Flavor of Love Reunion Spoiler: Thing 2 engaged to the old man
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If you had any thought that Flavor Flav was proposing to Thing 2 on the Flavor of Love Reunion Show, then here is your answer

I am so sick of these shows now, it ain’t funny.

Credit: Pale Black Sheep
Video courtesy: Gabrielle

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  1. SMH at making the announcement on ‘Hood Boogas TV’.

  2. LMFAO Didn’t I Tell you steups

  3. I am disgusted, mate.
    All that ‘you changed me’ nonsense

  4. Wait A Minute steups who is she engaged.to

  5. The old man who visited the mansion during the ex’es episode. The Flamer Flame dude.

  6. I’M CONFUSED STEUPS WHAT ABOUT THE Reunion Show who was flava flav proposing to

  7. yea, so who is flavor flav proposing to?

    and why the hell is Tree eating with them? Oh wait, she wasn’t invited to dinner with the hot girls

  8. I have two guesses.

    1) he was demonstrating how to propose to the old dude

    2) he was proposing to his baby mama.

    Because that video seems to have been shot after the Reunion Show; which means that old ass was on the show.

  9. WOW!!! thats fucked up man. I thought she was meant for him.

  10. lmao… you seem hurt Redd.



  13. da hell bunz and flav Know Wonder bunz is on flav top friends list on her myspace page is that who he proposing to

  14. In RL, is Bunz Flava Flav’s Baby Mama in disguise?

  15. steups look at this shit old man and thing 2

    Thing 2 and fiance'.jpg

  16. hmm that is a good find Pimp, look at all the pictures looks like the twins have “tried” to do some modeling too and have been to Hawaii…

  17. Good Morning, Black Sheep.

  18. Good morning Steupz..Well T2 and the old man do look like a nice couple I guess

  19. Would you mind guessing again? Lol.

  20. LOL, well compared to Flav come on he does look a little better..in a “Hood Boogers” kind of way! LOL (wondering who the heck named themselves hood boogers)

  21. I am assuming they were togeather all along and that is why she did not accept Flav’s nightcap on the last show…

  22. As if being a ‘booger’ ain’t bad enough. Why it gotta be from the ‘hood’?

    But Sheep; I’m on record as sayin’ I don’t think Flav is bad-looking.

  23. I think you hit the acrylic on the nail.

  24. I didn’t think either one of the twins were smart enough to pull that off..but ole girl played her game well..acting all naive and stuff LOL

  25. Lol… nasty.
    I notice Thing 1 is better looking by far.

  26. but The Big Question is who did flava flav proposing to can it be bunz

  27. I told you all b4 Bunz nad Hotlanta reminded me of his last babymama I knew it!!!

  28. I told you all b4 Bunz nad Hotlanta reminded me of his last babymama I knew it!!!

  29. what is thing 2 thinking? he’s old, and ugly with mad kids! wait, on second thought so is flav. guess that’s her type.

  30. your right dorfam, in the one Pic I have seen of her she does resemble Hotlanta…

  31. I agree with you Dorfam.

    I also believe the earlier rumors about Flav and his last baby mama being married.
    Which would make sense if Bunz and she are one in the same. Stage a fake proposal at reunion knowing he’s been married all along.

  32. WHAT in the holy fucking hell????? I am so sick of this damn show. This season was as craptastical as it gets. Toad Head Flav needs to stick with his baby mama and leave these other 25 actress/ho/hoochies out of it. Seriously. No one believes this shit anymore.

    That man-ho has been through what? 65 women on national tv and I bet he still ends up with his baby mama.

    And he’s ugly as fuck.

  33. Hello Everyone

    Cough Cough you all need to look at hotlanta Cough Cough.

    Oh Yeah Vh1 does it maintaince repairs on Friday night and those videos be there cough cough reunion.

  34. Hmm what time does the repairs start does anyone know? Shawn?

  35. Usually around midnight.

  36. When does the Reunion show air on TV?

  37. Earlier on in the show I keep asking how did they get flav babymomma on there to compete. Babymomma got other kids which I have is all boys. Now if you put a pic of the babymomma and Hotatlanta up there is no way you can not tell me they dont look alike.

    Hey steups is there a way you get a pic of flav proposing and the hand.

  38. I’ll try, Shawn. Good Afternoon.
    Good Kitty, next week, I think.

    Sorry about the lack of posts today; I have not had time to grab anything interesting and I still have that Miss Rap Supreme recap to do.

  39. Hey Steups I think you know more then what you want to admit too.

    Ok folks going to post a bug yes babymomma was on the show and yes he will be proposing to her on the reunion.

  40. do you know that for real Shawn? So his babymomma is Hotlanta? I am confused (as usual)

  41. Naw Shawn, I am not into that sorta deceit. I really know nothing. I know a couple of people who made it to the Reunion and I heard Quanda on the Elle Word.

    And all I got from them, is… the Reunion Show was terrible.

    People take that ‘thing’ they signed, very seriously.

  42. Except it seems for Shy who taped that video and put it up on youtube LOL


  44. Hey I understand Steups about the contract thingy.

    @PBS – I dont know if you read the sister2sister mag or the Giant mag but there was a article on flav in those magazine that pretty gave it away. Yes the babymomma was on there.

    Some people already watch the reunion show by vh1 mistake.

    WOW THING 2 YOUR WRONG.YOU PLAYED MY MAN INTO THINKING YOU WERE INTO HIM AN NOW YOUR WIT OLD MAN.WAS THERE ANY B****** that were there for flav an not fame.will there be a season 4?i can not wait to see the reunion show.flav’s a good man who deserves real love.ya’ll a bunch of h**’s
    holla @ me

  46. I don’t know why all this speculation and excitement for the reunion show is even necessary. We all know that after the reunion show goes off, we will all be pissed off at how much it sucked.

  47. Excuse me for a bit…(watching the Champions’ League Final)

  48. LOL@ Matic, I know I always do it…no matter what, I was all hyped up for the ROL reunion. what a let down, and this will be too…a few weeks from now we will forget all about it..

  49. @ Shawn, I heard he did a interview with Sister to Sister but I didnt’ hear about the Giant one…I know everyone has been talking about he is with the baby momma since they show even started.

    Then again we have to remember this show taped before ROL2 and ROL2 started airing before FOL3, I wonder if the whole babymomma drama had anything to do with it?

  50. I used to do it until after the Charm School reunion. After that, every other reunion show has pretty much sucked to me and I have just decided not to get myself excited about it.

  51. steups and shawn It’s probably the mother of his son. However, I do find it very strange for Flav to be doing it on the reunion show. I definitely don’t believe he’s asking Thing 2 or Black to marry him. VH1 is now running a new clip of Flav making his marriage proposal. The teaser clue says something like, “It’s not who you think it is.” that a big clue right there

  52. LOL APRILJ there will not be a season 4 flava flav is really getting married

  53. @PBS they still together.

    @Pimpboy no its neither one.

  54. Pimpboy can you guess who is the babymomma.

  55. shawn i have no clue do you know about his babymomma

  56. but shawn I’m thinking that his babymomma is not black right she Spanish or white

  57. No she is not black not that I really know but I can find out.

    Steups you need to find out the business who got into a fight on the show?

  58. Hotlanta or Bunz, and if it is Hotlanta she’s an awesome actress, I wonder who came up w/ the “you’re being evicted thing”!!! That makes sense as to y Flave didn’t disrespect her when she went of on him after her elimination.

  59. shawn is it that woman he met in Las Vegas before the first season of FOL

  60. Yeap she was a dancer or waitress.

  61. shawn i don’t understand why He Couldn’t put that woman on the FOL 2 OR 3 without making Deelishis and thing 2 as the Winner

  62. Marketing @ Pimp. Its about the money.

  63. Steups why didnt you post the internet winner from the site wasnt welcome to come to the reunion.

    This is what I found on the board:

    VH1 and 51 minds are not having the internet winners back on the reunion originally for “lack of room on the stage”. Not only that, we are not even allowed on the premises. They lied in the contract “for reasons [they] won’t disclose.” They called us a few weeks ago to make sure we cleared our schedules for filming. I turned down a $200 job so I could attend the reunion as I was asked to do by 51 minds staff.
    After leaving three messages with 51 minds over the course of several days, I called again and asked for a random person there. I was then told that someone had dropped the ball and had forgotten to call us 5 girls and tell us we weren’t going to be on the reunion show. This was on Monday and the filming is Friday. Not only did they lie (I was told that if we were in the house, we would be at the reunion), I lost money from their neglect.

    I asked if I could come and see the girls as I am local. to be honest, I was more interested in seeing everyone again than being on TV. They gave me a tentative yes, and then today, less than 24 hours before filming, I called them and was told I wasn’t allowed to be there and would not be let onto the premises if I showed up. If I hadn’t called them today, they would have turned me away at the door tomorrow.

    The 5 internet winners were just as much a part of the show as the girls sent home the next night. You don’t exclude students from a high school reunion; why ban us from the show? We put ourselves out there and worked harder than the other actresses to get there.

    I kept quiet about the producers telling me the internet site was just for marketing and the winners would go home the first night. 51 Minds/VH1 preferred the girls they had cast into the show because they had the season planned out. Many fans of the show felt like their opinion meant nothing to Flav and VH1. I defended Flav and ended up screwed over by the team. I was messaged by Flav the other night and he has no idea the 5 of us won’t be there. In fact, his calls weren’t being returned and he was being given the runaround.
    He is the star of the show!

    I am angry and hurt and worst of all, it proves that they don’t care about you as the viewer/voter. One of the producers told me before the night before we filmed that the internet winners were going home and we were only there for marketing purposes. We aren’t considered part of the show even though we took as much grief as anyone else there.
    How do you feel about that?

    I think that the producers didn’t have the ratings they thought they would for this season and are being cheap. They are saving a few grand by not including us 5 girls. One girl (who lasted a few eliminations) had 3 layovers of a couple hours so her flight into LA was cheaper.

    Bottom Line: Every VH1 internet voting site is a sham? What about the Pickup Artists? Will they be treated the same way? The highest up people made this decision; not Flav and not the girls.

  64. So none of the “internet” chicks want to own up and admit that maybe their time was up within hours because they were oogly and not that the producers used them for marketing? If any of the 5 gilla monsters were a Hoopz or a Beautiful or a Deelishus, they would NOT have went home on the first night, marketing strategy or not.

  65. but Hazel, how about Rayna?? She was one of the hottest girls this season

  66. I remember there being 2 fat chicks that bored the hell out of him, one I think made the mistake of touching his face (I hardly remember it was so long ago) and the other one had arms that looked like bags of sugat. There was also a midget who was completely deformed from the neck up. Sincere has a big forehead, but this chick’s forehead protruded and made her face look like the speed bump in one of those gated assisted living communities. I don’t know what tomfoolery they were doing in videos to get internet votes but they had absolutely no chance from jump.

  67. Wait, Aurelius, Rayna was chosen from the online viewers? She right there makes my point seeing as how she lasted a few episodes. She was very good looking. But I do remember there being some internet fuglies.

  68. Yes i have seen a clip on shy,tik, tree,thing2 all together after the reunion show and she is engaged to the old man who she bought on the show for the never-wed game. Also appearantly there is something with flav and bunz on the reunion show.

    For all the folks that thought the twins were fake, trouble makers, messy, and not there for flav……we were right on the money.

    During the whole season alot of ppl didnt like the twiins and then they started to grow on ppl.

    It was obvious……they never really wanted that one on one time with him, they always was so focused on getting other folks out the house.
    Come on now and thing 2 didnt want to do a night cap. That shouldve told you something right there.

  69. oh god, the deformed chick was Shore-tee. Whoever voted for her must have been wasted when they did it

  70. LOL@ Aurelius

    Believe me she photoshopped the heck out of her pics on that site! Her name on the site was sexy Angie and she had the most votes! When I seen her picture on the VH1 website I thougth it was a joke!

    I wanted her to come on the reunion just to explain to us how she got her pictures to look that way..

  71. what it do steups i’m new up here

  72. When you leave a womb disfigured and highly unattractive, and then you turn around and see a set of legs and another disfigured highly unattractive person who resembles you exiting the womb directly behind you, that is when it should dawn on you that: 1.) your looks will get you no where, 2.) you will have to be grimy, smart, or both to be successful in life, and 3.) when it comes to romantic relationships, you will have to settle.

    I take it the hospital Thing 1 and 2 were delieved in were out of the “So Your Newborn is a Hot Sh–ty Mess: How To Cope” pamphlets they keep in the waiting area….

    still LMAO@ anyone who believes the man that came with their mama to the house is their blood-related father….

  73. LMAO @ Hazel

  74. I just watched a new preview for the reunion and when Flavor says “Will you marry me,” the person says “It is a surprise that NO ONE saw it coming, IT IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS”!!! It’s either black or someone else from past seasons…

  75. pbs did you see her youtue video she did?

  76. Hey gonZhOly-O!
    Fantastic name, that. Lol.

    Okay, good evening to those I didn’t say good afternoon, too. I was too busy watching the football.

    Raced home and caught the penalty kicks. If there are any Europeans here, Manchester United are the Champions!!!

  77. I take it the hospital Thing 1 and 2 were delieved in were out of the “So Your Newborn is a Hot Sh–ty Mess: How To Cope” pamphlets they keep in the waiting area….

    Murderous, lmao…completely murderous.

  78. LMFAO steups i like gonZhOly-O pick

  79. Man U all the way

  80. It’s a name for the ages, Aure.

    DEAD at Man U fans being anywhere and everywhere.

  81. wtf thing 2 was fake all along? sigh man… seezins should of won MAYBE they would of stayed together

    where can i find a pic of flavs baby momma that looks lik hotlanta??? where??

  82. I posted a pic of her a while back, but I do not recall her looking like Hotlanta.

    Lemme go search for it.

  83. o ok
    why is everyone say they look alike?
    and remember on the show flave said “if it don’t work out with the winner im going after you!”
    he said that to bunz
    was he being serious? hmmmmmm

    Flav Baby Mama.jpg

  84. I sorta recall the coment to Bunz.

    There’s the pic; and that definitely ain’t Hotlanta.

  85. and steups look at Bunz and flav myspace page look who on top friends list it’s been like that from the beginning

  86. steups it’s time for a new post now

  87. No can do mate. Gotta go to the movies in a bit. Maybe later tonight.


  88. Is it New York that he proposes to? That would be too good to be true though. But that would make the highest rated viewed Reunion Show. I was thinking New York has been proposed to twice. And, she has been dumped twice. Also, her career spanned from being on FOL 1. If not true, I still have a damn good theory.

  89. keisha, my little sister keeps saying at NY. The last time she said it I threw a shoe at her head

  90. Ay, Let me tell ya i thank he do need a classy bitch like black for a queen n thats real talk, any otha bith wid outa baby aint gon know what to do wit his 20 kids or how ta feel around em…

    But i dont like thing 2 cause she need to get hers her dam self, any ways boo ya dont need him.. and this video is hella funny im trying to tell ya let me get around senseer n shy bitch we a get so crunk k meet one de baddest of da south baby yes.. hehe let me stop but im trying to tell ya i cant wait fa that dam reuinion but cha know i will.. HA

    He gon pick someone either froma diff season… or blaack id say but THING 2 why u shady baby thats why u aint have no night cap honey ya manz watchen u on de telly makin sure u doing right huh? what eva it iz im out…

    this ya girl Realest so stay real wit me. ..

  91. DEAD at that comment Realest, lmao.

  92. maybe i can get with thing 2, we the same age, GIVE ME A CHANCE GIRL!!! whats with the geriatrics?? they don’t call me GotSkillz for nothin’, come taste the flavor of my love baby……wait, she’ll never read this will she

  93. That shortee bitch stole my votes on the internet contest. Her ugly ass. I can’t believe that. And when I emailed Sean E from VH1 and let him know that I was an internet contestant, he emailed me back stating that I can attend the show. Hmmm… But if Flav did bring someone else out, namely is BM then that’s pointless cause if that’s the case, make he a contestant and make her win and then bring out the truth at the reunion. However if the rumor that he cashed the check and was locked into FOL3 is true, then it would be only right for T2 to be engaged to her ex…he was going to play her anyway…might as well play him first.

  94. I heard that flav only did part 3 b/c of the money. he said in an interview that he only did the show because he was under contract. he is proposing to his youngest kid mother in the reunion special. she was the same reason that delicious and him broke up. flav is an idiot to play with these girls hearts. on the other hand, all these girls could be actresses and told what the deal was at the beginning but I doubt it. he’s an idiot that will do anything for money and to get back in the limelight

  95. I hear that mookz; but how could she have stolen your votes?

    This is so…; that’s what most of us think; but we’ll know for sure, soon enough.

  96. I think he gunna purpose 2 black cuz if u look @ da preview black is sitting next to prancer and wen he purposes and everyone is in shock suprisingly black is not next to prancer nd not even in view at all………..so ya black is engaged to flavor flav

  97. iono im watching it right now we will see..

  98. For all of the assholes that do not get it flav was in a contract to do FOV 3 so basically he strung the girls along all the while knowing he did not want any of them. I am sure after the taping he dicussed his dilemma with the winner and she did what she had to do hell! Shit Flav bogus he did all that just to end up with his bm.

  99. Remember, the final show aired over 6 months ago. Most women know when something is up. T2 knew Flav was full of sh%t within a week of the final show, so she moved on! Good for her

  100. I totally got a kick out of watching the show… it was like a little hit of crack, I guess. Not quite as good as the first time, but still wanted to try it again.

    Somehow, I wonder how many of the girls cross contaminated him after all the kissing and touching behind the scenes and under the sheets.

    I’m not mad at him. He could only do what the women allowed and everyone there was grown.

    As far as looks, if some dark cutie who looked like Gabrielle Union was on the show would she be called fuglie or ooooglie?

    The show was good for showing a very one sided view of female black beauty. New York was not it, nor T1 / T2 & the unforgetable crew of this last season. Other dark – clearly not biracial women on the show – didn’t stand a chance either.

    I think the VH1 contract states they must prove they have a screw loose to be on the show…

    One Love
    Tastee (Night Nurse) Pattye / MZGDPZE

  101. i so thought flav was proposing to thing 2 i would of never thought about his baby mama. that was a big surprise.