Mike Starr Dies
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Mike Starr
TMZ has just reported that Celebrity Rehab 3 star Mike Starr has passed away in Salt Lake City, Utah at the age of 44.

The cause of his death is currently unknown but he was recently arrested for illegally possessing painkillers.

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  1. This is so sad. he was on season 4 and he was sober. This is tradgic.

    1. Yes and a few days after being on season 4 was when he was arrested.

  2. This is kinda heartbreaking for me, he was one of the few i actually liked and hoped to see get better. He had a genuine soul… R.I.P

    1. This.
      I liked him a lot, well his personality, I mean.

      Didn’t appear to be a bad guy.

  3. ooh wow…. it sucks but when one abuses drugs, it can’t end well

  4. Ok now I remember him. If I remember correctly he was kinda quiet and laid back when he was on the show. This is sad.

    1. He was generally laid back, but he certainly wasn’t quiet while going through his withdrawals. He’s the one who almost got into a fight with Tom Sizemore (although Tom was the aggressor Mike was kind of instigating him)….

      Sad though, because he seemed really genuine and like he was getting it together. He was one of the better cast members too.

  5. This is sad. How do these guys with talent go from money and girls to broke and dead at 44?

    1. Drugs.

    2. It’s easy to say that as a person who doesn’t have a significant, marketable, artistic talent. When you think about how it’d play out if it was you that had his talent, it’s different because you are using your brain and experience to base that on. Kind of like when you see a ridiculously hot chick with a flaming bag with which one douches….you say “Oh my gosh, she could do better”….but something in her being makes her take for granted that which she has and others don’t.

      But frankly, you probably do it too with the things you are gifted at. Whatever you excel at, someone looks at you and says “I can’t believe he’s not doing (this) with (that)”…..bald guys look at guys with great hair who shave their head and say “Ohhh man, I would NEVER do that, I’d grow my hair long and be a rock star, but I can’t” chicks who are flat chested look at girls who wear black shirts (goddamn you black shirts and your slimmingness) and say “How ridiculous. If I had her boobs I’d wear low cut white tank tops and no bra so my nipples protruded and my cleavage hung out and maybe there are sprinklers on and I don’t realize it and I walk into them, and my tight white shirt becomes somewhat transparent and….”

      Shit, where was I going with that?

      1. Lol

  6. No idea who he was. But RIP. 44? Smh.

  7. that guy – lived a fast life… no regrets really, bec he had the girls, money, booze and drugs. WHat da f*ck do you expect to happen eventually when u live hard and fast…. its always sad to hear people die and all. jus sayin

    1. Yeah….IIRC from the show, he spent a lot of time getting high with his dad in a van.

      That’s not exactly “living a fast life.”

      I’m sure he would have more than a couple regrets.

      1. I know when they showed him getting high with his dad and he revealed he had to live with his folks I knew things wouldn’t go well with him becasue if his dad was still using he would go back to it too. Poor thing! I loved him on Sober House. He gave Jen the blues!

  8. charlie sheen is next … but charlie will go out with both balls bangin “two goddesses” – GO CHARLIE!!

    1. shut up.

    2. Oh, shut the fuck up

  9. I don’t watch CR but I love Alice In Chains.
    Layne and Mike both gone now..so sad. Rest in peace.

    This is my favorite Alice In Chains song:

    1. I liked Stay Away better.

      Too sad, too sad indeed.

  10. Seriously it’s time for Cr to end. Dr. Drew may be good at whatever it is he truly does but his track record with getting this “celebrities to stay sober isn’t very good. I think since the show started there maybe less than 10 who have actually stayed clean to this day.

    and this season is so messed up already it shouldn’t even be aired. Firt the basket ball player being arrested by US Marshalls and Michael Lohan is trying to get teh film crew into the court room with Lindsey on thursday.

    Then the housewife was removed because she actually doesn’t have an addiction and now TMZ is saiying teh police had to be called because Bai Ling went up on the roof and wouldn’t come down. Bet she was up there pulling a “Swifty” (smoking crack)

    Now poor Steven Adler ius going back to try and get sober

    These folks just after the money!

    1. *first

    2. That’s the best part about being a rehab therapist…..you don’t have to have a high success rate to be successful. It’s like being a baseball player. Batting .300 is awesome.

    3. Was just gonna say that! Those celebs are only doin the show for more drug money to get even MORE high.

  11. Sad.

  12. Kinda alreadykne coming unfortunately after watching celebrity rehab. R.I.P.

  13. sad … that sh*t is funny as hell – stop feeling sorry for people that making tens of thousands of dollars to be on a show that supports their habit ….. in the end.

  14. here is cool online memorial for Mike

  15. NO! i LOVE MIke Starr … this breaks my heart!