Braxton Family Values Finale Sneak Peek
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The Finale airs tomorrow night (Thurs 3/22) at 9pm ET/PT on WEtv.

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  1. Does anyone know of a GOOD mystery show? I.E. A mystery show that uses sense and doesn’t just pull shit out of its ass? Aka the anti-Pretty Little Liars.

    It can be old or new. Just something good.

    1. Sorry Khy can’t really think of any.

      1. Wait just thought of one. Have you ever seen Twin Peaks?

      2. Yup, but never seen it! Guess I’ll give it a shot.

    2. Kyle XY. It got canceled tho so a lot of unanswered questions on the “finale”.


      2. I was a fan for like the first 5 or so episodes and then I just randomly stopped watching.

      3. The lying game.. lol But Revenge on ABC is a legit 10 out of 10 show it’s mysterious but not really a mystery. There’s not many good dramas anymore everything is turning into a sitcom

      4. I’ve been meaning to watch that!

    3. Forbrydelsen, which is the original version of The Killing.

      Since Season 2 of the remake hasn’t aired yet you could try season2 of Forbrydelsen. It’s foreign language though, but you get used to it, if you decide to give it a try.

      1. Do you have the link?

  2. Does anyone watch Dance Mom’s?

    1. I do sometimes.

      1. Did you watch last night? It was truly odd. The mom Melissa who is supposed to be getting married but won’t talk about it with teh other mom’s (but will talk about sex and positions), stormed out of teh room when they asked why she wasn’t wearing her ring adn threatened to remove her children because folks couldn’t stop asking her questions. Then she had teh nerves to have them all served with letters from her attorney saying if her personal life is continued to be discussed they would sue! WTF?!

      2. You know what that’s about. Those Dance Moms are crazy. Also some of those kids can’t dance.

    2. Off and on. Not a show I’d search for

  3. Hey! Have you guys seen the music video with Tyra Sanchez in it?

    Check this out:

    1. That was awesome. The shot with the baby touching the silicone boobs was great.

      1. That ending was ….Wow! Wasn’t expecting that at all!

      2. I know. What the hell. Tyra was looking good too.

  4. DId anyone else see my love, Lil Kim on BET’s “Rip the Runway” tonight? She did so good and even performed “Crush on You” πŸ˜€

    1. That is so shocking. I can’t believe it.

      1. So what I’ve been reading her heart was in such bad shape that even if she hadn’t snorted or smoked that coke, that even tually she would have been dead anyway because her heart was in really bad condition. I wonder if she already knew since they stated the weeks before her death she had visited several doctors. Plus Dionne Mentioned that she believed it was a Heart Attack so the family had to have known something

      2. I thought the autopsy report would say she died of an accidental overdose. Didn’t know her heart was that bad. Such a great talent to go out this way. Sad, sad, sad.

      3. It’s getting worse. Now that the coroner has stated she used coke right before she died, “sources” have come forward to say the man who supplied Whitney with the Cocaine also removed it after they realized Whiteny was dead as well as a few other things from teh room before Police and EMT’s reached the room. LAPD hasn’t made a statemeny yet on if they plan on pursuing charges for tampering with evidence against the un named man

      4. @WL…yea I just read that. I have a good idea who her supplier was. I have no proof so I can’t drop the name but my gut is telling me this person is guilty as sin. Of course everyone who was in the hotel room the day Whitney died will swear up and down they didn’t remove any drugs from the room. Probably calling each other right now getting their stories together.

      5. It also proves that what the people who were staying in the room above her were telling the truth. They said through their bathroom they heard a muffled conversation then it got quiet then they heard a loud thump and splash. Shortly afterwards they heard a man’s voice again but couldn’t understand him and then several voices. A few minutes later lots of noise which would have been teh arrival of EMT’s and police

  5. I suppose I’ll put up a post so things don’t seem so stale.

  6. Wow…did not know that. Probably in the bathroom doing lines, Whitney goes down and this person runs out to get help. I have been around people who did drugs and famous or not their actions are basically the same. I don’t know why the bathroom but it’s a popular place. lol

    What I couldn’t understand is why did she have food(a sandwich)in the bathroom?

    1. Mostly paranoia. If they go in the bathroom and turn on the water nobody will think to interrupt them (lot of my family does drugs terrible that I know these things but it’s true).

    2. All of that food made me believe there was more people in the hotel room than they claim there was and it’s all making sense now.

      My daughter just got in and I told her the latest and the first thing she said was “Ray J did it!” LMAO!

  7. Of course there were more people in the room. Cleaned up and ran out the room to hide the dope before the police and EMT’s got there.

    I know no one forced Whitney to do anything but I hope they get the person/s who tampered with the evidence. I’m sure whoever supplied her with the drugs didn’t know anything was wrong with her heart. Bet this will haunt him/her/them for the rest of their life.

    “My daughter just got in and I told her the latest and the first thing she said was β€œRay J did it!””…..such a wise, wise young lady. lol

    In fact, some comments on other gossip blogs are saying Bobby Brown said Ray J was her supplier.

    1. MTO claims the “Play son” that is now dating Bobbi K is the supplier.

      Yeah Whitney was grown but all of these family members who have been lying for her for years are to blame as well. She had died. What was the point of trying to continue to say “Oh no it’s no drug related! Whitney had been sober for 3 years!” knowing damn well the autopsy would show different.

      The other sister-in-law stated the whole family has substance abuse issues and that Bobbi K would fall prey to them because they feel they can get money (what monsy! Whit was broke!) from Bobbi K. I think maybe they have already tried to tell her what to do and things like that. it’s the only reason she is staying far away from all of them. I don’t trust Cissy and have never really cared for her.

      Bunch of leeches!