For The Love Of Ray J 2 Supertrailer/Spoiler
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Now tell me you aren’t excited to see For the love of Ray J 2?

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  1. Lovin Mz.Berry, Jaguar, and Luscious. I KNOW however i’ve seen Jaguar somewhere, can’t put my finger on it.

    Heartbreaker already needs her azz beat one good time. She reminds me 2 much of Rattavecia wit the way she looks and acts.

  2. Where’s the spoiler?
    The supertrailer looks good.

    1. U ready 2 see Veronica get her azz whooped 2nite? LOL!

      1. I heard Tonya doesn’t get her ass sent home for smacking Veronica. I wonder why.

    2. Are you not seeing stuff before the show airs? Then it’s a spoiler.

      1. …it’s a supertrailer/spoiler.

  3. Anyone interested in a dirty shirty shirt?

    The owner(s) are willing to provide a shirt for the winner if we do a sort of comment contest.

    1. Yes; I am. LOL jk; I’m too old

    2. Sure?

    3. Well I’ll agree to it and figure it out.

    4. dirty shirty? I thought that was a myth

      1. LMFAO!

  4. I dig this.

  5. Leighton's ass

    This is a nice butt.

    1. STEUPZ!!! You watch Gossip Girl???

      1. I don’t watch tv really. I just saw her ass on ONTD

      2. HAHA

        Off topic a little, what the hell? And who is Houston? I have never heard of this dude.

        That is soooo sad. And here’s the actual eye-gouged-out picture. What???

        Did you hear about this, GS? Who the hell IS this guy? I tried to find vids of his songs on Youtube & DailyMotion but I can’t.

      3. Yup dis happened back in like ’04/05. He tried 2 commit suicide in his hotel room by jumpin off da balcony, but for some reason he tried 2 do it while there were tons of people in the room, so of course it didn’t happen. So instead he fucked hiz eye up. Now he wears an eyepatch an I think it wuz confirmed he has bipolar depression or somethin.

      4. That is so sad. I never knew about the eye. I heard he tried to kill himself by trying to jump 2 stories, lol. Must not have wanted to die too badly.

    2. Damn. That’s a nice ass. Is that Blair on GG?

  6. Nevermind. I remember this. I heard about the suicide attempt 5 years back … this is just…. he really needs help.

  7. Where’d my other comment go? Da hell?

    1. your icon reminds me of mtown, :(x10

      1. 😉

      2. 😉

  8.  It’s basically like the first  one only with different girls.  I saw a girl doing splits like Chardonnay, Brandi’s back, the lie detetor test again, Ray J lying about not finding love the first time around…as if he will find it this tme. LOL. 

    The eating contest was different and it seems to be a bit more physical this time around.  Oh yea, they got the ROL thing going by bringing back Danger and Chardonnay, which I guess is for them to advise Ray J who is real and who isn’t.  I am pretty sure I caught a quick glimpse of a girl who looked  a lot like Cocktail.

    Anyway, I will watch until I get bored, but excited I’m not.

    1. You know I love Premo.

  9. ill give this show a shot but im not expecting too much.

    1. lol aw alicia, you’re not apart of the boycott????

      1. I’m in this boycott. The supertrailer looked lame.

      2. aahhhh well maybe for one episode i wont be part of it.

  10. Testin…

  11. Testin…..

  12. New name test…..

  13. It looks AWESOME. Cant wait!

    1. OMG!!! She’s gorgeous!!

  14. The Supertrailer was allright. I knew Flossy was the Unique of the group. I was LMAO when Danger popped in! It was priceless.

    1. sin surr.

      1. I never really thought Sencere was that hot.

  15. What the hell is LaLa doing here?  Whenever I see her, I always thinks she’s going to fall asleep.

    Let’s see, no Fettucini, No Just Right, No Diego, No Popper, No Trouble, No Gifts, Too much Caliente, a lot of Mz. Berry and Heartbreaker, two ESL girls, someone else smashes a homey, Danger, I can’t tell the difference between JAguar, Lava, and Flossy, so don’t know about them.

    Meh, don’t know about if I’ll be seeing this.

    1. Jerry!  Jerry!  Jerry!

      1. LMMFAO!

    1. Meow.

      I like those pictures of her.

      1. Me too. She is crazy gorgeous.


  16. Uh oh. Tonya is about to slap Veronica, lol.

  17. LMFAO @ Veronica giggling and provoking Tonya.
    This fight is soooo epic.

    1. I know they’re gonna show a rerun right after it so I’ll catch it then. I already missed half the episode. LOL

  18. DEAD. Tonya did more than smack Veronica. She smacked her twice, pulled her hair and shoved her to the ground.
    Veronica has bruises on her shoulders. Damn.

    1. that fight was so weird, the way MTV aired it. I felt like I was high when watching it because everything was going in slow motion

  19. Meow? Veronica, do you like my avatar?

    1. Meh, more of a dog person.

      1. I have an utter dislike for cats. I don’t hate them, I just don’t like them. I just wanted to make V smile, but I think I failed. So I’ll be looking for another avi.

  20. Ugh, whores, whores, and more whores.
    Can’t wait.

  21. Speaking of whores, I was at a club last night, and Daisy was under contract to make an appearance by midnight and she didn’t get there until about 12:10 because she “had trouble getting down the elevator.”
    Not to mention that 6-Gauge  was the bartender (of course). Although he was selling ‘strip-o-grams’ (yea…um, no thanks), he was  all about buying my sister and I shots.
    How strange…a VH1 personality being generous with their alcohol, haha

  22. Lol @

    “Speaking of whores…”

  23. Haha, what can I say? I call it like I see it :)

    1. I call it like I see it :)

      Oh,  I didn’t say that I disagreed with you.  😉
      Although I am pretty that whores get actually paid to fuck & it seems to me that Daisy is just perpetually giving that shit away…

  24. Oh boy is she. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a human being so dazed and out of touch in my life. It was pretty remarkable. But hey, getting $2000 dollars just to be at a club for a few hours because you were on a VH1 reality show, that’s pretty easy money.

  25. Why is he lieng Cocktail was in love with him…Just Right,Paradeez,And Jaguar better make it far