Bad Girls Club Season 10 Girl: Rocky
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It’s Elections Day and I am preparing myself for heartache. I still believe, though.
The good side, sorta, is that I can now devote all of my free time to this shite… site; sorry. In the last week I have been living on RealClearPolitics, Battlegroundwatch and Huffingtonpost, but now it’s all about Bourgy.

So what’s in the inbox? Not much, though J sent me that picture of Rocky (Bad Girls Club Season 10) and Zuly. He thinks they’re dating, but you know how that goes, these women are always playing love games.

Speaking of – as if that wasn’t deliberate – they’re casting Love Games Season 5. (J also tells me, Jade might be back. Why though?)

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  1. Shit, sorry about that issue. Looks like I had a redirect that was messing up this post.

  2. She looks like a hottie but she NEEDS TO STAY FAR AWAY FROM LAME ASS ZULY!!! But LOVE GAMES S5 better have a S9, S6, and S7 rep and I will be happy.

    1. Yes I guess zuly wants to extend her 1 second of fame bitch go hide at a butch lesbo bar. I hope love games 5 doesn’t have all 3 girls from the same season. Let’s see who can be the 3 bad girls from season 9 I can see Christina and if producers want Drama then Mehgan, season 7 idk maybe Angie or roach Priscila, season 6 no one, season 5 maybe blondie if she don’t got a man, season 4 no one. The producers don’t have that many choices. I would love to see Christina, Jenna and Morgan perfect love games cast.

      1. I agree with most of your choices. Morgan would be a good idea but her breast implants make her look way too plastic and ridiculous but I would still like to see my girl. Too bad she isn’t a slut.

        I would LOVE to see Priscilla or Angie and Christina is a no brainer. I’m 100% sure the producers will invite her. She is sexy and a fan favorite, young and no man.

        I’m pissed Raquel is a replacement. I would like to see her on love games too still.

      2. I would love to have Christina whooping Priscilas ass if they were both on love games. And well if Raquell brings it like Camilla did maybe they will have her on love games you never know. Plastic or now guys would like Morgan she’s hot. Oh and another one I would love to see on love games is Cat.


      1. I knew he would. The second that chick hired an attorney I knew the driver would lose his job. The bus company didn’t want to deal with a lawsuit.

    2. I’m actually very happy he got fired. Hitting a woman or anyone like that was ridiculous. Violence is neva the answer, unless you are on a reality TV show.