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Huge launch on featuring the woman whose show never aired, Aubrey O’Day, and the woman whose show will air, Jenny McCarthy.

Both shows are crap, I imagine.

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  1. I thought this was Brandi C. But it’s just another one of Diddy’s one-hit wonders. AS USUAL!

    1. She’s gonna be on Celebrity Apprentice.

      1. That was her right?! Victoria and Teresa better run her lame ass!!

      2. I’m sorry, I have no idea who those ppl are. The only ppl I know on the next Apprentice is Aubrey, Clay Aiken & Penn Jillette.

      3. You would have to be in your late 30’s or older to recognize the majority of the people on the list. George Takai was on the original Star Trek and Arsenio had one of the best talk shows back in his day. Debbie Gibson was a very young pop star in the mid 80’s. But you have to kknow who Lisa Lampanelli (sp?) is.

      4. I have brother and sisters that are in that age group so I know them all and they are indeed a talented bunch this time around!!!

      5. I know all those people you named Will even Debbie Gibson.

      6. Khy that’s because you and J. Neal are old souls! I bet you both know a lot of old R&B singers like Billy Preston and Millie Jackson

      7. You can say that again. I love how my dad knows all about the latest iphones and ipads and touch-screens and all that shit yet I’m pretty illiterate when it comes to it. LOL.

        Took him FOREVER to convince me to get a phone with internet.

      8. LOL! We sure do!! My parents bump them on their record player on family gatherings!!

      9. I knew it! You and Khy mention old School stuff often so I had a feeling.

      10. @Will-Lynn
        Yes Old school is always stunning!!!

        I still have a flip phone and EVERYONE in the dorms has IPhones…Ain’t no shame in my game!LOL

    2. Aubrey and Danity Kane weren’t one hit wonders tho… You must be thinking of Day26. 😛

  2. Can we officially start a movement to kill all red weave? Its time has passed and now I’m tired of hoes running around thinking they look like Ariel from the Little Mermaid when they really just look like Ursula on crack.

    1. Is there some unwritten rule somewhere that says that all red weaves have to be nappy?! I mean damn, do they look in a mirror or own combs?! Even Kandi’s Elvis Pressly weave was nappy as hell! Do they think the color won’t show flaws?

  3. I agree 110% EA. Rihanna started it and it should have ended there, because she’s the only one that’s pulled it off. “Venetia” (where did you come up with THAT name, bitch) and Aubrey look a hot ass mess. What color is that anyway? Time of the Month? Hooker Red?

  4. OT: Whitney’s Service

    Now that it’s completely over I can come on and make comments. All in all it was a beautiful Home Going service and yeah I knew it would be long. Been to quite a few. Everyone gave such beautiful testaments about Whitney’s life and how she touched the lives of others.

    But of course something truly ugly had to occur and I feel so bad that such a touching moment had to be made into a spectacle! That damn Bobby Brown had to create a show! Not only was he very late but he arrived with a full crowd of people knowing there wasn’t going to be room for all of them. He brought them anyway and when he was told they had no where to sit he stormed out of the church! He already is the villian to the world and to get in that church and behave that way?! Way to make more folks hate you bro!

    1. Highlight for me was R Kelly, Kevin Costner, TD Jakes and the Winans girl – forgot her name.

      1. Cece! Yes loved her and always have. TD Jakes was incredible. Kevin costner really surprised me and made me really like him

    2. I see what you mean WL about being long. I had to turn to another channel more than once for a few minutes then go back. I enjoyed Kevin Costner and Tyler Perry’s expressions. Alicia Keys was screaming the word “angel” not really singing it, on the song she sang. I’m going to chalk it up to her being distraught.

      Last thing I read about Bobby Brown was that he was invited along with his other kids and was asked to move three times by security while in the church. He didn’t like it and left. I knew he was invited but I thought he came to the church with his posse not his kids. I don’t know what to believe now.

      Did anybody hear anything about Ray J trying to lunge at the casket as they were taking it out of the church? I thought I heard one of the newscasters say that.

      I had to shed a few tears when they were leaving the church with her casket and Whitney’s signature song was playing in the background. Beautiful and classy home going service.

      1. I told you they were long. Usually everyone wants to speak and they say keep the speech/remarks to under 2 minutes but no one ever does. Then folks who are supposed to sing ahve to compese themselves, set up and then they tend to speak a few minutes before starting to sing.

        Bobby got an invite for him and 3 people. He brought 9! Not in an ordinary service he would have been given a pass and everyone could stay but:

        1 he was late! Had he been early or on time I’m sure they could have found them all seats together and someone else would have been assed out. When they trie dto seat them someone in teh group stated they wante dto sit together. Impossible! that’s why they were moved. eventually the others were told to leave since no room. Bobby got mad and took is personal , cried his way to casket, kissed it and left. Then he claimed he didn’t want to make a specticl of himself. Negro please! You did by disruppting service in the first place!

        2 The church was already severly over it’s max limit. that’s why at the begining of the service the head Pastor in charge announced where all emergency exits were.

        3 He was pissed because he couldn’t get close to Bobbi Kristina. Security stopped him from getting near. I honestly believe security could have cared less where he was tryiing to get to. They were preventing him from going further in the church because too many “big wigs” up front. There was the Mayor, Govenor nad everybody and their mama had a body guard in attendence. his best bet was to sit his ass down and speak with BK later. He says he was upset because the family has been preventing him from seeing his daughter. She is 18 and I’m sur eif she really wanted to see her dad nothing and no one could keep her away from him so I think there is more to that than they are letting us know.

        No Ray J didn’t try and lunge for the casket he reached to touch it as it went by and when he couldn’t reach or decided not to he broke down in tears with Brandy rubbing his back.

      2. I cried during the song “Tomorrow” just because it’s words are so powerful and especially to the occasion if what folks were saying is true; that Whit promised to go to rehab the next day or week or soon.

        I also cried when they lifted the casket up. I don’t know if anyone noticed but in most funerals the pall berriers carry the casket at waist height. These guys lifted Whitney to their shoulders and carrid her that way.

      3. LOL…I know. I saw Kevin Costner turning pages about 4 times. What he said was interesting but a bit too long. Tyler Perry was on point with his speech about Whitney and kept it short. Thanks for the update on Ray J and the casket.

        TMZ is sayng Bobbi K’s family will put her in rehab ASAP. Supposedly Bobbi K has had a substance abuse problem for two years but they will let her grieve Whitney a bit longer before they send her.

        “2 The church was already severly over it’s max limit. that’s why at the begining of the service the head Pastor in charge announced where all emergency exits were.”…….I was wondering why all those people were standing up on the left side of the church.

      4. I forgot to add this. Do you think Bobby Brown will try to go after any of Whitney’s money? I don’t think so but you never know when it comes to money…everybody comes out of the woodwork with their hand out.

      5. I don’t know. I don’t think he’s after the money but you never know when it comes to money. I do know there won’t be as much as the tabloids are predicting for the simple fact that of all the songs whitney performed and made famous she didn’t write. So major royalties don’t go to her no matter how many albums are sold the writters and producers get the big cut and I think she may get $2 of eacy song. Or at least I think that’s how it works. Kandi tried explaining it on RHOA and another musical blog tried explaning it. I may not remember how much they get but I do know if you don’t write the song you don’t get squat. I also know that that’s the main reason Paul McCartney was pissed at Michael Jackson because he owned the rights to Beatle’s music. So from that theory unless Whitney owned the rights there won’t be much left especially since they had been stating well before she died that Whiteny was broke and had been borrowing against her portion of the songs she sang to pay bills.

      6. Yes Kevin was good but long winded and what made me LOL was when he said “Damn!” LOL! He was funny awith his cowboy taking shots!

        TD Jakes preached his few minutes up there! I loved it! Made me want to go back to the Baptist chuurch but those people don’t want to pat for interpreters or captioning of services. That’s why so many elderly or hard of hearing people leave the church.

        I hope Bobbi K does go to rehab, she need shelp and counsling would do her good. Somethe Oprah interview she told her mom it was time to leave her dad.thing someone just reminded me, remember Bobbi K stated during the Oprah interview it was time her mom left her dad.

        Technically in a church of any size no one is supposed to stand in teh aisled. It’s a safety hazard. I used to be head usher in my old church (before I lost hearing) and the only ones allowed up were ushers because we were trained to not only take care of teh congregations needs but in case of emergency we were supposed to act and needed the aisles clear

      7. * pay sorry typing in dark

  5. Bobby breaks silence!


    1. I thought when Bobbi Kristina came back from the mall to the hotel and found out she could not see her mother she lost it and was fighting with the police when they wouldn’t let her in the room. Then I read she drank some alcohol to calm herself and when that didn’t work the people around her gave her a sedative. She lost consciousness and had to be taken to the hospital? Didn’t read anything about Ray J staying all night to comfort her.

      I”m sure Ray J was stunned by Whitney’s death as we all were but he loves to be in the spotlight so I don’t know if that article is accurate or not.

      1. From my understanding it’s not. Ray J was too busy roaming around, being comforted by Brandy and trying to convince the police to let him see Whit’s body. They had a guy who was either an employee or visitor to hotel say what he saw and that’s what he said about Ray J

  6. Aretha Franklin shady as hell! She told the family last minute she was sick and couldn’t speak or perform at Whitney’s service. If she was so sick why did she give a concert last night?! Normally that wouldn’t be an issue. you can’t make it all of the time but Whitney was Aretha’s God Daughter. And Aretha was supposed to be Cissy’s best friend. Some friend!

  7. Sweetie finally talks about being fired by Kim Z. sounds like she really wasn’t felling Kroy much but whatever.

    1. Please tell me her name isn’t really Sweetie. I thought it was just a nickname.

      My goodness, school must have been a bitch for her.

      1. You know, I thought it was a nickname too but looks like it’s not. Black folks will screw up a child’s name so bad! I had a little boy in one of the classes I worke din and his name was
        Duh-Shawn. WTF?! Why do we do that to our kids?

      2. Duh-Shawn? Oh hell to the no. I would’ve been spelling it like Desean until the day I was able to get it officially changed. A mess. Ironically my middle name is Desean. lol.