Fox Reality Awards: Megan Hauseman & Antonio Sabato
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Megan Hauserman: Fox Reality Awards

I guess Corey was right, Megan did look damn good at the Fox Reality Awards

Antonio Sabato jr: Fox Reality Awards

More at VH1…

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  1. Antonio needs the hair back. Without it he’s kind of looking lik The Entertainer

  2. Hot dam, she is looking GOOD!

  3. Yes Cobra; looking mad fuckable.

    Will, any comment on Megan’s body?

    1. Didn’t look at her body. Sorry was I supposed to?

      1. Hi Hater!

      2. How is that hating?I’m sorry I’m not the type of female that goes around looking at other women. Just don’t have that in me. I will check out her clothes and hair but anything else holds no intrest in me.

        If I post a naked man and tell you to rate his genitalia would you do it without a fuss? No! So why should I be made to check out Megan’s body or Ivanka’s breast?

      3. … Because Megan’s body and Ivanka’s breasts are gifts from baby Jesus…

      4. I swear I think you guys forget that not only am I 100% female that I’m alot older and have no desire to gaze upon  a naked female. Now if that’s what you guys enjoy doing, knock yourself out. But for me, not intrested.

      5. Calm yo ass DOWN no one’s serious here. We’re messing around.

      6. Then find someone else to play with. I’m not the one!

      7. *yawn* k.

      8. OMG WTH!!!  LMMFAO!!!!

      9. ?

      10. Sorry Cor; it was @ Steupz for randomly calling WL a hater because of what she said; I find that hilarious for some weird reason!

  4. Has anyone a video of the day before I go look-see for one?

    1. Use something fun like maybe something from Digital Underground

  5. I will comment on the dress: Don’t like it. that black at the bottom throws it off. Should have been white or skin colored. It looks like something taht was created on last night’s episode pf Project Runway

    1. OMG I thought the same thing!

    2. I like the black at the bottom.

      1. Me too. lol I keep looking at it after these comments thinking I’ll realize how horrible it looks but it doesn’t…

      2. I liked it from the moment I saw it on VH1; but I defer to their superior expertise.

        In my opinion it makes the dress, classier.

      3. Well obviously it makes it classier, lol without the black decorating her yum-yums would be on display.

      4. Uh…no it doesn’t make it classier it cheapens it. It looks as if the designer ran out of material or ideas  and just threw the Black on. there are plenty of classy ways to fix that. I suggest you check out some of Bob Mackie’s clothes

      5. So not coordinating/matching = classy now?
        SMH, you are an idiot, Steupz.

      6. He’s an idiot for having an opinion that differs from yours? Maybe it’s a male / female thing but I think the dress looks amazing on her. The first comment on the dress was from a Megan hater who said they even loved the dress in the other thread.

      7. He’s an idiot for talking about something he knows nothing about XD
        From the waist up, she looks gorgeous. Waist down, however… yuck.

      8. Maybe she needed another accessory.

        A black-stone necklace or something.

      9. Oh no. that really would have messed it up. The dress is an accessory of it’s own because it’s shiny. Megan not wearing a lot of jewlery actually helped this dress.

      10. Why are you talking like you know shit about womens fashion? You only know about stripper fashion, tbh. :/
        Nothing could fix that. Will-Lynn has it right in saying that it cheapens it. There are plenty of ways to fix that disgrace.

  6. Has anyone talked about Balloon Boy on here?? LMAO did you guys see the video where the kid ratted his parents out and said that it was a hoax??? The parents were so thrown off.

    1. Yo, Balloon Boy.. I’m really happy for you but Anne Frank had one of the best attic hiding spots of all time. OF ALL TIME.

    2. I saw that and I think what ever fees need to be paid for that search needsto come from that family

  7. She looks a lot better here than in those pics that were posted during the midst of the Ryan Jenkins drama but I’m not feeling the neutral make up. Her skin tone plus that color lip gloss/stick… ugh.
    And bright pink nails with a mostly flesh colored dress? NOPE.  And that random black…. Megan, I thought you could dress yourself? There are TONS of dresses exactly like the one she’s wearing right now that are not ugly like that one. :/

  8. Oh shut up she looks amazing. And it has to be black down there the damn dress is see through. No matter HOW she looked some of you wouldn’t ever give her credit.

    1. I gave her credit (see above). I’m picking apart what she’s wearing, not what she looks like.  What she’s wearing is fug. :/ And that dress didn’t have to have the black (even if it did — it could have been a champagne colored silk or satin).. Versace’s Spring 2010 line has a bunch of dresses like this that are GORGEOUS and no random squares of colors that don’t match the dress.

    2. I’m glad you wrote “some”. No it doesn’t have to be Black. The Black throws the whole thing off. It could havebeen silver and looked a lot better.

  9. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! she is looking so fraking hot in that picture

  10. Has she removed the implants? That could be our next post!

    1. No ? Lol the hell ??
      Wait, did you say another Megan post? I mean.. YES! She must have removed them! NEW POST PLZ!

  11. She looks like an android; also, not feeling the tell all roots.  Give up the blonde hair, please! 

    Aside from that, glad to see she’s gained weight and a shape.

  12. bit o a butterface

  13. Funny how I find her looking her best when she actually wears more than just a bikini.  I’m liking her more now, go figure.

  14. Megan looks really good.
    The dress is beautiful except for the black part.
    It cheapens the dress.

  15. Antonio looks like a gay pirate.
    Megan’s body is hot, but she’ll still be a scum son of a bitch in my mind.

  16. Damn good?  I think she looks a fucking mess as usual.

  17. Does anyone know why Megan and Brandi C. aren’t friends anymore?

    1. Corey knows, Jasmine. But won’t say, except to hint it was over something ‘small and silly’.

      1. ’small and silly’

        Must of been over a penis then.

      2. DEAD!


    1. Is there a purpose for that?

      1. You are the exception. But Bourgy’s fly as hell right now, and these tired ass avatars are bringing it down.

      2. And everybody else not changing their avatars is a problem because?

      3. They suck. Yours does too, no offense, but you stated you’re opposed to changing it so you can keep it. For now. I might change my mind though.

        I’m kidding, if you thought I wasn’t.

      4. So if you’re kidding then that means you still didn’t answer my question.

      5. I’m kidding when I say everyone’s avi sucks. I’m sorry, I should have cleared that up.  Hence, the whole thing was meant to be light.

        Were you thinking about changing yours?

      6. Of course not. I ain’t changing my damn avatar.

      7. LOL!

  19. Jess, your avatar is wonderfulllllll

  20. Well I KNOW my avi on point so “I aint doin SH!T”!! LOL!

    DJ Premier or J. Dilla…… hard 2 choose.

    1. You just changed yours 5 days ago, right? You don’t have to.

      1. No!! LOL i’ve had dis one for at least 3 or 4 weeks now.

  21. Every single picture I see of Megan, I think “Meh.” I guess the front part of her body is all right but she has NO ass. Plus she got a fat face for such a skinny body.

  22. I doubt it was something “small & silly” If that’s the case then just say what happend. I love Megan, but I think she did something fucked up like maybe not split the pay right from MWAM. Idk, but I think its Megan.

    On Brandi’s twitter she sounded angry and was like, “Megan and I are no longer friends!” Sounds like whatever happend Brandi was done wrong and shes mad about it. If Megan was really Brandi C’s friend like that why would she just blow it off as “small & silly”?

    1. Who caaaares?

      No one needs to give a shit, except Megan and Brandi’s real life friends.

      1. Btw, I’m not trying to insult you. It’s just dumb how people care about some silly, normal girl issues that us girls get like every month. :/

      2. I love you Veronica. Come eat pretzels with me.

    2. I think you’d find when something is serious people speak on it, usually.
      When it’s something ridiculous, one tends to keep it quiet.

      1. The opposite for me. When something serious happens between me & someone, I’m very private about it; trivial things, I’ll come out in the open with.

  23. CJ, what is up with you and avatars? 😐

    1. I was kidding… but I love the new avis, waaay better than the old ones. How are you this morning?

  24. We aren’t talking about regular people, Siege.

    We are talking D-list celebs on Twitter.

    1. Why do ‘D-listers” need to speak on it?

  25. I know what they do, not why they do.

    1. bom chicka wah wah.

      1. I smell failure.

      2. Excuse me? You got something to say there?

      3. Just recalling a ‘Glee’ quote.

      4. *Dumps blue slushie on you*

  26. She looks amazing if you cover up her face.