I Want To Work For Diddy 2
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Blake: I Want To Work For Diddy 2

‘Matic’s eagle eye caught on to the almost certain possibility that Blake of ‘I Want To Work For Diddy’ is …


… the Unique-looking friend at Danger’s baby shower! The VH1-N1 virus is all conquering.

Anyways, VH1 announced the cast of ‘I Want To Work For Diddy 2′ and I can’t help but notice that many of them look like celebrities. We’ve seen Blake who looks like Unique (For the love of Ray J) and then there is…

Dalen, who looks like Wayne BradyDalen: I Want To Work For Diddy 2
Zach looks like Kanye WestZach: I Want To Work For Diddy 2
Noelle looks like Kimora Lee SimmonsNoelle: I Want To Work For Diddy 2

I’ll leave the others for you guys to guess, particularly Daniel, Jen and John.
I Want to Work For Diddy 2 premieres Monday, November 2 at 10 PM ET/PT.

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  1. LMAO! Matic is beyond detail oriented! What the heeeelll

    And FIRST, Suckers!

  2. Blake’s a fucking man. lol

    1. Sorry to bust your Bubble Aaron But Blake is all woman

    2. Aaron stop being a hater

  3. Shit show.

  4. If Brady and Kanye ever embodied one body, Dalen would be his name.

    1. i beat up dalen in high school….lol…it’s funny to see him on this…

  5. Or Zalen.

  6. If  there are nude pics of Melissa I’ll sticky it for a month.

    Melissa: I Want To Work For Diddy 2
    1. Just a month?

      1. Lmao. Now you’re taunting them, lol.

      2. Why, oh why must the name Melissa be so damn common?!?
        Oh well, at least this one doesn’t look like too much of a  hot mess, the blonde weave notwithstanding …

  7. I can’t sleep… where’s Veronica? Get on the one thing that goes to the spam filter, young lady.

  8. Jen needs food!

    Jen: I Want To Work For Diddy 2
    1. Why do men on here love fat bitches sfm?

      This site is so anti-real world!

      1. Her legs is anti-real food.

    2. The girl looks good Stepupz. LOL

  9. You men!

    1. Which celebrity does Jen look like?

      1. Jolie of Angelina

      2. I kinda see Jolie.

      3. She kind of looks like Kelly-Anne from the Real World.

  10. Leighton Meester? zOMG she DOES!

  11. Get on x a t Veronica & tell me what you gotta tell me. Cuz I’m really getting annoyed with these random ass mean little comments.

  12. Dave as Diddy. Name the five greatest rappers of all time!


    1. Chapelle’s Show!

      God,  I miss that show…

  13. lmfao!
    My second favourite episode after the Mad Real World

  14. I dont find anyone in this cast attractive. Did anyone even see this show?

    I’mma go back to the chat with the rest of the girls, u guys r welcome
    x at.com/bourgy

  15. Why the fuck did they bring back this shitty show and not renew one of their best non-51 Minds shows, America’s Most Smartest Model?
    Vh1 is loosing it. Fuck they have been loosing it since Rock of Love Bus. Ugh. I’m getting so over them and their bullshit.
    Meet Market [Date Trader] and the new I Love Money should be  a fresh new begining for them in 2010. This year was just bad. Maybe next year things will pick up again..

    1. Who knows. Viacom iz 2 blame. These people are some of da biggest wastes of life on the planet.

      1. They most definitely are.

    2. Char – from what you know of Meet Market, is it possible it could be filmed somewhere other than a TV studio?

      1. I don’t think so. The whole thing is in the studio. The bar, the hot tub, the couch. whatever they need, I think they will bring it and make it in the studio. Which kinda sucks, becuase we won’t be seeing the outside world with it.

  16. Damn, Blake is the girl that was at Danger’s baby shower, huh?

    Well I’m looking forward to this show but for all of those that are sick of VH1’s current shows and looking for a violent and bloody reality show, The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 is really good; Kimbo Slice has already embarassed himself on this show. Man vs. Food and Throwdown with Bobby Flay are wicked good Wednesday night shows too; check ’em out.

    O.K., I gotta be up in 5  1/2 hours for work so I gotta head. Goodnight all!  

    1. I second Man vs. Food.  Good entertainment.

      1. I always get hungry when watchin dis, esp. if it got 2 do with some hot wings or pizza LOL!

      2. That’s why I watch.  It gets me hungry and wanting to enter some food competitions.
        Anything with hot sauce I can beat, no joke.

      3. It wuz one ep. where he ate a big azz roast-beef/steak type sandwich. I almost lost it LOL! I had 2 turn and go cook up somethin’.

    2. I’m house sitting for a couple weeks, so I don’t have access to Spike right now…
      What happened with Kimbo Slice?

      1. He lost his fight, but he’s still dere. I think it wuz a non-elimination fight.

        It’s a GREAT azz show.

      2. He lost again?!?
        Didn’t he get eliminated last time because he lost to some short fighter who was fast as hell?

      3. Nope I wuz talkin about da first time LOL!

        He lost his first fight but he’s still dere. Sometimes I think dey have a round where even if you lose you still get 2 stay, becuz da dude dat lost before him iz still there also.

  17. Noelle is very very pretty…..

    I am also LMAOing at the fact that there are two contestants named Ebony and Ivory.

  18. We are speculating they are sisters or something.

  19. LMAO @ blake , she looks like a damn tranny , i hated that biotch in high and i still hate her ass now , hope she loses , have fun  sukin diddy’s prick chic … lmfaooo

  20. U are a real hater Miss and who cares if you hated her back in high school(lol)  Cause she is where she is and you are where?????????   Blake is gonna rock the show and show all u haters how its really done!!  Blake haters beware: tell all them bitches to step up to your level!!

  21. yea watever she’s still ugly and she still looks like  man , no one really likes her anyhow …. ask around her home town of BROCKTON MASSACHUSETTS .. for those of you who dont know….. lets be serious … ur prob either her herself or one of her hoegirls … lmaoooooo ….. and u can call me a hater all u want to .. cuz i hate that chic and i always have .. get at me…..

  22. YO!!!!! I know that dude zach from DC, dude is crazy cool.

  23. PPL who use blog sites with keyboard gangsta antics are whack!!!  You’re a waste of bandwidth!!!!  BTW can’t wait for the show to air…reality T.V. is my drug and I don’t wanna go to rehab..no no no!!!!

  24. shut ur mouth backtobasics. what i’m saying on this blog isnt anything i havent said to her damn face , so u can kiss my bum as well , like i said b4 i hate the biotch and i hope she loses .. period end of story

  25. Blake is going to win.. Dont you all be hating. She has always told the girls back in her home town she will become something and look.. She is a women of her word. Blake you got all of the votes in Brockton along with all the votes in my small town in New Hampshire.. Best of luck.. Smochess…..

  26. ha ha ha ha ha the bitch is totally not gonna win , u dont even really see her ass in the commercials … lmfaooooo , cant wait for the day her ass gets eliminated , and trust me , daddys money got her where she’s at , so lee bugs u can shut ur fukin mouth too !!!

  27. and last time i checked , being on reality tv was “making it big ” lmfaoooo , i am a married woman with a very loving husband , and a daughter ,and a wonderful home looks to me like im the one who made it

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