JWoww For Perfect Tan Bikini
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Not bad.

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    1. My goodness SMH.

      I had to break out the calculator on that one. So this dude ain’t paid child support in 2 and a half years to get behind like that. Really makes you wonder how much VH1 paid him to be broke all over again.

      1. And I’m sure he should have some money from his episode of Wife Swap. He and Liz were only renting that place in Vegas and Vegas rent is very inepensive compared to other places. You can get a 4 bedroom for about $900 a month there.

        More corner stores need to do like this one: http://www.collegehumor.com/picture/6773162/sign-offers-choice-between-condoms-and-diapers

      2. Yeah that is pretty cheap. Here in Chicago you can barely get a 2 bedroom apartment for that money.

      3. Shit my cousins just average apartment in Boston is 1500 a month. While my moms apartment in OKC is 650 for 4 bedroom.

  1. Guess the chicken business is not doing that well for Flav.

    1. Instead of starting a new business he needs to get his life in order. I can’t believe those women are letting him get away with that for so long. True he doesn’t have a traditional 9 to 5 but they could have had the DA’s office garnish money from his VH1 checks even before he got them. Or maybe they don’t do that in other states but before my ex even see’s his paycheck child support is removed

  2. JWoww’s body is bangin but the face while not horrible looks bloated/puffy from plastic surgery!

  3. I remember seeing her in a pair of sweats on the show. YOu know, like she really looks and there really aint much there. She whores up nicely though. Be it in a bikini or clubbing.

    1. Agree!You gonna watch the Jeresy Shore spinoff Snooki and JWoww when it permires next month?! They showed previews for it on MTV lokks really fun and funny!

  4. Does anyone else think she looks like Briana Evigan or is it just me?

  5. jwoww looks HORRIBLE! the weird looking bra, her weird ass looking stomach (which she got done at the clinic, not in the gym) and her stupid looking face from all the meth. she looks bad. she used to be beautiful and now she’s ugly like the rest of them.

    1. The top only looks weird because her implants are square and lopsided.

      1. She definitely had a tommy tuck

    2. She was on meth?! Where’d you get that from?! She really went overboard with the facial injections and while she is in shape the her stomach looks weird from the lipo she got on her stomach!Still like her but hopefully she stops with the plastic surgery or she’ll be a combination of Joan Rivers and Jocelyn Widenstein aka The Cat Lady.

  6. wtf is up with her belly button?

    1. Looks like the place where they closed of the incision after lipo.

    2. Good ? maybe it’s some kind of deformity from a tummy tuck?

  7. Why?

    Janice Dickinson

    1. She has BDD (Body dismorphic disorder) not matter how many surgeries she has she still finds flaws with the way she looks. I think it steams from the sexual and physical abuse she suffered through by her father. She mentioned on Surreal Life to Bronson Pinchot that everytime her father touched her or she thought about it it made her feel ugly. At one time she was extremely beautiful: http://supermodelicons.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/janice_dickinson_smi_0007.jpg

      And the fact that I know this information proves that 1) I watch too much tv and 2) I’ve taken too many psychology courses! My god I need to get a life! :(

      1. That’s sad she was a real pretty woman and a very sucessful model! No wonder from she has image issues,an addiction to plastic surgery and a former drinking problem all thanks to her sick pig of a father who molested her!

  8. That little girl is a gangsta! Women need to learn how to kick ass in serious situations.

    1. I loved the part when he tried to escape the elevator and she pulled him back in and continued to beat on him! I hope he got arrested!

      1. And she chased his ass too. “Motherfucker, I ain’t through with you. Get back here!” She shoulda got a samurai sword on that ass!

  9. I’m not making a ratings post today because all Sunday and Monday ratings (besides press releases and broadcast shows) are getting pushed back until tomorrow.

    1. Well damn. Didn’t see this coming. I never thought Apollo and Phaedra were head over heels in love with each other but I did think they had decent chemistry for each other that would keep their marriage together at least for a few years. I’ll definitely be on the watch for updates.

      1. I’m not surprised. Their relationship as far as the public sees is odd and filled with lies. Apollo is about 4 years younger than Phaedra. He was released from prison in May 2009 and he and Phaedra got married in November of 2009. 6 months later along comes Ayden. So it may be a combo of too much too soon or it has something to do with that book that Phaedra is suing Vibe about

      2. I think they rushed into things to quick! And their personalities are polar opposites Phaedra is more outgoing and Apollo is laidback.I think the next one to get a divorce is Cynthia I mean Papa Smurf is always yelling at her and trying to control her all the time. I think Nene and Greg will get back together.Kim seems real happy with Kroy. She By She-Fired will be a lonely bitch. Marlo will continue to chase Big Poppa’s.Kandi is tricking off some dude who is part of the show’s camera crew last I heard.

  10. Question for you EA or anyone else.

    Did Terrell Owens all but put the last nail in his coffin, as far as his football career is concerned, with this latest turn of events?


    1. Dude lacks brain cells and he’s overly cocky! Who skips visting sick children at a hospital?! Those children will looking forward to being cheered up ,only to have their dreams crushed by some arrogant ass hole!

    2. The answer:YES

    3. Yes definitely. It’s a wrap for him because nobody is going to want him after that (I mean maybe he could try to play in Canada but then again they might not want his diva ass either).

    4. You know what I think I’ll post this. We need a new post bad.