Danger: ‘I’m Not Pregnant!’
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Now Danger says, ‘ I’m not Pregnant’

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  1. told you this mustache looking nasty was messed up in the head

    1. Ha. I can live with the moustache though; she’s stunning.

  2. dude that mustache is so visible, it’s not even funny.

    And she is one of the more low class looking girls on the show anyways

    1. Yeah. That’s what I’m saying.
      Does this bitch not believe in getting it waxed? Hell, even shave that shit IDGAF.

      I’mma admit, I used to have a mustache, but it was never as visible as her, and I get that shit waxed every month.

    2. agreed! mustache + tat on the face = not for the guy! I mean, at least take care of the mustache!

  3. My gut tells me she’s a tranny. Be careful Steupz,she’s a “special” girl.

    1. Ever see the nudes of her. That is no dude. I love how the haters are trying to rip her apart. Good for you, but ever see how she feels about other women liking or not liking her? She doesnt care. To me, that is something I find attractive. She is hot.

      1. As I stated before, you can be a tranny and get a pussy…its called a sex change. And I think its good she dosen’t care what I think, cheers for her. But I’m still going to state my opinion. She can still be a tranny and be pretty…which is what she is…a pretty tranny.

      2. Then that would make a lot of guys gay in here. I love the haters…good for you.

        She just fiiiiiinnnneeee.

  4. Of course she’s not pregnant.
    I gotta give props to Stilts… She called it.

    And yes, shit IS getting way too complicated for me.

  5. Oh yeah, I forgot to ask.
    What’s the source on this, Steupz? Nothing’s on the VH1 blog and I’m too scared to go to her myspace.

    1. her MySpace blog

      1. Who do you predict RayJ picked? HER? I think he picked Unique…

  6. I don’t think she’s a tran; she is a weirdo, but it works for her; she’s a cute girl

  7. lol
    so for the love of ray j 2?

  8. Did Buddha get eliminated in i love money 2

    1. PLEASE SAY YES!!! I despise Buddha, with his sexy ass! He just drives me NUTS…but he’s SO FINE! But I HATE him!

  9. Yes, Danger is a beautiful girl( what did you call her steupz…stunning. LOL)there is no denying that but beautiful, stunning or not IMO,this girl is playing a game with almost everyone.

    Why all of a sudden is she NOT pregnant??? IMO, she was not pregnant from jump. I thought it was a publicity stunt.

    Danger knows she can do any outlandish thing she wants and because of her beauty she knows she can get away with it and men and some women will still be running behind her.

    That’s why Danger could care less what people say about her, especially women.

    The girl is what, 22, and already a pro at manipulation.

    1. “Danger knows she can do any outlandish thing she wants and because of her beauty she knows she can get away with it and men and some women will still be running behind her.”

      What beauty Joann? She is in the top 3 ugliest looking of all the of loves. It’s good she could care less about what people say about her. Women and Men will still be running behind her because she is an ATTENTION WHORE.

      I agree she was never pregnant, I think she did it for attention/fame.

  10. VH1 is showing all oldies today. I think it’s because of the Academy Awards.

    1. yup; I’m glad I have plans

  11. WTF??!!! Why oh why wasn’t she a Flavor of Love Girl? She would have been perfect to be in the house with some of those other nuts!

  12. @ jess,

    Yea there are a few who thinks she is not all that, but IMO the majority of people thinks she is hotter than hot.

    I don’t think she likes attention, I think she CRAVES attention, that’s why she does things in such an outlandish way.

    Did you see her nudies? Now you know that girl didn’t need to spread her legs and open herself up like that. That was downright nasty.

    It’s like she’s saying “let’s see how much I can get away with”. Why would she put it out there she was pregnant with Ray J’s baby then turn around and now say she is not. You don’t do something like that with a celeb(even if he is not that popular) unless you are 100% sure. She will probably say she lost it or some BS like that.

    This girl is manipulative, but IMO, she is using it against herself and I think in the long run it will work against her not for her.

    1. The majority of people think she is hotter than hot? That’s news to me..

      If she says she lost it I’m praying TMZ goes looking for that shit.. If they can get all 14 of Octomom’s babies birth certificates.. They can get Danger’s chart or something.

      1. Steups, maybe she “lost” it. Read into that whatever you’d like.

      2. They cannot legally check her medical records unless it was in a court situation. HIPAA violation. :/

        I bet she was never pregnant though.


  14. she is not wearing a brassiere…her lips and light skin make the mustache more visible

  15. Her eyes frighten me in that pic. The ‘stache isn’t helping, either…

  16. LOL @ jess…. “If they can get all 14 of Octomom’s babies birth certificates.. They can get Danger’s chart or something.”

    I too would LOVE to know if she WAS REALLY pregnant and why she is not pregnancy now.

  17. She’s a pretty girl, no doubt… As long as the mustache is not visible in her pictures.

    All the fine in the world can’t make up for a black hairy mustache… Unless you’re a dude.

  18. Is Monique going to be hosting Charm School or what? holla back

  19. @ CJ….the host this time will be Ricki Lake.

    1. Hmmm… I guess if you need to make a comeback, this is it.

  20. Well I figured she was lying for some attention. The broad is crazy but still if she would shave her “lady monkey” I’d do her! lol

    1. I can’t get past the stashe or the tatoo. She is cute, yes, but I don’t see why folks are saying she is among the most beautiful ones in this house. She is far from it. Unique & Naturalle are/were my favorites, CHardonay and a few others top her

  21. I was looking at Danger’s Myspace page. She has bright colors throughout the page which I like and the slide show of her as a kid is really cute.

    She is also selling posters, men and women’s T-shirts, and photos of herself on her site, which is fine, but the T-shirts for men are all the same price whether you buy a medium, large or extra large.

    I would charge one price for the normal sizes and add at least $2 more for the x-large size. Same type of thinking with the women’s t-shirts.

    I can’t figure out if she is selling her as photos as photo #1 for $10.00, #2 for $10.00, etc. or if it is the same price whether you get 1 or 4 for $10.

    I know people do things differently, but I would not have my items priced like that.

  22. I had no problem with Danger, but the Ray J’s baby thing was straight up bullshit. You don’t go around talking about people like that. I hope, for Ray J’s sake, she wasn’t the winner.

  23. @ nate,

    Yea I agree that was waaaaaay over the line. I wonder if Ray J can sue her for that crap. I know he probably won’t get any money but maybe he can put the fear of God in her.

    1. The reunion should be intense, assuming she shows up.

    2. I was thinking that, too.
      For slander/libel/defamation?

  24. does she have a moustache? her upper lip looks really fuzzy.

    I am glad she is not pregnant even if she is the winner. that would just be a bad situation… to get pregnant doing a reality show. (added by Mobile using Mippin)

    1. Yeah… very bad taste, getting pregnant on “For the Love of Ray J.” And now suddenly she’s not. And why did she go emo on her housemates? And the hyperventilation scene. And the tiger on her face & art palette on her neck… What we have here is over-the-top weirdness. But, again, it works for her. She is the one that gets the most attention on that show.

      1. $LMA0!!! TRU DAT CJ!$

  25. OMG…did anyone see the photos of Danger on MTO today.

    She does not have the tat on her face so that tells me the pictures are old, but they are…..well you need to see for yourself.

    1. Thank god they censored that shit.
      MTO is dumb, though. Lynched? Try BDSM.
      I need to go vomit now.

      1. LMAO@ Jess’s comment!

  26. OH NO!!!!! WTF is she SMOKING????

  27. @ jess,

    I hear ya. I didn’t go with the lynched thing either. I figured it was some sort of bondage.

    Danger has no problems showing her thang.

  28. MTO and Bossip, especially MTO may be two of the dumbest sites ever. I beleive the people who come up with the headlines are retarded.

  29. She is fine!

  30. yall know her face tat is fake right?
    Check back episode 3, when they went shopping, there is a scene inwhich she and ray was playing around and she moves her hair from her face and no tat was there.
    Check it out and tell me what yall think.


  32. She was never pregnant but because she is a smart girl who knows how to mind fuck people over, she got the buzz swarming around her and her name out there.

    And YES to all the skeptical people out there she is and was born a woman – no tranny, though she’s always had a mustache.Went to high school with the girl so I already knew her deal:mustachio was crazy as fuck! Dangerrrrrrr

  33. lol she do got a mustache lol. eh i still love u danger and i hope u win

  34. she’s sexii soo shush all yall