I Love Money 3 Elimination Order
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Fox of VH1's 'I Love Money 3'
An I Love Money 3 competitor – not Fox – spilled the beans to Adam on who went when on the accursed show.
See below…

Elimination Order

MaricaPremiere Ep (Not picked for a team)
SinisterEp 2
JoeEp 3
DeelishisEp 4 (For slapping Cashmere)
Big RigEp 5 (Because of an injury to his leg)
ProfessorEp 6
FoxEp 6
PrettyEp 7
BuckeeyEp 8
Lil HoodEp 9
CashmereEp 10
LaceyEp 11
WolfEp 12

Final Four

Weasel, Bubbles, Cocktail and Ryan

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  1. Fuck Ryan for even being on the show! That would’ve been amazing to see! And yayy for bubbles!!!

  2. That would explain why cocktail was so touchy about the Ryan thing, she was on the show for a LONG time with him, and almost assuredly fooled around with him.

  3. I’m surprised sinister didn’t make it past ep.2 and Gia did (she was on ILM3 wasn’t she??)


  5. Steupz!! any words on ILM4 ep.5 download link??


    1. Gia was sent back like Junk.

  7. ….Now we can put them rumors to rest finally. Good cast BTW. I wanna see that Cashmere getting slapped by Dee.

  8. Also wasn’t Jessica (ROL2) past of iLM3 as well??

  9. Wasn’t Jessica on this?

  10. For the 23490238402th time, Gia and Jessica were ALTERNATES. Just like how Junk/Baker were alternates for ILM4, those two were also alternates.

    1. And so was Rabbit! Ok people? Now shut it!

      1. lol


      1. They were at the hotel before filmin, clown. You would be able to see that if you would stop bein such a groupie azz ho over a gotdamn show. Kill yourself.

        Oh yes, Gia also took pics with Professor and Cocktail at that same location. Since when have you know 5 people to be on a power outing?

      2. LMAO



      4. It’s from a ILM3 contestant dumbass. And I don’t think anyone Jeeds the link. Why are you calling people ugly when you don’t know what they look like?

      5. No, nobody needs the link; but just to be an azzhole and embarrass dat clown i’ll post one, lol:


      6. You tell them, G.S. lol
        I think this has been common knowledge around here for a long time.

        Some people need to calm the fuck down.

      7. Groupies, Roxana. Why any of this matters, I have no clue lol. We got ILM4 and possibly a new one comin up.

      8. Steupz why havent you blocked GOGOZ yet? All he does is start trouble with people and no one likes him

      9. Steupz iz a man of equal opportunity lol. He wouldn’t ban him just because. I don’t want Steupz to ban him anyway cuz Gogo ain’t doin sh!t with his life anyway, so why cut him off of his life support system?

      10. Lmfao! So true.

      11. rotflmao yall are so wrong for that..haha..but yeah it is true

  11. But there were pix of Gia on the set of ILM3. Or was she there for another reason??

    1. There were also pics of Junk on the plane goin to Mexico for ILM4.

      Gia was an ALTERNATE. They fly all the asked people out to Mexico, the ones they decide they don’t want for the cast are sent back; therefore, Gia was sent back becuz production did not want her for this season(hence being an alternate).

  12. Marcia had a green team shirt for I love money 3 how can she be gone the first episode

    1. I agree. This seem pretty fishy. I remember hearing Marcia made it to episode 2 or 3 and was then sent home.

    2. No the pic of Marcia was from ILM4 she was not picked on ILM3 and thats why she bitch slapped cocktail with her check cause she was pissed

  13. I’m having a hard time believing Wolf made it that far.

    1. I think this is a made up elimination order. Adam says he knows this just for the attention .i think if we all see like a trailer or more cast pics we will get over this show. I used to be one of those people over obsessing about season 3 but now that 4 is out its all good I dont know what will happen after that…

      1. I don’t know Adam was right about a lot of ILM4 stuff

      2. Then how does Adam explain Marcia having a green ILM3 shirt?

      3. I don’t know about that one. I don’t answer for Adam. But who knows maybe Marcia was wearing her good friend Cocktail’s ILM3 Shirt. Haha Big jk. I’m not saying ALL of this is all right but I have a feeling it is atleast 75% all correct.

      4. And even if she was voided the first episode, I dont think its possible to meet big rig hook up and have feelings for him, cocktail stealing him and marcia bitch slapping her all in one day is that possible? Plus I heard Cocktail voided Marcias check anyways.

      5. They were in a relationship before ILM3. He got wit Cocktail on the show, so their relationship ended on the show.

      6. Big rig and marcia has a relationship before but I see where you’re coming from

  14. Seems like it would have been a good season.. Oh well

  15. Anyway, Fox looks so good right now. Yum.

  16. The only thing sketchy to me about this, is it’s stating who goes home it what episodes. The contestants don’t know how the show is going to be edited and what happens in what episode.

  17. Ehhhh, as much as I would like to have the elimination order, this all seems somewhat suspect. This list seems mostly built off of what little rumors and hints we do have.

  18. Have you guys seen this Ryan Jenkins video yet? Its so jacked up but fulfilling at the same time!


    1. That is fucking creepy. I don’t know what’s more terrifying, that video or the retard who made it.

      I didn’t find that funny at all. In my opinion it was disrespectful and just plain tasteless.

      1. It was really creepy how they’re bodies and eyes moved so much.

      2. Nightmares for me tonight.

  19. Who gives two fucks about who was eliminated and on which episode. There’s no story behind why each person was eliminated SO FUCKING WHAT………….Once we stop giving a fuck about this season maybe they’ll air it, but until then fuck the speculation.

    I mean honestly this information is as useless as having Brittanya do your taxes. We don’t gain anything from this information but useless, maybe truthful, facts that we’ve already known or heard about earlier this year.

    1. You would think people would be grateful just for dat stupid azz channel to even THINK to show ILM4 and possibly another season, but people still wanna talk about ILM3. Then you got clowns on here who don’t have the slightest clue of what they’re talkin about tryin to argue with me about it. Especially when I wuz here during the whole fiasco last year. Fuck outta here.

      1. LOL I mean it’s okay to dream and hope, but honestly just let it go. Even if that list is legit, what does it matter? Okay so Ryan won. Already knew that. Nothing else in the list is even interesting.

      2. Hmm I didnt know that they were thinking about another season I hope so..And that’s what Im saying G.S why does it matter? I mean Its been a year already and we already know who won and what he did with the money(NOTHING BECAUSE HE’S DEAD)

      3. @B.Widow
        Cocktail wuz the first to break the news, followed by interesting tweets from Cashmere, Junk, and some other people (forgot who); then topped it all off with Bootz & Buckeey’s new video askin the fans what they would like to see them in next. Who knows with Cocktail though, she might have done that just to get a rise out of people.

        Just to think I wuz one of those people about 7 months ago lol. ILM4 has been very interesting, so I do believe dat ILM3 being boring wuz true. Seems like the only entertainment came from Deelishis, Lacey, and Ryan.

        All I can say iz to keep hope alive for a new season and hope that these “of Love” people are tellin the truth.

      4. Yea it was Junk, Cashmere, Cocktail, Leileine and I think some others.

    2. ILM3 will never air…ever…ever…ever…ever…ever…ever…ever…ever…ever…ever!

      Why? Because a fucking DEAD MUDERER is on it! So cut those “hopes and dreams” right there.

      I still don’t see why people are obsessed with ILM3. We have ILM4, be thankful for that. Learn to move the fuck on because we WILL NEVER SEE IT!


      1. I know it won’t air all I wish is that they air the Deelishis vs. Cashmere fight. And Marcia Cocktail fight. Maybe Ryan Weasel fight too. That’s all.

      2. I don’t think Ryan’s parents would enjoy watching their dead son get his ass whooped. 0.0

      3. I would love to see a glimpse of at least any of those physical altercations. Even on here it could be the next segment for Friday Fights? Cause somehow PlayboiXL gets those unseen footage of other of love shows then maybe he can get this.

      4. VH1/51 have probably burned the footage and sprinkled the remains over the ocean.

        No one will ever be able to get it, even if it still exists in some dark vault.

      5. Well what if a curious 51minds editor sneaks in the tapes room and tries to see the remains of I love money 3 and by some lucky chance he’ll have a videocamera with him and satisfies the true hardcore vh1fans that wanted to see this show ? Anythings possible. Unless they really did grind up the footage and sprinkled it over the ocean then were fucked.

      6. Yeah, because this glorious, amazing, sweet, merciful, and brave editor will risk his job over some never aired TV show.

        Unless ILM3 was

        1. Declared more valuable than Gold, 2. connects people with lost loved ones from the “other side”, or 3. is the key to world peace- Forget it.

      7. When I say “air” I mean on youtube

      8. Teehee,

        Testy aren’t we?

      9. Exactly. Ungrateful azz bastards.

  20. Aww. I would have loved to see Buckeey and Deelishis on this.

    Lacey would have been interesting too.

    The rest of the cast can fuck off.

  21. Just to add – Lacey was voided by Ryan. And Weasel & Big Rig were team captains who did not pick Marcia. Cocktail was flirting around with Big Rig before eliminations and when he had to pick between Marcia & Cocktail, he double crossed her and picked Cocktail

    1. What about Marcia’s green ILM3 shirt?

      1. That was a 4 shirt

      2. And anyways, the person eliminated first always gets a shirt anyway. They all get the shirts before filming because they need to know sizes etc.

      3. But how would they know what teams theyre on. And Adam I think I was the one that told you that Ryan voided Laceys check. I told you in mid august remember me? lol . It was on another site.

      4. Craig: Thanks for playing!

        *tosses Marcia a random shirt*

  22. Adam, the first person voided does not always get an ILM shirt. Tamara and Midget Mac never got one.

    1. They didn’t have one in Mac’s size.

      Tamara doesn’t know how to put on a shirt.

      Is that correct, Adam?

    2. Well did Tamara or Midget Mac say they never got one? No. Ask Marcia yourself then. This is the real list. They already have the shirts made before they get to Mexico, so they may as well give it to her anyway.

      1. How do they know what particular team the contestants will be on prior to them selecting teams? Unless it’s rigged or someone could tell the future. Then she should have TWO shirts. A green and a gold.

      2. Probably. If not that, she got it from someone else but she told me that she was given a shirt before she was flown back. Cause I was asking her what happened with her and Cocktail, and its pretty much what I said earlier. She was flirting with Big Rig and he picked her over Marcia and then Cocktail was being all smug about it so Marcia got in her face and slapped her with the check.


  23. Also, I’m pretty sure Lacey was voided by Weasel, not Ryan.

    1. Damn why you always tell people their wrong? You make yourself as if you are right 110% of the time. I got this all from a castmember. Believe what you want but all the info I got is true. I even asked another cast member if it was right.

    2. Weasel was on the strongbox at least 7 times and wss never paymaster so he did not.

  24. @FoundTheLove I know an ILM3 supertrailer exists because supertrailers are made while the show is still in production. But other than that they probably didnt get past editing the first 4 episodes before it was canceled. We’ll never see it, its as simple as that.

    1. Yea I think I told you that Adam. Remember back in august on that other website I was 51? And @Corey no, weasel was in the strongbox at least 7 times and he was never paymaster.

  25. You know what I wish Playboi could get ILM4 stuff.

  26. I never said you were wrong jackass I said “I BELIEVE” I never even said I was 100% certain. A cast member told me the info months ago and asked I didn’t post it. I’ll double check but I’m pretty sure he told me Lacey was eliminated by Weasel. Who cares, anyway.

    1. “Who Cares” … then why did you care in the first place idiot. I hardly ever see you post and when I do your always telling someone that they are wrong and act as if you know what is right. Sheesh you cant be right 100% of the time. Your always making yourself look high and mighty… “A cast member told me the info months ago” … No one cares.

  27. lol hardly ever see me post? Probably because you’re so far up your own ass you don’t look around too much. The only one who thinks they’re high and mighty around here is you with your ‘exclusive info’

    As for the Lacey, I just double checked and I was wrong. Ryan did eliminate Lacey, I posted that here a couple months ago and must have forgotten.

    Another pointless tidbit – Weasel ended up in the box 9 times, and was never paymaster.

    1. Since when did I say it was exclusive? I wasnt even going to post it because I didnt feel the need too, but when steupz found out I had it he asked and I said yeah, why not. Might as well. Its not like I’m running around trying to get someone to post it and credit me, I was actually telling him to not credit me until the cast member said I can post it. They are out of their contracts now so they can say whatever they want.

      This is like the only info I’ve gotten steupz to post so your clearly so far up your ass since you don’t know shit lol.

      1. They’ve been out of their contracts since February.

      2. And Im just sayin…. But how come NONE of them freely spoke about the show? It makes me think the show was really shitty like others said. Like they had nothing to talk about. I thought they would’ve blabbed on about it but no one spoke.

  28. I really hope this show leaks somehow. Someday. (wishful thinking)

    Also, I think Adam’s list is legit, because someone posted this on a website a week ago… (Though maybe that’s where he got it from, I don’t know)

    Marcia – Basically Cocktail stole Big Rig from her. Marcia got her check voided and then slapped Cocktail with it.
    16. Sinister
    15. Joe – Backstabbed by Ryan. Ryan was paymaster and eliminated him.
    14. Deelishis – Disqualified for hitting Cashmere.
    13. Big Rig – Had to leave because of an injury.
    12. Professor – Ryan was paymaster again and backstabbed him.
    11. Fox – Was apparently the Brandi C./Buckwild/Cornfed of the challenge. He sucked.
    10. Pretty
    09. Buckeey
    08. Lil Hood
    07. Cashmere
    06. Lacey
    05. Wolf
    04. Bubbles – Did the worst on the final challenge.
    03. Cocktail – I’m not sure if she was eliminated by a jury or by a paymaster or if she did the last challenge and just came in last.
    02. Weasel – Runner Up. Tried to attack Ryan. Ryan hid behind Craig.
    01. Ryan – Winner. :/

    Other facts;
    Ryan was paymaster ALOT.
    Ryan, Lacey, and Deelishis were in an alliance.
    Alot of castmembers have said it was a one-sided season the whole game because Ryan controlled everything and won 8 or 9 out of 15 challenges.

    1. I sent the email to steupz WEEKS ago with it. So I didnt get it from there. I know two other websites posted it about a week ago but I sent the email to steupz with the list over 2 weeks ago. But I did not get all that info, I was only given the list and a few bits of info. Definitely not all of that.

    2. I always thought if someone was DQ for hitting someone they would eliminate someone anyways kind of like if someone quit they would just put another person in the box

  29. Le sigh, I don’t know / don’t care what to think anymore, the castmates all have conflicting stories, one specifically said that Weasel did not make the final challenge. (Final 2/3 I assume)

    1. I pretty much only want to know who voided Buckeey’s check. Idc about who was in the finals to be honest. Ill never see it so its as simple as that, Im just curious for Buckeey.

  30. I forgot if I heard this from a castmember, or on a website so I’m not sure how legit it is, but I remember hearing Bubblez voided it, and Buckeey was pissed.

  31. I bet none are speaking freely, because although they are out of their contracts, I’m sure Vh1/51 Minds has told them not to speak of the show, and they don’t want to burn bridges, which is why the cast mates are privately telling people, so it can get leaked and (hopefully) not be traced back to them.

    1. Probably. If they are really doing a re-shoot, then none of this really matters. It sounds really boring with Ryan dominating EVERYTHING.

      1. I think it’d be entertaining for the simple fact that Ryan winning everything would piss everyone off so much. Also, Lacey on it, and all the fights. I remember posting the Deelishis thing months ago and no one believed me. I really want to see footage of that.

        But what I don’t get is why BigRig & Weasel, who were in an alliance together from day one, didn’t decide to get out Ryan, or one of the stronger competitors on the first night. Like really? Marcia? Then again it seems like everyone WANTS to get out the stronger competitor on the first night, but then they always get greedy and want them for their team.

      2. Didnt Weasel have a yell out with Ryan on ep 1 or 2? I remember a cast member said that. All I want to see is the super trailer since that should show a lot of the fights in it, all I want to see is the impact of the slap lol.

        Big Rig & Weasel probably thought he was a cool guy the first night, then regretted picking him later on.

      3. Yeah, they had a huge blowout episode 3… I think ? One of the early episodes. Weasel also said he beat Ryan’s ass (not sure in what episode, I think the finale though) and that he wasn’t sent home because Ryan did something so slimy that the producers agreed it was justified. I’m REALLY curious about that.

        I feel like that almost HAS to be exaggeration. I mean what could Ryan do that was so bad that the producers would change their no hitting rule about? Either that or Weasel’s definition of ‘beat his ass’ is like a lot of reality stars where he maybe got one half ass whack upside the head as he was being detained.

      4. Wasnt it that Ryan did something, and he started beating on him and Ryan escaped and hid behind CJ or something? Poor CJ, lol. Yeah I am VERY curious about that too. It must have been bad for him to stay. Ryan was pure evil lol

      5. Maybe a talking about family type of situation? That’s what I’m thinking

  32. I wonder if Ryan was eliminated the first episode if Vh1 would have aired it. I almost think they would have, with him edited out.

    1. I bet if he was out in the first 5 eps and was never paymaster, almost definitely. But yeah it would’ve been perfect if he went home first!

    2. If he was eliminated on the first episode (or within the first three), probably. It’s kind of a shame really, if he hadn’t done so well on both of the shows he was on, they both probably would’ve stayed on air. :/

  33. I wish they could just reshoot the finale. And try and edit Ryan out of winning the challenges haha Oh well I want all this but Im content with ILM4

    1. Yeah man, ILM4 is awesome!

      1. I LOVE MONEY 3 QUESTIONS: hey if you remember it can you tell us who was the paymaster in each elimination and what teams won pleaseee cause i belive everything your sayin is true and hat challenges from season 1 or 2 came back in season 3? and can you tell us what were the alliances? please and thanks because i feel like if we arent going to see this we might as well know what happened and do you think we will get to see season 3?

  34. On a side note, despite the fact that Ryan dominated (and won) the game, I still would’ve liked to have seen this season… Sounds like it was at least mildly entertaining, what with all the fights and Lacey. :/

    At least we got ILM4 though.

  35. SMH @ Cashmere being able to send Deelishis over the edge in just a few days, but not living with New York for weeks.

    1. Probably screwed her over in alliance.

  36. Anyone caught the new series Gigantic on Teennick? It’s pretty good I recommend it haha

    1. The only thing I watch on TeenNick are reruns of Drake & Josh and That ’70s Show. Everything else is trash. LOL

      1. Degrassi is really good this season. And Gigantic isn’t trash I mean even though its the first episode all that happened was the main character comes back after two years of being in Australia to soon find out that her boyfriend has a kid he didn’t even know about. (with one of her friends.) And one of her best friends is backstabbing her mom for a movie part, and her real best friend is inlove with her therapist. Haha!
        But I love That’s 70 Show I’ve been watching the re runs of that on MTV and teennick. And This show the Best Years is REALLY good it aired in 07 re runs of that..

      2. Degrassi is really good, im sad Alli will be gone for a couple of episodes but im interested in the Sav/Jenna storyline… It seem so random lol

      3. I know! I saw the trailer and I as like Sav a muslim kissing Jenna a soon to be Teen Mom?

      4. I can’t wait for tonites episode, althought i prolly wont see it until like tomorrow lol. You see the love triangle with Drew, Fiona and Adam… damn lol i wonder who she will pick.

      5. I’ll catch it later but it looks good. I wonder why Holly j will cheat on declan and get mad if Jenna kisses him?

        I can’t watch it tonite 3OH!3 Down With Webster and Hellogoodbye concert!

      6. Well i think it goes like this. Sav and Holly J were never dating, they were just doing the whole hooking up with No strings. I guess they both start getting feelings for each other and then declan comes and makes things worst. Then i guess Sav and jenna bond, but after Holly J is thru with declan she warns jenna not to mess with her man lol

        Im jealous, i like 3oh3, but like Hellowgoodbye even more. Have fun

  37. wtf bubbles gets so far?? I wish we could see this season :(

  38. Ooooh very nice photo. Very sexy! =D Nice to see someone other than Brittanya.

  39. Cashmere and Wolf got that far! And yeah for Weasel and Bubbles!

    Where’s the elimination order of Megan Wants a Millionaire? I really wanna see how far Cisco and Punisher have got…

    1. Punisher was the runner up. Cisco came in 5th I believe. It’s been awhile.

      1. hey if you remember it can you tell us who was the paymaster in each elimination and what teams won pleaseee cause i belive everything your sayin is true

      2. what challenges from season 1 or 2 came back in season 3? and can you tell us what were the alliances? please and thanks because i feel like if we arent going to see this we might as well know what happened and do you think we will get to see season 3?

  40. OT (And still on vacation with a shitty connection so I won’t be back until tomorrow or Sunday):

    TJ Lavin, host of The Challenge is apparently in a coma and is in critical condition: http://www.wwtdd.com/2010/10/tj-lavin-is-in-a-coma/

    1. Omg. Even though I think he’s an asshole and needs to keep his mouth shut sometimes, I hope he recovers…

    2. Oh no. I love TJ. Hope he gets better.

    3. Oh, no bad connection. That’s terrible.

    4. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20434942,00.html?hpt=T2

      Update: Apparently he’s been able to move his hands but is back under sedation.

      Kind of funny it’s one of those “I was just one day away from retirement” situations.

  41. Do u guys think there will ever be a possibility of this season to be leaked or released on dvd?

    1. I hope so. I like to think we haven’t seen the end of iLM (3).

    2. For fuck sakes!

      If they won’t air ILM3 because a dead murderer is on it, what makes you two geniuses think they’ll put him on fucking DVD?

      ILM3 will never see the light of day. Not to mention “officially”. So shut the fuck up with all the “OMG! I hope they airs its!!11 OMGZ! I hope they put it on DVDz!!!”.

      As far as leaking? I’m not going to say it’s a possibility because it’s up there with martians invading earth. But if you want to “believe” then go right ahead. But it will never, ever, OFFICIALLY see the light of day. So stop it with the DVD/TV alternate ideas.

      1. You finally get how I feel about this (and ILM4 which I still refuse to watch). It’s just better to stop responding. Eventually you will get to the point (like me) where you realize that you were right with damn near everything you ever said about it and saying anything else other than what isn’t already obvious isn’t necessary.

      2. LOL. I swear some of these idiots are suffering from erotonmania with this shit.

        But screw ’em. I’m tired of repeating myself. You’re right.

      3. They know it’s not airing or getting on DVD, ever. I think it’s just hope and wishful thinking.

        I personally don’t want to see it, even if I could. Ryan being on it ruins it for me.

      4. That’s because you’re a normal person with sense. 😉

      5. Gee, I sure hope ILove Money 3 leaks soon 😛

      6. co-sign, it’s like the same people ask over and over again.. even when you give them an answer they’ll ask again 2 days later smh there will be no ILM3.. if it happens it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t, just deal with it..

  42. They should do like an iLM using like 25 people from all 4 ILM seasons. That’d be interesting.

  43. I always bag up when i see Hottie cooking that chicken


    I Miss her

    1. Sweetie was funny as hell.

      1. “Bitch is crazy!” (LMMFAO)

        I miss Goldie! She needs to be on ILM!

      2. LOL. I died at that. I wish I could make a gif out of it WITH sound.

      3. Hottie is by far one of the best personaliites, Goldie was hilarious, i was dying when earlier in the episode goldie said hottie looked like goma pow or somebody lol

  44. Just when you thought TV couldn’t possibly fail any harder there’s this.

    Skating With the Stars…SMH


    1. They just did that shit a few years ago. It failed then and it’ll fail again.

      1. Oh, excuse ME, it was Skating with CELEBRITIES.


      2. It’s really the same thing…pairing professional ice skaters with “stars”. Since ABC has failed to correctly indentify who a “star” is, expect them to go beg sone undesrerving reality folks, some has-been singers who had like one hit song 7-8 years ago, a few nobody athletes and some folks who were real hot in the 80’s to be on this show.

  45. lol @ these comments

    1. what’s the name of that politician in ur avatar?

  46. OT, but I just gotta say this:


    1. Too late

  47. …..This is what happned when you make a blog post about ILM 3. Because all those fun discussions about (ILM 4) and once ILM 3 pops up all hell breaks loose.

  48. Will-Lynn where are you? Runway was grand.

    1. I missed it! Allergy meds knocked me out. Last part I saw was they were taking pictures of different landmarks in New York. I can pretty much guess either Michael or April went home but who won teh challenge?

      1. Do you want me to just tell you? It was Michael! He had a good dress but the judges thought is was the best. It was so boring to me but what do I know. Andy’s design was great and you’ll have to see the rest I think.

      2. I’ll catch it on the repeat this weekend. So was this the episode that they sent the remaining designers home to create their line?

      3. Yes. There are five designers that start off the episode and they keep saying one or more may go home. Which is so funny because the top 10 designers actually showed off their collection at fashion week.

      4. I just read on Projejct RunGay that by the 3 or 4th episode they already know excactly who will be in teh finale. I wonder if that’s true because in past seasons designers have left the show unepectedly for personal reasons. That one season the girls just felt she couldn’t do it and in another one of the men found out he had a staph infection and had to leave

      5. Plus there was the one who got disqualified for cheating-he had clothing design making books on the top shelf in his closet

      6. Yeah. Unless they have inside information you can’t predict every little thing.

  49. Which one was Wolf again? Was he the one with the flaming hair from Daisy Chain of Love?

      1. Who? I don’t remember him. Sorry.

      2. Wasn’t he the one who won the date with New York when she was filming her scene for Nip/Tuck and he kept passing gas?

      3. Lol, yeah that was him. He only passed gas once though and she freaked out over it. He also told her that he had a big penis on the first episode and Sis Patterson hated him for making that kind of a comment.

      4. Didn’t he pass gas a few times in the house too? I remember one of the guys complaining about it. But yeah if Sister P didn’t like a guy he may as well have just packed his bag because he wasn’t going to win.

      5. Usually when guys say that they’re big it only makes the expectations too high anyway.

    1. he was from i love new york season 2

  50. Blonde baller goes next right??

  51. Phew, I’m glad ChiChi went home. I prolly would’ve stopped watching if Cisco left.


    1. Fight with punisher?

      ChiChi swung at air.

  53. ROL update: rodeo is still the same stupid cowgirl she was on ROL, CS2 & ILM


  54. LoL Rodeo
    OmG I Just hope someone upload this
    (Steupz: Thanks monster, I’ll put it up now)


    1. Hmm GoGo you do have a point there


  57. what challenges came back from the last 2 seasons?

    1. they did the pole chalenge and the bed hopping chalenge

      1. from season 3?in season 3 they did pole challenge and bed hopping?

      2. no season 3 got canceled season 4 they did the bed hopping and pole chanelge btw garth fell off 1st lol

      3. No fucking shit captain obvious. Just kill yourself we all know I Love Money 3 is cancelled.

        Lolz idk y im replying on this random comment so late.

  58. the teams are green team-weasel,joe,professor,cashmere,bubbles,deelishis,wolf,pretty.gold team-ryan,big rig,cocktail,buckeey,lil hood,fox,lacey,sinister

    1. how do you know this?

  59. is this the real cast

    1. Yes it is… we think!

  60. yes it is the official i love money 3 cast

  61. ok i didnt know i didnt know there was an i love money 4 i gave up on vh1 after real chance of love 2 but it seems like there getting there act back together

  62. honestly i love money 4 isnt really good i think and they cut out alot of scenes like chi chi arguing with brooklyn and marcia and brittanya arguing and alot more and i didnt even know people like 6 guage,feisty were on the show until 2nd ep because they didnt even say one thing in the 1st ep and i really dont like the cast but i dont know maybe you will like it

    1. “A lot more” is an assumption. The only fights(that we know of) they cut out were Brooklyn/Chi (which didn’t seem that amazing anyway) and Marcia/Brittanya.

      I’m sure there were more but those are the only two fights us fans are aware of that didn’t make it to air. It’s not like they showed a bunch of fights in the ST and none was in the show.

    2. Don’t come in here with that foolishness. ILM4 iz the best thing to happen to VH1 this year.

  63. What ever happened to Gia? I thought she was on this show?

    1. She was a replacement. Like they sent more people than necessary to Mexico and then just choose who they want literally right before filming starts. If they don’t like you, you don’t get on the show and just wasted a 10 hour flight of your time.

  64. does anyone know the teams? and who eliminated cashmere and lil hood?

  65. what challenges from season 1 and 2 made its return?

  66. how an the fuck did weasel survive this show he should of lost and cocktail should of won because she was in final 4 damn her

  67. theres only 10 left on ilm4 brittanya,corn fed,hot wings,sassy,mindy,francisco,6 gauge,punisher,brooklyn,and garth btw every 1 says that mindy and brooklyn r going to be the final 2 if thats the case i hate ilm4 i want any of the girls to win but mindy and non of the guys to win but 6 gauge and francisco

  68. who is joe???

  69. guys sign this petition to see i love money 3 leaked or on dvd http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/ilovemoney/

    1. Are you black, XD?
      Because I want to use the word lynch and not be offensive.


      2. Only FOL, ILNY & the first season of ROL were released on DVD. I agree they oughta put ILM on DVD

  70. im no im not black but why would you call be a lynch

  71. Is This Going To Be On Dvd At least Cause This Looks Like A Really Good Season and Cast, this seasons cast SUCKS!

    1. sign the petition and its possible it can go to dvd or leak on internet http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/ilovemoney/

      1. How can you even take a petition seriously with misspelled words and a terribly written explanation as to why I should sign it. Fucking kids.

      2. Did i ask YOU to sign it uh no i wasnt asking you so shut the fuck up.Fucking little dum ass kids these days

  72. I LOVE MONEY 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA SEE U SOOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!


    WHO AGREES??!!

  73. but there arent going to make a season 5 and 6 so sign the petition to see season 3

  74. does anyone know what teams won in the episodes?who was on what team?who was the paymaster in each episode?how many times cocktail,cashmere,buckeey,lil hood and lacey were in the box?

  75. ????????????????

  76. Just got word from a little birdie… Something big will happen in January of 2011 and it will be I Love Money 3 related… You’ll see whats gonna happen!

    1. Sigh.

      We really don’t need this shit right now.

      1. I know right. Get over ILM3. We will never see it. EVER. If anything, we will get ILM5 but even that has like a 5% chance of happening. So please get over ILM3… its done. We will never see it.

      2. It’s irritating enough to even come in here with that bullshit, but to use that “Oh a little birdie told me” lie just completely pisses me off. It’s obvious he just wants to rile people up. If I was Steupz I’d ban him.

        Let’s see how funny it would be then.

    2. is it like a release of it or something along those lines?or is it like a i love money 3 retape? or i love money 5?i hope its the release of i love money 3 but i doubt it

    3. I think Hosh heard from CJ that he was selling bootleg DVD’s of I Love Money 3 on January 16, 2011. Obviously Craig was being sarcastic when he said that.

      But still dont start shit for no reason without any evidence.

      1. I wish CJ wasn’t lying and he was selling them because god knows how much money they could of made.

    4. Hey you Bloggart! Nothing I Love Money 3 related happened in January.

      All hope is lost for that show now.

  77. ????????????

  78. hosh can you give us a hint?

  79. and is it confirmed?

  80. oh i found out what it was its that vh1 is going to go to its old format in january which i dont care for because the shows are going to suck but what does that have to do with i love money 3?????!!!!!??????i think its because they might make a season 5 with some season 3 cast members

  81. I was bored in photography class today so I made this I Love Money 3 moment when “Marcia slapped Cocktail” in Photoshop today. Lolz.


  82. Oh Man! I hope we see i love money 3 soon, because i really want to see everything that happened.

  83. It’s weird how Buckeey, Bubbles, Wolf, Pretty, Big Rig, Sinister and Fox never mention that they were ever on this show. Were they ashamed of being on the show?

    And still to the public, we have not seen a Ryan, Buckeey or Wolf pic that is I Love Money 3 legit.

    We’ve seen a Cashmere pic, but not of her face.

    Im positive there’s pictures of some of the cast members with Ryan Jenkins but they probably dont want people to think they are associated with a murderer.

    1. “Hey yo, I was on I Love Money 3, a show that was canceled before it made it to air!”

      Why would they just throw that out randomly? lmao.

      1. Hahaha. I mean like you never hear any of them deny or say that some of the rumors are true. No team shirt pics. Or angry comments about their 15 minutes of fame on tv ruined by Ryan Jenkins.

      2. Well Wolf and Pretty are lost. They don’t have twitter/facebook to my knowledge, just Myspace and who really uses Myspace these days?

        Does Bubbles have a twitter?

        As for Buckeey/Fox/Big Rig, idk. Maybe they did their venting behind closed doors. I don’t think they are embarrassed, but who would want to claim ILM3 anyway? It’s not like it aired or will air.

        Which brings me to my next question. Why does Lil Hood and Cashmere have “From FTLORJ & ILM3″ on their twitter profiles? I kinda find that stupid.

      3. Well the I Love New Yorkers have My Spaces, which they have not logged on to for ages.

        No I dont think she does… She has a Facebook though, but oddly enough it feels like a fake profile.

        Yes true. Seems like most of them dont care about the show after its been cancelled.

        Lol. As for those two, also Marcia and Deelishis claim on their Twitters that they’re from I Love Money 3. (that I know of so far)

      4. Bubblez real facebook is bianca sloof..and Pretty I see him all the time around town..He comes into my job alot.

      5. Yea I know her real names Bianca Sloof :).

        And really?? Pshh B. Widow you should ask him some I Love Money 3 stuff!

      6. Good Idea..I always forget but next time I see him I’ll ask him..

      7. Lol… And if ur not lying about this, tell him to take an I Love Money 3 team shirt pic.

      8. I wouldnt lie about it..LOL..I live in a small area in MS. He lives in the next town Pearl I live in Brandon.

      9. i hope that the season somehow leaks and we get to see it because that season sounded amazing

  84. and please ask him some i love money 3 questions please like the teams?who eliminated who?is the season completly dead that we will never see it?

    1. It’s not like B. Widow’s gonna sit donwn and have an interview with him. So shut the fuck up and you’ll get whatever B. Widow tells you.

      And Pretty wouldnt know all that possible leak information either.

      1. shut the fuck up dont talk to me like that you dumb ass bitch i didnt say have an interview with him did i?no so shut the fuck up and die

      2. LOL. Ok, ill go ahead and do that. ;D


  86. yea like ask if we will EVER get to see it like by leaking it,downloading it,buying it?i HAVE to see that season

  87. Who voided Lil Hood’s check?
    And Wolf’s check?

  88. I Love Money 3 – Episode 1 Summary? Someone sent me this on Facebook, but im not sure if its true.

    So as a new season mixed with some of our favorite money lovers returns to mexico, here we see two boats filled with of love stars from older shows and most from newer shows. As epic as this boat ride can be, we now first see Cocktail jump off the boat, then Lacey and so on. Once all of the cast members have made it safely to shore, we then see Craig Jackson, the host of our show. He’s telling them that there in a new location thats different than the previous 2 seasons. He explains the first challenge. Its an obstacle course in which the cast members jump over and crawl through various ropes and tires to get to their destination. Weasel and Big Rig are declared winners of the first challenge and are now team captians. Weasel is the green team captain, while Big Rig is the gold team captain. Once all the cast members get to the house, they start socializing and start trying to reason with the two team captains so they wont get set home, as possibly seen from before, we already knew that Marcia has been dating Big Rig outside of the show, so she was too cocky and was already saying to herself “I know im not going home, my man Big Rigs got me”. As the ass kissing continues, Cocktail stumbles upon Big Rig and tries to have him choose her for a team, while those two are alone, Big Rig notices Marcia talking to Deelishis and some of the other cast members, so as he starts chatting it up with Cocktail, she makes the scene very intimate and eventually starts kissing him, while Marcia doesnt even know about it. Aliances start as when Ryan interupts the check signing ceremony when it is Weasel’s turn, he then taunts him even more which almost ends up in them having our first fight of the season. After that when the cast starts socializing again, you see plenty of the cast members start making friends, such as Lil Hood and Joe, Lacey and Ryan, Buckeey and Deelishis, Cocktail and Cashmere notably. So once its close to the ceremony to void one persons check, we see Big Rig and Weasel getting ready to choose who they want, as before, the two team captains chose most of the guys. Weasel didnt pick Ryan since they fought so Big Rig took him instead. Joe and Fox were two of the last guys to be chosen because they seemed weak to the team captains. Then they started choosing girls to the end, Weasel chose Deelishis, Cashmere, Bubbles and plenty of others, while Big Rig chose Lil Hood, Buckeey, and Lacey as well. Once most of the cast was chosen for teams, the final two were still available. It was Marcia and Cocktail. Craig told them to give them their final plea to Big Rig, since he had the power to give a check to the last person to whoever he wants. Marcia first said ” Well Big, as you know we’ve had our own thing off the show, and nows the chance to show that your commited to me, and if you pick her, you know we are definetley over. Thats all i got to say honey.” Cocktail” So i know we just barely met today Big Rig, but you seem like a pretty cool guy and you know since after what happened today ill always have your back.” . So Big Rig chose Cocktail to be on the gold team. Craig asked Marcia if she had any final thoughts on this situation before she got her check voided. ” All i got to say is that you stabbed me in the back. You chose some cheap ass stripper over me? No, i dont play that shit!” Craig voids Marcia’s check then hands it to her. Marcia walks up to Cocktail with her check slaps her across the face, Cocktail falls back from the heavy blow and tries to attack Marcia while Marcia is already walking away like nothing happened, but Big Rig ends up holding her back.  Craig says “I guess some people wanted that Mulaa so bad they would get violent over it”. “Put your checks in the strong box and we’ll have our first team challenge tomarrow”. already walking away like nothing happened, but Big Rig ends up holding her back.  Craig says “I guess some people wanted that Mulaa so bad they would get violent over it”. “Put your checks in the strong box and we’ll have our first team challenge tomarrow”

    1. Wow! Can you please ask for a summary to the 2nd episode please?The person that sent you must know what happened in each episode.

      1. Yea I tried asking for an ILM3 episode 2 summary but they didnt message back! I think the person I got it from might know somebody from the show.

        But I heard it was one of the best premieres in the I Love Money franchise.

      2. Wow thanks a lot and if you get any more summarys please post them on here.

      3. Ok will do. And somehow Weasel saw the summary but said most of it was true but there was a lot more that happened the first day.

        Weasel also said he almost kicked Ryan’s ass within the first few days as well!

      4. I’m sooo sorry for bothering you but can you ask weasel if we can get a summary from him on what happened?Because i love money 3 is done so i think we at least should see a summary of what happened.Am i wrong?Like honestly if we cant watch it give us a summary for each episode on what happened.And if he was a finalist on the season then he should know what happened.Im sooo sorry for bothering you but it sounds soooo good

      5. I know exactly what you mean. I could ask him… But i dont wanna be annoying towards him by asking him to recap what happened on the show. But its worth a shot! I’ll let you know what he says.

  89. if this is not true please stop because its not funny but if it is true thanks alot btw did you get the info by a cast/crew member or was it a regular person

    1. Umm I never said this was true, IT. Someone sent it to me and i dont think they’ll give me a sumarry to the second episode. But ill ask. I think this Cocktail and Marcia pic was taken before the filming of I Love Money 3.

      But weirdly they’re friends on Facebook too.

      1. Thanks alot thought.but im thinkin im not sure if it is real because i remembered there was something that happened on episode 1 with buckeey and cashmere/cocktail when they were handing out checks.or maybe they just forgot and left that out even though that was the start of their war on ilm3

      2. Ok believe whatever you want, I didnt post that JUST to please you. And im sure the Flavor vs. Ray J girl war did not start till possibly episode 3. And if you knew this then how would you know? Thats right you dont.

      3. um ok i was just giving my opinion ok so shut the fuck up ok i doubt thats even right because umm lacey and ryan werent that cool till later on lik in episode 3 so shut the fuck up k thanks your info is wack go home you posted up shit that was so obvious you didnt even go into detail what the fuck was the first challenge i could of made that up

      4. I dont really believe you either cause how would you know what happened on episode 3 either?

        Once again I said I never made this summary, but it looks like it would be the first challenge.

        For example,
        I Love?

      5. Oh yea, and this pic ^^^, on Facebook I asked Weasel if this was the first challenge. He said no, it’s the 11th challenge called “Break the Bank”.

  90. and please see if they can give you the summary for the other episodes especially 2 because thats how i know if its right or wrong because i know 1 main thing that happened on that episode and if its not in the summary the summary is fake

  91. and foundthelove your icon was that before or after i love money 3?are they friends now?

  92. Well I talked to Weasel and this is what I asked him about the show. Im so glad he’s not a douchebag about it and didnt reply.

    How and why did you and Ryan almost get into 2 fights on the show? He was the biggest asshole I’d ever met in my life- He was a spoiled little bitch and from day one when Rigg and I won the first comp and were made team captains Ryan and me started butting heads.

    Why did Deelishis slap Cashmere? Yes that’s why she got set home and her check void

    Who hooked up in the house? Cocktail and Me in the pool the first night-(She was trying to make sure she got picked for a team)- Rigg and Cocktail for the rest of the show until Rigg got sent home due to an injury- and the rest I will keep private

    Did Joe really throw water at Ryan’s face when Ryan voided his check? Wasn’t water it was White Wine and yes after his check got void

    How close were you with the castmembers? (Especially Lil Hood) LiL Hood was and always will be my baby girl!!!!(She was my room made for the whole time she was there)- Rigg, Wolf, Cocktail, Professor, Joe, Lacey, Sin

    Did Cocktail try to fight back when Marcia slapped her with her voided check?Nope she just said I ‘ll sue your ass once we get back to the states- Marcia would have kicked Cocktails ass if Cocktail took a swing

    Was Ryan paymaster many times as well as you being in the strongbox many times too?Yes and I was in the box 9 times and aways came out

    What other moments happened that we did not hear about during this season? Way too much to type

    And finally, did you really win I Love Money 3? All I can say is that my check never got stamped void

    1. Why did Deelishis slap Cashmere? Yes that’s why she got set home and her check void

      Wasn’t really an answer lol.

      1. I’ve asked this before, I guess they were just arguing an Deelishis snapped and slapped her.

      2. I do remember when I posted that D was sent home for slapping her though no one believed me.

      3. Im sick of hearing about ILM3, it’ll never air and hearing about the good stuff that happened makes me upset that it wont air so I try not to read about it, but yeah did sound pretty good. If they ever do make a season 5 like Dee said they are rescheduling to, I hope they use a lot of the same cast but also put some others in there too.

      4. Well Marcia kept saying “Vh1 has another show planned with her” so it could be the re-taping of ILM. They just don’t want do that when the producers are ready…Heck it could be like ILM 4 where they were just tight-lipped.

    2. @Lane Lol I know right, but it doesnt matter at least he answered some questions.

      @Adam Yea I know its not airing, all I wanna know is the juicy info on what happened on the show.

      @J.Neal Hopefully its a Marcia dating show! Marcia’s muchachos. Lol

  93. Oh man,the show sounded to good.I’m sorry but i doubt I will ever give up on this season.It was to good, I didn’t even know Joe threw his drink at Ryan.Wow that’s crazy.And Cocktail hooking up with Weasel……..=O OMG THANKS SOOO MUCH FTL you made me both happy and sad.Cocktail was sooooo smart doing that because it worked.And LMFAO at Cocktail saying shes going to sue Marcia LMAO oh my god I wish I could of saw it.Since FTL was nice enough to ask him questions does anyone want me to ask him any questions about the season?So someone different can ask.If you have any questions put it here and i’ll ask.Some of my questions are why did buckeey and lacey get into an arguement over Bubbles?What are some arguments we dont know about?How come when Dee smacked Cashmere how come there wasnt another elimination the same day?Who were the biggest threats in the house?Was bubbles in the box alot?Who voided Buckeey,Lacey,and cocktails check?

  94. Oh and how was the alliance of Ryan,Lacey,Deelishis,Buckeey?Were they strong?How did the war of the For The Love Of Ray J Girls Vs. Flavor Of Love Girls start?