Fantasia For Real Danger For F*cks Sake
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I’ll give this Fantasia show a watch because you can never have too much black family exploitation.

On the other hand, this Danger interview below…

I dumbed down to an unnatural level listening to this…
Blackmail, Mexicans storing placenta in the fridge, Tyrin Turner, sex with Ray J, Mariah Carey,Thanksgiving dinner… IT HAS IT ALL!

Unless Danger is on a VH1 show or kills someone, this is the last time I mention her in the main area. I can’t fuck with mad people.

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  1. Too lazy. What are the details behind the sex with Ray J part?

    1. Danger & Tyrin aren’t even DATING foreal… Danger had pictures of her VAGINA all over the internet so what does that tell the WORLD!! He’s not even attracted 2 her…. this is coming from an inside source HA HA HA

    2. I just seen both Tyrin and Ray J on Nite Tales not too long ago. Why would either one of them fuck wit that??

      1. I heard Danger was paying Tyrin Turner to be her boyfriend!! I bet she wouldn’t admit that though HA HA HA. Any man in there right mind can do better then her… thats if they are in they’re right mind, then stick there penises in anything that spread there legs these days, she musta been an EASY target

  2. oh wow

  3. lmao hahahahaha Danger is fucking NUTS holy shitballs

    1. true, but damn she fine. Just do not allow her to talk. :)

  4. To truly understand Danger… you must watch Coming to America.

    1. I love that movie, & know most of it by heart, but I still haven’t the foggiest idea when it comes to understanding Danger’s mentally unstable ass…

    2. Sexual chocolate. She is your queen.

  5. She is like a cameleon with looks. She looks very eclectic with the shaved head and “artsy” tat’s.

    1. Danger needs to go somewhere and sit the hell down and raise her baby, if she knows how.

      A lot of people started out with a tough life…so freaking what?

      Her life probably got tougher because of the choices she made. I don’t feel any sympathy for this bat shit crazy chick. LOL…I’m a brilliant actress…WTH.

      If she got shit on people and want to get her paper then stop flapping your gums about it and put it out there. Talk is cheap. All these no account chicks get on my last nerve…lol.

      1. *collapses*

  6. Ugh, does VH1 pick up every show handed to them? VH1 is pure shit and fuck you for canceling ILM4.

    Steupz, I think you should consider shutting down Bourgy.

    1. Hell nah don’t shut down Bourgy! We still got shows we can pick on LOL

      1. I won’t have any shows. I’m not watching any of the bullshit VH1 is putting out. Maybe CFC, but that’s it.

    2. NO V! WTH? VH1 already shut down their message boards so this site’s all i got left lol

  7. I think Danger is just an attention seeker. She desprtely does things to shock people. ‘Oh, looki-me! I shaved my hair and I’m crazy! Ohhhh yeahhhh, baby, I’m crazy!’

    1. Danger’s fucking touched.

  8. I heard tasia is dating a married man with children she is obviously perfect for vh1

  9. 51 minds says ilm4 is still a go for feb. If they dont air it they will be done because theyd be losing about 1 mil between the 2 ilms.( This is how i figure if ur giving the winner 250 the show has to make at least double that to make it profitable.

    1. VH1 spent way more than 250k to get that show together. Just think of renting the mansion, renting space to house the crew and the host for a month, paying the cast, the host the crew, transportation for at least the crew (maybe the cast too). The cost of filming, the cost of editing and et cetera. I wouldn’t begin to imagine how much that would be but that 250k they pay the winner is just a fraction of the total cost to make that show.

      That being said, just having a million people watch the show without any regards to anything else is not enough to recoup the cost of the show. Advertisers are responsible for most of that cost.

      Like all networks, VH1 has to pitch to different advertisers what their target demo for the show is, how large they expect that target demo will be that will come and watch the show and why their product would be appealing to the type of viewers who watch their shows. From there the advertisers decide if they will advertise and how much they will pay for the spots.

      Of course some companies already have contracts to advertise on the network regardless of what is there but really viewers are only a fixed catalyst for bring advertisers to shows. Networks don’t get paid immediately if people come to a show during the course of a show (the reason why shows get renewed so quickly to try to capitalize on renegotiating with advertisers), just like they don’t immiediately lose money if the ratings are weak (but the networks are pressured by advertisers if the ratings were weaker than promised because they spent a lot of money and aren’t getting the promised results).

      1. Awesome comment, EA. A+

  10. @K-Reality:

    We’ll see bout that.

    On Fantasia:

    VH1 should be ashamed of showin this dumb azz b!tch with her big azz fuckin mouth. How many teeth does she have?

    On Danger:

    Danger has that craziness that Reality TV been needed. She jus need 2 do anotha show b4 she get irrelevant. She hella psycho though.

    1. idk what show danger would be put on… vh1 needs to slip her some coke every now and then so we can get her on CR.

      1. VH1 should have a show called Assorted Nuts and have Danger, New York and her mom, Tila Tequila, Raven, that chick on BGC who you guys talk about…Natalie, Frankie and Neffe(Keyshia Cole’s mom and sister) and a couple of others I can’t think of right now.

        Put them all in a mansion with alcohol and let them go at each other. Guaranteed it will be a hit.

      2. I would sooo watch ‘Assorted Nuts'; it would be allkinds of awesome… 😛

        Danger is truly fuckin’ delusional;

        “Watch yourself! Fucked around and got beside yourself, I know!
        Go ‘head, though – act a fool, show ya ass; toe that line, ho…”

        ~Mystikal, Danger

      3. Thats too funny—the Mystikal song…so true for this lunatic bitch…DAAANGERRR!!! LMAO

      4. Lol, great idea!

  11. lilduval and natalie are twitter beefing again he made basicassnatalie a trending topic

    Lilduval: hey #basicassnatalie why is yo page private and yo pussy public?

    1. I kno, right? He posted a Twitpic of the Crimson Chin & said it was her. Lmfao.

      1. I luv Lil Duval…

      2. Me too!

    2. Sh!t HAHAHAHA!!! Lil Duval iz dat nigga LOL!

  12. Veronica, Omg Noooooooo. Can’t get rid of Bourgy…


    Lol. Anyway, has VH1 announced that ILM4 is canceled?

    1. When the hell did I say that? You need to re-evaluate your thinking.

    2. Anywaaaay, how you doin’, DBro… I mean Veronica?

      Lol I quit b4 u kill me. <3

      1. So when did I say that, Christina? Your little follower feeding you lies again?

  13. Do not listen to her steupz

    1. You’re the ho beater? LOL

  14. Got shit to do: Holla!

    1. You don’t need to announce it on a fucking blog.

      1. LMFAO!

  15. What this goin on between my V and my Ceej?

    1. GS, we’re cool, lol. I just like pissing Veronica off, ‘cuz she’s cute when she’s mad.

      How do you feel about Danger? I’m starting to think Ray J & her are still fucking.

  16. Lil Duval STAY goin in on Jay Leno’s basic, bama, sleep azz. Now Charlemagne need 2 go in on her and jus let everybody go in on her: Mike Epps, Affion Crockett, Marlon Wayans, hell everybody LOL

    1. His comments were funny. Gotta love it.

      1. X.

  17. God, The Wolf Pack (the wannabe tough chicks on FTLORJ2) needs to die. They’re so annoying. I can’t believe I’m actually using this term, but… they’re such of basic bitches.

    1. LOL!

  18. Veroooooooonicaaaaaaaaa…..

    Yahoo, beautiful.

  19. She needs that one way ticket back to Bellevue….Tyrin Turner he starred in South Central isn’t he living there now? What was his last fucking movie

  20. OT for a sec:

    Have any of you guys checked out this new reality show on TLC called One Big Happy Family. It comes on Tuesday night about 8 or 9 PM. I saw the premier but missed the second show.

    TLC will be following the life of this black family named the Coles in their quest to lose a lot of weight and develop healthier eating styles. It also shows you what they go through when they go out and how people react when they see them.

    The dad, mom, sister and brother together weigh anywhere from 1200 to 1300 pounds. The brother and sister are teenagers.

    Check if out sometime. They are really a nice family but all 4 are truly butterballs. I’m pulling for them though.

    1. Sounds heartwarming. I’ll watch; I’m a sucker for stuff like that.

  21. steupz you should have posted the second interview with Danger on where she is discussing her life.

    All I could do was LOL especially when she was rolling off her credentials about what she has accomplished. That freaking art she showed looked like a third grader did it. When she said she was NEVER a prostitute I was too through…LOL.

    1. I wonder what goes through 51 Minds’ minds. Ray J didn’t deserve a second season, but Danger sure as hell needs a show!

      You know, RTL (the administrator over there) is one of us. He used to post, if you remember; then he started his site & he’s been doing his thing there.

      1. CJ.. on that second interview at Realitycheck Danger said she has been filming a show for several months and waiting for someone to pick it up be it VH1 or whoever wants her the

  22. Luscious came here to fresno to do a boring ass interview. Shes half white half…. i think it was phillipino it was so forgettable.

    1. I think so. Filipino/White.

      1. Yep, she’s a Filipina. 😀

  23. Danger, I am tired of her x52.

    Can’t watch the Fantasia show cause I cannot stand to look at her. Glad she learned to read and is doing fine, though.

  24. She is Mexican and Black – didn’t u all listen to her 17 minute radio segment? How in the world could u think she was Filipina – she in no way looks Filipina!

    If you’ve been molested since childhood and have emotional issues (which, clearly she does), the LAST place you should move to is Hollywood! That town will use you, chew you up and spit you out. She is in no position to be threatening anyone – she’s a D-list celeb at best – no power, no clout, nuthin’! I would be real careful if I was her – she’s been gettin’ away w/ running her mouth this far, but a pretty face only gets u so far. One day, she’s gonna take it too far w/ the wrong person. That childish ish was ok when she was alone, but now she has another life to think about – stop playing kids games and grow up…

  25. Oops, my bad – I was talking about Danger, not the other one. I thought u all were saying that Danger was Filipina. Next time, I should pay closer attention, lol