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Caviar and Mya

Call me slow, but I only just got the ‘fish eggs’ reference. (Feels embarrassed)
I thought he meant fish eggs as in ‘something is fishy here’, not as in Caviar.

Anyways, Fish Eggs’ exit interview is up; here’s a snippet…

What did you think of Cocktail’s aim to “expose” you?

First of all, Cocktail is from another reality show. Speaking of exposure! If anyone’s there for exposure, it’s her. I think she’s just a hater. And nobody likes her. None of the other girls. She was a backstabber in the house and I don’t like her.

Did you make friends?

Yeah, me and Danger’s pretty close. Whatever her stuff. I don’t know what’s going on with her publicity stuff, but it’s crazy. But yeah, she was the nicest one, even though nobody liked her.

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  1. what show she on

  2. I liked caviar!!!!

  3. I read the whole interview and Caviar still claims she didn’t know Larry knew Ray J.

    If Larry and Ray J knew each other and Larry is her manager then Larry knew Caviar would be on Ray J’s show but didn’t tell him. It looks like Larry played both of them.

    I liked Caviar too and thought she was pretty…..just couldn’t understand her that well.

    I read on another blog Caviar is suppose to be on the dating episode of G’s to Gents next week. Don’t know how true that is.

    1. Caviar quote:
      “First of all, Cocktail is from another reality show. Speaking of exposure! If anyone’s there for exposure, it’s her. I think she’s just a hater. And nobody likes her. None of the other girls. She was a backstabber in the house and I don’t like her.”

      Wow. I didn’t know there are other girls in the house that dislike her. I thought Danger would be the one to fight someone because she likes the cameras, but now I’m thinking Cocktail & someone else are gonna fight; that’s my prediction.

  4. Caviar and Mutt-boy
    1. The Transformers
      More than meets the eye

  5. I never liked her. She was pretty but had the personality of wet paint. And her lap dance was sorry.

  6. 😛 Yup! Predictablitiy all over. VH1 just announced RCoL2 😛

    “Another Real Chance of Love?

    If you watched Real Chance of Love, you know the road to love is a treacherous one where furry chinned Rabbits and Stalking Yetis lurk at every turn. You also know that Chance ended his journey alone and Real found the girl of his dreams. Or did he?

    What you don’t know is that Corn Fed’s promise to “take it slow” lasted until she found out that Real had proposed to Hoops on Season One of I Love Money. After that, declarations like, “I love you,” turned to questions like “Why don’t you love me like that?” and “Where’s MY friggin’ ring?” Needless to say, Real ran for the hills.

    Since that time Real and Chance have turned their backs on romance, and have holed up in the studio devoting their time to their music. But a man can live without love only so long.

    Now Real and Chance are back to give love another chance. 20 new women will move into the Stallionaire Ranch and compete for the brother of their choice. Will Real and Chance finally find the girls of their dreams? Who knows? But one thing is certain, it will be fun to watch them try.”

  7. I thought Caviar was the prettiest one one the show but she just didn’t stand out. There was nothing interesting about her. But’s let’s be real here people who in their right mind would go on a reality show to find love? If you’re on a reality show you are probably there for one thing and one thing only……..exposure!

  8. You are right on point kandygurle. When I saw the first of these “love” shows with Flav I REALLY thought he was trying to find love. Now that I look back I have to laugh, we were all fooled, just didn’t know it at the time.

    51 Minds will have to come up with something really, really different with these “love” shows if they continue to air them. I am bored with them,(probably won’t watch RCOL 2 or at least that much) especially when you know the host is not going to stay with the winner and will have a second show.

  9. Caviar is alright.

    If everyone thinks about it, if you a from a foreign country and go on a love show, you’ll never win or even go far.

    Angelique, Marcia, Caviar….didn’t make far. Inna and Magdalena went a little far, but not that much.

    I love it how on every episode so far, someone is found out for being fake and not there for Ray J.

    1. Angeliquue is a freak show, Marcia was a drunk, Caviar was as hard to understand as Ange-freak. Inna was a moron (but I liked her) and Magdalena was a mess.

      1. Well you know there will be a FTLORJ2…

    2. I love Inna! She has to be on I Love Money 3!

      1. I like Inna too, but she lost her vivaciousness at the end of ROL2 & on CS2. She is waaaaay better than the hooligans on those busses. She wasn’t smart, but she was pretty competitive.

  10. True, true….but still, no one from a foreign country will win an American reality show.

  11. Hey, l haven’t posted since all that stuff happened on the old site… I just found this one not too long ago. Great site by the way, just wondering if any of you guys saw Dallas on the new episode of the millionaire matchmaker?

  12. i havent even been watchin For The Love Of Ray J… it any good?

    1. Want the truth? Not good.



      1. Ashley and Flav? Eww.

  13. Hope FloRida isn’t smoking what they’re smoking! Strange compilation.

  14. I don’t usually believe MTO, but this I do believe; The pictures ARE hers:

    _ February 26, 2009. One of’s faithful readers sent in a tip that Nibblez from the show Flavor Of Love has pics up on a popular NY escort site called

    The woman who is using Nibblez photos calls herself “Brandy” and here’s what she says about herself:

    Take a vacation with Brandy to a Tropical Paradise all inclusive where you can enjoy a delicious treat. And of course GFE is on the menu. 5/7 34C/ 24/ 34

    Of course we can’t say FOR SURE that Nibblez is the one on the site – but the below pics, taken from the site – are DEFINITELY HER. And according to Nibblez’ Myspace page – she is living in New York City … so ….. _

    1. I am sure Nibbelz told MTO. It is not like she is ashamed by what she does. She seems to like it, it is her choice of profession and she is bold about it. Good for her

      1. Whats the big deal? We all know Nibblz is very sexual and is open about it.

  15. I think she came off pretty well in that interview.

  16. @ Trouble…..I watch Millionaire Matchmaker, not every episode though, but I am curious as to why Dallas was on there. What role did she play? I am pretty sure she is not a millionaire?

  17. Some horror news!

    The “A nightmare on elm street” remake is currently casting and will begin filming in April!

    Friday The 13th Part 2 has just been announced and is currently being planned for a release on Friday, August 13th 2010. Writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift (Freddy Vs. Jason/Friday The 13th 09) are currently working on a script for it. Director Marcus Nispel who just directed the remake might not return to direct the sequel.

    Michael’s coming back this August in Rob Zombies “H2″ which is currently filming. The film’s first pic was released yesterday and it showed a battered Laurie getting surgery done on her.

    1. Hmmm..interesting.

      I was going to see Friday the 13th on one of my days off, but because of the goddamn Wisconsin snow last weekend, I stayed home. Is it good?

      1. Extremely good! It made 50 mil in its first week alone, becoming the biggest opening in history for a slasher film. But it dropped 80% in its second week,lol. Everyone had seen it over the F13 weekend so there wasen’t that many people left to go see it the following week.

    2. fuck it i told you that by the way khicago what kind of computer do you have vista or xp

      1. Xp. And a Friday the 13th part 2 was as predictible as RCOL2.

      2. Pimp, get a new avy, thats too ugly.

      3. what is avy khicago

      4. Your avatar. That ugly 50 cent.

      5. hey khicago you was just talking about Nibblz being very sexual and is open So I’m guessing back on FOL2 Toasteee was right about Nibblz jacked Flav off while they were all in bed together

      6. but i will change my avatar pic soon

      7. Toasteee was just lying. I mean kissing flav is one thing, but jerking his dick till he jizz? eww, no thanks.

      8. Maybe he had a rubber on? LOL @ the happy endings remark!

      9. Christina what state you live in? We need to meet up and go pick up some men.

      10. OMG.LMFAO

      11. I’ll go out w/you & live vicariously through you, because I have a bf… I am in Ohio; I was just in your city in November (election) and in August for the Air & Water Show; ate @ Riva’s on the pier-LOVED IT!!! Loved the Mile too; didn’t go out anywhere; you have to show me what’s hot

      12. I’ll be your wing…LOL

      13. Well actually I now live 30 min away from the city in a boring suburb called elgin. Why is it that every cool person that you meet on the net is always far away? Why can’t they be right next door?

        I wanna lay a guy on my bed and spank him with this wooden stick I got.

      14. U R off the chain! LOL I know we will have so much fun; need to come to Columbus, a lot of cute men here; if I had to guess I’d say since ur from Chicago U like the Bears? (8)

      15. Yup! But not into sports much. What I love is screenplay writing, horror movies, reading books, reading scripts, mortal kombat, and men. What you like to do?

      16. I’ll send u an invite to my myspace Khi

      17. k

      18. Elgin? Are you serious? You fucking live in Elgin?

      19. I wasen’t born in Elgin, I lived most of my life in the city! I just moved here two years ago! Chicago all the way! Fuck Elgin!

      20. LOL. I’m just laughing because of your demeanor here and it’s damn obvious that living in Elgin is nothing like living in Chicago, but seriously living in the suburbs does suck. I’ve lived in Harvey, Park Forest and University Park but that was about 10 years ago and I believe that those places probably still suck.

      21. I’m moving back into the city as soon as I can! The suburbs are boring as hell!

      22. I don’t want to live in the suburbs because then you end up in one of the 3 suburbs I just said I used to live in. It would either be ghetto as hell but since it’s the suburbs the people try too hard to imitate what goes on in Chicago, quiet and cool but there’s absolutely no way to get around to anywhere without a car, or so fucking small and isolated that there are more corn crops than people and the black people either act extra uppity or extra fake and ghetto because they think that their blackness somehow affords them the right to run the suburbs.

  18. @joann
    She goes on the show to get a rich man. They only show her for a little bit, but it is doubtful that she will appear on any future episodes. She is on the one that just aired this week, I will find the name of the episode, or post a clip if I find one.

  19. @ Trouble,


    I am asking because the chick who owns the company will say to some of the girls in so many words, if you want to catch a millionaire you have to look like millionaire material and Dallas ain’t fitting that look at all.

  20. IDK! Look at Whoopi Goldberg! A lot of the richest people in the world show no signs of being so.

  21. @ Christina,

    Yes, I know that. There are some rich people who do not look like they have millions of dollars, but what I am referring to are the rules for the show Millionaire Matchmaker.

    Any chick going on that show HAS to look and dress appropriately(dressed to catch a millionaire) that is why I want to know how Dallas looked. The look she had on ROL will not work for that show.

  22. So what exactly Is “appropriately dressed to catch a millionaire?” Not @ you, just wanting to know what the show’s idea of dressing to impress a millionaire is. Bret Michaels is pretty wealthy & still makes $ off tours & spins (I know they made a killing in that ’06 tour 20 Yrs of Rock), last I heard. And she caught his eye.

  23. @ joann she didn’t get to go on a date with a millionaire and yes rol Dallas. The episode she pops up on is called andrew/laurence.

  24. @ Christina,

    Well the chick owns the company wants really nice high end clothes or as close as they can get and shoes, no overly done makeup, hair in good condition, not with different color streaks and nicely coffed, nice jewelry. Able to hold a decent conversation and not throw themselves at the men. The women have to have well paying jobs and some have their own company.

    The owner matches up the girls with millionaires, throw a mixer and the millionaire picks the two girls he would want to date and the owner follows through with them after the date.

  25. Thanks Trouble.

  26. I think that word for the hair should be spelled (coiffed) or just think well styled.

    Oh yea, the owner actually does a backgournd check to make sure the men actually have millionaire and up money.

    1. T-weed wouldn’t suffice, then.

  27. Describes a lady a rich man would be with (to save face-lol). That’s cool; thankz! I’m going to watch the show; what time does it come on? What channel?.

  28. I don’t know what state you live in but it comes on Bravo where I live(CA). I think it comes on about 8 PM or later and either Wed. or Thur.

    I am sorry about the date and time but I don’t catch it every week. I forget about it and catch it in reruns.

  29. @ Trouble,

    I saw the episode with Dallas last night in reruns of the show.

    When Dallas got rejected she said she wasted her time when she could have gone shopping. LOL

  30. I love how the blog started off about Caviar and turned into a million other things lol….but Caviar is a beautiful girl but thats it! Unfortunately when it comes to reality TV you also have to have a strong personality and some “pizazz” (bringint it back lol) if you want to make an imprint or a lasting impression and sadly that lap dance wasnt it! I’d still love to look at her though….just dont talk! lol