I Love Money official cast photos
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Mr. Boston

Mr. Boston of I Love Money pics.jpg

We pretty much know all 17 contestants on VH-1’s latest reality show, ‘I Love Money'; but VH1 have decided to reveal them 4 at a time.
The first four are The Entertainer, 12 Pack, Heat and Mr. Boston.

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20 Responses to “I Love Money official cast photos”

  1. These first sets of pictures sucked. They just look stupid. I hope they don’t do close-ups on everyone’s faces because a lot of the females still look busted as hell.

  2. yea they are finally blogging about it

  3. steupz I hope you keep up with the reveals everyday

  4. I doubt it…I am not feeling this show at all.

  5. I’m only gonna watch to write recaps. I still stand by the fact that I only think that 2 people are cool. The rest will get the full brunt of my angry comments.

  6. Whom is the other? Besides Midget Mac.

  7. Real.

  8. Lmfao; you have a crush, lol.

  9. why aren’t you feeling the show?

  10. I used to have a crush on him and then it just stopped one day for no reason at all.

  11. I watched all of the Gautlet III, and enjoyed it, accept for the fact that I didn’t know anyone on it lol

    so hopefully since I know everyone it should be good

  12. There was something about real Matic, I caught it right before he left, I liked him much more than Chance..

  13. Thanks for yesterday. I appreciated it.

  14. Real was just the most down to earth and genuine person that ever appeared on reaity tv. He provided the matruity and stability that Chance and Tango never possessed.

  15. Uh? What are you ‘tawkin’ about, M.Appeal?

  16. Maturity, the fact that a person can look past such childish garbage and end up looking better than your competition.

  17. That is true, I wished he would have shown his humorus side more earlier in the season, then waiting to the end. Chance was just too childish for me…

  18. If he’s on the I Love Money show then maybe we will get to see more of that.

  19. Host: LaLa

    * Pumkin (Flavor of Love, Season 1)
    * Hoopz (Flavor of Love, Season 1)
    * Toasteee (Flavor of Love, 2)
    * Nibblz (Flavor of Love, Season 2)
    * Bootz (Flavor of Love, Season 2)
    * Sinceer (Flavor of Love, Season 3)
    * Thing 1 (Flavor of Love, Season 3)
    * Thing 2 (Flavor of Love, Season 3)
    * Chance (I Love New York, Season 1)
    * Real (I Love New York, Season 1)
    * Heat (I Love New York, Season 1)
    * 12 Pack (I Love New York, Season 1)
    * Whiteboy (I Love New York, Season 1)
    * The Entertainer (I Love New York, Season 2)
    * Midget Mac (I Love New York, Season 2)
    * Heather (Rock of Love, Season 1)
    * Brandi C. (Rock of Love, Season 1)
    * Destiney (Rock of Love, Season 2)
    * Megan (Rock of Love, Season 2)
    * Kristy Joe (Rock of Love, Season 2)

  20. That list is incorrect. There are 20 people on that list and only 17 confirmed contestants on the show. Also Mr. Boston isn’t on the list.