K Michelle Before And After
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I am the last person to talk about bad teeth, my countrymen’s teeth are legendary – for the wrong reasons, but K Michelle’s teeth look busted.
If you haven’t seen it, Karlie Redd is featured in Black Men’s Magazine looking gorgeous, lop-side booty and all.

5 Responses to “K Michelle Before And After”

  1. Mann this Karlie Redd track is rubbish. Very disappointing.

  2. She finally retaliates. It’s about that time, I was starting to wonder how long she would let K Michelle slander her character on every single interview that she does.

    1. She probably thought it was beneath her until she realised it was getting out of control.
      Now that she has it makes both of them look silly.

  3. For you, Skonka…

    Karlie Redd Motivational