Daisy And New York At Mark Cronin’s Wedding?
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New York and Daisy at 51Minds executive, Mark Cronin's wedding
VH1 super producer Mark Cronin got married last week to 51 Minds staffer, Lisa Lopez, I’m told. (Not entirely sure the picture above is from the wedding but most likely it is because Daisy was definitely there.)

22 Responses to “Daisy And New York At Mark Cronin’s Wedding?”

  1. I almost thought he married New York.

    1. Haha me too I was like What the fuck?

      1. Shit…I wouldn’t be surprised.

    2. OK guys…school me. Was there something going on between NY and Mark??? I never read or heard anything about them.

      1. I don’t think so, it was just the headline that sparked my imagination.

      2. Ok…thanks.

    1. Ow and ew. That sucks for Kerry.

      Back to the original topic, Daisy looks like my “aunt” who’s only 6-7 years older than me.

      1. Why did you put aunt in quotes. Is she a drag queen?

      2. Well, she is my aunt still, but for some dumb reason her husband (My mom’s brother) decided to disown my parents and I and pretend that we aren’t part of his family.

      3. That sounds like some silly drama. Sorry to hear that Josh. I have “aunts” that I call my cousins because they aren’t too much older than I am. I thought maybe you meant something like that.

    2. I’m not clicking on that. Barf

      1. Sounds like a bug horror movie plot. That sounds very sick!

    3. Yea I just read that EA. Made my skin crawl and you’re right J.Neal it sounds like the plot tp one one of those SyFy movies?

      Did anyone read this about Fantasia:


      1. Nope I had to step out for a few. It deserves a post though so I’ll get on it. I still have to wait a couple more hours for Monday ratings so nothing wrong with doing another post right now.

      2. the comments against Fantasia on TMZ are kinda awful.

    4. I think the worst part is that they don’t even know what bug it was. I guess until the eggs hatch it’s very difficult to tell. Also I imagine they don’t have an entomologist on staff at the hospital. It might be important to know though in case of complications. This reminds me of a show I can’t watch called Monsters Inside Me.

      1. I can’t see how this “thing” got into her skin in the first place if it wasn’t a bite and she didn’t go the ER until the bump became the size of a HANDBALL!!! WTH.

        I mean she had to feel something before she went to ER….movement, itching…something..after all she had a nest of insect eggs lounging inside of her thigh. OH GOD..just to think of something like that makes me want to scratch my entire body.

        This story is not making sense to me. It’s something she’s not telling.

      2. An egg sac wouldn’t have any movement until the eggs have hatched. The area probably started to grow very fast what with puss and other fluids causing swelling.

      3. Oh God…that is freaking gross. Now..how would IT, whatever IT was, enter into her body in the first place if it did not penetrate the skin by biting her?
        This is interesting to me yet it’s repulsive.

      4. Depends on the insect. Some insects pierce their host with their mandibles first others just lay their eggs directly from the abdomen. I’m not expert though.

  2. Damn! I never seen Daisy look decent before in my life. She looks alright with that hair style. Go Daisy!