Josh’s Daisy Of Love Recap Episode 2
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Sorry with the late recap, I had a lot of art papers and self portraits to do…..uhhhh….anyway:

Transgendered blow up dollThe day starts out with everyone waking up after the first elimination; Torch, Dropout, and The Triplets are gone.
As 12 Pack lifts his bed for exercise, Weasel tries to clean up his mess, hoping to make a better impression.

Greasy Riki gathers the men to tell them of their first challenge. It’s going to be a show and tell (I find this really appropriate for this show). He allows them to either use what they have, or use the tools provided for them.

Most go for paper, pencils, and photos. Flex opts for a transgendered blow up doll (which kinda looks like Heat with a beard….). Flipper goes for a rap to dish on all the guys (Contestants rapping for the hosts…it’s becoming a common saying, next to “I’m not here to make friends”).

The others try to read it, but Flipper sticks it down his pants and 12 pack is the only one trying to get it. (12 is not doing a good job proving he’s straight, is he?)

Ho’s and Hell

After everyone picks something, they are gathered in a classroom setting where Daisy appears in a -supposed to be- sexy teacher outfit, and Riki as a principal.
(I seriously would drop out of this school if it were real).

The guys are then called up to show and tell, with Weasel up first.
(Here’s a key for you. I am going to describe if Daisy is Impressed (I), unimpressed (UI), or Unknown (U) )
Daisy the transgendered live blow up doll

Weasel tells about his motorcycle driving lifestyle, and his injuries sustained from it. Daisy: (I)
Fox brings up a rose and a sex toy for Daisy (Some kids bring stories, some kids bring toys, Fox brings sex paraphinilia). Daisy: (UI)
Professor teaches a lesson in love (~snores~) Daisy: (UI)
London says he has a song, but he doesn’t have anything to present. Daisy :(UI)
Flex brings up the Heat tranny doll and says it represents him (I thought I saw 12 Pack take an interest in him) Daisy: (UI)
Speaking of 12 Pack, he brings up dead flowers to throw away, representing New York, Heather, Heat, and all others that he had loved. Daisy: (U)
Big Rig brings up a photo of his son. Daisy: (I)
Cage, my fav contestant brings up his cage-fighting belt. Daisy: (U) (She stupidly wonders how it would hold up his pants. Dumbass)
Brooklyn reads a poem. Daisy: (U)
Chi-Chi manCable Guy plays the sax. Daisy: (I)
Sinister does Michael Jackson dance moves (Uh, I don’t think it is safe to impersonate MJ in a kids schoolroom setting anymore) Daisy: (I)
Tool Box strips. Daisy: (U)
6 gauge creates a drink that represents Daisy. Riki is unimpressed (read: JEALOUS AS FUCK). Daisy: (I)
Chi Chi reads a depressing and soulful story about his dad passing away, making him stronger. Daisy and everyone else in the room -including me: (I)

Then, Hurricane Flipper comes…

Flipping Out… Big Time!

Flipper does his rap on how everyone else but him is lame… but the reverse is proven.ย He then ends with a flip.
Daisy and everyone else in the world: (Very, very, very, unimpressed)

After that, Daisy picks the top three (6 gauge, Chi Chi, and Weasel) and the bottom 3 (Fox, Flex, and London)

(There is no way Flipper did any better than Fox. Sure, Fox was bad, but Flipper was worse)

The Top 3 go on a group date, while the Bottom 3 fights to be the 4th person on the date (totally unfair)

How do they fight it out? By giving old ladies lap-dances while the other 12 watch in disgust, well, all but 12 Pack (…..need I repeat myself?)
Anyway, London wins.

Flippin CuntAt night, everyone makes fun of Flipper’s pathetic rap. Flipper calls out that everyone is jealous of him and picks a fight with Cable Guy; imploring him to hit him.
CG refuses, so Flippers gets more aggressive and breaks a bottle on his own head (Umm…..quit hitting yourself?)

Everyone tries to separate a bleeding Flipper from CG. Flipper then exposes himself, cleans up, and goes to tell Daisy that this isn’t worth it anymore

(Wait! Almost killing yourself, breaking bottles on your head and being a masochist was worth Daisy, but competing with other guys isn’t? Whatever… you ugly ass, dumb ass, gay ass cunt. Get the hell out of here! Oh, and don’t forget your urine filled shoes, compliments of Big Rig and Flex)

Then, at the middle of night, Brooklyn calls a girl (made out to be his ex). She flips out on him for being on DOL. The psycho girl then keeps calling the house, and everyone listens to her saying “Chris (Brooklyn) has a girlfriend!”

Jack Daniels of Love

Daisy gathers Chichi, London, Weasel, and 6 Gauge up for the date. She takes them to the beach for a day of surfing and relaxing on the beach. Everyone fails surfing, so they go to a table to eat. Weasel automatically tries to go for the alcohol (I guess he never learns).

Daisy takes ChiChi over on the side for one on one. Chi x2 tells how he likes women with petite bodies, blond hair, and fake big boobs (So he has a Barbie fetish).
In the car ride home, the boys tell Daisy of the Brooklyn “ex-girlfriend” situation.

Daisy De La HoyaDaisy then has some talking to do before elimination. She talks to Brooklyn first, asking about the problem. He explains it to her, and she sympathizes with him, being in a similar situation (cue Daisy ROL2 montage)
Next, she talks to Professor, and he’s boring.

Elimination comes (And Daisy looks hot. Seriously, I think this is one of the best she has ever looked)
Riki looks on and in Confessionals, he gives his opinions on guys (Remember when the assistants on these love shows were cool to be around? Riki should ask the bartender 6 Gauge to make him a pitcher of STFU for him to drink. Also, Riki’s not a virgin?)

Daisy hands chains to everyone until there is one chain left, and it’s down to Weasel, Professor, and Brooklyn. She brings Weasel up, and eliminates him because he loved the bottle more than Daisy.
She then brings Brooklyn and Professor up. She talks to both, but ends up eliminating Professor and keeping Brooklyn.

Daisy and the remaining 12 guys bring out their flasks (I never realized this the first time. How…..trashy.) and toast.

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  1. I am for damn sure not diggin this show.

    1. Josh, you did a good job, based on what you had to work with. This show sucks eggs.

    2. Oh my bad, I just meant the show sucks. Not your recap. Your recap is good!

    1. DAMN.

    2. I just took for granted she was on drugs anyway. She just had a little more than usual.

  2. ummm i hope thats not true

    I’m such a bad Daisy fan though, I haven’t even seen the second episode yet

    1. If you watch the video on the link, she’s seriously acting like Britney Spears when she was REALLY out of it

      1. Yea. She was running into everyone and it was like she didn’t even react when that crazy looking dude ran right up on her.

    1. I thought it was going to be Brandi C… almost threw up my breakfast….

      It’s Frenchy tho…. Only slightly better

    2. That’s Angelique, The article says it’s her and it looks like her old ass chin in that pic. Not to mention she still has that ratty ass weave in her head.

      1. Oh, oops. Even worse, though. Angelique needs to go away

  3. Ok all jokes aside.

    I really think that 12 Packs commentary is making this season. The guy interviews well and is quite amusing…

    Are we picking winners yet for this season… kepping in mind daisy’s taste of men… not who the best guy is…

    1. I think London’s gonna win

    2. I bet money Big Rig wins.

  4. I don’t understand why so many people are hating on this show so much. I honestly don’t think it’s that bad.

    Sure, Daisy’s not the best host. But Bret Michaels isn’t that great, Flav isn’t even that great (although it is funny to see girls fighting for someone so ugly), and Tila Tequila damn sure isn’t interesting but the ratings for that show was crazy.

    1. Flav is FINE! Whatchu talkin bout????

    2. She’s so gimmicky

      1. I think Flav was a great host! He was hilarious.

    3. I ain’t hating on this show , I watch it every week ! But , it should’ve aired before ROLBus like they did with New York ! I mean , nobody really remembers Daisy !

  5. Flipper is psycho, he needs to be in a mental institution asap. He makes Danger look sane.

    1. LOLZ!

    2. Haha!
      Danger is not crazy…stop intimating that.

      1. She’s just intelligent and different.

      2. AKA Batshit insane.

  6. I think Riki is such a fag.
    No offense to homosexuals, but he srsly needs to stop trying to act so manly because it just makes him look really gay.

    1. It’s not that, it’s just he thinks he’s SOMEBODY when he’s actually a nobody. Even his name is tacky.

  7. so… since the guys who aren’t eliminated already have their flasks, does that mean that going into elimiation, they know if they’re staying or leaving?

    1. Or they all have their flasks with them anyway, and those who are eliminated get to take theirs with them.

      1. Or they have to give them back to the producers when they give their final exit interviews or whatever.

      2. That too. I imagine everyone has their flasks with them at elimination though. Sorry Alicia, didn’t mean to be a wet blanket.

  8. I agree. I don’t think this show is that bad. It’s just not my cup of tea, but I still watch it because I do like Daisy (and I think she’s hot). Anyway, this episode was a little boring but towards the end of the episode (or more so the half way point) the show scared the shit out of me. That flipper dude fucken hitting his face with a bottle. That shit was ridiculous. This show is more of a horror love show.

    1. It seems like it should be on MTV.

      1. Hi baby! Love youuuu!

      2. Love you too. You really need to come get me and take me somewhere :(

      3. LOL! One day!

  9. BTW, Daisy OD’ing doesn’t surprise me. It’s obvious she do drugs with the way she be talkin. She could never put her hands down on ROL2.

    1. That’s what I thought…meth maybe.

      1. Maybe, but meth gives you those lines on your face (maybe she hasn’t done it that long) I think that bitch does Coke and maybe some other shit I don’t know about.

      2. lol!!! shrooms!

      3. “Those lines” are caused by sores and pimples that meth addicts get. :)

  10. I don’t think I’m going to give this show another half-chance. Regardless I’ll probably read the recaps, you’re pretty funny Josh.

  11. Where’s that picture of Ashley & Flav?

  12. I stopped watching this after the first episode but Josh’s recap is funny. LOL @….”As 12 Pack lifts his bed for exercise”..WTH… and “Greasy Riki”. Good job Josh. Daisy got rid of the professor? I thought he was fine, fine, fine. Guess he was too dull for this type of show.

    Saw the link..what the hell is going on with Daisy? Is she really the niece or whatever to the fighter with the same last name?

    LOL @ CJ…”Flav is FINE! Whatchu talkin bout????”….Flav would crack me up when he would wear those loud outfits on his show but everything was always matiching down to the shoes. Remeber when he wore his hair standing straight up like Don King, only he had it streaked with either purple or blue…I was rolling.

    1. Yes Flav was looking 2 DAMN GOOD wit that sparkly Troll hair! MMM!

  13. If TMZ is telling the truth (which I think they are), my money is on cocaine. It said she was acting crazy, yelling and screaming and throwing stuff while making strange noises… Sounds like she might have serotonin syndrome ( Which is completely probable if you’re doing enough coke to have a “possible overdose”. (Trust me, I didn’t just google it XD) Coupled with this picture: and this one: it makes sense. (Granted they’re both modeling pictures and not meant to be taken seriously, it’s still bothersome.)

    1. Yeah the episodes are what people on coke have, so you’re most likely right about the o.d.

      I must say the way she acts on ROL2 & DOL, oh she’s on something else on those shows. She looks like a crazy chicken. And her speech is slurred. Maybe she’s a drunk cokehead with a neurological disorder?

      1. Try Bi-Polar or Borderline, or even Depression.

      2. Plus alcohol, of course.

  14. Thanks guys. Glad you liked it even though it is a little late, however, school comes first.

    I thought I might have overdone it with the “12 pack is gay”, quotes, but, I’m sorry he is just proving it even further and further.

    1. Been watching HI? I gotta watch ep 4.

      1. Yes I have.

        It was an ok episode.

  15. Dosen’t this look like Daisy?

    1. aw hell!

      1. Prancer = Dobby

        Daisy = Lambchop

  16. From what the preview of the ILM reunion, it looks like BW has gotten fat. Here’s her and ET in bed:

    Bootz was spotted at KFC today. Daaamn, a lot has changed since 07!

    1. Khicago HA-HA-HA! You are too funny! That really duz look like Bootz in the face too!

    1. Farrah in middle school:


      1. lmao hahah hella funny i hella thought it wa really pics of them wheni clicked on it hahahah

      2. LOL! Me too.

    2. Dat’s Bruce with Ashley! LOL!

  17. Becky is having a beef with Ray J on Twitter:

    (Becky) LMAO Tila Tequila and Ray J are a couple now? HAHA Perfect match! 2 talentless whores famous for getting naked. Boo!

    (Ray) @beckybuckwild CAN EAT BALLS .. AND THEN CHOKE ON’EM! LOL HAAAA

    (Becky) @itsRayJ LMAO you reply to me haha! I got more fans than ur wack ass and I don’t do shit. Didn’t your sister kill some guy in her car?

    (Ray) @beckybuckwild that bitch is a retard with NO brain!! i would never let that bitch on my set!! it looks like her P–SY STINKS! lol hahaha

    (Becky) LOL @itsRayJ gettin mad about me talkin ish! Haha muthafucka you ain’t no Flav! And I wouldn’t even smash him. Keep hittin crack hoes stud!

    1. hahahah i was reading that 2 on twwitter buckwild starts stuff with every1

      1. Damn, I don’t even have twitter but it sound to me Buckwild is in desperate need to attention.

      2. VH1 please give her a show. It can come on at 4am, if time slots are an issue. She needs something to do.

        And she’ll at least have 1 viewer; Danger can watch from her tree.

      3. omg, CJ… that last sentence killed me. Nothing on Bourgy has ever made me actually laugh out loud before. Kudos. ๐Ÿ˜›

      4. Thank you.

        ::takes a bow::

        Nate, our family reunion is going to be in Pittsburgh this summer! I thought about you when we found out today!

      5. This bitch has issues. Why start random shit with someone you don’t know who is obviously way more successful than her and joke about the Brandy incident? I swear that if I see her in the street, I would slap her across the face.

      6. I know Butters. I don’t even waste my time talking about her any more. That’s what she wants.

    2. BC she has NO LIFE. Why do u think she was w/Ent? Why r we even wasting precious Bourgy space on her fat ass? Lookin like Queen Bree Nuh

    3. Buckwild needs a life.

  18. VH1 really needs to have some kind of celebrity boxing thing, like Fox had a few years ago.. Except with VH1 personalities. Imagine the possibilities!

    1. I know; EA said people would love a show like that. Unfortunately, VH-1 doesn’t have the nerve.

  19. STEUPZ:

    Are your advertisments random by whoever is advertising, or do you pick them? The one HAS TO GO! That site SUCKS. Hard. I never saw it on Bourgy until just now. I fucking LOATHE that site.

    1. :( i know why you dont like that site

      but if you install the adblock firefox addon, you can make it so you dont see any ads

      1. Thanks for the tip. :)

  20. did any1 c harpers island i missed the beginning )=

  21. have a good weekend bourgy fam steups i know you will like this

    1. looks like Holly Robinson Peete.


  23. Now Daisy’s rep says she went to the emergency room for “exhaustion.” Mhmmmmm.

    And judging by Cocktail and Ray J’s twitter…they’re still together.

    1. “She was suffering from delirium as a result of exhaustion.”

      Seriously……She doesn’t do shit that would be counted as leading the way to feeling exhausted. If that was the fucking case, my ass would still be in the fucking hospital from exhaustion from 3 years ago.

      Yesterday I was going to make an imarrpopriate comment about that but now I don’t care so here goes. Maybe she went out a couple nights ago to party and drink away her sorrows after discovering how low the ratings are for her show.

      1. ahahahahahahaha!

      2. โ€œShe was suffering from delirium as a result of exhaustion.โ€

        AKA She sniffed too much coke.

  24. And Angelique’s currently an escort in Las Vegas, lol

    1. At least she fits right in on there. Did you see all the damn trannies and trolls on there?

    2. Wtf is up with every single one of these women’s tits?? $1500 an hour for each of them? I hope they got day jobs somewhere.

    3. I don’t think she’s an escort; Under her name it just says entertainment while everyone else is 1500/hour full service… Meaning she’s probably just a stripper for private parties/shows.

      1. Damn, those girls were ugly.

    4. There are some scary scary woman on there

  25. I liked the first episode of Charm School and all, but I’m not understanding how crappy the challenges have become since CS1. Actually, I think part of the success of CS1 were the challenges.

    In the 1st episode of CS1 alone, they walked up a hill with a bunch of stuff, slept outside, and were woken up by a drill instructor and had to compete in a course.

    Season 2? They didn’t really do anything. Instead of doing debates, proms and actual marketing projects like in CS1, they…played with hand puppets, wrote awful songs and made shirts. WTF?

    Unfortunately, I don’t see the challenges getting any better for CS3. Fortunately, I think the cast of CS3 can lift the show regardless.

    1. The challenges for all these shows have sucked since the shows that aired around CS1. It’s a damn shame where the best challenge in all the love shows is when the exes show up. Also, I do agree the challenges for CS2 sucked. That was really some elementary school shit.

    2. I think CS1 had way better challenges than CS2. CS2’s challenges were just weird and dumb most of the time.

      As for CS3’s challenges, they don’t all look bad. I think some of them have potential. It basically matches the premise they’re going for this time around.

      1. But there was such a dramatic difference from CS1’s first episode and CS3’s (in terms of what the challenge was). I really don’t think the producers are trying as hard anymore.

        Although, I like the changes they’ve added in the elimination process.

      2. I kinda like the new detention before elimination process too but only if it includes girls from the winning team. I hated that the past 2 seasons where you would have girls who would act a damn fool after the challenge knowing they are safe and girls skating by because their team/group keeps winning the challenges.

      3. I LOVE the new detention process. I do agree it’s a damn shame that not all the girls get to vote though. I agree with your reasons for liking it too, but I’m hoping it won’t end up too flawed or too much like the ILM vault.

      4. I just thought it was so fucking unfair how people would act a damn fool and be safe because their team won the challenge and then their asses didn’t really do shit to help win the damn challenge. I mostly had that issue with Bootz and Buckeey on CS1. CS2 was a damn travesty because although Brandi M and Lacey kept fucking causing all the trouble, the two of them lost more challenges than anyone the beginning of the season yet both of their asses got to the final 3 when neither of them should have been there.

      5. Aye, Bootz and Schatar got away with a lot on CS1.

        CS2, we had two bitches (the ones you mentioned), doing so many things that should have gotten them “expelled”, and yet they skated by onto the end. The other girl in the final three was so damn quiet and got no attention, it wasn’t really clear whether or not they deserved that position. To be honest though, nobody deserved to win CS2, aside from maybe Kristy-Jo, but she didn’t do that much either, so…

  26. ILM2 Reunion Previews:

    ^ Frenchy being delusional and annoying as all hell.

    ^ It and TM talk.

    1. Ugh, they always spend 1/3rd of the reunion shows on Angelique

    2. LMFAO @ Angelique sayin : ” This is what you get when you spend 500$ on your boob job , bitch ! “

    3. HA! IT had me laughing so hard when he started talking about the Muslims and Jews.

      Please give IT and TM a show together.

  27. LMAO, Rich must have wet himself, IT’s exit interview is up in video format:

    1. Looks like the only person who is not going to get an interview from this season is going to be Saaph. Which sucks, because I’m sure hers would have been entertaining.

    1. Neither, she’s just wearing a loose/baggy top.

  28. Rihanna nude pictures just hit the net. Who cares about Cassie after seeing those? :)

    1. That’s hella ironic seeing that I just saw those pics but when I clicked on the link to see the reunion preview it showed one of her Covergirl commercials. Her pics looked damn near like porn pics. Not like the other pics of celebrities where they were just sitting there with that blank look on their faces……but then you couldn’t see her face in most of those pics.

    2. Note to self: if you’re famous, DON’T TAKE NUDE PICTURES. In fact, nobody should be taking nude pictures, not in this day and age, at least.

  29. LOL, LOL..I just saw the Rhianna and Chris pictures. Chris has panties on his head, LOL…well I guess it’s Chris..can’t see the face. Rhianna’s pic is showing her body parts in a few and just her head in the other two. Why do all these chicks take pictures with a camera phone?

    I don’t know how recent this is because her hair is streaked with white now and on the pictures it’s all black. I wonder who leaked these?????

    1. I’m not sure if that is her or not but if that is her body is hot. I’d do her!!!!! Shes a sexy bitch! LOL

  30. Is anyone fighting on the reunion show?

  31. Ok. Y’all need to give me like 20 minutes to sort this out because Steupz just IM’ed me the ILM2 finale and NYGTW premiere ratings. However it’s in partial totals so I gotta do some really weird fucked up math to try to come close to how these 2 shows did. What I can tell y’all though is that NYGTW did do better than the most recent episode of DOL.

    1. Despite how bad the first episode of NYGTW was, I can’t honestly say I’m surprised.

    2. My issue here is figuring out the ILM2 finale first because I can go to another site’s archives that has the same type of info I need in it for ILM2. However when I do the calculations either this total I’m getting is hella inflated or it really did do extremely well.

  32. Ok I’m pretty sure I got this very very close to what the actual numbers are. Anyone who sees this should know that THIS IS AN ESTIMATE. I will definitely have the real numbers no later than Thursday but no earlier than Tuesday if no major problems arise with the sites I go to to get the real numbers. so here goes…..

    ILM2 Finale: 3.318 million
    NYGTW Premiere: 2.060 million

    1. I know that’s an estimate, but that sounds about right. Thanks again EA.

    2. I’m pretty sure that’s as close to correct as I’m gonna get. For me to hate math so fucking much I’m actually getting to be pretty good at this. Good thing I paid attention in those algebra and calculus classes.

    3. Thanks EA. The ILM2 finale did really good, and I think overall it did better than season one.

      Not bad for NYGTW, but it will probably flop like NYGTH.

    4. I really need to look at this show really closely. This show could either be an utter flop or have absolutely mediocre ratings and although what I (and a lot of us visually see) says flop, the numbers could say something completely different.

      Now if the ratings for episodes 2 & 3 don’t tank completely then I have reason to believe that my theory is right and that the shows coming on before it is what’s keeping NYGTW on life support and that NYGTH would have done better if it was under the same circumstances.

  33. Alright, Saaph confirms it on her twitter:

    1. Support my lip chap please!about (8 hours ago from web)

    2. Saaphyri Wanda Scott X359545 C.I.W. Barnerberg B 1137 Low 16756 Chino Corona Rd. Corona, CA 92880 I would love to hear from you all. (about 8 hours ago from web)

    3. If you haven’t heard that I’m in jail, you know now. Yes it’s true. If you like you can write me. my cousin is maintaing my twitter account. (about 8 hours ago from web)

    Looks like Saaph IS in jail, and she is Wanda… Also, Becky has pointed out several times that this is Saaph’s twitter, so I don’t think that’s fake.

    1. Whoa, MTO was right this ONE time?

    2. I tried to tell everyone that Saap even looks like a Wanda but people kept saying that MTO was lying and Wanda wasn’t her real name! SMH

      1. LOL!!!

    3. I wonder if there’s any way she’s seen any of the episodes. And how does she have access to the internet in prison? I guess someone typed it up for her?

    4. In jail you get to watch TV, so I wouldn’t doubt she’s watched at least a few episodes. I’m sure she can put in a special request. As for the internet… I have no idea. It might be her cousin giving the messages to us.

      Also, I can’t believe MTO got something right… Especially THIS. I guess there’s a first for everything…

      1. Well, we know she’s in prison, MTO got that part right. But we don’t know if she actually did steal her uncle’s identity.

  34. I’m not surprised at the ratings for the frist episode of NYGTW because her “fans” missed her and wanted to see what her new show was about, but what I really want to see are the ratings for the second and third episodes. Thanks EA.

    1. Seeing how this show sucks ass and is not merely aight, I want to see how the second episode does, but the third episode will be the real indicator since it would not have a finale or premiere episode of another show airing before it.

      Unfortunately the wildcard with this show is that you have absolutely no fucking idea what the next episode of NYGTW is gonna be about until it comes on and it’s basically up to the viewer to decide if they would consider watching the next episode if they think the choices for jobs are ok and wouldn’t be complete torture to watch.

  35. @ kandygurle…I agree, if that is Rhi, she does have a nice body. Very sleek and trim but I definitely don’t want to do her. LOL.

  36. Since people are hating New York twice as much…u might like this video (TOO Funny!)

  37. Good Joann more for me! LOL

    1. Ha-ha! U R 2 funny!

      Joann, I just don’t care for her anymore. I used to think she was a good role model & that’s the only reason I liked her, and now I just don’t see her that way at all. I don’t mean to be mean but the whole Chris Brown thing changed my opinion of both of them. She’s wrong for staying & he’s wrong for what he did to her. I just don’t want to see little girls looking up to that. It’s only my opinion, I promise I’m not hating, not this time at least.

      1. I see your point CJ! I agree.

  38. Per TMZ….”The letter refers to “unauthorized photos purported to be…Rihanna,” demands that the photos be removed from the site, and calls the photos a violation of “the Artist’s rights.” More on TMZ

    Her camp is fighting the pictures that were released on the net today. Wonder did Chris release the pictures.

    1. Oh what it must be like to have a camp that speaks for you. Another perk that comes with being a celebrity meaning that I can curse someone out, my camp will just tell everyone that I cursed everyone out because I’m exhausted and then I can receive “treatment” for my anger and exhaustion which means telling everyone I’m going to anger management and the hospital when I’m really just photographed coming out of the place one time with some brochures in hand.
      Then 6 months later I can do the same shit all over again with no reprecussions.

    2. Considering Cassie’s were released this week too, I don’t think it was CB. My bet’s a hacker.

      1. From what I read, it sounds like Cassie herself leaked her own pictures.

  39. my girl Brandi M trying to get her own show. I would love to see her get her own “of love” show.

    1. *waits for people to trash the idea*

      1. lmao just what i was thinking

      2. Brandy M is not worth coming up with something to say.

        But this is!

        Farrah from ROLB, is she really PREGNANT???

      3. LMAO! Too true CJ!

        And I saw those pics, I just think she’s kinda fat.

    2. I don’t think she can offer anything worth watching. Not that I don’t like her, it’s just I don’t see her doing anything people might want to see. Maybe…Brandi goes Hunting!

      Scratch that.

    3. She has nothing to offer. Daisy should be proof that trashy bitches should not get shows that easily. If she’s going to be back on TV, let it be on an ILM, not a show dedicated to her.

    4. Haha, Daisy getting her own show is making all these boring people think they can do the same? It’s kinda cute actually.

    5. I’d watch, I love Brandi M.


    LOL @ the possibility of a Farrah pregnancy! But look at that belly!

    1. Damn Farrah did get fat! See what drinking too much does to you!!

    2. Farrah has always been fat. She just wears tight clothes with big ass belts to suck in her stomach and push her boobs out.

  41. @ CJ…oh no I don’t think you are hating regarding Rhianna, you are just stating your opinion and I can understand that.

    I am not now nor never was into her music. What I liked about her was her fly fashion sense and when she got the beat down I was sympathic towards her but that changed a lot when IMO she didn’t move fast enough to sever all ties with Chris. I am willing to bet she probably still sees him off and on.

    I can see where you are coming from and I totally agree.

    1. I’m glad someone knows how I feel. I know a lot of Rihanna supporters read this blog & I don’t want them to get the wrong idea, but that whole “Stand By your Man” shit really made me rethink things when it comes to her. My boyfriend has 2 beautiful daughters & I don’t want them thinking it’s cool to go back to someone that hits you because Rihanna did it. She’s very impressionable.

  42. i know it’s early but happy mother’s day to all the mothers on the bourgy

    1. Thank you Pimpboy; that’s sweet of you. I hope your wife & mother have a Happy Mother’s Day as well.

    2. Thank you my son just turned 22 may 7

      1. Your son is 22, Amy?
        If that’s you in your AV you look 22 lmao.

      2. Thanks yeah that is me

      3. My son just turned 14 on May 7! LOL! Wow!

    3. Thank you Pimp.

      Dang I see I have a bunch of stuff to catch up on. didn’t get to see ILM2 Finale or NYGTW. Stupid cable folks meesed things up and now they won’t be turning things on until tomorrow. I had to borrow my neighbor’s laptop to check emails (598 new messages!)

      So I hope those bad little twins Khi and CJ have been behaving themselves….. Who am I kidding! What ya’ll up to now?! LOL. I’ll catch up and check back in tomorrow.

      Peace and Blessings!

      1. No good, as usual! LOL!

        Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in the Bourgy fam!

      2. It sucks because my mom lives in england so i cant see her

      3. Aww… are you planning to go visit her anytime soon? Or her you?

  43. @ EA…I hear you on this. Ninety nine percent of celebs do their dirt and when their dirty deeds are made public none of them have the guts to make a public statement. I are not asking for every little detail but some sort of acknowledgement should come from their own mouths to their fans, not some pre-written carbon copy idiotic statement they have stored in their file cabinet, which their camp or attorney then releases to the public and expect us to go along with it.

  44. @ CJ..I am not one of those people who calls someone a hater just because they disagree with me on certain subjects. Everyone has an opinion about something and that is a right for all of us. It does not make you a hater.

  45. Awww man….Rev Run’s son arrested.

    “Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the 19-year old was seen allegedly buying the marijuana and rolling a joint while sitting in a car on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. We’re told he tried to get away by throwing his car into reverse, and nearly backed into the officer’s car.

    Simmons Jr, known as JoJo on the MTV reality show “Run’s House”, was also booked for resisting arrest, attempted reckless endangerment, and criminal use of drug paraphenalia.”

  46. Well now JoJo’s album might actually sell a few copies! SMH

    1. Why isn’t weed legalized already? I mean, that’s a meaningless arrest.

      1. Republicans and Mormons.

      2. LMAO!!!

      3. I agree

  47. I know someone here watches the Duel II/RRRW Challenges so, according to Vevmo, they’re already filming another challenge, but this time it’s in Thailand and they’re calling it “The Pit.”

    The (speculated) cast looks pretty dece, although there’s a few I would hope I’d never have to see again (I’m looking at you Brianna and Shauvon..) but Veronica and Katie (Team Katie!!) are supposed to be on this one together and Wes is unretired and 100% confirmed, and Kenny and Evan are reunited (Albeit douchebags to Paula as of late…) so I’m amped.

    1. o shit u just made my day. that cast blows the duel 2 in my opinion. but i thought that Kellyann said she wouldn’t do another challenge after the atrocity that was the island???

      1. Oh yeah, for sure… I hate a good 60% of those people.. and I only like Kenny and Evan when they’re together ’cause they’re funny as fuck. I hate Veronica but I know since Katie (<3) is gonna be on there’s gonna be some amazing drama.. and Wes is just entertaining.

        I know about Kelly Ann, I’m not sure.. Wes retired and he’s on this one, and Mark retired years ago and is on the Duel II. I think these people are just broke. ๐Ÿ˜›

      2. ya probably lmao. and ya there is bound to b sum epic drama because of katie and veronica. i cant wait

      3. Kenny and Evan are hilarious together. And Kelly Ann was drunk when she said that.

        For Kenny and Evan lovers:

      4. lol like half these people said they wouldn’t do another one. Ev said on the island reunion that she was done for a while but i guess she’s back

        I’m just glad to see Johanna, she is one piece of hot sex

      5. i know she is very sexy lolz

  48. Since weed grows out of the ground it is an herb and I firmly believe it has tremendous medicinal value toward curing a lot of the heavy hitter diseases, but it has been given a bad rap because it is being used for selfish reasons, hopefully that will change.


    1. Thanks Joann. You have a great Mother’s Day too!

      Unfortunately I’m a selfish girl! Lmao! But you’re 100% right. Marijuana has a lot of medical benefits.

      1. Happy mothers day to everyone!!!!!!

    2. My #1 argument for legalization:

      God made it. Why?

      Weed = natural, not man made
      Coke/Heroin = natural, but man made
      MDMA/LSD/Meth = completely man made (Although you can get LSD from psylocybin mushrooms….)

      IF God didn’t want us to smoke pot, why did He grow it and not let us figure it out on our own, like we did with other drugs?

      1. PS: I know some stoner can grow it in his closet and that’s technically man made, but I mean it was here before we were… The Native Americans smoked it and gave it to the Pilgrims. :)

      2. The argument against legalization (very fruitless, I may add):

  49. @ That’s ok CJ once upon a time I was selfish too. Weed made me waaaay too paranoid. I would give my ownself away. LOL.

    I just read on another website that Danger gave a radio interview and when asked about her and Ray J(sex), Danger said, in part, “Ray J was like a happy meal without the toy. Ouch.

    1. Damn! Wow, as if he didn’t have enough on his track record! There’s nothing that would intrigue me enough to have sex with that man. The size of the ship isn’t enough on its own.

  50. Steupz, are you a fan of Louis Theroux?

    1. he’s hot.

      1. Lol.
        Yeah, but his docu’s are fascinating.
        Man, I wish I had BBC :(

  51. You guys spoilin’ yet?

  52. Now Becky’s fighting with Sinceer

    1. Is there a reason why we should continue to pay attention to that (attention) whore?

      1. None whatsoever. But Sinceer’s finna give it to her. She fucked w/the wrong one. Prancer, Cornfed, chix like that will just be cool, calm & collected. Not drunk ass Sinceer! I love her big forehead ass!!! BW’s going to regret that decision.

    2. Oops, she’s fighting with a rapper named Sincere; not forehead Sinceer.

      1. OH! I was thinking that is way out of character for buckwild. She only starts stuff with people who have enough class to ignore her. She wouldn’t dare go there with New York, Bootz, Buckeey, Darra, Sinceer, Shy, Deelishis, or anyone with a hothead like that. She’s scared.

      2. And then when people like Bootz, Darra and Shay get on her, she starts crying and starts packing her bags up.

      3. LOL Pretty much! She’s such an imposter! Her hoe card is always getting pulled & she can’t handle it

    3. My God, Becky’s just getting annoying now. She’s acting like an internet tough guy. She needs to shut her dumb attention whoring mouth.

      1. lolz!!

    1. Damn, a 3 YEAR SENTENCE!! Looks like we won’t be seeing Saap in a minute and I’ll miss her.

  53. Just to let you guys know…

    The first challenge started like 2 days ago, and Chet goes home first and is sent home by Wes.

    The Pit is also divided into Champions (people who’ve won) vs. Challengers (who have not). So yes, Evan wins The Duel 2, because he’s on the Champions’ team. Fucking sad, I hate him.

    I’m excited for Wes and Kelly-Anne (they’re together!) to clash with Johanna, Kenny, and Johnny, lmao. Ugh, I fucking hate Kenny, Evan, Johanna (lost my respect on “The Island”) and Johnny.

    Oh, and Katie and Veronica are cool now, since like BOTS2.

    1. Hi Veronica!

      OMG I can’t wait until Monday! GG’s gonna be good!

      1. ME TOO! I can’t wait. I wanna know WTF Georgina’s up to.

      2. I want her to “off” Poppy, get the money, and get a condo so she can stay around & cause trouble!!

    2. Chet from RW brooklyn is on the duel?

      1. It’s Khicago the Great! Hi!

      2. No, the next RR/RW challenge.

    3. Thanks for spoiling the Duel II for me, as well as the Pit. :/

      1. =]

      2. That was sarcasm, but ok.

        Where did you find the Champions vs. Challengers thing? I can’t find it on Vevmo.

      3. Wow, SO obvious that you were being sarcastic! (Now this is being sarcastic. =P)

        I can’t C&P right now, but there’s an official “The Pit” thread with like 70-something pages on it.

        I’ll type it anyways… (in another reply)

      4. Yeah, I figured.
        I’m combing through one of them right now.. Lord, there’s so many. Why can’t they just put all the relevant info in one post and then just edit as they go along like every other spoiler board? >_<

    4. The whole champion vs. challengers thing isn’t CONFIRMED yet.

    1. The version I tell is a turtle, in a bar, and it’s nails rather than glue. ๐Ÿ˜›

      1. I can’t click on that link because I’m @ work & we can’t get youtube vids, but I’m so intrigued. Turtle, bar, nails, glue… I MUST KNOW THE JOKE!!!

      2. OH! That’s so cute! LOL! Mr Awesome, you need to change your moniker to Mr Random!

  54. Champions ( ) = Wins

    Derrick (Inferno 3, Island)
    Evan (Duel 2)
    Johnny (Island)
    Kenny (Inferno 3, Island)
    Darrell (Gauntlet, Inferno, Inferno 2, Fresh Meat)
    Syrus (Extreme Challenge)
    Wes (Duel)
    Ev (Inferno 3, Island)
    Ibis (Gauntlet 2)
    Johanna (Gauntlet 3)
    Katie (Inferno)
    Susie (Gauntlet 2)
    Veronica (Challenge 2000, Gauntlet, Inferno)


    Nick (Hollywood)
    Sarah (Brooklyn)

    1. Whoops… forgot Tonya on the Champions. She won Inferno Tres.

      1. I love how Derrick goes from losing 5 in a row, right at the end, to winning two in a row <3

        Tbh, it looks like this is just rookies and veterans again.. The challenger side is comprised mostly of rookies except for Adam, Brad, Dunbar, Danny, and Diem… The champion team looks stacked, though.

    2. Darrell is 4 for 4.

      If I were them, I’d get Wes and Darrell out of there as soon as possible.

  55. that means aneesa/tori/rachel wins :(
    hopefully aneesa although prob not :(

    1. I would assume since Brad is only picking Tori and vice versa, that if Tori won, Brad would too, and Brad would be on the champion team… But he’s not.

    2. FYI..

      Vevmo did not confirm anything besides Chet going home and its unconfirmed that the he was kicked off by Wes. The pit is also a speculated name.

  56. I am sorry but am I the only one who found this funny about Saaphyri:

    ‘Reports are saying that the reality star will be serving a three-year prison sentence for failure to appear in court after being arrested for stealing her uncle’s identity back in 2004.’

    I just find it funny she stole a man’s identity… not a woman’s….. classic!!!! LOL

    1. LOL, I so didn’t catch that. Good one.

    2. I didn’t read it yet. But that figures. She looks like a really ugly transvestite that can’t get her makeup right. And that’s rare.

  57. Angelique said Prancer looks like a 12 year old turtle.

    Angelique looks like a 12 year old rotten boiled egg.

    1. Angelique is a mess. Every time I look at her unmadeup face I think she has herpes because of how strange her lips look and the sores she has around them. She has had her weave in for-fucking-ever and it irritates me how all these blonde (and trust me none of these hookers on any of these shows who claim they are blondes are real blondes) bitches don’t even fucking care that you can see their damn dark ass roots after 3 damn episodes. Her body looks like someone took an oversized meat tenderizer (you know those metal hammers with the raised edges) and continuously beat her ass with it the whole time she was going through puberty.

      Prancer is a different story. She coulda kept her money for that jacked up boob job because that shit looks square. The silicone bags are supposed to be circular. It looks like her doctor inserted 2 mini ice packs in her chest. Her weave at the reunion looks a mess to but what the fuck else is new because she doesn’t know how to find a decent weave either. Seriously though, I probably weigh like 10-15 pounds less than Prancer and my real boobs are about the same size as her fake boobs (meaning still small). She didn’t have to spend money for that. She (and every other woman with fake boobs) will have to get them redone in 5 years anyway. That’s what good push-up bras are for.

      1. EA that’s a great analogy/she does look like someone beat her ass with a meat mallet.

        I think Prancer looks ok, but I don’t think getting her breasts done makes her a goddess. She’s a cute girl (Saaphyri quote).

    2. Angelique got me laughing on this ! Because obviously , she hasn’t seen herself in a mirror lately !

      But what’s really sad about Angelique , is that she is supposed to represent France and French people .. and she’s doing such a bad job ! Thank God , we’re not like that at all , she might be some kind of unique specimen , because we aint like that at all !

  58. where can i see full FOL2 episodes???

  59. Any pirate hip-hop fans here? ๐Ÿ˜€

    The new Eminem album leaked and I have to say….. It’s fucking AWESOME. Then again I’ve been a fan since like, ’99. (Yeah, my parents let me to listen to unedited Eminem albums when I was 9. Look how great I turned out. *shrug*) I’m floored by how deep it is.. I mean Marshall Mathers LP was deep, but this is a whole other level of deep, almost haunting.

    1. I’ve only heard 3 am and Old Time Sake so far. 3 am was meh, but I liked Old Time Sake.

      Both songs he’s using that awkward fake-arab accent though. Getting kind of old.

  60. Daisy Sneak Peek is up

    for anybody that might care.

    1. LOL @ the pictures of Heather showing up for “Psycopaths who might attack her”.

      Not generally impressed, it doesn’t make me really want to watch. 12 Pack looks and is acting really weird.

      CJ, do you watch DoL?

      Oh, and Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers who come to bourgy.

      1. I despise that show. It has funny moments, but the objective seems to be to make her look like a fool. That’s just mean. If they really wanted to help her, they’d take her to Dr Drew Pinsky, keep her on there for 2 seasons, then give her a spot on Tough Love, Season 2. I actually like Daisy, but I think an “Of Love” show is all wrong for her.

        Thanks for the Mother’s Day shout-out! I hope your family enjoys their day tomorrow Bobo. As for me, I’m off to bed. I have to work 10 hours on my beloved Mother’s Day. I don’t mind, though.

      2. LMAO! I’ll admit, anytime I see Daisy on VH1, she seems to be at the butt end of a joke. I don’t think all of her plastic surgery helps her that much. I agree that she does need rehab, and Tough Love for good measures (lol).

        No problem. Sucks that you’ve got work today! Hopefully you still enjoy it. I think my mom will enjoy her Mother’s Day. We plan on taking her out to lunch. We also bought her an I-Phone since her cellphone is broken, and because she’s wanted for a long time.

      3. That’s awesome! She’ll love that!

  61. My Sister Said Please Donate to her on

    1. your sister? I know who your sister is then ๐Ÿ˜›

  62. I really need to get out more…I just realized how obsence TM was trying to melt the ice…

    Tailor Made Licks Ice
    1. The best thing about that is you can caption is ‘Tailor Made licks Ice’

    2. at the end he was almost effing the ice ๐Ÿ˜€

    3. at the end he was almost effing the ice ๐Ÿ˜€

  63. ILM2 reunion is on now.

  64. Leilene said she like heat cuz he has backstreet boys on his ipod

    1. That’s sad, but it’s even more sad when Heat’s ass said it was from 8th grade. Seriously…..ipod’s weren’t even out when I was in 8th grade so he had to put that shit on there long after then.

      Also, 20 Pack’s desperate plea for Brittanya to contact him still doesn’t do shit for his straightness because of that damn piercing under his fucking lip. Gay ass shit.

    2. it’s official he’s gay

      1. $LMA0!!$

      2. LOVE your new name sweetie!

  65. Buckwild looks like my cat. Orange, fat, has a big mouth and loves to do whatever is necessary to be the center of attention.

    1. i just love how she didn’t get a segment, let’s hope she’s not on the extras

    2. Good she didn’t get a segment but they didn’t need to spend more than half the fucking show on It, Heat, Angelique, Tailor Made and the Entertainer either.

  66. I swear Myammee looks like one of the twins right now. That is not a fucking good look.

  67. I usually like myammee but the outfit was terrible & she did look like one of the twins but she still sexy as ever… The reunion was ok I wanna see the extras to see what we missed. Amd 20 pack shud come out the closet dnt try to shout out britanya jus to try to fool everyone

    1. 20 Pack wasn’t fooling anyone. He really should just say he’s gay or at least bisexual. He just does all these things that doesn’t not even attempt to make people believe he’s straight.

      There’s the full face makeup, with perfect eyeliner.
      The loose wrists.
      The damn disgusting ass stripper pics posing with other dudes and shit.
      Comparing himself to Clay Aiken in his exit interview.
      Letting the Enterloser speak for him the first 3 episodes of the season like he was his bitch.
      And finally there’s the damn piercing under his lip.

      Being guity of one of those things may or may not get you a pass depending on which one it is. Being guilty of 2-3 of those things makes you questionable but it’s still cool. For him to be guilty of every last one of those things means his ass just needs to admit he likes men.

      1. LMAO! He’s not straight! He might be bisexual but there’s no way he’s straight!

        If he’s straight, Natasha was born a female!

  68. so the reunion wasnt good???

    1. It was boring. It wasn’t as bad as the ROLB reunion but it was boring as fuck. The only hint of conflict was Angelique calling Prancer a 12 year old turtle.

      1. lolz okay whatd buckwild do? anything exciting happen?

      2. This is how the reunion show went

        8 minutes of Angelique (2 minutes of her screaming at Prancer (who they never brought down to the stage for anything), 2 minutes of her saying she’s been with hotter guys than 20 Pack and the rest was just her talking about random shit)

        5 minutes of Leilene (They called Buddha and Heat down and they both said she’s sweet etc.. but she needs to stop depending on men to fill her personal voids.

        5 minutes of Enterloser talking about how he wants his own show and how he’s not moving out of his mom’s basement. Then they brought Heat back down to talk about his elimination.

        5-8 minutes of It talking about why he failed all the challenges, about how he’s talking to Cali now because Saaphyri isn’t around and him just frustrating the hell out of Ice and rambling on about other bullshit.

        8 minutes of Tailor Made. (3 minutes talking about how he was playing ILM2 strategically) (The rest with him and It. They showed part of their video and spent the rest talking about running for City Council)

        5 minutes of Myammee talking about her hair and what she would use the money for…..absolute waste of time.

      3. aww damn lolz nothing special lol well im waitin 4 charm school 2mmorrow lolz

      4. That’s what happened. They didn’t talk to Buckwild. They just kept putting the camera on her making her look like a beached whale.

      5. lmao

  69. im a guy and i wuz recently thinking of a lip piercing… im not a rocker or anything jus an idea

    1. Don’t do that….please don’t. It does not look good on anyone. I think it makes people look dirty because it always looks like they have spit on their chins.

  70. ILM2 reunion was one of the most boring reunions EVER. I blame Saaphyri’s ass for being locked up in jail. We needed her at this reunion.

  71. They didn’t talk to Milf! Fucking bitches..

    1. why would they? she was one of the first eliminiated and they usually only talk to people who made it close to the end or had some sort of ridiculous impact on the show

      imo, talking to milf would be like talking to cali

      1. She was eliminated sixth. Yet they talked to Leilene and Buddah, who were eliminated before her.

        Plus she was involved in a lot of drama in the house. If Saap was there, they deff. would of brought her down.

  72. after watching the supertrailer i was bummed because tripp lee was hardly in it but he’s made it this far so maybe he does make it to the end, judging from this episode anyway

  73. Did they talk to it?

  74. ok this reunion sounds wack, so I won’t feel bad when i miss it for Celebrity Apprentice Finale. Unless I take my mom out to eat and MISS THAT TOO!!!!! and i don’t even have dvr :(

  75. I just ordered the teal ones. (Waiting for EA to rip them to shreds-lol)

    1. You know you wrong for considering to buy that ugly shit.
      You even more wrong for spending $100 for that ugly shit.
      Why put your feet through that torture?
      High heel shoes should be banned from existence because there is absolutely no logical purpose for them at all other than for women to commit suicide from breaking their necks.

      1. LMAO! I love you! But they’re comfortable to me. I’m used to wearing heels because I had to when I worked in the office at my old job

    1. They ugly too because they are pink, it’s a high heel shoe and because it’s ugly.

      1. I know, I don’t usually buy pink shoes or anything else pink for that matter, but these shoes remind me of a sunny spring day. I love these!

  76. OMG … WORST fucking reunion show… EVER. I can’t believe how terrible that was. Put fucking Entertainer / Buckwild / Buddha on the stage together and there would have been some interesting moments. Put T.Made up with Entertainer or Becky or … just fucking do SOMETHING i can’t believe how terrible this was.

  77. and what the FUCK were they doing spending almost half the reunion on “it” ? I’m pissed at how much of a waste of time this was.

    1. yep. I second.

  78. There’s definitely going to be some sort of “It” spin off with the video clip they show, and how much time they spent on him at the reunion.

  79. LMAO and Enig couldn’t have been more dead on by saying Myamee looks like one of the things. She looks like damn Thing3.

    WTFF was she wearing?

    And ahh trying to save the reunion with a Megan reference.

  80. OK EA, how about these? I didn’t order them but I started to

    1. Oh hell fucking no. That encompasses almost everything I hate about shoes all into one.

  81. so it’s safe to say that the ILM reunions will be boring

    1. That’s a safe assessment.

    2. It sure is a safe assessment.

  82. Just ordered these with my 30% discount code from my other order!

    1. Stop wasting your money on this ugly ass shit.

      1. Ha-ha! I like to wear solid colors & skinny jeans & capris a lot, so I make sure my shoes stand out.

      2. And that shit is important why? It’s clothes! All you need are solid colors to not blind anyone and to make sure your ass isn’t walking outside naked. Shoes are only to make sure you don’t fuck up your feet walking on the ground, not fucking up your feet in tacky ass constrictive shoes to make them look like deformed hairless, headless chihuauas. fuckin around with that shit will make your feet look like Saaphyri’s.

      3. Awww Hell to the Nawl! LOL! I buy inserts for that very reason! I love cushy shoes! If they’re Nine West, Steve Madden or Chinese Laundry, you have to get Dr Scholl’s and order a half size too big or else your toes will look like smooshed up blue sausages & you’ll get bunions, calluses (saaphyri) and corns! I have never had any of those & I will keep making sure to keep Dr Scholls handy & wear size 9’s so I never get them.


      4. That’s why all that shit is stupid and unnecessary, Just get a comfortable pair of white or black Adidas and call it a day. And if your clothes don’t match with those then you probably don’t need to be wearing them anyway because it’s either too formal, too revealing or hella ugly to be seen outside in.

      5. LMAO! HiiiYo! (Stolen from Bret Michaels)

        I love pretty shoes! I like kicks the most but I love wearing heels! I was joking about those open toed sneakers, but I love shoes that stand out. My cousin would love those D Squared shoes, but they’re hideous to me, I don’t like them one bit. She was wearing those Manolo Timberlands when they came out. I didn’t like those either but I like them more than these! LOL!


      I’ll wear this dress with those green shoes. Like I said, I dress with solid colors so I don’t wear solid shoes very much. Loud patterned clothes aren’t my style, but loud shoes are! And I like orange, lime green, turquoise, colors like that, because they remind me of springtime.

      I’m with u tho, on the jeans & kicks tip. I just wear heels when I go out.

      1. Well there’s your damn problem right there……stop going out. That way you will have a pocket full of money and a closet devoid of ugly ass shit. Win/Win if you ask me.

      2. LMAO EA come on! I’m going to come to Chicago for my bday this year & I’m gonna scour the South Side & find u (monica leon)& drag u out the house! LOL! :-) We’re going out!

      3. At least I THINK we’re going to chicago…

        my boyfriend said we’re going to a city I want to go to very badly, so Chicago has to be what he has planned, unless it’s New York. It’s one of the two.

  83. DAMN that reunion was so dead there is NOTHING AT ALL to talk about!

    1. Absofuckinglutely NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. LOL!

    2. Those are not cute at all i agree with EA. But the other ones were cute i love shoes

      1. Oh no I don’t like these either; I was fucking around to see what EA would say… I think they’re horrible.

      2. The ones I ordered will be here Tuesday! I’m so excited! I LOVE shoes! I have a nice collection & Endless is my spot; I know how all the brands fit, so I do good with them. But I usually go to Macy’s if I need something right away. And I LOVE Dereon clothes. I’m starting to buy a lot of Dereon stuff; it’s slowly taking the place of my BabyPhat collection.

  84. Anyone else hate how fucking delusional Frenchie is? She acts like she’s hot just because she has blonde hair and big titties. I mean, Rosie O’Donnell can get a boob job and dye her hair blonde, but would that make her hot? I used to love her, but she’s so fucking annoying. Every time I read her interviews she always talks about how a lot of guys want to fuck her. Bitch, fucking please, every time I see her in porn, it’s always from greasy-ass dude with a gut who’s fuck”ing her. Her face is… words cannot describe how hideous it is… her body is so manly, her tits are kinda sagging, and her ASS is fugly. It’s not “perfect”, because it’s saggy, and it’s not even round…it’s square. She has a saggy, square ass, but I guess it’s true that her ass is like Barbie’s, cause Barbie has one too. LMAO.

    1. Hi V!

      Frenchy is a prime example of how ugly people can make themselves look even uglier when they badmouth people like Prancer, who runs rings around her in the looks department. Prancer’s no beauty queen, but Angelique can’t say shit about her looks when she looks like an uglier version of Joyce Wildenstein. She looks like she’s slobbering all the time.

    2. Did everyone see bruce they showed him a few times

  85. This reunion was BORING! Frenchie was fucking delusional and fugly. I don’t know why they always give that ugly bitch attention at all the reunions. EA is right by the way, 20 seemed 10X gayer, he just needs to come out. Even saying he’s bi would take some heat off of him, there’s way too much pointing towards him being gay.

    Leilene’s segment just made her look even more pathetic. Heat was made out even dumber than we already thought too.

    Fuck the Enterloser. He needs to go off with Cuntwild back to rock they crawled out from under. I swear to god, VH1 just wants to give him a show. He knows it, and we know it. I pray he doesn’t, but it seems inevitable.

    Cuntwild needed to shut her fatass mouth. The bitch looked like a beached whale. Looks like her broke ass has been packin’ on the pounds.

    IT got far too much attention. I think 50% of the focus was on him, which was pathetic. Him and TM didn’t have that much to say that was interesting, funny, or something we hadn’t heard before.

    Myammee DID look like she needed to change her nickname to Thing 3. Her segment was not that interesting, and left a lot to be desired.

    All in all, a dumb, boring reunion that focused on unimportant boring things. I mean, no Prancer? No MILF? No Buddha segment? Like those three or not, I think they would have produced something more interesting than what we got.

    I wish Saaph had been there, she would have helped to make things more interesting, I think.

    1. FINALLY! Someone who agrees with me!

      Prancer and Milf needed to be talked to. They wasted time on fucking It and Leilene instead of them.

  86. I miss Saap too! Too bad we won’t see her for prolly another 3 years! :(

    Honestly, I think IT did make the reunion. I was crackin’ up at his dumb ass. I was also crackin’ up at tha fact they didn’t give Becky no time. Is she pregnant from Enterloser or just fat?

    Everything else… ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZ…………

  87. I think Frank should have got the show NY got. He could definitely use the money and I think he could pull it off, cause lord knows NY can’t. They shoujld give his mom and dad a part in it to. Those two are hilarious.

    1. I also think she did look kinda weird when they were in that club..:D
      i really like the show but if she says she is looking for “love” then why did she rather go around in the bar and making out with everyone and forgot about sinister? poor guy ๐Ÿ˜‰
      i hope london wins..or 6gauge..or big rig..they’re the least retarded ones..

      1. I don’t bother with I Love Daisy anymore. And Pretty Wicked is a good show, depending on who you ask. I think it’s a great reality check for women.

  88. do you guys know if pretty wicked is any good? before i try to find any downloads :)

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