Flavor Of Love 2
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Buckwild, Buckeey and Deelishis On Flavor Of Love 2
Flavor of Love 2. Oh the memories, like…

Krazy being a basic bitch before there was a word for it

Bootz could shake her ass and it wouldn’t make a ripple to her stomach

Buckeey didn’t look so old

Toasteee doing p0rn and it was SHOCKING

New York was still skinny

People who did nothing not being in the Final 4

So why not download it because where else will you see bad $800 weaves and unsmashed homies?

Ep 1) Somethin’s Stinkin’ in the House of Flav

Ep 2) Flav is Blind

Ep 3) She Works Hard for Her Honey

Ep 4) Jelly on the Telly

Ep 5) Famous Friends and Strangeness

Ep 6) Photo Shoot To The Death

Ep 7) Boxin’ Each Other Out

Ep 8 ) Steppin’ Out Flav Style

Ep 9) Family Flavors

Clip Show) Oh No She Didn’t!

Finale) Flav Belize In Love

Reunion) After the Lovin’

[Credit: Thing 3]

22 Responses to “Flavor Of Love 2”

  1. I remember this was going alright, then New York showed up… went to another level after that.

  2. FOL2 was boring to me before New York showed up. It was too obvious that Deelishis would win. I couldn’t think of one person who would be there in the final 2 with her before New York came back.

  3. The picture of Buckeey is shocking though. I always wondered why I ever thought she was hot looking at her new pics… now I know why, she WAS hot!

    1. Her weave was a fail though…Really damn near all of the ones with weaves were just so damn tragic.

  4. *sigh* I miss this show.

  5. I think Buckeey would have made it to the finals for sure if she wasn’t unfairly thrown under the bus.

  6. ahh my all time fav vh1 show.. new york made the show basically. thanks for posting the episode downloads now i can make some dvds 😀

  7. New York’s boobs used to be a normal size.

    1. Yep. Fast forward to December 2006…

  8. All I can say iz that TV will NEVER get this good again. Ever.

    1. a men to that

  9. I miss the attention whore Krazy..what ever happen to her?? Come back to vh1 Krazy!!

    1. i remember like last year somebody tried to claim that she died lol

      1. I hope not..I wish we knew if its true or not..cant believe she wasnt on anything else besides flavor of love..no spinoffs or anything..she was comedy gold..also hottie too.lol

  10. Stilts, Cashmere, LiL Hood and Naturalle From Vh1;s For The Love Of ray j Season 1 have their own show on the way Called The It Girlz… Here Is Some Behind The scenes footage Of Their Casting Call For Guys For Their First episode


  11. Are they uncensored?

    1. Not sure… I’ll ask Thing

      1. I preferred to be called Thing 3,
        and unfortunately they are kinda censored

      2. Shit :(


  13. BUCKEEY & BOOTZ? OMG BEST SHOW EVER! Remember when the 1 bitch took a shit on the floor AND SHE STAYED FOR LIKE 2 MORE EPISODES LMAOOOO!!! I just wish Buckeey woulda really pushed Krazy off that balcony for real, sigh if only…

  14. Best. Season. Ever.