Chiba of Miss Rap Supreme without the sunglasses
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I tell you mates, this girl Chiba is sexy and beautiful, and I have got tonnes of pictures to upload to prove it. I’ll get to those in a minute…

But, we’ve all heard about the injury she suffered to her eye after an unfortunate car accident that caused her to go through the windscreen head-first. And we have seen her cover that left-eye but here is a pic of Chiba, without the sunglasses or the Prince and the Revolution hairstyle.

She looks damn good to me!

22 Responses to “Chiba of Miss Rap Supreme without the sunglasses”

  1. First alrighty now. I would like to thank the world for making this happen.

  2. wow she have some TIG OLD BITTIES

  3. She kinda resemble left eye. She is a pretty female. I thought she was darker then that.

  4. hey shawn

  5. Dang Pimp, it’s about the eyes and the face, not the boobs, lol.

  6. Shawn you see left eye and I kinda see LaLa

    Lala and Chiba.jpg

  7. steups what your favorite body part on a woman you know what mine is all man have a favorite body part on a woman

  8. Mine are the booty and the thighs mate.

  9. Dayum!!! she looks good

  10. That pic was taken before her car accident, wasn’t it? She really looks hot, I love that one (don’t click if you expect tits..)

  11. If you like Miss Rap Supreme you will love Lil’ Miss Rap Supreme. Its an online only mini series that was created for the show. It’s featured on so check it out at their link below, its hilarious!

    click here

  12. I’ve been looking for some pics of this girl, thanks to whom ever, damn she is beautiful and she has some sexy azz lips…geeezzzz!

  13. She has a purdy mouth

  14. Meupz, I thought you were going to discuss the leakage of the tape.

  15. Meupz, I thought you were going to discuss the leakage of the tape.

  16. How did her tattoo on her breast switch from side to side.

  17. Hey, Komedian, it is called a reflection of mirror… Her tatoo on her breast stays same…left side. 😀 lol

  18. Oops, you are right Komedian! I didn’t look close enough..It is called a fake tattoo. or photo retouching?! Weird..:(

  19. No one answered my question. How about you setupz .you got any answer for that?

  20. Nope, no answer at all…
    what side is her tattoo on, usually?

  21. my favorit girl of real chance of love is risky that is the girl right there i hope she do not go home for beating that white bitch ass with her old ass she so old she might can be real chance mama