Brooke Hogan’s body knows best
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Brooke Hogan got a great body on her, let me tell ya. (Click the pics)

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  1. i know I’m engaged but lawwwd have mercy

  2. whatever.

  3. What is, what you would do to Brooke Hogan’s body?

  4. That’s correct, for $400.

  5. Very impressive body, I must say.
    Just enough fat, curves and width.

  6. She’s ALMOST a butterface/

  7. Exactly. Just enough. Even looks like she has just enough six pack definition, but not too much.

    Excellent eBay connection to the pics, by the way. Overall, it’s like you have massaged and tweaked every nook and cranny of Bourgy. IMHO, the site has surpassed the blogspot. You deserve a glass of wine for yourself and a vacation, though now — before NYGTH airs — would be the time to take it.

    One thing I do miss about the previous rev of Bourgy is the old “green apple” section, where you could just click & click on your collection of beauties. Oh well.

  8. Yeah, true. Almost a butterface. Allllmost. But not. Her face might get better in another couple of years or so. She still has a somewhat of a baby face.

  9. Sips wine…
    Thank you CL.

    It was easy to surpass the Blogspot. All I had to do was get rid of the dumb bitches and add some class (Enigmatic)

    Great commenters, too; don’t forget to pat yourself on the back.
    Cheers to all.

    Gotta run.

  10. Well actually the dumb bitches got rid of me, lol…
    But 1+1=2 regardless of how it’s switched around.

  11. I’d say Matic is certainly a part of that too, but I’m afraid she’ll think I’m stalking. We don’t want to scare her off.

    Off to finish watching Britain’s classic Sci Fi series, U.F.O…. with the sexy purple wig and silver short skirt wearing lieutenants.

    Cheers to all.

    [sips wine]

  12. I feel bad for this girl. She’s surrounded by nuts. What’s next is she probably gets pregnant

    Steups, that was messed up how you got bamboozled…although I do visit the other site sometimes

  13. Hey, shit happens for a reason.

    CL; people always underestimate the value of fat on a woman. Fat, amply placed in the right areas is a damn good thing.