 21 Jump Street. Why are they messing with things that were already done well? Leave stuff alone! Damn!

      3. I know. Those were classic shows and yet they manage to turn into comedies? GMB (Give me a break)! Next thing you know Buffy the Vampire Slayer might get a movie reboot ‘cuz the TV show itself was scary, dramatic and funny. (I hope they don’t mess it up unlike the original Buffy movie.)

        Hell, if I wanna see a comedy, watch American Pie and Madea!

      4. I saw the previews for the movie and I was like “why would they make 21 Jump Street a comedy”. I don’t remember that show being funny at all. SMH. This is almost as bad as the remake of Wild Wild West with Will Smith. I did hear Johnny Depp would have a cameo role.

      5. I have no intrest in seeing it. Jump street was a serious show that help to enlighten people about thinsg teens were going through. Plus the 2 dudes they have staring in it can’t pass for teens! the whole idea behind the show was putting police officers into schools and having them blend in not stick out looking like someone’s dad!

      6. 21 Jumpstreet was a great show. I just recently bought the first season and have enjoyed watching it again. I’m very disappointed at how they went at this movie. A comedy? Ugh.
        And wtf is up with the trolls starring in it? My God! The original show had a beautiful cast. Every single one was hot. These clowns are ugly, old, and stupid. Definitely not wasting my time.

      7. @Roxana I was on Too Fab’s site and they had Then & Now photos of teh Jump street Cast. everyone including looked pretty good except for Richard Grieco adn I always thought he was the best looking at the time. Guess it must have been hard leaving or something

      8. I wanna see it /: lol it’s got an 87% on rotten tomatoes so it can’t be that bad.

    1. I don’t think Rosie is well liked by anyone too much. She’s got a hot girlfriend though. lol.

      1. I used to watch her afternoon show faithfully but when she got into with Tom Selleck that ppissed me off. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but she went too damn far talking over him and at one point yelling. He didn’t come on there to discuss gun control. He had a movie (or tv show can’t remember) that he was promoting and she took things to another level. then for days afterwards she went out of her way to make rude cooments about him whenever she could.

        Once she got on teh view and made fun of teh way Asians talk and then claimed she didn’t realize that what she was doing was promoting a racist stereotype, I was completely through!

      2. She is just comes off as a very angry unhappy person. She does a lot of charity stuff though but somehow she’s just not good tv.

  3. Just fell down laughing at that Derek J article and the shooting

    1. I love Derek J. He was upset about his floor.

      1. I like him too. I wonder if hair show is going to come back for another season.

  4. I’m sure it is. It looks cheap enough that they don’t need good ratings.

  5. EA, can you please tell me what the ratings were for MTV’s My Super Psycho Sweet 16 Part 3 ratings?

    I can’t find nothing. I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t do as good as the first two considering they came out near Halloween and had a ton of promotion.

    1. Super Psycho Sweet 16 Part 3- 442,000 (0.1).

      I remembered seeing that the other day.

      1. Thanks EA!

        Ouch, looks like it didn’t do so hot.

  6. OT: New York goes off on Chance

    1. I cannot believe this. They aren’t gone?

  7. I guess no one really has much to say about the show. It’s losing me too. It just seems like a bullyfest, even the one in LA. Besides Jen, these birds are just annoying to me now. Keisha is apparently connected to the producers or whatev… idk. Tami is showing her immaturity once again. And is Kenya Bell a joke or something? Who acts like that?