Sammi Explains The Drama With Deena
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So Sammi now explains she got on Deena’s ass because she heard ‘around the bush’ that Deena wants to get with Ronnie and break them up.
Video below.

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  1. I want to make little skonkas with you.

  2. She looks good, no doubt. But her relationship with Ronie is just pathetic.


    Oxygen took that promoting shit to another level lol:

    Bad Girls Club Bus Advertisement

    1. Billboards and buses are regular promoting methods…we just think that’s impressive because VH1 never does it.

      1. True!

      2. didn’t VH1 promote ILM2 on a screen on top of a taxi one time? I thought I saw it somewhere but I could be wrong.

      3. I think that was season 1..still that as a long time ago. They don’t really do it now and they need to no matter how awful the shows are in content. There are plenty of bad shows on TV that get decent ratings.

  3. I will repeat my prediction for this season…Ronnie and Sammi will fight. then make up…then fight…then make up….then fight…

    (see the trend?)

    1. If only it was all for the cameras.

  4. Here is the song From the Jersey Shore Season 3 Trailer that alot of people have been looking for. Its goes something like “Hold up get a drink in your cup cause i know when i get out of line. Its called “Mr. Right Now” by Nights & Weekends.

    1. I actually sort of like this song.

  5. Anybody else see the 1st episode of BGC?

    I’m not going to spoil anything but the editing was horrible. I’m hoping it’s only the first episode.

  6. Yeah, the editing was pretty bad and the cameras weren’t as good as last season either. It seems they’re going for a more “real” approach this season, seeing as last season was a bunch of video hoes and strippers and this season is more real homegirl types.

    1. I HATED the cameras in S5. Not really fan of the ones they’re using for S6. They’re too bright.

  7. OT: I just had to share this!! Lil Kim did act like this in the 90’s.

  8. This bitch is always accusing people of trying to get with Ronnie. Does she not realize that no sane girl wants that meathead IDIOT?

    1. I’m sure the producers are the ones who told her that.

  9. I cant stand Evelyn and Jennifer..Now Im starting to dislike Tammi she’s becoming a kiss ass to Evelyn and Shaunie. And those questions she asked that ashley girl was none of her business.

  10. Black and Guido. Vinny remixes Wiz

  11. I am not a whore. Snooki, JWoww, Deena and..