Brett Michaels And Sharon Osbourne On Celebrity Apprentice
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Celebrity Apprentice Cast

VH1 stars Bret Michaels (Rock of Love) and Sharon Osbourne (Charm School) join Cyndi Lauper, former Governor Rod Blagojevich, baseball player Darryl Strawberry, singer-actor Holly Robinson Peete, stand-up comedian Sinbad and wrestler Bill Goldberg, on this season’s Celebrity Apprentice.

Celebrity Apprentice Cast

[Credit: The_Taker]

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  1. WHAT THE FUCK?…..I already knew our shameless, attention whore ex-governor was gonna be on there but Bret and Sharon too. WTF? Oh well, it’s not like I watched previous seasons of this shit anyway so I’m gonna pass on this one too.

  2. If anyone sees a celebrity they recognize but not listed, name her/him here, please.

  3. I only recognize Sharon and Bret……but only because you said they were in the pic. The rest I don’t know and won’t make any effort to try to identify.

    OT. Someone asked me for Nip/Tuck ratings. It got 2.922 million viewers.

  4. The last 2 seasons of celeb apprentice were damn good, not sure if the cast this year will live up to the standard but its something to watch other than retarded dramas and sitcoms. Hopefully no one from the cast will murder anyone so the season doesnt get cancelled after a few episodes.

  5. Totally agree, I really enjoyed the 2nd season.

  6. What? Bret Michaels is on a show without gallons of hair bleach and silicone to go around?
    I must be dreaming.

    1. Sure, he is!
      ‘Bert’ by himself is equal to a couple gallons of  bleach & plastic;
      He’s been bleaching his ‘do for over 20  years, and those lips have had more than a few  silicone injections over the last 8…

  7. And isn’t Rod Blagojevich supposed to be in jail? Or am I thinking of another sleezy politician?

    1. No, he hasn’t officially gone to trial yet because the judge set his first  court date in June. He just couldn’t go on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here because the judge didn’t want him to leave the country.

    2. ~sigh~

      Why are politicians treated as celebrity status?  I really don’t get it at all…..

  8. Man, I used to love Darryl Strawberry.  Funny enough, I even got to meet him a few weeks back at a celebrity golf tournament.

    1. really?? Met days or Yankee days?? I automatically assumed that 80’s and Mets, but then I realized his ass played 4 the Yankees too. :(

      1. He also played for the Dodgers.

      2. for 3 seasons, and the last 2 of those he barely played

  9. Sinbad (the comedian) is also pictured.

    1. Indeed… looks like he’s lost a few

      1. My bad, was he already mentioned or did you put him in after my comment?

      2. After.

  10. OT:

    I’m on LOL! Wal-Mart jus embodies all the trashiness and fat fucks dat people overseas know America for. Jus a good ‘ol American store LOL!

    1. I know!

      I work(err…used to) at Walmart, and we get a lot of these types here…

      1. LOL!

        An it seems like every other pic iz from Texas, Florida, or Georgia.

  11. Ooh wee

    Sorry off topic, I just never realized what a brick house she was.

    1. Good God almighty!

      1. Yeah, Sly Comme un Renard, Lenny, & J Work would all love this as well. Nice, um, dress?

      2. Fuck it, I’m woman enough to say it;
        Nice bod.

        That being said; I thought a  Brick House, as the Commodores defined it, was more like this…
        Or, like that chick all up on Big Boi in the OutKast video,  I Like the Way You Move,  but I don’t know her name…
        That’s what I think of when I “think built like a brick shit house…

      3. Melyssa Ford & Ki Toy are not 36-24-36 by any means, if we’re using the old skool def, lol

        Those 2 women really have exaggerated bodies. Like Coco. I would love to be shaped like that.

        How’s everything, Mel?

      4. Melyssa Ford & Ki Toy are not 36-24-36 by any means…

        True, but I was factoring in the rate of inflation since 1979… *lol
        Thanks for asking; I am bored  as ever, house sitting without cable tv.  :(
        Thank God for the internet…
        How are you & yours doing?

      5. DEAD @ inflation! I’m good, thanks! It’s way past my bedtime, but I’m determined to go to bed happy, so I’m here!

  12. Poprah was a recording artist?

    What was this, 1990? Reminds me of when I was in 11th grade or something.

    1. Wow!
      S&M? That had to be the 90s.

      1. Hi A. Jaye! I want you to whisk me away into MySpace… will you?

        NVM, I forgot you’re in London, and right now it’s after midnight. I have a new friend from Surrey. She said it’s right outside of London. I’ve heard of it, believe it or not. The Holiday was partially set in Surrey.

      2. It’s gone 2am and I’m whisking you right now.

  13. SHUT THE FUCK UP! Both????
    I have a feeling with Rod, Trump will keep him around for a while and then pull the “Khloe” and eliminate him cause of what he’s going through. Some BS reason like that

    1. Yeah cuz they have the same hairdo too.

  14. That looks like Marlee Maitlin behind Sinbad but I can’t tell. The women in the from looks Like Laura Dern. There aren’t any better pics of the full cast?

    @EA Thanks for the numbers on Nip/Tuck

    1. I checked Marlee’s MySpace but it hasn’t been updated since April so not sure if it’s her or not

      1. Will-Lynn I love love love your avatar! Wham Bam I am a man…(not really but that song was the bomb! )

      2. Thanks PBS. I’m still stuck in the 80’s LOL!

  15. I thought Laura Dern too.

    But this is the real reason to watch Celebrity Apprentice

    Ivanka Trump
    1. Ivanka is the shit!

    2. lmfao agreed

      1. Those boobies are something else.

      2. yea i’ve always wondered if they were real. But then I remembered her mom is foreign which means they are probably real

    3. Now why would I want to look at hers when I can look at my own?

      1. Dead!
        Right on, Will~Lynn!

  16. jason lewis

    Jason lewis
    1. Is that the guy behind the Governor?

      1. the guy behind the governor looks like paris hilton’s boyfriend whatever his name is

      2. Doug Reindhart? No way they would put him on this show… would they? Dude is such a bitch.

    2. He looks yummieeee. I’ve never watched this show, but I would 4 him.

    3. I don’t usually dig white boys, but this one here;  He’s enough to make me change my mind…
      He has always been sexy as hell,  ever since Sex & the City

      1. a tingle just went  through me, and it’s def not due 2 the cold.  Hmm… u just know he is 2 fine 2 be in d show. lol. So i’m not even gonna bother  thinking he is. lol.

      2. Nevertheless, he is still Yum-to-the-E.
        Now that’s real eye candy for the ladies, Steupz.
        Perhaps you should be taking notes? *lol

      3. Really? That guy? Uh no. He looks like his face is made of steel. Just no. No. Ugh no.

      4. To each his own, EA.
        Although I have to be honest, & please don’t take this the wrong way (I’m not trying to start any shit, at all);

        You don’t seem to like much of anyone or anything, from what little I’ve gleaned from reading your comments.

      5. That observation would be correct.

      6. It was I who put the picture there.

      7. Ah, then perhaps you should continue in this fashion? 😛
        @ EA; that’s too bad. As much stupid & pointless bullshit as there is in the world, there’s also some really wonderful things in it, too;
        Good art, music, food, and some good people, (believe it or not) all make life worth living.
        And now I’m gonna shut up; I’m starting to sound like CJ…

      8. Is that bad?

      9. No, luv.  😛
        You are just way more ‘angelic’ than I could ever hope to be.
        You’re only 12% “evil”, remember? *lol

      10. That quiz is so not accurate. I’m a vindictive, mean spirited, hateful bitch. I sleep with women’s husbands and I make fun of retarded people, TO THEIR FACES. I kill cats and drink from toilets. I’m a ruthless, soulless villain.



      11. lol.  That’s 11% more then I would have given her. lol. But if Steupz actually started posting guys that look like that on the site, I’d die of shock and desire. hehe

      12. lmao CJ, who u tryin 2 kid? Where is the link 2 this test, seems like fun. What did u score Mel ?

      13. Uh-huh, exactly.
        It’s ok, Ceej.

        Somebody has to be a big, cuddly sweetheart, ‘cuz it sure ain’t me.
        Hell, I scare people ( just probably not quite as much as EA does) 😉
        Btw, dead @  “making fun of retarded people, to their faces”… that is evil…

        @ Massie: I got 54 % evil…. hold on I’ll link it…

      14. Um, um, um, I can be scary TOO!  And, um, um, um, I’m like EA’s EVIL TWIN! EA’s sweet & loving, compared to me! And-and-and-I stole a grape from the grocery store! I’m a BADASS!

      15. lmao. The results r in!!!

        You Are 28% Evil

        A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
        In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.

      16. ohh and i think this is a nice image 2 go 2 sleep with later… :)

      17. Smith Jared lol

      18. Sure, Ceej.  SMH & *l
        @ Massie; not too bad.  My best friend scored a 76% Evil.  I died laughing.
        I’ma have to work on my score, to keep up with her… 😛

        Btw, thanks fot that pic!


      19. :) I love the cleanliness of that pic, he is like fully shaved. lmao.

      20. jajaj. wtf  76%? damnn dat bitch had to have clicked yes 2 almost all the boxes!! lmao. I’d b scared. lol, Bitch is almost all evil. Your more like 50/50 Mel. lol. So idk how u gonna climb up!! 

  17. Who is she?

    1. The Don’s daughter.

      1. Over rated.

      2. She is about the same as Keeley

  18. damn they shoulda got Spitzer and Kilpatrick. That would have been a sick show

  19. The Governor will kick ass.

    1. exactly. He knows how to do sleazy business

  20. Who, pray tell, is Keeley? I apologize for my ignorance.

    1. Page 3  legend. Keeley Hazell

      1. Sorry, still not ringing a bell. Is she a debutante, or a celebrity of some sort?

      2. She isn’t American. You wouldn’t be able to appreciate the celebrity of a Page 3 girl.

      3. Sorry to be a bother, but that doesn’t really answer my question.

      4. I googled her and all I can find is “Topless photos of Keeley Hazell,” and some other sites of sexy pictures of celebrities. I honestly don’t know what she does or who she is. Oh well.

      5. that’s what she is famous for. Page 3 is the sun’s version of the Post’s page 6, except its all about nude models basically, and that chick is a regular, and that’s her claim 2 fame.

      6. Thanks Massie. Sorry about that, Steupz; I just wanted to know who she was.

      7. Anytime my love!!

      8. I did answer ‘Page 3 legend’

      9. I apologize; you did. I just thought there was more to her than just that. I am sad to say I was wrong.

  21. This cast is looking too good! Cyndi, Bret, Sharon, Governor Rod, Sinbad, Holly And Goldberg?! I Love it!!! Cant wait to see Sharon get all bad ass on these people!

  22. i’m pretty sure the bald guy in the back is billy joel

    1. I haven’t seen Billy Joel in so long.

  23. Nope! Bald guy in the back is Goldberg the wrestler

    1. oh maybe that could definitely be him
      who’s the blonde chick?

      1. She looks like Laura Dern but then again that pic is really not that great. Because the Black lady on the side doesn’t look like Holly Robinson . It looks like Serena Williams

  24. Off Topic, because I really don’t have anything to contribute to this one. I love Lusty but I really can’t stand her hair. Or is it a bad weave? I don’t know. I just don’t like it, and her lipstick colors are always very bad on her skin. She looks like a cigarette smoker. She’s such a pretty woman, but she really fucks herself up with this shit.

    Ok, done.

    1. bitch needs to adjust her cleavage too.  those things look like she just bought em from the farmer’s market and stuffed em in her bra.  but loved lusty and keke on real chance.
      keke:  “yo momma’s a bitch!  she was a bitch when she had you”
      lusty: “my mother’s dead!”
      oh, and whenever lusty would talk about keke she would say it like KEYKEY.  she pronounced things so strangely but it was great.

      1. Kiki was the shit. I wanted Busty to be on Charm School 3 soooooo bad!

  25. Tully Sabato on the right? LOL, I think that may be Janice Dickinson.

    1. The girl on the right looks way too young to be Tully or Janice Dickinson.  Botox only goes so far.
      I want to know who she is though.  It’s probably someone with a teen audience because so far the people I see on there probably appeal to older folk.

  26. NO!! Kathy Griffin? That’s fucking Kathy Griffin!

    1. Left of Sharon

      1. LOL I’m just kidding, love. Okay that IS lauradern. and I give up on the rest, but blondie (the dude) is chef Curtis Stone.

  27. Could the guy at the back on the left be Isaiah Washington?

    1. I keep squinting & I honestly don’t know. Click on Laura Dern’s name in my last post & look at him there.

      1. who?

      2. Oh

      3. LMAO! Your brain is cooked! Stop working so hard.

      4. You dud say click Laura to see a guy.

      5. DEAD! 

        And I can’t explain why!

      6. The darkskinned guy, that’s who you meant, right? That’s who I think it is too, but I don’t know.

      7. @ Steupz; my 4 y/o daughter wants to know if your avatar is a ghost? (she’s fixated on ghosts & monsters; cuz’ Halloween’s coming…)
        I told her don’t know what it’s supposed to be…

      8. I just saw it somewhere but I like its black & white-ness and that he is both sad and intimidating.

      9. Damn. That’s profound, and very, very uncanny.

      10. Ain’t it, though?

        I’ll tell her “yes,” that it’s a ghost.  Easier to explain … 😛

  28. Ok I can see it now, Michaels is either the first or second guy fired because he is too nice. But I think Osbourne will for sure make it the final 4

  29. Ok that chick with the dark hair looks like Tully S mixed with Heather Chadwell in the face. LOL

  30. I hope Sharon puts Donald’s ass through hell. I hate him. And seeing what she did to Megan, really makes me think she’ll do it on Donald.

    1. She’ll rip his plugs out!

  31. I’m definitely watching this season. The cast looks great. I’m wondering if Sharon is gonna be a bitch in this show.

    1. Hi Butters!

  32. Did you see So Hood, Steupz?

    (up there)

    1. Back up one page…

  33. That blonde guy behind Blago is huge. He looks as big as Goldberg. I’ve seen him somewhere…football player? Actor?
    The girl next to Bret looks familiar too. Maybe a Gossip Girl? She reminds me of the chick from Twilight.

  34. That blonde guy behind Blago is huge. He looks as big as Goldberg.

    Dude, I didn’t wanna say it, but that’s exactly who that dude looks like to me.
    Would Goldberg do a show like ‘Celebrity Apprentice?’

    1. Holy shit, I misread the caption the first time; that is Goldberg!

      Oh, I am so watching at least the first ep…

  35. Much as I hate the bitch, Sharon is perfect for the Apprentice.  She actually makes me anticipate it a little more oddly enough…
    Brett’s gonna get torn up though, he’s too much of a nice guy.

  36. OT:

    Jus got done watchin the docu “Should I Smoke Dope?”. HILARITY!!

  37. Just saw Paranormal Activity. It was actually really good… !

    1. You thought so? Well, we can’t all be as cynical as me, eh?
      I think this is one of those kind of movies with two extremes… Either you LOVE it or you totally hate it.

  38. The girl on the far right looks like Kara DioGuardi

  39. <b>You Are 62% Evil </b>
    <i>You are very evil. And you’re too evil to care. Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.</i>

    1. lmao!!! So far, you’ve beaten all of us and I thought Mel’s score was high so u trumped  her! lol.

      1. I got 76% eheheheh.

      2. Hey, that’s not what I thought you’d get. I figured it would be MUCH lower. Like mine. :(

      3. LOL. Having a big heart does not necessarily equal being angelic. :) I’m not a bitch to fuck with XD I <3 revenge.

    2. Now THAT, I can believe. You are not to be effed with; You’re like Blair & I’m just Dorota 😕

  40. Massieeee go on xa t.

  41. More identified hehe .. or so is claimed. The redhead is Maria Kanellis from WWF .. she was also on an ole reality show Outback Jack. The blonde guy with runners is Curtis Stone, celebrity chef. The blonde woman in the front is said to be athlete Summer Sanders. The short lil woman in the back supposed to be a comic writer Carol Leifer. The would leave the guy behind Cyndi.

    1. See how easy that was, Shal?

      Next we’ll have you in the Hall picture.

    2. I KNEW that was Curtis Stone. I have no idea who the other people you listed are, so I never would have guessed them anyway.

  42. If Summer Sanders is there it can’t be the girl at front, I think. Perhaps the girl behind Sinbad?


    Because I remember Summer as a hot swimmer or something.

  43. Hehe could be .. I don’t think it identified which is which. How long ago was she a hot swimmer lol ? Still think it looked like Laura Dern like you all said lol.

  44. Summer was on a kids show “figure it out” she’s the one in back.

  45. According to PH’s site the Black woman on the side is Selita Ebanks – a model

    I knew that couldn’t be Holly but Holly is on the show just not pictured

    1. Selita Ebanks was Nick Cannon’s main before he got summa Mariah’s seasoned 40 year old pussy.

      1. Mariah got that whip-appeal!

        I ain’t mad at her! If you got it like that you got it like that. Besides it has to be good to have emineim acting a fool because she keeps ignoring him

      2. Eminem & MC… wow. And she straight played him in that song…

        All up in the blogs sayin’ we met at the bar
        When I don’t even know who you are
        Sayin’ we up in your house, sayin’ I’m up in your car
        But you in LA and I’m out at Jermaine’s
        I’m up in the A, you so, so lame
        And no one here even mentions your name
        It must be the weed, it must be the E
        ‘Cause you be poppin’, you know you get it poppin’


      3. Are you joking CJ? E played her:

        Exerpt from “The Warning”

        Wow Mariah, didn’t expect you to go balls out
        Bitch shut the fuck up before I put all them phone calls out
        you made to my house when you was wild-n-out before Nick
        When you was on my dick and give you somethin to smile about
        How many times you fly to my house? Still trying to count
        Better shut your lying mouth if you don’t want Nick finding out
        You probably think cuz it’s been so long if i had something on you I woulda did it by now
        Oh on the contrary, Mary Poppins, I’m mixing our studio session down and sending it to mastering to make it loud
        Enough dirt on you to murder you
        This is what the fuck I do
        Mariah, it ever occur to you that I still have pictures?
        However you prefer to do and that goes for Nick too faggot
        You think I’m scared of you?
        You gonna ruin my career you better get one
        Like I’ma sit and fight with you over some slut bitch cunt that made me put up with her psycho ass over 6 months and only spread her legs to let me hit once

      4. Sounds “bitter.” That’s all. He got chopped and screwed, and I am NOT team Mariah. She sent him on a headtrip.

        I think Em will be the victor in this whole “battle.” But I hate that he’s wasting his precious bars on M.

        WTF…. Em and M! LAWLZAH-LAWLZAH!

        Jesus, I’m corny.

      5. These two are too old to be acting like this.  Couldn’t this be one big publicity stunt for them both anyway?  Surely Mariah is not that dumb to start shit with Eminem and think she’d get away with the last laugh.

      6. TBH, this whole shit started because of those 2 or so bars about her and Nick in Bag Pipes From Bagdhad. She didn’t send him on a head trip, he sent her. 😉

      7. No doubt. It’s for album sales.

  46. You can’t play someone if you’re lying!

    And that’s why Eminem was soundly thrashed.

    1. Wait, what? I haven’t kept up with that bull.

    2. Are you saying that he lied on his dick,  Ste?

  47. Ok, time to change avatars. Steupz, you’ve had the sad face for too damn long; time for something more happy & upbeat! Jess I love you to pieces, but that avi sux ass & it has gotta go. And Cris Cris, damnit if you don’t get an avatar, I’ma be like Danger & I’m gonna find you. Adam, same goes for your ass. Mel, True Blood Season 2 is over.  Will-Lynn, Wham sux. everybody! Teera gets to keep hers but everybody else, get it together. 

    And I love all of you; I hope I didn’t offend anyone

    ::crosses fingaz behind back::

    1. ::sounding shocked & appalled::
      My chosen avi isn’t because I’m a fangirl; it’s because my favorite holiday,  Halloween, is coming up! *l

      I was gonna change it afterward…

      1. LOL ok, you can keep yours…


        Change it back on 10/30. You’re allowed. But it must change today.