Brooke Hogan having a shower
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It’s Brooke Hogan (Brooke Knows Best) and her cute room-mate videotaped by the gay guy; so there’s something there for everyone.

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  1. God she’s annoying. But it could be worse, there are plenty of other disgusting Brooke’s that could have been filmed showering.

  2. Lol… so this is what Enigmatic was talking about.

  3. what do you mean?

  4. She was eager to have me read your latest body-blow to Brooke’s self-esteem.

  5. Brooke Hogan… should just give up now.
    Does anyone know how the ratings actually are?

  6. I’mma find out.

  7. That bastard snitched us out…SMH

  8. “That bastard snitched us out…SMH”

    What are you talking about Steupz?

    I think I am the only one who actually likes Brooke knows best..

  9. Lol… sorry about that.
    Talking about all the Youtubes that were removed.

    Not everyone can view the VH1 embedded videos. YouTube allows everyone to access them

  10. How are you this evening; and the kids?

  11. Fine I am a little sick, headache…but all is good, how about you?

  12. I’m feeling unwell, to be true.
    Just a general unwell feeling.

  13. She wants attention. It is understanndable considering: Her mother is dating someone her age, her father is on TV crying and doing God knows what and he brother is in jail. She wants attention but I honestly feel like she is looking for it in the wrong way. You do not work into a whore house unless you selling ass. She is trying to do all of this stuff and party it up, and got these people living with her (who probably are not paying rent) she is a dam fool. Rich or not if I have roommate they are helping on the bills

  14. I think her dad cheated on his wife with her (Brooke’s) best friend.

  15. Oh yeah, I was watching TMZ on TV and they showed Ambre telling the pap. about how she and Bret broke up, then some guy walks by and puts his face right in front of Ambre’s face. She’s like, “WTF???”. Funny stuff, they’ll probably post it tomorrow if they haven’t already.

  16. not feeling so hot myself – home with my son and sleeping late is great.

    brooke hogan – i seesaw back and forth – at times i think she’s cute and can look sexy but most of the time she’s just another white girl with too much time on her hands.

  17. She has a aight body, but she looks too much like her father(facewise) for this to be a turn-on. PEACE!!!

  18. its not lettin me see this…its just showin me this commercial like thing…not the video of her…

    1. You Tube banned it

  19. Brooke is very average looking, but she seems like a generally nice person (with completely fucked up parents).