K Michelle Booty? Real My Ass!
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Please think about the children, they don’t need to see all of that so soon in life.
But what a fantastic looking ass on K Michelle, the best that money can buy. Hopefully she can cash it in to help VH1 settle Memphitz’ lawsuit.

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  1. Why after your comment about the children did I notice the boy in the red shirt’s facial expression? I’ll go now.

  2. Lol, the girl next to him is worse. It almost looks like she’s thinking, ‘When I grow up I want to buy an ass just like that’

    1. LOL.

  3. Her hair looks nice though, it’s almost always perfect.
    Hey, I read someone saying Buckeey looked like a Berenstain Bear on the Reunion Show.

    1. LMMFAO that is funny but I’m sad people are just now seeing that she looks a mess when she hasn’t looked good the whole 6 years she’s been around.

    2. There’s one pic comparing Buckeey’s Reunion look to Howard the Duck

  4. I never said she looked a mess. I like her bottom.

    1. Why you don’t believe that’s her real ass but you have no problem believing Kim’s ass is real…or do you?

      1. I don’t believe Kim Kardashian’s ass is real but hers looks a lot less fake than K Michelle’s.
        Might be the angle, though because it never looked that huge before. or, maybe K Michelle got paid last week and bottomed up.

    2. That’s the most neutral thing you’ve said

  5. http://madamenoire.com/207224/where-are-they-now-the-women-of-for-the-love-of-ray-j/2/

    Didn’t know if this has been posted or not but interesting read sort of lol.

    1. Nice, nothing we don’t know but I always like those sort of lists.
      That was a beautiful crop of women.

    2. Seems like that wasn’t even worth doing. I’m more aware of recent stuff on some of those girls than they are…..but it’s mostly boring because most of them (Particularly Luscious, Heartbreaker and Just Right) still “model”. Caviar still does p0rn (only she has converted to black guys completely now), Stilts still does the directing thing (and they didn’t mention her). It’s a well known fact that Danger calmed down and got right and the rest of them either fell back or they still trying to get put on.

      Same story for all those other VH1 chicks really. If VH1 came looking for them like they did with Buckeey best believe 80% of them girls wouldn’t turn VH1 down even if going along would make them look stupid.

    3. Thanks for the look back ItsASecret. I always enjoy finding out what happen to the ladies after the show end. None of them really do any big things after they leave.

  6. Amanda Reifer looking hot as usual.

    Amanda Reifer

    1. I have no clue who this is.

  7. LOL @ “maybe K Michelle got paid last week and bottomed up.”……I’m still laughing at “gluing of the bangs” and now you with “bottomed up”.




    1. Yay!

      LMAO at Camilla punching Tailor in the face. Bitch needs to calm down.

    1. That is abusive husband behaviour, trying to make her feel guilty.
      At least I hope it’s that; the alternative is he is collapsing mentally because that is sick, weird, sad, psychopathic…