Kardashians In The Dominican Republic
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You really can’t hate on a body like that.

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  1. I’m sorry but this is going to be so out of topic, but I don’t really wanna talk about Kim’s fantastic body right now lol. Now what I do wanna talk about is the RHOA’s reunion that’s coming up next week.

    The sneak peek looked crazy and I can’t wait to see the whole thing. It might just make up for the poor excuse of a season they came up with this year.

    1. I agree! This RHOA is about to be intense and the girls are coming out swinging!!! Nene didn’t even dissapoint either!

      1. Oh, I can’t wait for the reunion. Marlo got Kim good (“Next time, look at the hole between your legs.”). LMAO!

        Atlanta and New Jersey are my favorites — they bring the drama twice as hard than NYC, OC and BH combined!

      2. Marlo wants to be a Housewife so bad , it’s too funny. It’s like, bitch you don’t even get to do green-screen interviews. Fall back !

        But I can’t even hate , she’s very entertaining.

      3. Reality Tea is saying Bravo wants the R&B singer Monica to be a ATL housewife

      4. I don’t see it . I’d rather have Marlo, to be honest! :S

      5. I agree. Marlo would be a great addition but I think her use of taht word made them turn on her or teh fact that she lied about her relationship with whatshisname

      6. @Will and Lenny – I don’t think Monica would fit in RHOA. She’s more sane and in control and she already had her own reality show on BET.

        I’d like to see either Marlo, Malorie (Cynthia’s sister), Blu Cantrell or somebody else join the cast. (Would you agree?)

      7. Not Malorie. I don’t care for her that much. I just think they really need some new blue in there

  2. Eww. What’s wrong with her? Women should look more like this.

  3. Question: anyone know if Jesse James (dude from West Coast Choppers and Sandra Bullock’s ex) is working on a new reality show or trying to get one? Out off the clear blue he seems to be everywhere lately wanting to discuss his cheating and “clear” the air.

    1. I don’t know his IMDB looks empty for 2012. And his Wikipedia says he died in 1882. I don’t think he’ll be in any shows soon.

    2. there was a special episode after sr. vs jr. on discovery on mondays. idk if got pick for a whole season or not? so yes??

  4. Marlo may as well be a housewife, she made 50K this season.

    1. She’s dating her brother? I don’t understand. There’s a billion fit lads in the world why not find one with money?