Charm School 3: Bay Bay Bay, Ki Ki, Risky & So Hood
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Last night on the Elle Word, Bay Bay Bay confirmed that she will be heading to Los Angeles to begin filming Charm School 3.

No word on who’s the Headmistress (or Headmaster, perhaps?) but she confirmed Ki Ki, Risky & So Hood are also part of the preliminary cast. I say preliminary ’cause it’s not unprecedented to be invited to a VH1 show and not be selected for the ‘final’ cast.

Also of note, she revealed it was the production staff that let slip MILF’s adult movie history. And she explained her and many others’ dislike for MILF as a natural consequence of MILF being there to promote her clothing line (I can’t remember seeing it, but I did turn away a lot when she was on screen), and bragging about ‘blowing-up’ when the show ends.
So that’s that… we have Charm School 3 on the horizon.

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  1. WTF????
    Hell Yea… I will see that 4 sure…

  2. Bay bay bay said in her exit interview that she would have done ILM3 if they had asked her. Why the hell didn’t they??? She would have been a lot better than Milf

    and if I might add, a FOL3 girl told me that VH1 was thinking about combining RCOL and FOL3 girls for CS3. Was this mentioned at all?

    1. Wasn’t mentioned at all but I suspect that’s what will happen.
      I only heard the interview once but I am sorta sure she mentioned 5 girls from RCOL.
      So the others have to come from somewhere else.

  3. Kiki and So Hood my favs already…

    1. Mayne,you have weird taste,lol.

      1. Yaaaay! Risky! Let’s jsut hope da FOL3 vs RCOL vs ROL happens; if dere is any ROL girls on dere.

        Sinceer vs Kiki

        Okay 17 girls

        Kiki-to prove she has a heart and is a victim of bad editing

        So Hood-to prove she’s NOT a slut

        Bay Bay Bay-to know when NOT to talk

        Risky-actually can’t c her staying, but dey probably use da MILF situation

        Sinceer-to prove she isnt a bitch

        Thing2-to prove she’s independent

        Thing1-to prove dat she didnt Fellatio Calvin

        Milf-i like her but she’s a hot mess

        Hotlanta- probably wont b cn her but letz hope she justifies herself

        Myammee-to prove she’s not a prostitute or has a pimp

        Bubbles-to prove she isnt stupid

        Stalker-self-explanatory and so she wont be a bitter bitch

        Lusty-to help her get past her mom issues and where her sanity is

        SUmthin-DONT WANNA C HER but my guess is she will be there

        Cali-a fill-in but probably for dressin like a slut, not that there’s anything wrong with that

        Shy-her breath doesnt stink and dat she was jus acting

        Bunz-for not wearing panties

        That’s all 17 i can think of

      2. you forgot shy oh i forgot Shy is died it’s Monalisa

  4. There is going to be definitively a mix because from where are the other girls…

  5. they mine as well just throw in Rock of Love 3 girls.

    1. No, I’m sick of ROL.

  6. dis will rock itll prolly air in august

  7. EWWW NO ROL GIRLS! They made CS2 STUPID AND BORING! Omg, KIKI AND SINCEER IN ONE HOUSE????? I hope they do combine RCOL and FOL3! Here’s hoping MONIQUE is back!

    1. IM hoping for Sheryl Lee Ralph at least she seemed sincere wen she met the FOL3 girls, but probably not because that would b biased since she knows dem.

      Sommore would be a funny headmistress

      1. Sommore would rock.

    2. if there anybody who really need charm school real bad it is shy Monalisa shy Monalisa shy Monalisa shy whatever the fuck her name is

    3. I didnt think CS2 was boring. But iam a ROL fan so i guess it depends on which show you like better. But FOL isnt bad either

  8. I can only hope Milf does blow up…literally blow up. SO Hood was the slut of RCOL. The girl needs help…and I am just the one to help her. Hop on the train and come see me. Get out of the bikini in the high school and find me.

  9. itll prolly air in august

  10. My cast:

    Thing 1
    Thing 2

  11. Just throw New York in this season… Lol…

    1. Maybe Charm School can start getting real again. ROL destroyed charm school.

  12. And Larissa, because she don`t learn anything in Season 1…

    1. She havin her baby in March.

  13. Lol…

  14. She can give birth in T.V… That will be entertaining…
    I think so… :)

    1. Any thing to get her back. I love to hate her. But we gotta make do with KIKI until Bootz return.

  15. * A Charm School in the future for the kids of this people will be fun…

    Imagine the temper of Larissa and Leilene sons…

  16. <<<<<<< In crack… Sorry

  17. And by the way, WTF happens with the boys of I Love New York???
    There is going to be a Charm School for this dudes???

  18. Huh, interesting. I’d definitely watch it. These four girls aren’t completely unexpected. I’d imagine MILF would be thrown in too. Also, I’d love them to combine the RCOL girls with the FOL3 girls, I think that would be a good move. Also, Mo’Nique can come back as the Headmistress.

  19. How is Sommore gonna be a teacher with her convict ass? I say Sheryl Lee Ralph or Niecy Nash…or Quanda

  20. I think this might be true, actually. Risky said in her VH1 interview that she was doing another show but couldn’t say anything yet.

    Also, my vote for head mistress is Niecy Nash, as well. <3

    1. Yes! Now that I would like to see.

  21. Awesome. I hope they mix it with the FoL 3 chicks, unless they want to wait until Ray J’s show is over and use the girls from his show. Either/or.

  22. OMG this made my night!

    This is the cast I want to see…

    Bay x3
    So Hood
    Rabbit or K.O.
    Thing 1
    Thing 2

    I really want to see Sinceer / Seezins clash again. And I really thnk Milf will fuck with everyone in the house, so that should be interesting.

  23. Im it for So Hood,it pissed me off that she left RCOL so early. Ki Ki aka Bootz lite may give me a moment or 2.

    1. LMFAO @ Bootz Lite

  24. No Kiki will NEVER be Bootz…………..

    Seezinz has no reason to be on here, if so she’ll probably stay long den be kicked off for NOT needing Charm School which is such a dumb ass excuse for putting them on the show in the first place.

    Goldie-weak excuse because she didnt need it the last 5 episodes she was there

    Jessica as well.

    BTW what ever happened to Thela A.K.A Rain

  25. LMFAO @ prancer her ass was drunk


      fuck naw i wonder what mistake she woke up with da next morning LOL

    2. Prancer was funny in dat interview! I like her.

  26. Hm….not shocking at all. Somehow we all knew this was coming. However I’m not coming with a “dream cast” list because I still don’t like any of them. It might be worth watching though.

  27. That is the worst pic of Risky please change it

  28. yay charm school 3, but are they ever going to do something with the guys instead of just i love money

    oh also the guy who won the daisy of love internet competition just bascially sold hiself out on a myspace bulletin

    From: Brian Magee
    Date: Jan 17, 2009 5:30 AM

    Subject: dear “kate”
    Body: I recieved your phone call last night. I noticed you had a blocked number. Your voicemail was interesting, you made some accusations that weren’t true and I just thought I’d tell you.

    Mary Oriend is my girlfriend. She is the only girl that I am involved in a relationship with that is anything more than a friendship, if you or anyone else has heard otherwise, that is false.

    Also, I don’t know what you mean by “bring it”, but you stated that you are taller than me and you want me to “bring it”. If by “it” you mean killer vegan chicken wing dip, then I will bring that if you bring the torilla chips. If you mean anything other than that, I’ll pass amazon woman.

    And also, I went on a reality show to make money and make fun of the other people there. I don’t think I’m “cooler” than anyone else UNLESS they live somewhere warmer, in which case, by sheer unfortunate placement of Syracuse, we all are indeed cooler.



    2. Ok this pisses me off. I actually wanted to be on the show for two reasons:
      1) Fun
      2) To meet Daisy
      The we have some tard who’s just a fame whore trying to promote himself. No wonder Vh1 shows are getting tiring, they always cast fame seekers who the audience can’t relate to.

      1. yea im alil pissed myself becausei think the any of the bourgy guys would have been a good choice if the age limit was lower. plus i knew he was fake before he won, he spoke to my cousin on aim and basically told her he just wanted to be famous and get his own show

      2. $i kno alot of us mane n dey pick dis fame seeking shone wut da fukk mane!$

      3. $i kno alot of us mane n dey pick dis fame seeking shone wut da fukk mane!$

      4. lol in the words of Saaphyri……….”Whoa you mad? Huh?”

        fuck it after watching the CS2 aftershows she is soooo fucking annoying…………..maybe we’ll get a chance with ILNY3 lol


      6. LOL well i could b around New York b4 im around Daisy…..i mean she’s nice but gooooooood she’s annoying

      7. You prob would have won too, Nate. You got mad game… and I wouldn’t mind some eye candy on Daisy’s show. Lol.

        You got a myspace?

      8. Thanks Jess, I appreciate it.
        I don’t have a myspace. Well I do, but I don’t use it and I think my profile picture is from 3 years ago, lol.

  29. ooooo just saw a cool trailer of ILM2


  31. wat was on it aurelius

  32. Where???

  33. Leilene was crying
    Entertainer and Tweed were arguing at a power outing
    Bonez was praying with his team (Angelique was there)

    1. $leilene crying again whoo!! l0l$

  34. i hope her mascara is finally waterproof the supertrailer should be out mon or tues

  35. k reality, if its not out by then, are you down for kickin some vh1 ass??

  36. Lol!!!

  37. hells yes cause i only saw the 1st commercial and then the 2nd wit the buckwild entertainer kiss

  38. hey yall….im new here but i just want yall 2 know that…..OMG I JUST SAW THE PREVIEW OF THE RCOL REUNION!!!!! STALKER CUSSIN CHANCE…KIKI N LUSTY ARGUIN!! CANT WAIT!

    1. Can someone get this preview online? It’s not on VH1 and I don’t watch VH1 during the day.

      1. its not long a brief summary
        Stalker cn going off on Chance

        Lusty(looking like New York during ILNY2 reunion) arguing with Kiki and saying “You’ll never have access to my myspace

        uuum datz all datz memorable

      2. Damnit. Now I have to watch it.

        I just wanna see Stalker go crazy.

  39. K.O. Confirmed on her myspace blog that she’s in

    1. K.O. didn’t post a blog, only blog I see is for booking info.

  40. WAIT, she has it in her ABOUT ME section, sorry Amanda

  41. Megan said that they’re considering combinging Rockf Of Love 3 girls in the mixer of the season.

    1. NO they NEED ROL3 girls all by themselves………….95% of their cast NEEDS Charm School

    2. The whole ROL3 cast needs it.

      I wouldn’t mind a mix of the three, RCOL, ROL3, and FOL3… Kinda like the best of the worst?

      1. ditto

      2. No ROL girls, please, we had enough of them.

  42. damn not the wreck ko can sum1 post hers or riskys myspace

    1. MMM. Do you like it steupz?

    2. I think this is the first season of the Real World I’m making a conscious effort to watch. I’ve not met any transsexuals (that I’m aware of), so Katelynn is very interesting to me. I grew up in a College town around PSU, and LGBT things aren’t really discussed openly. I’m kind of in the same position as Ryan, ignorant about transsexuals, but curious to learn.

      …anyway I like the show. Thanks for posting the second episode here.

      1. See, the thing is, I wouldn’t consider you ignorant if you’re open to learn. I’d say you were just naive. I think ignorance is when someone knows something exists, but doesn’t care to learn.

      2. I always saw ignorance as a lack of knowledge and nothing more. Of course, it has it’s connotations. To!

  43. eh idk if ill be watchin this one, charm school 2 ruined it for me

    and cuz bayx3 is on it

  44. No worries Nate.I can pretty much deal with anyone, but I’d be jittery around a transsexual.

  45. oh god please tell me this shit is not true

    please lord let it be fake

    1. Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Not Chilli!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Well now… as long as none of these people (Ray J, Antonio Sabato Jr., Daisy, Megan, Chilli) get a second season, I see no harm done. I’m just so glad they’re getting attractive young people for these shows, it’s a step up from Bret and Flav.

        That said, I wouldn’t have been able to bring myself to go on a show starring Jerry Hall or Poprah, but girls like Chilli, Megan, or Daisy are doable.

      2. er… just read she’s 38. Pulling out my crucifix, taking a few steps back… but she’s does look great for her age, I have to say.

      3. lmao well atleast she looks good for her age, i met her at the essense music festival in person and she looked pretty good. but damn this is alot of dating shows, where is the surreal life or fame games???

      4. fame games was awesome

      5. ahh… Andrea Lowell.

      6. i miss c.c., vanilla ice, pepa & traci bingham

      7. bret is old. flav is old. chili is old.

        why cant they find a young CELEBRITY and not a washed up one?

    2. I see it now …..”WARMING UP W/ CHILLI….OF LOVE”


  46. I fucken HATED Charm School 2, too! But since FOL girls and RCOL girls are a million times more decent than ROL girls, than I’ll give Charm School 3 a chance.

    I hope, hope, hope they don’t put in ROL3 girls! We’re already getting them now, we don’t need them again in the summer! Well, at least I don’t anyway!

    1. I agree, the ROL girls took over VH1 in 08.

    2. “We’re already getting them now, we don’t need them again in the summer! Well, at least I don’t anyway!”

      That’s how I feel about RCOL girls

      1. Yeah but we didn’t have to put up with the RCOL girls all last year like we did with the ROL ones.

  47. I like the idea of Chilli doing a show. My only worry is she mightn’t be up for the kissing on multiple guys thing.

    1. Wait she has morals? What the hell does vh1 want with her?

    2. I actually agree. It would be nice to see a female ACTUAL CELEBRITY of love show.

      TLC is the shit!

  48. Yea dere doing these shows too rapidly………….hmm Im thinking after the Ray J shows Vh1 will b so far down hill that they’ll stop 4 awhile

    1. They already have enough people for future ILM’s and CS’s.

      1. $HELL YA 4REAL!!$

  49. whats sad is that Flavor of love, the show that started it all, is gonna be forgotten soon.

    OT, but who else is going to die from eating Peanut Butter???

    1. wouldnt dat b fun if a handful of us ended up on the same show


      2. And I’ll take all you bitches down…one…by one. :)

      3. $SHXTN ME NOTT DIZ 1 LOL$

      4. Nah if I feel dat ur too much competition I would tell her that he’s not interested in women………..u are openly gay right?

      5. lol, To my friends, yes, to family and america, no.

      6. well i’ll bite my tongue…………for now

      7. Hmmm…You are sneaky…I’m gonna get you out of the house first. I think spitting in your face would get you angry enough to hit me.

      8. NAH i wouldnt hit u……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..i WOULD KILL U…………………dont 4get i have a “LUSTY” side 2 me as well

      9. lol i don’t mean to sound conceited, but I’m too much of an A-list celebrity to be on a show with other people.

        I would only want my own show

      10. Okay, Heather. 😛


      12. Where’s your entourage

      13. lol you want me to really bring them here??

        i would make reality show dating the shit if i had my own show

      14. i would only want my own show if 2 or 3 of my best friends can help me along the way, like sister patterson did with new york. im 10 times more funnier when im with them, so the show would be good


      16. I’d want my own show if the Bourgy crew could help me. :3

      17. I’m surprised at you all… I have no interest in my own show, I just feel like the critics will rip anyone apart if they’re only known for doing reality TV. I’d rather take acting classes, go to auditions, etc. the old fashioned way and end up on shows and movies.

      18. Nate, I was just kidding. I would never do reality TV. From what I hear, it kills your acting career before it even starts.

        although i would consider it when I’m 45

      19. haha alright Scott Baio. I want to try a reality TV show, not only because I have no interest in acting or anything like that. but because I’ve heard the conditions on some shows are deplorable. I’m in the field of psychology and psychoanalysis, so I’d be interested in seeing how people react in those kind of surreal situations when they know others are watching them.

        Are you interested in acting Aurelius?

      20. very much so Nate. Either that or modeling. I really need to find a way to get to LA within the next 3-5 years.
        except a new movie studio is supposed to be opening in a city near Detroit in the next year so maybe I can start here

        how about you?

      21. It’s something I wouldn’t mind doing if the opportunity arose, but I’m not going out of my way for it. I’m really excited for my future as a psychiatrist, and no other career has really stood out to me.

        So are you more interested in theater, movies, or TV? I mean, being an actor gives you a lot of options. Same with modeling really.

      22. yea dude pretty much movies and TV. I hate theater lol

        if I don’t end up being successful as an actor, I want to be a lawyer. So I do have a back-up plan

        But I am…the next Tom Cruise

      23. More like the next Tom Crock-of-shit,lmao!

      24. Tom Cruise, huh? I hope not. Please aspire to be more than that, lol. So either you’re famous, rich, or both. Good deal.

      25. i start my acting classes on wednesday………….im sooooo excited and My Bloody VD was da shit………..BTW only 1 theater in my whole city had the 3D shit but still guud thoughh.

      26. Tom Cruise is the man
        He was Jerry McGuire
        married someone 15+ years younger than him
        and pisses people off with his beliefs

  50. So Melissa is the one that Bret said “Get the F*^k Out”…
    Lol… I didn`t like that girl either…

    But I have to said that it was rude…
    And how the others girls start laughing and yelling at her…

  51. ROL pretty much took over VH1 last year, so I’m looking forward to this, definitely.

    And wtf @ another dating show. Props that it isn’t one of the knockoffs from the other shows, but still…

  52. I just saw My Bloody Valentine 3-D…Its the shit! But I had to see it in 2D cause my cheap ass theater is ghetto like that. I hope I get to see final destination 4 in all its 3D glory :(

    1. That’s depressing. I heard MBV is way better in 3-D

      1. Don’t rub it in,lol. But it was kick ass in 2D still, I’ll rate it 8/10, but I’m sure if I had seen the 3D version it would be 9/10.

    2. I haven’t been to the movies in a really long time. I haven’t wanted to see anything and well the closest movie theater to me is….ghetto.

      1. lmao, I feel you EA.

    3. You know that is a remake.I saw the orginal a long time ago and
      want to see the new one. Iam a big horror fan

      1. ME TOOO AMY. I’m glad they kept the dryer death in from the original!

  53. yet another i love money 2 commercial, bad quality

    they should just put out the supertrailer and get it over with, instead of all these short little commercials

    1. Why did it look like Heat and 20 Pack were about to kiss? Any way looks good but I’m sick of these sneak peaks, hopefully next week we’ll get the supertrailer.


  54. I’m part of Aurelius’ entourage

  55. Ok, Heat was telling 20 pack something but why the fuck did he have to get THAT close, Heat was like all up in his face. You don’t lean in THAT close unless you about to kiss someone. Someone got that close in my face and I’ll be expecting a kiss.

    1. I HOPE DAT dey dont put up a supertrailer………..besides im thinkin dat dere’s so much drama dat dey dont wanna show it al

  56. LA LA hosting RCOL reunion, saw her on the preview. I like LA LA but she always rushing the FOL reunions. She takes her time on the ILNY’s and CS ones but FOL she always rush.

    1. datz just bad editing


      1. The only girl I’m scared of is Stalker, tbh.

  57. LOL khi you and your reality shows can someday give this dude a reality show right now i will watch

    1. Dude I’ll piss people off. I’ll actually shit on a paper towl and then throw it at someones face, I’ll be nuts.

      1. $L0L HELL NAWW!!$

      2. I WILL get sooo many people to hit me, no doubt.


      4. I hope oxygen makes a bad boys club, that way I can be as nasty and “bad” as I want to without worrying about being eliminated. So I can get into my roomates faces, throw shit at them and piss them off and if they hit me they get kicked off,lol.


      6. J-Work, I know I’ll get my ass kicked over that shit, I’m prepared.


      8. Someone like Buddha,lol.

      9. $L0L HELL NAWW$

      10. khi i hope we well not see you spit on somebody or shit on the floor

      11. Hell no, spitting I’ll never do. I mean I’ll spit but it would be with food in my mouth, like if i’m eating a cheeseburger and some nigga yelling at me I’m spitting that soggy burger in their face,lol.

      12. wound you do like new york and have sex on a reality show

      13. Oh nooooo. I’m not “out” to my fam, well they pretty much know but I keep my private life private…unless I’m online of course,lmao.

      14. Steve-O did that in one of his “movies.”

        Please don’t.

  58. LMFAO khi don’t you agree that vh1 need to bring back the The Surreal Life again

    1. Fame Games were good. But I don’t really care unless they get some interesting people. I say Omarosa for ILM3.

      1. khi Road Rules Classic Clips: Ayanna vs. Veronica

      2. Damn, I used to have a crush of Yes from RR.

      3. and I used to have a crush on Veronica dam she was a fine ass Cuban woman

      4. Daaaamn, she’s sooo pissed,lol. I couldn’t hang with those “real world” dumbasses, except Coral.

      5. I could. :3

        There is something about Kenny and Johnny that just gets my motors goin’. :X

      6. Kenny’s hot.

      7. Nice Jess, probably the two douchiest guys on “the Island”.

  59. id like 2 stir up trouble between other people…………take sum1’s stuff and put it with sum1 else’s. It’s funnier wen u start drama with other people and nobody suspects u………….until it airs at least

    1. CSO you gotta come off as really nice and trusting. Thats why me and you gotta get on a show, I’ll be the loud villain and be the one every one hate. That way you can do your sneaky shit without others knowing its you. Then they get in my face thinking i did it and I piss em off more then they hit me and bam…they gone.

  60. itz sooo funny wen people dont suspect u…………lol i could get away with murder

  61. I’m Lacey, CSO is Megan, and J-Workz is Bootz.

    1. LMAO u would make me sum1 i cant stand da most

      1. lmao. Well how about Sinceer? She was a master manipulator too…though Megan hid shit and played pranks on ROL2.


    3. Who am I Khi? :3

      1. Jess you’re an original.

      2. Aww. <3

        I love you. (In a totally platonic way since you don’t swing that way. :P)

      3. Hell no, I’m no lesbo. Love you too.

  62. Chance said he was 22…wtf…Real said he was 27 on ILNY.

    1. Chance is 26, soon to be 27 and Real is 28.
      Chance: 03/25/1981
      Real: 01/08/1980
      Micah: 8/18/1982

      I look up the birthdays of these fools because of a side interest in astrology and I got these off of the CA birth index.

      1. Check that, Real is 29, and Chance will be 28 in March. I am apparently still in 2008….LOL

      2. lol, thanks femscorp.

  63. poor sapparyi

  64. Cali and Milf about to be vets really soon, I bet they will be on CS as well.


      1. I used to like KIKI because she was down to earth on myspace but she starting to get a big head, thinking she’s a celebrity with all her little you tube vids. I just like the drama she bring. My girl Sinceer has gotta be on CS3 as well, if not they must be saving her for ILM3. VH1 can’t just leave her behind, she saved FOL3.


  65. Yo guys, I’m gonna submit info for that Chilli show. I know I’m not in Atlanta and that I’m 18, but hey, its worth a shot!

    1. That shit looks as phony as Daisy’s lips. MTV please stop with your charm school rip-offs.

    2. That shit looks as phony as Daisy’s lips. MTV stop it with your charm school rip-offs.

    3. Looks as phony as Daisy’s lips. Mtv stop it with your Charm School knock offs.

    4. Looks fake.

    5. I will. :)

  66. Yea i wish the guys were as entertaining; i mean you have It who wuz funny cuz he was stupid, u have…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Pootie who was another nutcase………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..dont quite remember anyone else bringing anything

    1. They just good for ILM

  67. Sigh

  68. Looks as phony as Daisy’s duck lips. I’m not watching that shit.

  69. Any one watch big brother? Its like Real World meets I Love Money, its really addictive. I watched season 10 and will be watching season 11 this summer.

  70. rip off hedsor hall has spotted dick to! concidence i think not!!!!


    PRESS RELEASE VH1/Viacom Corp. For Immediate Release Jan. 12, 2009 New Season of Rock of Love to Feature Metal Legend Glenn Danzig VH1 announced today that producers are now filming a new season of Rock of Love featuring metal/punk/horror-core legend, Glenn Danzig. The new show, which will premeire this July, is called “Rock of Love: Bride of Satan with Glenn Danzig.” Danzig is well-known in metal and punk circles as one of the founding members of 1980s horror-core punk rockers Samhain. He went on to the form hard-rock band Danzig, which scored several top 40 hits in the late ’80s including “Mother” and “She Rides.” Both a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Danzig is also well-known for his interest in the occult and all things evil. VH1 producers stated that introducing the element of Satanism would inject new life into the Rock of Love franchise as well as reach a different audience niche — jokingly referred to by insiders as “the black market.” The new series will follow the traditional Flavor of Love/Rock of Love format with a group of 20 women vying for the affection of the celebrity musician. However, at the insistence of Mr. Danzig, the winner will enter into a legally-binding marriage with Satan in a ceremony that is sure to test the limits of basic cable censorship standards. Although network executives are keeping a tight lid on the show’s planned shennanigans, a few details have been leaked about planned challenges. These include: goat entrail soup and chili cook-off blindfolded nun deflowering contest sexy seance strip-a-thon virgin or family member: the sacrifice challenge name that heretic #####

    1. I call bullshit.

      They mention Samhain but not the Misfits. FOR SHAME.

    2. *snork*

      Fake. WAY too over-the-top to be real.

    3. After some digging (and laughing at the idiots that post on the VH1 message boards.) I would bet my life that this is fake.

      Look at who posted this:

      New Member
      Posts: 1
      Registered: 01-13-2009

  72. A new ILM2 preview I never saw was on today…one of several of them praying??? Anyone else catch it?
    Also, I have not seen anyone question the new format of bringing back ‘repeats’? wHAY R THEY BACK?
    Personally. I am so into Sober House too!

  73. I may have missed it but has anyone’freezed framed’ the shot of Bret aying “get the f*ck out” to better see the girls remaining reactions in that frame??? I have seen mt interpretation, but who knows if it is an edit ploy……

  74. its melissa leaving…

  75. Do any one know Champion of ILNY2 myspace? If so link it.

    1. khi It’s really amazing how many spin-offs the Flavor of Love show has created.
      It almost seems as though Flav should be getting royalties from all of these “Of Love” reality T.V. Shows and spin=offs. Let’s see how may there are after his.
      1. I Love New York
      2. Rock of Love
      3 Charm School
      4. Rock of Love Charm School
      5. I Love Money
      6. Real Chance of Love
      7. New York Goes to Hollywood (Yes, that one counts, too.)
      8. Now, Rock of Love Bus

      Either Flav is a trend setter, or we have got some major biters!

      Take care and stay paid.

      1. You don’t beleive that scam do you?


      3. LMFAO hey khi remember this

  76. lol pimp. Its ok guys, It took some DEEEEEEP recovering, but I found the Champ’s myspace.

  77. VH1 need to be giving people like Champion their own show. Champion is the shit! He so fresh

    1. Hey khi who is he?

      1. He from ILNY2 Amy, he made out with Sis P at the reunion.


  78. This would be my ideal cast for Charm School 3:

    Bay Bay Bay(RCOL)
    So Hood(RCOL)
    Bubbles (RCOL)
    Shy (FOL 3)
    Sinceer (FOL 3)
    Sezzinz (FOL 3)
    Thing 1 & 2 (FOL 3)
    Rayna (FOL 3)
    Bunz (FOL 3)
    Bee-Ex (FOL 3)
    Graveey (FOL 3)
    Something (FOL 2)
    Spunkeey (FOL 2)
    Beatuful (FOL 2)

    I know they can’t have this many people but, this would be my dream charm school team

    1. Bubbles doesn’t need any charm school. She’s got more charm then pretty much every girl in that house.

  79. Potential spoiler for i love money 2?

    i know this isnt reliable but wikipedia says that It will be the first person eliminated.

  80. Does anyone know what happened to Payshintz? I think she needs some charm school with her drunken antics and wanting to go back to China and what not.

  81. If they do a CHarm School 3 I want them to kick it old school too

    1) Sumthin
    3)Cherries (I’m sure she has done some porn by now)
    4)Rain (and this feed her so she can talk about something new on her exit interview)
    5)What was that fakin chicks name…Spark or some shit
    7)AHHHH Nibblez, NIbblez needs Charm School Hella Bad

    1. SPUNKEY, not Spark,lol. Spunky was the shit but Flav saw right through her,lol.

      1. I think he means Wire.

      2. No he means spunkeey, spunkeey acted really fake and over the top. Wire was just weird but I wouldn’t call her “fakin”.

  82. 8) Red Oyster!!!!! (she still hangs w/ NY, she could back on VH1)

    1. Like where is Red Oyster? She was supposed to be on NYGTH for an ep along with Hottie, I really do think VH1 cut NYGTH short because NY was supposed to have a party at the end of the season with many celebrity guests.

  83. KO better win Charm School 3

  84. Did Buckwild just throw some water on Myamme? WTF?? Myamme grabbed that bitches face,lmao.


      1. yea MYAMMEE WE LOVE U and ur PIMP lol

      2. Buckwild trying to act hard and shit this time around.

  85. LOL, Some guy trying to look like NY, He really does pull it off.

  86. Daisy Of Love Internet Winner

    From Internet Winner Brian Magee:


    i got there monday.

    from monday until thursday around 2 pm i was locked in my hotel room, not allowed to leave for anyreason except to go to another filmed interview and photo shoot.

    they then told us thet there we 26 people there and only 20 would make it to the masion. I killed the interview like the one i had in NYC.

    thats when they dropped the bomb…

    “so Brian, you dont drink?”

    me- “not often”

    “not often or not at all”

    me- “not at all”

    “thanks we’ll be up for your luggage tomorrow at noon!”

    thursday at 12 they picked all my shit up, tagged it, and told me theyd be back in a couple hours. then at 2pm the head of casting came up to inform me that i did not make the house and my flight was leaving LA at 10:55 pm.

    so i told him to give me my phone back (they took it away tuesday night to have no contact with anyone) and that he wasted my time. he got pissed that i demanded my phone, i told him to give me my phine within the next 2 minutes or i was going to punch him in the throat..he tried getting “old man” tough with me and i got in his face. he gave me my phone, i told them to call me when i needed to be at the hotel to get picked up and i started a death march down Ventura Blvd just yelling at people for wearing dumb shirts and weird hats.

    then i had my friend pick me up, we went to Hollywood to eat at California Vegan and she brought me back to the hotel to get my flight.

    i got $120 for food, $60 for lugage fees (i only paid $15..i lied to get more) and i will be getting a check next week for $400 for the 4 days i spent in LA.

    so there it is folks. VH1 hates the Straight Edge..but let me assure you all, i would have been sent home the first night for fighting. i started some shit with some retard i met in the lobby, dude was an ultimate fighter. i was hoping shit would get real.

    oh well, watch the show. see the dudes that i met…holy fuck, and y’all thought i was bad with tight jeans and purple shoes.

    1. Karma is a bitch.

      That’s all I really have to say about that.


    2. He sounds arrogant. I don’t know what he looks like but he’s probably ugly anyway.

    3. Thank the lord. I never liked him on the site anyway. In retrospect, I can only think of one guy on the site (other than myself…muah) who deserved to be on the show. We’ll see if he made the cut.

  87. dat was dumb he should’ve known that they werent going to have him on if he told them he didnt drink…………could’ve lied and said he did @ least he wouldve been on 1 episode b4 being cut off

  88. Daaaaaamn. Whats his myspace link? Man thats wrong, internet winners get treated bogus, I’m glad I dropped out of the competition! Just seeing myself in first place for a few days was good enough for me but I didn’t want to put in the effort to STAY in first place. VH1 producers need to learn that just because you don’t drink don’t mean you won’t bring drama. Sam from rock of love didn’t drink and that bitch was nuts.

  89. yea but Khicago, why is that only a few people bitch about the producers and VH1, and the rest don’t complain? I think this guy is just whining because he wasn’t good enough. Remember, VH1 only cares about producing a good show, and if he can’t get the job done, he shouldn’t be on the show

    1. Thats true. I know I would have been eliminated if I made it, I’m not a rocker.

      1. Do you know if Daisy’s show will have rockers? There is nothing I love more than cute emo guy <3

  90. i know datz what i was thinkin!

    1. Link his myspace, yo.

  91. NO Steupz….hmmm I guess he’s all wrapped up in the inaguaral concert…..lmao

    ***visual of Steupz Sarah Palin and Trig on the couch cuddled up****

  92. ashley from rolb always has a look on her face like that hoe just smelled sum shit and her thizz shit face bothers me!

  93. Khi just got his hair cut and lookin fresh :) New pictures coming on myspace Jess! (You probably thinkin “nigga nobody be lookin at your pics” lmao)

  94. I find it creepy how Farrah acts EXACTLY like Heather. Everything Farrah says is something Heather would say.

    1. I find it super creepy how you act just like Megan…

    2. i love farrah, she’s like heather 2.0 lol she had my dying laughing this episode

      1. I love Farrah too!

  95. I’m looking foward to this “entertainment”. And hell I’ll go on for the right amount of money b/c college is costing toooo much.

    1. amen 2 dat

  96. Straight edge =/ ratings. VH1 is not abou ttheir careers, feelings or well beings. VH1 is in it to get ratings/viewers/ad dollars.

  97. brittany from rolb is in cs 3

    1. Wow, it must really be a mixture!

      1. How you know she on k reality?

  98. Jess, theres another big bitch on “Girls of hedsor hall”, she trying to be like Tanisha it looks like.

  99. Ok I searched Brittaney’s myspace and vh1 friends thingy and I see no proof she’s on, k reality is lying.

  100. Gia is in CS3, I read.
    Now that’s a damn shame.

    1. That, I can see happening. Courtney got on for being drunk and eliminated from the get-go, and I can easily see Gia getting on there for her little…moment and getting eliminated on the first episode.

      Though where did you read that, if I may ask?

      1. Will people stop beating around the bush and tell us how they know some of this shit? Damn.

      2. Saw it on a post (which referenced an interview she gave) on

      3. Can you freaking link us?

  101. Lawdddddddd, I didn’t read the actual interview. (sighs and grumbles)

    Lemme go look

  102. hell naw i noe yo ass aint calling me a liar mr i was expelled fo pulling a gun! brittany declined an interview for nexx week because she has to film cs3 this is wat she told sum1on another board i aint going round saying i know the fucking cast like you did ilm2! ill go risky on yo ass! so brit was like i cant i have 2 film cs3…..corey knoes to

    1. Fadder Lawd

    2. Yak yak yak yak, shut up because you know we won’t ever meet in real life.

  103. im not saying im 100% but she said dis in an interview ….. i wish brittanya was on instead of brittany wack ass.

  104. im not saying im 100% but she said dis in an interview

  105. Britanya is nothing..but an oddly cute girl. brittaney brings the crazy and is good tv. I bet we see some socks on Ebay.

  106. K reality thats not proof enough. You can possibly be lying. Steups where the helll is that link?

  107. lmfao, Khi are you just in denial because you don’t want any ROL girls on CS3??

    If they’re putting ROL girls on the show, they better include FOL3 girls

    1. I don’t mind ROL chicks as long as its a few, but I searched all through Britt’s myspace and didn’t see shit and steups taking a long time with that Gia link.

      1. Gia, Nikki, Natasha, Brittaney, Marcia, Farrah, Ashley are in need of Charm School.

        … and judging from the super trailer… it looks like a few girls get into it with Mindy. So she might need a little bit of Charm School also.

  108. Awww…Lusty looks just like my nana:)

  109. im jus saying wat i heard not saying its rite or wrong but ii not gonna be attacked snd called a liar…. if i am you are cause sinceers 5 head aint on ilm2

    1. K reality, I gotta piss, open your mouth and start chugging :)

      1. ok khi please keep your fantasies to yourself…

        j/k couldn’t resist

      2. LOL. That was hot… but not really, lol!

  110. ::Rolling eyes heavily:: This shit is worth arguing because??????
    Why even speculate on the cast when you all know that the winner of CS3 is going to be the one with the biggest sob story. It really doesn’t matter which show she comes from.

  111. Can’t find it…
    Only the referring post.

    1. Don’t worry about it steupz, and thanks for looking.

    2. Eek, I didn’t think a whole FIND THE LINK HAR HAR thing would erupt…

      But yeah, no worries. That’ll suffice for me.

  112. steupzzzz
    where have you been??

    i take you weren’t one of the people that have been cursed by God to live in a state with so much snow causing you to sit at home all weekend.

    1. I’m declaring this weather Palin’s revenge.

      1. lmao I hear it was in the freakin 40s in Alaska. Yet it’s -15 in the D. But hey, at least we got a snow day or cold day w/e you wanna call it on Friday

      2. It’s ridiculous! It was 40 degrees warmer in Alaska than PA yesterday. wtf. I don’t have class Tuesday or Thursday, plus thanks to MLK day…

        6 day weekend. :) w00t

      3. ohhh u get MLK day off???
        unfortunately I live in a racist city and we don’t get the day off

      4. Seriously? Damn man, that sucks. What city is that? Just wait till college, Aurelius. So much better than High School.

      5. Damn, can’t reply anymore to Nate’s post, but yeah, he’s right.

        Wait, your college has MLK day off?

      6. I have to agree there. College is so much better than high school. You actually learn stuff, you don’t have to stay for 6 hours a day (unless you truly want to) and all that petty drama doesn’t exist there because no one cares how you feel about them.

      7. hah! Hit the nail on the head there, EA. I noticed nobody gives a fuck about each other, which is good and bad. You definitely get your privacy.

        yeah JTM, I thought all colleges did. Come to PSU if you want a freebie day, haha.

      8. Well, technically, I have that day off too. Cause next semester doesn’t start till next week! I was just suprised that colleges do that.

        Thanks for the invite, but I’m fine here in Milwaukee.

      9. damn! I’m jealous. I started back on the 12th. when did your Fall semester end?

      10. 2nd week of December.

    2. Y’all damn right. It’s cold as hell, there’s still a foot of snow on the ground and it’s still snowing. They can keep all that shit in Alaska right where it belongs because I’m tired of clearing snow every other day.

    3. Although it’s clearing now, it snowed too much in Wisconsin this past weekend too. Almost a whole weekend of below 0 temperatures and -30 degree windshield. It sucks also because I work outside, and my bosses don’t give a shit about us.

  113. sorry khi i dont ake dicks 2 the mouth like u and if i did it wouldn’t be ur lil prick so get used to humping blow up dolls assess

  114. Khicago shut the fuck up Brittany confirmed that she’s on CS3

    1. STOP SCREAMING AT ME! Damn! We’ll see come summer when the show airs.

    1. Yeah, we know…

    2. By the Way, little spoiler for that episode…

      steupz, if you can censor this ladies name, I’d really appreciate it.

      I don’t think Maria’s husband is going to be too happy she’s on this show…

  115. sharon’s take on the reunion fight

    and the evolution of bret micheals hair
    it looks so barbie dollish now lol

  116. Breaking news: I know who’s eliminated on episode 4 of RoL Bus! It’s surprising, but if anybody wants to know, I’ll tell them who and how I found out. 😀

  117. I want to know! Who?

  118. who goes??/

  119. Alright


    I’m going to name the 8 people who stay, so in case you’re regretting looking at this spoiler before the episode airs, you still have one more chance to look away before it’s spoiled for you. Still reading? Ok then, the 8 girls who make it to episode 5 are Beverly, Mindy, Kelsey, Maria, Ashley, Farrah, Natasha, and Brittanya. Unfortunately, the Penthouse pet and Brazilian bombshell both get the boot in episode 4. I’m adding more filler here so anyone scrolling by hopefully won’t get spoiled. I changed my mind about revealing my source, but I will say it was 100% legit and nobody told me, I figured it out on my own, and it had NOTHING to do with the super trailer. There you go.


  120. UUUGGGHHH! im glad my roommate is gone………….nasty son-of-a-bitch………….anyway i hae a room 2 myself

    BTW Khi u are most definitely the Kiki of this site……..damn ur meaner dan i am

    1. *Gets teary eyed* “Thank you”.

      LOL, Yall ever seen Nancy Grace when she get all emotional when someone compliments her? Thats what she does,lol.

  121. Nate i think you’re wrong.

    I think it’s Maria and Marcia not Taya because remember they have to do a stripper thing and Ashley’s like “Taya looks down on strippers…Taya ur not a stripper?!” and she was working the pole.

  122. EA, shall I come and plow you(r snow)?

    1. I don’t need any help clearing snow……..or at any other chore that you’re subliminally trying to hint at.

      1. lmao. EA is one independant soul sister, she’s like Foxy Brown or Christy Love.

  123. yeah taya ash and brittanya make it 2 the stripper pole one. also when big john is like we dont knoe her condition taya is rite there so sum1 else gets hurt

    1. Wasn’t one of the buses involved in an accident that claimed a life? Didn’t production stop for awhile after that?

  124. Two weeks before ILM premeires exactly, when are we gonna get the supertrailer? Why is VH1 waiting sooo long.

    1. cuz last time they spoiled the whole show thanks to the supertrailer? im asuuming

  125. I hope Charm School 3 be good. It got a lot of ghetto hoes on there so it should be! lol

  126. I didn’t think of that… well, assuming Maria is eliminated, Taya will be eliminated the following episode. I know Maria is married, so I figured she was the one they were talking about in the episode 5 description. Either way, Maria, Taya, and Marcia are the next 3 gone. I know for a 100% fact that the other 7 girls meet the new girls.

  127. fuck i loved Marcia. Hopefully she will get on CS3 or ILM3.

  128. 8 people meet the girls and if u watch the driven video i coulve sworn taya was up in the mountains wit ashley

  129. It wouldn’t be a chore. Marcia is a drunk, useless moron.

  130. No Tool Academy recap?

  131. IMO, Brett looked really feminine when he was younger.

    LOL @ EA….”or at any other chore that you’re subliminally trying to hint at.”

    LOL @ Mr. Rican…. “I hope Charm School 3 be good. It got a lot of ghetto hoes on there so it should be”.

  132. I’m here.

  133. I found this ILM2 promotion thing over at the VH1 boards, I’m not sure if it’s real, but I think it might be. It doesn’t say much, but it names a few challenges. Sorry if this is old news:×48.jpg

    Over the past three years 100 plus young men and women have competed on eight record-breaking VH1 shows (Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Rock of Love and Real Chance of Love). All of them were on a quest to find true love. Unfortunately, very few of them found it. Now, the show that gave reality’s biggest love seekers a chance to win something else (a large sum of money), is back!

    “I Love Money 2″ gives 17 new, wild and crazy, All-Star cast members from these “of Love” series, the chance to battle it out for a quarter of a million dollars. Last time most of these cast members competed it was for the heart of Bret Michaels, New York, Flavor Flav, Real or Chance, but on “I Love Money” the stakes are arguably higher – and definitely “greener” so the competition will be fiercer than it has ever been.

    The cast (made up of favorites like Tailor Made, Buddha, Becky Buckwild, Saaphyri, Frenchy, and “I Love Money: Season 1″ veterans Heat and The Entertainer) will pack their bags and head to Beautiful Huatulco, Mexico. It is here in this exotic, tropical location that the will live together while competing against each other. Each hour-long episode will include an outrageous challenge, inspired by some of the most famous and iconic moments from the “of Love” shows. From battling with giant boxing gloves in a ring, suspended high above the ocean, to competing in a Big Boob Triathlon, to diving in an enormous mud pit in search of gold coins, the action and insanity is like never seen before.

    Back again to guide these money hungry contestants is host Craig J. Jackson (X-show, 30 Seconds to Fame). However it is not Craig that decides who goes home — the power is in the contestants’ own hands. Specifically, each episode gives a single cast member the power of ultimately deciding who is eliminated. Alliances will be made and broken. Friendships will be formed and shattered. And, once again, love interests will spark up and burn out faster than a match, under the powerful lure of money. It will be a true, cutthroat competition as cast members sharpen their backstabbing skills in the fight for their fortune.

    It’s the cast of eight record-breaking shows rolled into one. It’s the audience of eight recording-breaking shows tuning in. It’s the hysterical; envelope-pushing content America’s come to love. And it’s a concept designed to give the biggest characters the biggest challenge of their lives with the ultimate prize — Money!

  134. no recap from jess?

    1. It’s comin’ boo. Just emailed it to Steupz. :)

      1. :) yayay

  135. bobo that is from the offical ilm2 vh1 pg its been up for a while but hasnt been posted here yet

  136. That Entertainer and Buckwild kiss was gross…if he can kiss Buckwild he might be willing to kiss any thing, eww. I’m getting that “sick freak” vibe that Sis p was getting from him…I’m serious.

    1. LMFAO @ khicago

      1. dude your funny

      2. Pimp I’m serious…he seemed like he wanted to get freaky with that Turkey on ILM last season…

      3. LOL! I think the Entertainer is HOT but yeah I agree. I thought him kissing becky buckwild was nasty.

    2. Let’s see he’s kissed New York, Pumkin, Destiny, now Buckwild

    3. You late as hell if you think the Entertainer might be perverted. It was obvious to me that he was at the very beginning of ILNY2.

  137. What’s so bad about Buckwild. She’s a good looking woman and she has great breasts

    1. Ewww, she looked like a wet dog on that ILM2 commercial when she was kissing the Ent. And it was an open mouth kiss!

  138. My thoughts on the ROLB girls


    Bev, why are you even on the show if you’re so afraid to get naked and wild? Have you not seen the past two seasons? I mean you came on Rock Of Love not knowing that Bret might wanna see you cut loose? You should have thought about your kids BEFORE coming on the show, you knew damn well what you were getting yourself into. If you really wanna connect with Bret then you need to do what he wants you to do, after all, this is HIS show, not yours. He’s not competing for your heart; you’re competing for his! But I do respect you for at least THINKING about your kids reputation. They are the ones that have to go to school and deal with other kids teasing them about what you did on the show. So I respect you for that. Other mothers like Hotlanta,Milf and So Hood could take some pointers.

    I LOVE A-Bomb(Ashley) and BRITTANY! Brittany’s funny and I do hope she’s on Charm School! She’s nuts!

  139. how do u like Ashley and she kinda acts like Megan in a way

    1. Ashley is not like that trash Megan, Ashley is a queen!

    2. I don’t see the difference. They are both ugly, they both have fake boobs, they both aren’t natural blondes, they are both annoying and they both need to shut the fuck up.

      1. DITTO……….she says she’s blonde and hot………..bitch i know like 30 more girls who look just like u but dont sound as stupid……………im upset that her and Marcia are friends now

        I WANT HER OUT

      2. Ashley iz hella fucking Annoying i want her out next!!!!

      3. Ashley is very funny and just honest. Girl is funny.

      4. You know, I liked it better when Ashley and the brazilian chick was fighting.

    3. Hold up. Don’t even compare Megan to Ashley. Ashley will never be as hot as Megan, as smart as Megan, or anything like Megan. Megan is a genius. She knew what she had to do to market herself and she did it well. She got her own show. Ashley is stupid whore who can’t dress and has fucked up hair extensions. Really bad.


    Brandi C Prank Calls Rodeo!!!!!

    1. Rodeo sooo stupid, I’m shocked we didn’t hear her saying “COME NOW PLEASE! I’M READY FOR FILMING!” with her desperate butt.

    2. in the video they mentioned Rodeos’ phone #. Did anyone get it? I dont hear the full thing on my comp.

  141. lolz

    1. hell naw LMFAO…………dey should’ve gave her Megan’s number or the number to an out-of-town pizza place……………

      1. Or a phone sex hotline,lmao.

  142. CSO, Ashley’s not going any where, She’s the head blonde bitch in charge next to Farrah.

    1. Oh but she can be gotten rid of……… way or another

  143. the only hots ones are Beverly and Kelsey. Those are my picks to win this season.

    well that is until we see the new girls

    1. The moment Ashley said “So I’m just standing there hot…breathing” I loved her.


  144. Yes, Trashley and Melissa were interchangebly annoying and Beverly was nuts. Trshely looks like a siliconed and cllagened Paris Hilton.

    I cannot believe how much silicone/saline is in this show…it is turr-bul.

  145. Pretty much they all look like skanks. VH1 really got the bottom of the barrel looking girls for this show.

    1. yea…………way at the bottom

  146. i think i know who leaves on the first episode of i love money 2, if what i heard is right im very upset

    1. Tamara most likely.

    2. i hope Milf doesnt leave. She would of made it hella lot more exciting.

      1. Amen, it funny seeing Milf get tormented by the others.

  147. if it’s IT then im not watching Vh1 4 a whole week…………….
    until da next episode

  148. yea i think its IT. You guys really like him? I thought he was annoying, “Mr.Boston” annoying. I know my lil sis will be sulking though lol

    1. i dont think he’s annoying…………he made the ILNY reunion…
      im always laughing at him like WTF!

      Mr. Boston wasnt annoying until he got on ILM……..he was such a horny ass,virgin/dork.

      1. Mr.Boston is an idiot who thinks he deserves to be treated like a star like Heather. But the two of them can easily get replaced…Cheezy and Farrah any one?

      2. Farrah can’t replace Heather.
        she ain’t shit compared to her

  149. yea ive been hearing it’s it also, im very upset, but he’s retarded it was bound to happen lol

  150. I hate It. I would call him a retard but that would be offensive because mentally disabled people are much more intelligent and sane.

  151. It has no strength…he has no brains…seems like he would have made it to the final 5. Its stupid to get rid of weak players, you got to get rid of the strong. I would rather face people like It, Brandi C then Buddha and Hoopz.

    1. uuuuuuuuuuummm did u NOT c dis guy chop bricks in half on da reunion

      1. FAKE bricks.

    2. Yeah, but who would want anybody that mentally challenged and hard to get along with on their team? I would honestly not be surprised at all if he was the first, or one of the first few, to go. He’s just like Midget Mac, he was brought there for a couple laughs.

    3. Yeah, but you have Angelique, Tamara… he is stronger than both of them… and Saaphyri. I think it was a good decision to send him packing first. I’m nervous Saaphyri and Tamara don’t last long at all. I kind of like Milf and when she throws her drink on T-weed.

  152. brittanya spits on heather (i think) when her and ambre return, lmao another epic vh1 moment if true

    1. I’m sick of all this spitting.

  153. Lol… I think that 2…
    And in Brittanya`s myspace it said that she is the baddest girl in VH1 history…

    So let`s see…

    1. Oh please. VH1’s baddest girl is a toss up between Bootz and Lacey.

      1. khicgao friday is my birthday so sense we are all cool i need to borrow some money from you

      2. HAPPY B-DAY!!! I’ll post some nude pics of hot girls for ya friday. What kinds of girls you like? White,black,latino?

      3. dude I’m married LOL

      4. Oooooops! Well thats just one of the lows of being married!

      5. and i just was joking about that Cash Loan khicgao LOL

      6. You better be, I don’t have a pot to piss in.

      7. LMFAO this why you need your own TV show your a funny dude can somebody contact Cris Abrego Mark Cronin and Ben Samek to give a vh1 show or mtv

  154. But that doesn`t make sense… I think that the one she spit and hit is Brittany…

    * This is maybe a revenge because all the girls treath her bad…

  155. Lol Khicago… That`s what said in her myspace…

    1. She must mean “bad” in a slutty way. I’m sick of girls who think being slutty is bad.

  156. Sigh…Classic New York, what ever happened to her? After FOL season 1 she just faded away.

  157. And by the way…
    Look this…

    Maria from Rock of Love BusA Tallahassee, Fla. couple has filed suit against MTV, VH-1 Music First, two entertainment companies and an employee of the companies, alleging the employee fell asleep while driving a “Rock of Love Bus” full of equipment.

    1. Her ass wasen’t even on the bus when that shit happened, no one was. This about the crash that happened back when the show started filming right?

      1. I wonder if they’re going to mention the crash and how some guy died at all.

  158. So Maria is the one that Big John said that they doesn`t know her condition etc…???

    1. Yeah, the “retired model”, she saids that shit every five minutes.

  159. Lol Khicago… But I think that this was another accident…

    1. ooooo, ok. I don’t know how her daffy duck sounding ass keep slipping by each episode. She’s really boring and bland. Also, when Brittanya talks she makes me wanna pass gas.

  160. Lol “the retired model” …
    I think she is scary, she looks like a tranny…

  161. farrah may be on ILM3 or CS3 yay, this is on her myspace

    1. I think it’ll just be RCOL and ROLB girls.

      1. I guess Charm school 4 will be FoL 3 and Ray J girls.

    2. i hope its ILM3.

      ROL3 girls dont mix wekk with the RCOL girls.

      FOL3 + RCOL FTW 4 CS3!

      1. No its CS, according to steups and Corey Britt and Gia are gonna be on CS as well.

    3. Farrah looks like an old hooker. I don’t even care to use her name because every time I see her I think she looks like an older, fatter version of Heather.

      Honestly I don’t care to use any of their names. I actually just personally refer to them by how I think of them.

      Ashley- Tranny Trailor Park Beauty Queen
      Beverly- Tomboy
      Brittaney- Demented Porn Slut
      Brittanya- Dumb Frankenstein
      Farrah- Old Heather
      Kelsey- Annoying Skank
      Marcia- Drunk Brazilian
      Maria- Old Anorexic Kristy Joe
      Melissa- Fug Face
      Mindy- Anorexic Disheveled Rodeo (I can’t call her old because Rodeo is already old)
      Natasha- Man
      Taya- Motormouth Penthouse Skank

      1. EA — this is priceless

  162. So I’m thinking seven RCOL girls and seven ROLB ones?

    1. LOL thanks khicago were did you get this pic from

      1. Its Leslie from bad girls 1. Just google bad girls club and go in images.

      2. I’m clueless about the bad girls club khicago i think i need to watch reality shows again

  163. I’m not a big fan of ROLB and RCOL girls mixing (I’d prefer RCOL+FOL3) but if this truly is the case, then I guess some drama can be expected.

    Also yeah Khicago, I’d think it would be 7+7. I’m expecting Milf and probably Cali to be announced as well.

    1. Yeah Bob. We have the first five confirmed…Bay,So Hood, KIKI, Risky, and K.O.(Who has that she’ll be on in her “about me section” on myspace). According to Steups Gia is one. According to Corey and K reality Brittany confirmed she was on. And as we can see Ferra is on. So we have Bay,Kiki,So Hood,Risky,K.o.,Gia,Brittany, and Ferra.

  164. I think that it was a toss up between ROL girls and FOL girls, and they went with ROL girls. At least that’s what I’m hearing

    1. FOL3 girls are boring except Sinceer and Rayna, who really care about them? Unless you just want some “eye candy”. But They are very dull and boring to me.

      1. khicago they should have done a better job of casting for FOL3

      2. Heck yeah, how hard was it to find Bootz and NY rip-offs? FOL has to be the easist show to cast and the producers messed up.

      3. I <3 HOTLANTA!! I think she was one of the cutest ones on there.

  165. My mother is sitting next to me while smacking and talking with her mouth full as she eats a sandwitch….ERRRRRRRRRRR, Very irritating.

  166. I love Shy

  167. they might do a mix of all 3.
    was it even confirmed there would be 17 girls?
    maybe they are doing 21 girls?
    7 from each.

  168. I think it’s stupid to combine. Most likely they’re going to do another Real Chance… you already have Stalker, So Hood, Lusty, Ki Ki, KO, Bay Bay Bay, Milf, Risky… and even Meatball and Isha could use some charm school. Meatball got into with it So Hood and Isha was acting ghetto the first day in the house. So you have 10 girls right there and with a few more from season 2… you have enough to make a Real Chance of Love Charm School without having to mix it up. Then you do another Rock of Love with Erin, Kristia, Tiffany, Aubry, Gia, Nikki, Brittaney, Melissa, Natasha, Farrah, Ashley, possibly Mindy, and maybe Jackye… but you have enough girls to get two more seasons of Charm School, but that’s my opinion… oh, and you can do another Flavor of Love with Red Oyster, Sweetie, Somethin, Spunkeey, Payshintz, Hotlanta, Bunz, Sinceer, Shy, Thing 1, and I am sure there are like two other girls. So there’s three more seasons right there, haha.

    1. I like the combination. That way you can put all girls that really need it(So Hood,Gia ect) on the same season. CS4 will probably be ray j girls and antonio girls.

  169. I hope they put FOL3 girls in there. Some people might think they’re boring but they shouldn’t be left forgotten. This is Flav’s show, he started all this bull shit love shows and spin off’s.

    1. How about Sinceer, Red Oyster, and Sumthin? They can be on and rep all three seasons.

      1. That’s a good idea! I just hope they put some Flavor Flav girls in there! I gotta say this one time “Flavor flavvvvvvv”! LOL.

  170. Ok, its most likely will be seven RCOL girls and Seven ROLB girls, this is who I think will be on:


    So Hood-Confirmed
    Milf-(Most likely)
    Bubblez-(Don’t need it but she was a hit with fans, I’ll be shocked if she’s not on. If not on, Cali might have her spot)


    Brittaney-Confirmed by Corey and K Reality
    Gia-Confirmed by Steups
    Ashley-(very high chance)
    Dj Lady Tribe-(Very high chance)

    1. What about the drunk Brazilian?

  171. Does anyone know why they’re putting ROL girls in Charm School so soon? I feel like VH1 is moving too fast with their recycled shows now. Why couldn’t they wait till the begining of next year for ROL Bus girls to be on another Charm School (like the 4th one) with the new up coming “love” shows.

    I wish VH1 would do something with the guys.

    1. I agree!

  172. Check this guy out. He claims to be on Megan’s New Show Trophy Wife.

  173. matt i think you rte bout meatball n isha. I herd that meAtball drinks tomuch and the preview for the reunon shows isha gettn with so hood

  174. I heard Lusty was confimed to be on charm school3 but kiki complained to the producers that she thought Lusty was going to cause her problems on the show. So lusty got the boot again

  175. K.O Is also going to be on Charm School 3!! She announced it on her Myspace =]] This is gonna be a drama field day on the set of Charm School 3 .. I hope they bring M.I.L.F in so it will be more drama!! ha ha Why not put Bay Bay Bay & MILF face to face once again??

  176. rikki lake come on vh1 can do better than that. they may as well gone with jenny jones!