Black of Flavor of Love 3
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Nothing major, just eight (8) more photos of Candace ‘Black’ Cabrera of Flavor of Love 3. Half of them are with Shay ‘Buckeey’ Johnson; always nice to see her beautiful ass smile again.

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  1. First! :o)

    Candace looks gorgeous, she just needs to watch that eyebrows… What is it about her being with Shay so much, are they close friends or how do they know each other? They’d make a beautiful couple…

  2. You know I was wondering the samething right? How do those 2 ladies know each other?

    I’m not to sure if this chick is the suppose to be winner. I need to look around to see if there are any spoilers video floating around

  3. I think they met on a photo-shoot for a Magazine; but someone did message me a hint a few months ago asking why is Candace Cabrera on Bootz Top Ten list.

    Unfortunately my response to that email was “uh?”, instead of “ding ding ding”

    Why don’t people just say what they mean?

  4. Good question…

  5. they all are models of some sort, and the ladies of flavor of love all seem to hangout…so who knows whats going on

  6. I love buckey!

  7. the were friends before the show.they are not dating each other.

  8. they can love each other or not. they are some sexy ass women. i would like to discuss politics with them, together, for a few hours.

  9. The buckey sextape might give her a tv show like Kim K