For The Love Of Ray J: Cocktail Is A Bad Girl
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Unique learns Cocktail was on 'Bad Girls Club'.jpgFor The Love Of Ray J is so Flavor of Love 1, it’s ridiculous.
Remember when the contestants had fun without stripping and being drunk? And the likable star actually hung-out with the ladies?

Most of the ladies are dancing on the verandah, and Cashmere suddenly recognizes Cocktail from another reality-show, ‘The Bad Girls Club’.
She seeks Unique’s counsel on whether she should tell Ray J or not, and they agree she should.

But not now, as Lil B and Ray J announce a new challenge. They have 30 minutes to impress Ray J with a talent and win a date. (30 minutes is way too long for that type of talent)

Not that I’m saying I can’t last 30 minutes.

Love And Basketball

Cocktail decides on strip-basketball and she and Ray J have fun with it; but Ray notes he didn’t learn much about her. (What’s to learn? Cocktail has one of the best personalities I’ve ever seen on a VH1 show)
Feisty is his personal trainer for her half-hour, and it’s obvious they have chemistry. But it’s more playful than sexual.

Danger's painting.jpgCashmere says her passion is modeling and offers him a camera to take pictures of her. (Ray J is the last person you want to have footage of you. Go ask Kim)
It goes well until he jokes that photographers sleep with their clients. “Not with me!”, she declares.

As the photo-shoot ends she thinks it’s the perfect time to mention Cocktail’s past, but declines.

Danger is next and says she’s “tired of sharing him all the time”. Her speed-date involves painting blindfolded.
It comes across erotic,and her painting is brilliant. (It looks like a Masai warrior and his family, walking through Serengeti. If you don’t see that, take my word for it; I’m cleverer than you!)

Then comes Chardonnay…
‘I like to cook’, she says. So what will it be? Foie Gras? Beef Wellington? Chicken Cacciatore?
No… it’s spaghetti! (Spaghetti!? That’s your signature dish? Pasta, salt, water and ketchup? Fuck outta here…)

Saving the worst for last, it’s Unique, and her date is ‘singing and songwriting’ (Wtf is this? Kindergarten?)

With the challenge complete, Stacks calls and confirms Cocktail was not only on ‘Bad Girls Club’, but her role was to portray herself as a gold-digger. (And I’m supposed to believe this happened in this sequence? And isn’t your Dad going through chemotherapy? Priorities…SMH)

(It’s also interesting that she described it as her ‘role’ on the show)

I Ain’t Saying She’s A Gold-Digger

Lil B gathers the ladies to hear Ray J’s announcement of the winner, but he says everyone was good and he’s confused.
Instead of ‘eeny-meeny-miny-moe’ Ray says all the ladies will have dinner with him and he’ll decide later.

Feisty at dinner.jpgAt dinner, Ray J and Chardonnay add to the belief that black people don’t have dinner anywhere but KFC.

1) The fucker orders ‘Pineapple Kamikaze’
2) Ray J can’t pronounce ‘Monsieur’
3) Chardonnay asks ‘What’s a scallop?’

(Fadder Lawd)
Then again, what do you expect from a dude with a song with lyrics like ‘I did it in her butt-butt at da back of Pizza Hut-Hut’?

To amuse themselves they play a game of ‘I’ve Never…’ (Lemme start… I’ve never heard of this game.)

It mopes along until Feisty says ‘I’ve never been on a reality-show’. They all concur, including Cocktail.
But the way of the Kamikaze is not about subtlety so Cashmere takes a more direct approach and makes it known that Cocktail was Jo-Jo on BGC.

Ray J seems more excited that Cashmere stepped-up than knowing Cocktail lied, is a gold-digger, and may be on the show for publicity. (Now that we know these shows are fake, Ray J’s reaction makes a lot of sense)

Unsurprisingly, as the ladies gang-up on Cocktail, Danger plays no part. (I love this chica. She’s so above-it-all, she soars.)

And The Winner Is…

Back home Cocktail clarifies her situation with Ray J. He listens unconvinced, then leaves for bed. She asks him to return, but he never does.

Unique.jpgThe next morning Ray J announces the winners of the challenge, Unique and Feisty. As is his style, he plans a lunch date for the non-winners with Lil B.

On the date Unique’s inner-bitchassness is truly revealed. She paints Feisty as nothing more than a Miami jump-off, as opposed to her classy self.
When Ray J takes a swim in the pool, she refuses to join… that is, until Feisty joins him.
Only then she disrobes and easily takes Ray J’s attention away from Feisty. (I gotta admit, she looks mad thick. And juicy.)
(And sexy)

Meanwhile, at the lunch date, Lil B feels the tension and enquires.
Cocktail rattles off what transpired at dinner but is far from apologetic. (I felt like I was hearing Spanish; except it was in English, lol. I’ve never heard someone speak that quickly)

Danger, Cocktail and Chardonnay seize the opportunity to focus the attention on Cashmere and the way she allows herself to be manipulated by Unique.
It must be apparent to all, because even Lil B joins in and warns her to not let Unique cover her shine. (I love Lil B)

Back at the pool Unique continues to be condescending. As she and Ray J kiss in the pool she advises Feisty to “just stay right there and look pretty”.


Cashmere quits.jpgAt the house, Cashmere speaks to Ray J privately. She confesses to feeling pressure and says Ray J is the only guy to call her ‘shy’ (Is that supposed to be a good thing?)
Competing with other women is a bit much for her, but Ray J directs her to her picture on his bed-side and assures her she is ‘doing good’.

At the ceremony, Ray J says he’ll do it differently this time. He calls Unique to him and asks everyone to leave. Unique is unsure what’s going on, but it’s only the first of private and separate ceremonies.
She receives her champagne and is told to ask Danger to join him.

In order, Danger, Chardonnay, Feisty and Cocktail receive champagne as well.

It appears Cashmere is going home, but Ray J says “the glass there is for you.”
It’s up to her to take it and stay, or reject it and leave. (I suppose she could have taken it and left, lol)

She seems to consider her options for ages before saying “I wanna go home”

It was a touching moment, but Ray J says “I wasn’t sad to see her go.I was sad to see her quit. She gave up on me, so I gave up on her”

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  1. I think that Cocktail is going to win, and Danger will be the runner up.

    1. I like Cocktail a lot. I thought Danger and Unique at first; but Cocktail has mad personality.

  2. How the hell is “Shocktail” the best VH1 personality you’ve ever seen? WTF? Please tell me that either she fucked you to say that or you’re just high Steupz.

    1. She’s sweet, yet sexy.
      I put her in my Top 5 VH1 women, personality wise

      Cock Dancing on For The Love Of Ray J
      1. Nigga you just want that ass.

      2. If you call that an ass…

      3. nigga shut the hell up

  3. L.0.L. Don’t you people have jobs or something

    1. I do have a job. Why do you wanna know? Do you have one?

  4. No reason. What do you do?

  5. A caregiver.

  6. Cocktail is awesome. I liked Cashmere too but not after she tried to rat on Cocktail

    this show is similar to FOL1 in the sense that the girls aren’t really trashy and ugly like FOL2 and ROL.

    and i also like how the show treats them like royalty, how they actually go out to eat when Ray J is off on a date.

    1. But it was okay for Cocktail to rat on two other girls?

      1. Thank U!

  7. to whom puppies?

    1. No, the elderly. And if it was to puppies, who cares? I’m getting paid and paying my bills. So what concern is it to you? Now isen’t the time to laugh at ppl in today’s economy.

      1. That is very admiral Khi, alot of people do not have the patiance for the elderly.

      2. Thank you.

  8. I think Cocktail had some work done on her face, it doesn’t look natural.

    1. Yeah, she has bloated cheeks…

      Cocktail on For The Love Of Ray J
      1. would this pic work on the site or does it have to be still????
        either this or the pic a few comments above, i know NO ONE would object to that

  9. “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

  10. Yea, it looks like somebody implanted ass cheeks on her face.

  11. “Cocktail has one of the best pairs of tits I’ve ever seen on a VH1 show.”

    Fixed it for ya, Steupz. 😛
    (On a serious note, you need some italic and bold tags for the comments.)

  12. didnt Cocktail try 2 call out Caviar for bn fake when she’s nuthin more dan a golddigging tramp; den when she called Stilts out Stilts corrected her and she got punk’d

    Chardonnay isn’t gettin on mah nerves like she wuz da 1st episode so guud luck to her.

    Danger isn’t fake and has been the same way the entire show so guud luck 2 her.

    Feisty is nice so guud luck.

    Fuck Unique for BN a COMPLETE BITCH but scared to fight danger.

    FUck cocktail gets on my nerve da way she talks


      1. me too; I want her to win. Can’t stand Unique; she’s a big buster. Cocktail was on BGC & Millionaire Matchmaker, and does porn, among other things…Khi I remember that confrontation, and u were dead on, to your credit. It was available thru but now you can’t find it-surprise! I really don’t care what happens with Danger on the show, seeing that she got on there to get attention anyway! Maybe she’ll sell her paintings.

    2. well guess what? danger is physco she think she better than other girls but she not.

      unique aint unique at all. she a scary 2 faced ass bitch

      chardonnay is a homie she cool so i will give her props

      coctail should in there cuz she neva no what ray gone do.

      the bitch unique need to go home

  13. “You need to get with a man so you can get hella money”-Cocktail, BAD GIRLS CLUB

  14. is it me or does Feisty have a “Toasteee” personality??

    1. Feisty is NOTHING like Toastee. Toastee pre-ILM was a SILENT sociopath who acted slutty.

      1. that’s kinda like Feisty.

        She isn’t noticeable compared to the other girls, who are either hot or have strong personalities

      2. huh? How do you connect Feisty to an ugly chick that does crappy porn? Other than them having similar hair color & being short, they have nothing in common. Toastee’s a mentally challenged little dirty piece of shit; I liken her to Pumkin, but not Feisty! Feisty is a fiery little latina with heart; I loved how she got in the ring with lil hood!

  15. Every time I see Fiestys neck tits I want to throw up.

    1. ???

  16. Unique looks like she should be in Africa somewhere with the lions.

    1. Now that you say that, I’m reminded of Nala, from the Lion King lmao.

      1. LOL!

      2. I told ya’ll from episode one Unique looks like Clarance the Crosseyed Lion……finally someone else see it too! LOL

      3. How old is she? She has to be in her 30’s. For some reason I think Unique used to get beat up in high school.

      4. LMAO yes i agree. and now that she’s 38, she can lead the small brained minions, like Danger said

  17. Feisty is my favorite, but it’s obvious she is not winning. If my predictions are not wrong, Feisty goes home next, then Chardonnay, and then the winner is up in the air.


  19. I like Feisty. She’s a cutie and a party animal just like Ray J. We all know deep down that Ray J isn’t looking for love. He’s just looking for a future co-star of his next sex tape.

    1. LMAO!

    2. shut yo ugly wannabe negro ass up

  20. LOL @ steupz….talking about Cashmere “I suppose she could have taken it and left,”…I swear you read my mind, I was thinking same exact thing. Drink the champagne girl, then leave.

    I want these girls to act different at eliminations. The majority of them start crying and hug the host and walk out all sad. Somebody do something different sometimes….please.

    I don’t believe any of them have any “real” passions…they just thought of crap to do on the spur of the moment. If you have a passion for cooking, spaghetti won’t be the dish you serve.

    I was cracking up when Unique finally got in the pool and Ray J had his arms around her and said “she kinda thick but I like thick women”….Ray J know damn well he don’t want no thick woman.

    When Ray J went to see Danger and put his arms around her, the camera had a close up of his face and I swear he looked like he didn’t want to be there.

    I like Unique and her big hair the best. I hope she wins but I don’t think so. She’s too thick for Ray J..LOL

    I like Feisty too. She is cute and has an upbeat personality. Don’t think she will win though.

    Chardonnay has really calmed down, maybe too much for Ray J and he probably lost interest.

    Cocktail….I just don’t know.

    Danger probaly would have had it in the bag from day one if it wasn’t for the pregnancy thing.

    Even though she is no longer on the show, Stacks could be brought come back and win.

  21. I almost forgot….good recap steupz.

  22. Unique is simply not a fighter. If you do some research, she has never been in a fight..that is the way some people are. Perhaps she thought retarded ass Danger would pull a Tyson and bite her ear.

  23. Can this show get canceled…… like right now?

  24. I thought after this episode airs, Uniques picture would be put back up. I’m sick of seeing Megan everywhere and that is a horrible picture of Sarah.

    1. Unique is on every new post…still not enough though. Meupz, you shoul dhave an intro page with just unique’s picture.

      1. I was talking about on the side where it was before.


    Daisy’s Picture
    just a suggestion 😉

    1. Anything but Megan.

      1. I dislike Megan too, since Charm School 2! But I still say she has a beautiful mind!

  26. I don’t think Cocktail is that bad, I like her actually. From what I can tell she’s a shoe in for a spin-off show (like CS or ILM). I’ve watched some clips and from what I’ve seen in this episode, I’ve liked her. Then again, I’ve never seen BGC1, so that might have affected my opinion of her.

    I haven’t ever really watched a full episode of Ray J, but this wasn’t too bad.

  27. yes please change the MEGAN picture, her FACE IS AWKWARDLY CONSTIPATED, and her body is awkwardly shaped, like a thin PEAR SHAPE, or like she was squeezed from the region between her chest and stomach and the fat went to her love handles

  28. Long time reader of Bourgy and the comment sections. Cocktail is fucking beautiful.

  29. Why the hell would we want Daisy’s ugly, plastic, retarded ass when she is about to somehow get her own show? I’d rather look at Trashley than Daisy. At least Trashley seems ot be putting on an act that she is an idiot, but Daisy is too convincing.

  30. MY FAVORITE Cocktail moment was her imitating Caviar at the Mototown singing challenge!!! “MeNo Mee No MoNe Ma…”

    Damn, I wish I has a sound byte of that!

  31. I like Cocktail more after this episode. And Danger is still my fav. Chardonnay used to be in my top 2,but she’s so boring now. I dont even see the bitch anymore. Unique is a fat Faith Evans lookalike,Im so annoyed by her. Danger FTW! Her mustache isnt stopping her.

  32. I love Danger. I think she is DEAD sexy. She has so much sexual charisma without being too over the top. She is definitely boot leather tough and classy at the same time. Miss Danger has it. That un-nameable IT factor that does not require her to be physically perfect to stun the world around her. I think anyways. Unique gets on my last damn nerve. She is so over the top fake. I dont understand how she can talk to these girls like that and they just take it. I get the feeling at home she did a lot of self talk in the mirror and created this new and “improved” tough cookie persona. But in reality she is just this mousy dress barn broad. I hate it when she does that stupid laugh and bends over and shakes her head. ERGH I can’t imagine Ray and Unique having sex.

    1. Love this comment. I couldn’t agree more.
      Unique gets on my last nerve too.

      However, if she was in my bed I’d never refuse.

    2. Bella look at these…

      & tell me if u still think she’s classy & not “over-the-top.” BTW, she has a couple of these on her myspace with the parts blurred, since myspace doesn’t allow nudity, so we can’t say “Oh, that was long ago. She’s changed.” She is a trip! She’s proud of all the controversy she’s stirring up & shit, with the elusive “pregnancy,” dating Nick Cannon’s brother, etc. I don’t hate Danger, but I know she’s not who you think she is.

    3. Danger if fine.

    *boudee sprays in face*


    1. Ha…
      I thought it was pretty good.
      I don’t think it’s ‘recappable’ though, at least not the way we do it.

      Maybe like a weekly comment sorta thing.
      I’ll definitely consider it

  34. I too, think Danger has that natural sexuality that oozes through her, something like Angeline Jolie.

    Danger needs little or no makeup and she is still very, very pretty, but there is something about her that kinda creeps me out even though I can’t put my finger on it.

    What surprise me is how she now acts all cool and calm like she don’t gave a crap about anything but when the show first started and they were going to do a video for Ray J she was hyperventilating in a bag because she was so nervous and scared.

    I couldn’t undersand that part, especially with the type of pictures she seems to have no trouble taking.

    1. lol!

    2. Oh no you didn’t just compare Danger to Angelina Jolie!!!!! No words…….just no words.

  35. Cocktail looks awful without makeup.

    Incidentally, I know someone who is the cousin of one of Cock’s friends.

  36. I love unique sexy ass.she def has diff sides to her.the cool grown and sexy vibe and the imma beat danger ass in the kitchen…i feel dat.she sexy and got curves

    Danger has sex for money . come on now yall trippin givin a damn prostitute compliments

    Cocktail is annoying but she is kinda cool. she should just tape her mouth cause she is tryin to hard to get her show

    1. “Danger has sex for money . come on now yall trippin givin a damn prostitute compliments”

      LOL I agree, they act like she’s Deelishis or somebody; don’t get me wrong, I think Danger is cool, but she is not classy, strong, etc, She looks a little scroungy, like she needs a bath. Ray J keeps her around bcs her mustache tickles his balls.

  37. Well you know what we all have a dirty skeleton in the closet I know I do. I had my time in the adult industry in the past. I still think Danger has a lot of charisma. I love how she talks to those girls … She doesn’t sugar coat anything yet doesn’t have to curse or scream. I heart Danger.

  38. I think that Chardonney would be his best pick. She is pretty and talented. If he wants a freak he got one she is flexible and can rock his world. Like she says she is the lover, the friend and the homie. Unique is fat and wants to be seen she is evil. At first, I did not think that Danger knew what she was talking about but now that I have watched the show and see. She gets her own friends to leave I see that Danger is right. He needs to pick Chardonney. All the other reality shows they pick the best so he should follow the leaders.

  39. I think Cocktail looks like a puffer fish. I don’t like her an wish Ray J would have eliminated her when he found out that she was on another show. I also think she shouldn’t have won because she is too lose more on the slut type. The things done on camera sexual was awful. I also thinks she wants Ray because of the money and last but not least stay with your own kind. I have been bothered every since he picked cocktail was the right girl, as two faced back stabbing and caused alot of good girl to be eliminated. I hope is not with her. (Dallas, Texas)

  40. Cocktail’s fucking ugly. Her cheeks aren’t puffy because of any face work, that’s just the typical Guatemala face she has. Idk if she’s Mexican, but if she is, she definitely looks like the indian type. Definitely not the prettiest.

    I hate how she tries to talk like a white She looks nothing like that, with a bigass beaner sign on her forehead.

    She’s just fake. Ugly and fake.