Bret Michaels On Oprah
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Bret Michaels On His Hospital Bed Following His Brain Haemorrhage

The scariest part was thinking that my dad could die.

Bret’s daughter, Raine, speaking on the Oprah Show

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  1. Well he is back in the hospital today.

    1. That picture blew my mind.

  2. Wtf?
    They are making up shit now

    1. lmfao. I was thinking the same thing when I saw that.

      1. I don’t think anyone would make up having a hole in their heart

      2. wow, seems like hes had a major streak of bad luck:(

    2. It seems that as one gets older and start going to the doctor (for something that is lefitimately wrong) they will find all kinds of other scary sounding shit wrong with you like weekly.

  3. I don’t know if this sounds sick, but when I saw the pic of him in the hospital bed yesterday,all I kept thinking was ‘Wow, he has a great body.’ He is kinda hot for his age.

    1. When I saw that pic I thought it was funny that an unconscious person, in a hospital, is wearing a bandana.

      The world knows dude. The world knows.

  4. I was thinking I can’t believe he’s wearing his bandanna.

    1. That’s the picture that accompanied the article in People magazine. That’s also where he stated he has been a relationship and living with the mother of his children for quite some time

  5. He’s just gotta chill for like a year- no touring or slutfests with herpy hoes. His recovery may certainly have been miraculous; a relapse due to overdoing it would be stupid.

  6. OT

    the Kendra sex tape stills(for those interested) although i dont know why people r shocked…..her poor hubby though …:(

    1. The thing that gets me is how at first she was trying to put a stop to the tape coming out because it was later revealed that she was trying to sell another one! That chick has more than one sex tape out!

      1. lol true…i heard shes gonna get 100,000 for this one plus a % of the sales.

      2. I’m sure she will release the others soon. Money hungry ho! She must honestly think this stuff is cute.

        Did you hear the Hef kicked those twins out he had moved in?

      3. yea, caus e they had dudes on the side lol… but i thought they got kicked out months ago, did they get booted twice?

      4. Yeah. I thought that was old news.

    2. Her tits are like so human sized.

  7. He kicked those twins out when?

    1. Boom! It was January. This article says they moved to the Playmate House across the street.

    2. Now, they have moved out completely. One of them even dated Stephen Dorff and the other is living with some actor in some show I’ve never heard of.

  8. Oh yeah, Steupz have you heard of the new pilot/show called “The It Girlz” with Naturalle, Cashmere, Lil Hood, and Stilts? Don’t know if it’s on VH1 or strictly the internet though.

    1. Sounds like it might be an internet endeavor to me. Not only are they not the 4 most interesting people to come from FTLORJ1, they don’t even sound like the type of underserving people that VH1 (while on all their drugs) would give a show to.

    2. Checked it out on UStream. UH, Lil Hood and Stiltz working the laptop does not quite make VH1 production minimum standards, as fucked up and lame as VCH1 is…I mean, what the hell is this?

  9. Hey everyone! Hey is it true bret is back in the hospital?!

    1. Yes he had a stroke and they found a hole in is heart

  10. If anybody cares lol akoni the gay pornstar from oxygen’s love games is featured on mtv’s parental control right now.. smh at the cross contamination

    1. Is he lookin’ for a boy or girl? It had better be a boy.

  11. He was sort of cute too, but a douche.

    1. It’s the Sh*t! Nah, seriously he should get a job.

  12. He’s wearing the bandanna in this pic. Now…you know they took his bandanna off all day to analyze his brain but quickly wrapped it back on when they wanted to take a pic for the press

    1. You figure they pulled the sheet back for the picture also.