I Love Money 4 Finale Ratings
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Hot Wings on I Love Money 4
I was thinking of making this a 100% ILM post but in light of recent developments I can’t sit on this until next Tuesday.

541,000 viewers tuned in to the finale of I Love Money 4, down only 3,000 viewers from the previous week (pretty good considering the show experienced its 4th time change during its 12 episode run).

However, the Celebrity Rehab 4 premiere attracted 1.220 million viewers more than doubling it’s ILM lead-in with viewers and the 18-49 demo (0.6 to ILM’s 0.3) besting its season 3 premiere and matching its season 2 premiere. It also beat MTV’s The Challenge: Cutthroat which fell to 1.053 million viewers from its last new episode.

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  1. you know i really hope you are getting money for all this work you are doing for these VH1 shows. at least a sponsorship

    1. Don’t get paid for this. I just do it out of curiosity. If I didn’t care then these ratings would go completely under the radar because nobody else out there is writing about VH1’s ratings.

  2. I’m glad Cutthroat’s ratings went down.

    Serves the assholes right for skipping a week. I hate that ish.

  3. The more I think about it, the more 541 is a bust.
    About 200k short, I reckon.

    1. I know…if it was 541k next to Dance Cam Slam (Didn’t add those because it skipped a week and it looks like the finale may be next week) it looks phenomenal but 541k next to 1.2 million and the 1.2 didn’t seem to capture a lot of hype (other than Tiger’s hoe being everywhere) it kinda does look like a fail.

      1. It surely would have probably good over 700k if it wasnt aired one hour earlier.

  4. What time is CR on? Maybe I might recap it since people are watching

  5. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=J71JLNPL

    Bad Girls Club top 10 moments

  6. Hot Wings looks beautiful I should mention

    1. Agreed :)

    2. Team Hot Wings!

      She needs her own love show. I would watch it!

  7. It was obvious it was going to drop after the time change. Oh well, this season still did great with no promo. I hope CR ends up failing like all of VH1s shows lately.

    1. I just realized this is like a throwaway week for VH1. Although they did have ILM4 and CR4 they are skipping Football Wives for the Divas concert, putting Family Business 2 at 11 (can’t get ratings for that), and they sre skipping Bret (no idea why because they aren’t skipping the other 2 shows).

  8. I wonder what Rabbit filmed with VH1? Im clueless as to what they would have filmed for her with a one day shoot? Maybe RCOL Where Are They now… who knows.

    1. The same Rabbit who made a big deal about being on Ultimate Catch although she got a total of 0.000000001 seconds of camera time. Yea I don’t believe shit she says any being worthwhile.

  9. without a doubt, hotwings is fine!. on the show she seemed waaay to immature but i would endure it as much as i could cause gosh dog i would get it good.

  10. I need to watch this finale! I just saw the post below…It’s alot of things going on after the show ends.

  11. This is how the full season looks ratings-wise. Make any determinations for yourself.

    I Love Money 4

    Premiere: 731,000
    Episode 2: 554,000
    Episode 3: 651,000
    Episode 4: 596,000
    Episode 5: 442,000
    Episode 6: 423,000
    Episode 7: 668,000
    Episode 8: 413,000
    Episode 9: 736,000
    Episode 10: 529,000
    Episode 11 544,000
    Finale: 541,000

    1. It passed VH1’S trial after all those last-mintue changes.

      1. But passed with flying colors or barely passed enough to not fail? I personally choose the latter.

      2. With virtually no promo, trying to kill it with a shitty time slot, randomly moving it around, and factoring people like me, who dvr it and watch it a day or two later, it could of done a lot worse. After CR, my boycott will resume. Fuck you Vh1.

      3. Now i strongly agree with you on that. But it was a suprise how they rose up.

    2. Maybe ILM5 will get better ratings. IF they decide to continue of course

      1. I know! I think it would be better since they would have shown everything.

      2. No more ILMs until we get more of love shows..2 with female host so we can have more men and 2 with a male host so I can try out for it..lol

      3. I don’t think there will be any more of love shows.

      4. LOL! That’s what almost all of us want to do B.Widow!!LOL

      5. I almost tried out for FTLORJ2 but I heard you had to be 21 which was a lie..I could be a reality star right now :( If I just tried out(cause I know I would of made it.

      6. The last thing on earth I want to see is Ray J’s hand on your ass

      7. awww steupz 😉 you always know what to say..

  12. All these ratings are pointless once that VH-1 hefty party girl show starts.

    That’s going to shatter records.

    1. I’m only watching if Tocarra gets on there. Maybe. Probably not. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2010/12/02/vhs-new-sex-city-reality-big-women/?test=faces

      1. Holy crap….

        Are you joking, or is she a potential cast member?

        Bigger girls aren’t really my type, but Tocarra is pretty damn hot.

      2. Tocarra has lost so much weight she is no longer considered a BBW. She’s under a size 14

      3. I still consider her a bigger girl…..not just weight, but also height.

      4. As far as I know, Toccara isn’t on there. That’s just the only reason I’d have to watch it.

    2. I’m excited for that show too.

  13. WTF is wrong with VH1’s scheduling?

    I couldn’t record the premier of Rehab because I had both Terriers and Cutthroat recording….so it bumped it to the next showing (and the 3 showing for some reason)…..

    The second showing started five minutes later, and the third one was TEN minutes late. Luckily since it taped them both the overlap covered most of the cutoff parts…..but why the hell can’t VH-1 run on schedule? They aren’t airing any live programming so there is no excuse for being run that poorly.

    1. I had a conflict too and recorded the ILM finale this afternoon and the episode started mid challenge. They aired a supertrailer for the family business after five minutes of that Mario Lopez show.

      1. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t want to punch everyone at VH1 headquarters right in the nuggets.

    2. The shows have been starting at 2:11 or some other odd timing all day but VH1 isn’t the only channel that did that today. Bravo did it as well

  14. wtf vh1 showing all kinds of reruns of old shows and others over and over but i can never catch i love money damn it show i love money already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whos left over some one fill me in plz