Brooke Wins My Antonio
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Brooke wins My Antonio

So Brooke Barlow wins My Antonio. No surprise there, she was up against two old looking women at the end in Tully and Miranda.
The series wasn’t too bad, to be fair.
Much thanks to our spoiler source whose name I cannot reveal (wink wink)

And here’s her interview on VH1

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  1. I actually saw this 2day. lol. I haven’t seen this show til today and I was soo obvious he was gonna go with her. Such a boring finale.

  2. it*

  3. Well, she is a pretty girl in a girl next door type o’ way.

  4. She looked like Jennifer Aniston at points during the finale elimation. I thought she looked great.

    1. Funny you saw Aniston because I saw her as a light-haired Courtney Cox

  5. man i kinda wish i watched this show.

    1. My sentiments too, mate.
      I think I missed out on a decent show.

      1. Nah, y’all didn’t miss much, especially if you’re not into soap operas; it was heavy on melodrama & light on entertainment. I watched for about the first four or five eps, then I gave up on it…

        FYI, Ste ‘m experiencing difficulties. All the html buttons have disappeared…

      2. He did that temporarily. They’ll be back.

      3. I personally enjoyed the show, but yeah I agree with you on the “soap Opera” vibe.

  6. Miranda was the one. Man, she was so unpredictable, so alive, so fun & funny, soooo NY (the city). I loved her. Antonio fucked up; now he’ll be stuck with a Stepford bitch.

  7. I got some alert earlier today when I logged on. I’m on my cell, so I thought it was kinda strange.

    1. Email me if it happens again, ok. That way you can probably stay away and I’ll let you know when I’m completely certain the site is cured.

    2. I am on my cell right now. I haven’t had any problems on it; just my pc.

      In fact, I have never had anything try to attack my phone.

  8. you must re-gret the day that you LEFT meee…

    1. I love that song.

  9. I read somewhere on a vh1 blog (in the comment section) that Brooke had won.
    Apparently this chick overheard some woman at her hair salon telling the stylist that Brooke had won, but things didn’t work out and now Brooke was dating her son.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I heard too.
      kinda funny when you think of it

      1. Oh Wow…I just said on my post below that I wondered if Antonio was still with Brooke.

    2. Glad to hear it. Brooke needs a weakling; someone she can boss aroung & walk all over. Antonio is not the one for her.

      1. around

  10. lol. wow. did they even last a week?? Probably not.

  11. I watched every episode of this show, and I have no clue who… ‘Brooke’ is… ?

    1. Exactly. She’s just a very insignificant, passion-free woman. Stepford wife material.

  12. Grrr… I h8 his show. He doesn’t pick wisely. Crusty Shake should’ve been gone a looooong time ago.

  13. I saw today, and I didn’t know who was who. I think every1 was there for a free trip 2 the island. Btw Cj, did u get informed at what happened in GG?

    1. YES! Thank you; V linked me. It was goooooooooooooood.

  14. I’m sure that they didn’t last anytime whatsoever. Brooke said on the finale, that unless they were “exclusive” that she would be dating other men. I doubt either of them wanted to remain celebate during the nine months post-production.

  15. So many unsavory character traits… they even contradict each other. She’s lacking passion, yet she wants marriage? She’s robotically appeasing, yet she’s trying to dictate the trajectory of their nonexistent relationship? She’s the one who connected so little with him, but she’s the one he picked over all the other girls?

    I’m so lost on that.

  16. Such a nothin azz show…..If it weren’t for the pre-show hype on Christi I don’t think it would’ve been recapped on here. Now RCOL2 needs 2 follow suit an go da fuck away.

    1. Last episode coming right up!

      Thank yooo Lord!

      I have nightmares about some of the horrible things I’ve seen on that show.

      1. RCOL2 was so fucking lame. I guess I’m burned out by all of their bullshit. I liked Ray J’s show better anyway.

      2. Season 2 coming right up!!

      3. Yup. I can’t wait. Danger and Chardonnay? LOL

      4. I cant wait either!

  17. That picture of her bugs me for some reason.

    1. Well, no woman over 30 has any business with her hair in pigtails (outside of the bedroom). And seeing her face just aggravates me because she shouldn’t have won.

  18. Veronica guess what!

    1. What.

      1. I’m talking to Beth right now. Guess what she said about the challenges.

      2. Go on x at, betch.

  19. She has crap skin. We’re about the same age but I look much younger. Chick should have been wearing some sunblock instead of frying in the son.

    That’s what I took away from the finale.

  20. Corey! What did Beth tell you?

  21. Admin, I know it’s hard, but try to relax. It’s not your fault, shorty. Things will all be back to normal soon.

    Everybody else, good night

  22. Miranda don’t look old. Brooke looks about 40 and she’s only 31.

    1. Yeah she does look older than 31.

  23. What’s this I hear about Beth and da challenges? What did she say about ’em?!

  24. I didn’t care for either of them as the final two, so I didn’t care who won but I am going to miss Antonio’s dimples and his gorgeous smile. I wonder if he’s still with Brooke???

    Does anyone know if MA will have a reunion show?

  25. I read Brooke’s interview on VH1 and she admits that she and Antonio used to, but are not dating anymore.

  26. Steupz – I was redirected to this site.

    1. me 2 just now

      1. The people who are redirected can clear their cache (temporary internet files, under Tools / internet options). Do this for all the programs you’re running that redirect you, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. If it still happens, scan your comp. Mine seems fine now; no redirects. Not for quite some time now.

  27. yay i bought my i love vh1 tickets itz next weekend im hella excited 2 go!!!

  28. Rod if u are around, I have a question 2 ask u. I think u might know d answer, and i’ve been goin crazii trying 2 think of it. Can you email me? You can get it from CJ for it, or message me through myspace.

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    1. Sorry about that. I’ve got an expert looking at it now.
      The site might be down for a few.

      Until then, please clear your cache thoroughly. And run a full scan.
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