BGC X Atlanta
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Bad Girls Club X Atlanta
Ahhh, Bad Girls Club is back. Is this the end; this tenth season? The previews weren’t that tempting and the girls aren’t that appealing so this might be it.
Wrong! Oxygen recruited a ratchet crew that looks like they were rounded up at Hunts point in South Bronx.

I could feel the STD in my groin watching these women and I could smell them too. I know my SONY Bravia is hot shit but it’s not that good.

BGC X Marks The Slut

Paula Bad Girls Club Atlanta

Paula (26), Chicago:

Stimulate my mind, like that’s how you get in my panties

Sounds reasonable enough until you realise Paula has no mind. (Each time I see these Chicago girls on BGC I wonder how the fuck is Matic from Chicago?)

Nicole Bad Girls Club Atlanta 02

Nicole (22), Jersey:

I sound like a 12yr old fat boy with asthma

(Nicole looks like a Barbie doll that’s been run over by a car and thrown in your closet for ten years. Again, Massie isn’t like this?)

Stephanie Bad Girls Club Atlanta

Stephanie (22), Harlem:

If a bitch doesn’t like me there’s a reason… I’m beautiful.

Now this girl is hot and by far my favourite so far. But there’s a catch (Or something to catch), she’s been stripping since she was 17. But she’s bisexual, so that makes up for it.

Alicia Bad Girls Club Atlanta

Alicia (24), Chicago:

Wearing confidence like a raincoat.
– Stephanie on Alicia

Trust me, you don’t need to see the face. Alicia goes by the name Miss Chi Fly, which mean to use something in the days of Pootie, but not so much these days. Alicia looks like she can fight though, judging by the previews.

Janae Bad Girls Club Atlanta

Janae (23), Houston:

I know I’m beautiful but I’m not going to keep throwing it in your face.

Janae is just delusional and needs to leave quickly. She’s an annoying ass, sloppy drunk Cali look alike. (Can it get worse than that?)
And her eyes are like two different types of Asian.

Valentina Bad Girls Club Atlanta
Valentina (22), Maryland:

I’m a rough bitch.

Valentina is one of those botches I’ll never like. She’s a 6ft Nigerian American and she’s reasonably good-looking but she was one of the first to pop off. I am not a BGC expert so it’s unclear to me if she has to be thrown out after the fight with Janae but I think I saw her in the preview so I guess she stays.

Shannon Bad Girls Club Atlanta
Shannon (26), Portland:

A girl will not fight me.

Now we know why they set ‘The Grimm’ in Portland…there are some ugly ass creatures living up there.
Shannon has had plastic surgery on her breasts, her nose, her tummy, and her face. (Imagine what she looked like before the surgery.)

Petty Le Belle

Paula BGC 10
After the introductions not much happened. There was another Paula quote:

If you ain’t feeding me, fucking me or financing me, your opinion doesn’t matter.

Stephanie Peeing BGC 10

Stephanie combined a smoke break with a pee break and proved she has that threesome coordination down pat. (Speaking of Pats, the Ravens and Ray Lewis are into the Superbowl. And you don’t care but Chelsea beat Arsenal’s ass yesterday too.)

Stephanie and Janae Kiss

Stephanie and Janae had a hot kiss in the pool.

Valentina beats Janae
And the premiere of Bad Girls Club Season 10 ends with Valentina throwing a couple of devastating punches on Janae.

23 Responses to “BGC X Atlanta”

  1. I must admit wasn’t having high expectations on this season but it more interesting than S8 and semi-tolerable like S9 so going to get better from what I am seeing. Oddly enough…there will be 10 girls just like S8 (I just hope the reunion has alot of unfinished business)

  2. I have really high hopes for this season, it will get 100x better when queen rocky gets there. Until she gets there, team Shannon all day every day, I love that bitch. I also hate to admit it but I really like Janae shes pure entertainment.

    1. I just shake my head min one min and then I end up just dying off laughter because she’s a nut! I cannot wait for Rocky to arrive! I saw a glimpse of her on the opening and she much hotter on the flashback phone scene, and she fights nearly everyone?! Gotta love her!
      PLUS I LOVE ALL the girls so there are no negativity for anyone this time around!LOL

      1. I give it at least two more episodes until you don’t love all the girls haha but Janae is just pure reality tv gold shes a nutcase. *Spoiler* I heard she gets jumped later in the season by Valentina and Alicia and thats not cool. I liked Valentina until I did research and found out she jumps numerous girls this season.

      2. Oh crap she stays more episodes than Jenna and Christine?! This is the best news! Love it when they stay in the house. They jump her? Really?! I still like Valentina (WHEN SHE IS NOT BITCHING AND JUMPING) and I love Alicia still…But I heard Rocky whoops her ass. So this is also something I am dying to see! I am loving this season though

      3. Yes they jump her. You can already see the full video. Janae starts fighting Alicia’s amazon big ass and then Valentina comes out of nowhere throwing punches. Alicia was already gettin’ (obviously) it so there was absolutely no justification for that.

        You should also see Shannon call Valentina Kuta Kente. Her reaction is so pathetic!

        I’m not sure why Oxygen is releasing all these videos but what the hey.

      4. WTF….I just watched it. How are you going to be the “HEAD BITCH” Valentina, YET your reaction to that was opening your mouth!! I am pretty sure if that was Paula or any other black girl in that house she would have whooped her ass. But this girl…I don’t think she has any right to say anything at this point…WEAK ASS!!

  3. Who will be the past BG that comes to visit? will it be Erika again since they are in ATL?

    1. Good question….I don’t think it will she was expecting them to show her. But they have been tight-lipped about who is popping up. TIME FOR ME TO TWITTER RESEARCH IT!LOL

  4. Andre and Stephanie release a music video:

    Still no sex tape though.

    1. Stephanie looks soo stunning…WHY IN THE DA HELL IS THERE NO SEX TAPE?!


  5. So far I like Paula and Shannon. Nicki is a sloppy closet lesbian, Stephanie has no curves, Alicia is just not attractive to me and Valentina is pretty but I’m not down with the jumping.. Janae is pretty but slow and cries way too much. I do that she’s not intimidated by anyone even telling Nicki “Bitch you squaring up, I square up too!” Haha classic.

    Other than that, I want to see Jennifer and Rocky come in because they fight like 3 times before Jen leaves. I think Rocky is going to steal the show with her fine ass.


  7. PS i like Janae and paula so far, and nicole’s quote about herself is dead on. nicole is just annoying as fuck, and her hair really isn’t helping the situation! the other girls are annoying with tons of potential to be “Fake ass bitches” UGH i hate using that term but i had to.

  8. My favorite right now is Paula (I’m predicting she’s getting fan favorite because it seems like everyone loves her), and I can’t tell if I like Shannon or not.

    Also, I feel kinda’ bummed out, because I really liked Alicia, even knowing she was going to jump people from the previews.
    But now in Ep. 2 she’s reveals that she’s the plotting bitch that I hate from every season, and now I can tell why she’s jumping people.
    I don’t really even like Janae, but what Alicia and Valentina did was straight up bullying and I feel uncomfortable watching it.

  9. LMAO @ Andre needs a real job. He has one…SERIAL REALITY TV DATER. I Love New York 2, Tool Academy 2, and now Love Games…thats 3 different companies…bravo to the man…

    1. omg he was on tool academy 2!! but new york 2? damn, don’t remember him! probably because he was extra, like he still is.

    2. damn he was on all those shows, he looks so different without the braids:



      If he was 24 on tool academy in 2009. That would make him 27-28 now, he needs to give up with making wack ass music. He fooled me from the clips on this season, I thought he was like atleast 23.

      1. Isn’t that the dude that beat up Hot Wings and made her turn lesbian?

      2. I would never have guessed it’s the same guy.

  10. p.s. NONE of the girls are cute CUTE this season and their bodies do NOT excite me.. boooooo. Guess I have to wait for the replacements to rank shop i.e. Racquel, Nancy, and Jennifer… :)

    1. Yeah, this is a weak cast, looks wise